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10/4/2010 . Edited 4/19/2012 #1

Um... Hello. I had two questions, though I don't if this is the right place to ask them. It just seemed more appropriate than anywhere else... (^^;) One: Is it okay if I join this forum? (I apologize in advance if that's a stupid question; I've only been to one other forum before, and a friend invited me to join that one.) Two: I'm working on a forum of my own, for a different series (a game and anime called Blue Dragon), and I was wondering if I could use this one as a sort of outline (though mostly for the challenges). I promise to still participate in this one (if it's alright for me to do so, that is).

Anyway, that's all. Again, I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to ask these things. Sorry to be a bother...

1/29/2011 #2

Of course you can join! The forum is open to everyone. You can model your forum off of this one all you like, I have no problem with it.

1/30/2011 #3

Okay. Thank you! :) I'll get to work both over here and with my own forum, then.

1/31/2011 #4
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