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Alright, I finally got off my butt and got this done. The events I have are: Gurdy's events, meeting the Black Knight, Amidatty and the loaf of bannock, Roland's goodbye dialogue at the beginning of the first few years, one funny bit with Alfitaria's caravan, the Carbuncles' dialogue and the end-game dialogue.

I'll try to post them in that order, though some may take some time since the action the player takes affect what the characters say and I want to include as many options as I can. Also, I'll be paraphrasing some things, but only minor things I didn't note down completely or don't remember the actions.

Anyway, here are Gurdy's events and his poem.


Leuts: Enough already!

Gurdy: Now, don't get so angry; it's bad for your beautiful complexion.

Rolf Wood: First you claim a phantom city is hidden deep within a volcanic cavern, protected by a great crystal, then you claim a fountain of myrrh flows on an island paradise across the sea!

G: Yes, it sounds like a dream, does it not?

Lyne Dott: Dream on your own time!

RW: I've had enough of your tales; we part ways here!

G: Haha, no! Don't leave me behind! How am I supposed to survive here alone? Please, you shouldn't joke about such things.

RW: Who's joking? You'd better go find your island before the miasma gets you!

G: oh, come now, let's change the subject! You're starting to sound like you're serious.

RW: I am serious.

G: Oh. Well then, enough of the island paradise. Have I told you of the legendary treasure hidden beneath the desert?

RW: That does it, we leave him!

G: Oh, come now…I say!

[Player chooses to help Gurdy out]

RW: [as the caravan leaves] Don't believe a word he says!

G: Now, that was uncalled for. What about all our adventures together?

My name is Gurdy. I doubt we'll meet again, but let me walk with you until another caravan comes by. Say, how about a poem?

"Thunder brings the cactus pain. Now it all begins again."

Was it lightning or thunder? It shouldn't matter.


Sheula: I got a letter from you saying you'd delivered my package, but it never arrived.

Gurdy: Oh dear, I'm afraid you got me there. You see, I sent that letter immediately after accepting the package; I thought it would put your mind at ease to hear it had arrives.

Sh: So, and the package?

G: Actually…you don't want to know.

Sh: Tell me!

G: Well, if you insist, listen closely: you see it… tted.

Sh: What? We can't hear you.

G: It rotted. It was produce after all!

Sh: How?! You said you were faster than a moogle! That's why we trusted you to deliver it!

G: I am! You got the letter right after you sent the package, right?

Sh: Eh? Er… yes.

G: And weren't you surprised it arrived so quickly?

Sh: Well, yes.

G: See? I am much faster than any moogle… for the most part.

Sh: So you cheated us you charlatan!

G: I preffer to consider myself an opportunist.

Sh: Just pay us back the delivery fee. All of it. It was a thousand gil, right?

G: For a beautiful girl like you I would pay back every gil I could. Unfortunately, a flood of similar complaints has emptied my pockets.

Sh: Why you!

G: Now now, I must say its rare to see such open rage in a Clavat.

[Player caravan walks up]

G: Ah! Hold on! So good to see you, this may be sudden but do you have 1000 gil I could borrow?

[Player chooses to help]

G: that's what friends are for. I am thankful I can call you mine!

"Of crumbled inn few reminiscence. Its faulty beams will not be missed."

To think all my parcels contained produce. I never suspected it until they began to stink. Oh, I threw so many of them! The stench was overwhelming!


Amidatty: this is truly a fascinating device. Simply fascinating.

Gurdy: Indeed it is.

A: and it is priced at ten thousand gil?

G: that's right. This world model can be yours for a mere 10,000 gil!

A: Hm, it seems our current funds come up a little short.

G: of course, the world is a living thing, you know. Leave it for too long at it will go bad.

A: Go bad, you say?

G: that's right, if we had no crystals miasma would consume us all, correct? This revolutionary instrument makes it possible to test that scenario.

A: I see. I am now more interested than ever!

G: then I must ask you to decide quickly; there are great many others who would like to purchase it.

A: hrmm… that's too bad. I do wish I could have it.

G: how much do you have now?

A: about 5000 gil, why?

G: oh, very well, you are my favorite professor, after all. It shall be yours for 5000 gil.

A: I don't think we've met before, but I will gladly take it for 5000 gil.

G: [as Shella's caravan walks away] You got quite a deal, professor!

[Player caravan arrives]

G: oh, my, it's rude to eavesdrop, you know.

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but you're as readable as they come.

["You're one to talk"]

["What do you mean?"]

[Both options will give you the same response.]

G: Dangerous types tend to flaunt it. Think of poisonous plants that show off distinctive colors. Well, look at me! Everything about me is a warning. You, on the other hand, are dressed quite normally. The truly dangerous never reveal themselves. The most innocuous façade often conceals the most vicious enemy. At any rate, you would do well to hear my poem.

"Lonely mushroom bursts to flame. In the land that quick-sands claim."

G: hm? That's odd…where did I learn that one? Oh well, we must not agonize over the meaning of everything.


[Gurdy is with Leuda's caravan. The Selkies are in the background preparing something. Gurdy is dressed in white robes]

Gurdy: greetings, my good friend! I hope all is well with you. What? I look like a preacher, do I? I suppose this outfit fools people quite well. It's me, Gurdy. This are my brother's clothes. Oh? I never told you? I have an older brother. Some mornings I wake and see these clothes hanging there. Unlike me, my brother is kind and sincere. He tried to do something amazing. What do you think it was?

["I don't know]

["He tried to save the world?"]

G: He tried to rid the world of all miasma. An extraordinary goal, don't you think? But quite a difficult one. I heard he came very close to uncovering the truth.

Actually…I have no memory of anything besides my brother. Memories of him are the only things within me that are true. I can't stand the emptiness, so I make up lies to cover it all. But if the things that I say turn out to be true, then they're likely memories I've forgotten.

Oh! It looks like they're leaving. Take care! May we meet again.

[Scene shakes and then changes to Gurdy/Hurdy and the Black Knight standing in a white space]

??: You cannot defeat Raem. You are not ready. Your memories are not enough.

[Scene goes back to normal]

G: Oh, yes, I nearly forgot:

"Three rocks await the winter's kiss. One by one they find their bliss."

And I forgot to tell you… I've never met my brother. If you ever run into him, kindly let me know.


[The Striped Brigands are waiting by the road, watching the player approach]

Bal Dat: Well, what's this, then? Just a run-of-the-mill caravan! I don't see any merchant anywhere!

Gurdy: oh dear, it seems I was wrong. Unfortunate, but there's always next time.

B: what are you talking about? You won't get out of this so easily!

[¨Player arrives]

G: Hello, friend! As you can see, I'm in a bit of a bind. Would you mind lending me a hand?

B: oh, who's this? A friend of yours? Then maybe you're worth a ransom!

G: why, I'm practically a hostage.

B: No, you're a hostage in every sense of the word. Cough up the money or we'll toss him into the miasma to die!

G: oh dear, how do I manage to constantly get caught up in such trouble?

B: personally I wouldn't pay a gil for this fool, but what do you say?

[Pay up]

[offer a striped apple] -

B: Look!

Meh Gah: it's a striped apple!

Artemicion: it's been two months, kupo. Or has it been three?

B: Mmm… all right, that'll do. You can have him.

G: oh come one now. Is that all I'm worth to you people?

B: Eh? You saying the apple that gave the striped bandits their name isn't good enough for you?

M: it's our favorite, you know!

A: you dishonor us, kupo!

B: look, if you'd rather die out here that's fine with me.

G: oh all right… for an apple, then.

B: he's all yours!

[Player and Gurdy are left alone]

G: My good friend, I don't know how to thank you! So for now, I won't.

Oh, you don't seem happy. So… how about another verse?

"In the end shall bloom a flower. Sacred light reveals its power."

What, no applause? How disappointing. And that was the last one, too. Don't tell me you're tired of hearing these! They're not ordinary poems, you know! They say these verses shall reveal a great treasure hidden beneath the desert sands.

Oh, that's right, you assume every word I say is a lie, don't you? But if you believe that everything is false, then you will never find the truth. You'd be surprised how much my forgotten memories reveal.

[Scene changes. Player has left and Gurdy meets up with the bandits again]

G: the plan was to get a sizeable ransom, yet you settle for a striped apple?

B: So? We're as happy as can be.

G: I presume you can't pay me my share. In gil, that is.

B: Hmm… nope.

G: Perhaps I should try some honest for a change, like my brother…

*And I thought I'd throw this in for fun: Gurdy is referenced in Crystal Bearers- the character is never seen, but a Gurdy writes the UMA news (a monster and treasure hunting newsletter). At the end of the newsletter's run, he gets into some trouble for snooping around in a Lilty secret military facility, and the last news post ends with a very similar line as the last line from this original event.

11/12/2010 #1
The Trinity Tree

I don't think I can tell you how fabulous you are for this.

11/12/2010 #2

Love love love LOVE you.

11/12/2010 #3

NotMegain for President!

11/13/2010 #4

You're all killing me, you guys :x


Meeting the Black Knight

Black Knight: [swinging wildly at the air] Why-you! Stop eating my memories! What are you looking at? Wait! Come back!

Oh, a caravan… don't look at me like that! I still won't give up! In the end I saw a light…and then all was dark. i can't remember what I loved or what I hated. I remember nothing at all. But someday I will reclaim my memories from that light! So don't look at me that way. It's not over yet.

I'm not completely hollow.

Death of the Black Knight

[At a crossroad. The Alfitarian caravan and other Litlies are surrounding the Black Knight, who's attacking the air again]

Black Knight: You're not getting away this time! [he sees a light above some people, the light is watching him back. It floats around until it stops, and the Black Knight attacks. He stops suddenly before a little boy] Eh? A boy?

Leon Esla: For my father! [stabs the Black Knight]

BK: What! What?

Ungh…no! Not yet! Not without my memories! I will die a hollow man…where will my spirit go?

Is this the end? Light, answer me!

LE: I'm no light! My name is Leon Esla!

BK: Leon Esla? Le…Leon? Yes! I've found it! Leon Esla….My memory…. And Jona…my…[dies]

???: I'm sorry. I didn't want it to end this way. As long as people live, Raem will make them suffer. O keepers of the crystal…What must I do?

11/21/2010 #5

Oh, and a note on the fourth Gurdy event: apparently if you choose the "I don't know" option, some extra dialogue appears. As Gurdy is walking away and the scene is changing, this text appears without specifying who's saying it:

"The meteor... Great shadow... where is it?... who are you?

The Light...Esla...Even me...


11/21/2010 #6

Oh, the Black Knight. I am sad for you all over again.

11/21/2010 #7

Thank you so much for posting this! :D If you're able to, have the time, etc., please continue. I've forgotten the dialogue of Amidatty's last event, so I'd really like to see that one in particular... But any of the others you mentioned would be great to see. :)

1/31/2011 #8
The Trinity Tree

Okay, so my boyfriend is totally awesome and bought me a copy of Crystal Chronicles Ultimania - a sort of FF:CC compendium - during an eBay trawling session. It's all in japanese but there is some seriously awesome stuff in here. Maps, unused character sketches, colour art, watercolours of all the towns... I never knew Captain Tristan had an eyepatch but he DOES. He is now x2 cooler.

I could quite happily blah blah blah over this book all day and I can hardly read it.

Seeing as NotMeAgain was so super awesome and put up all these transcripts, I was wondering if anyone was interested in me scanning any of the original/official concept art from the book? I could make a photobucket account and link up all the pictures.

Also, call me sad, on page 226 I noticed something pretty cool. There's a sample team of two of every race, and the male Clavat is the cowlick design. The name alongside it is Ciaran, which is the name I gave to my cowlick Clavat in my Tales of Trinity story. Small world.

4/14/2011 #9

There's a sample team of two of every race, and the male Clavat is the cowlick design. The name alongside it is Ciaran, which is the name I gave to my cowlick Clavat in my Tales of Trinity story. Small world.

I thought that was where you got the name for him in the first place. I found out about it through an obscure wiki about Final Fantasy:

Memories Like The Sunshine, the original short story by Benny Matsumata is in that Ultimania guide. If only we could translate it-an original fanfiction, endorsed by Square Enix!

Of course, the scans would be a wonderful source of inspiration, if you could manage it.

4/14/2011 #10

OMG do it do it do iiiit!! I can't remember what I said I'd do if someone ever got scans of that kind of game art- it was either giving them my soul or kill something in their name. Trinity, take your pick.

Also I'm really sorry I haven't updated this in a while :( I've been extremely busy. I've slowly compiled Roland's dialogue, so I'll try to post stuff up now that I have some time.

That's awesome about Ciaran, too.

4/14/2011 #11

Meeting Alfitaria's caravan:

Sol Ratch: Hail, fellow caravanner! You are the caravan from Tipa, are you not? I heard they were sending out a new caravan. You seem quite capable. My name is Sol Ratch, I am captain of the caravan from the great fortress at Alfitaria. Our caravan boasts a history that stretches back thousands of years, but let us discuss that some other time. Siltzkin, do you have a moment? This is the caravan from Tipa. Come on, say hello.

Allow me to introduce Stiltzkin. He may not look it, but he's a seasoned adventurer. Even we turn to him for counsel from time to time.

Stiltzkin: No, I'm just a moogle that likes to get around. I learned all sorts of things in my travels before I knew it. I'm on my way somewhere right now, but I can teach you a thing or two if you like.

["Yes, teach me] - ["No, thank you"]

Mog: By the way, are you setting out all by yourself, kupo? You've got a lot on your shoulders, kupo! Let me carry the crystal chalice for you!

Sol Ratch: Yes, a capital proposal! Let Mog help you.

[If the player chooses to take the tutorial, the scene changes to the beach for the tutorial and when it ends you're back to the world map]

[If the player declines the tutorial]

Sol: I highly recommend you accept his offer.

Ent Dalace: yes, you wouldn't want ot miss out!

["All right, teach me"] ["No, I'm fine"]-

Siltzkin: Well, I'm sure she will do just fine.

Meeting Leuda's caravan

[the selkies run up to you by the road]

Dah Yis: Why, hello there!

Hana Kohl: Oh, hello. Well, how are things going?

[player says something]

Dah Yis: oh, you're just getting started, eh? Hang in there and you'll do just fine.

Hana: Yes, just keep your chin up, you'll get a year's worth of myrrh in no time!

(if the player has myrrh in their chalice, the selkies just say they should get around to gathering some myrrh of their own too… starting tomorrow)

Dah Yis: Right, well… see you around!

Hana: Farewell!

Meeting De Nam

What, you've never seen a Selkie study magic before? There isn't much ot my research. Many people have thought about doing it. But so far, nobody has been able to accomplish. What do you think?

["I think you're doing great"]- if you choose this option he tells you you're just lying to him ["I think it's hopeless"] -

D: Heh. Yeah, it probably is. Even I'm aware of that.

Listen, I'm working on a way to travel without a crystal. Eeveryone wants to see the world outside, to travel freely without fear, right? Well, if I succeed, we'll be able to live our lives without depending on crystals. We wouldn't need to send out crystal caravans anymore! That would be one less hardship in the world, right?

Marr's Pass Caravan after their fight with the Black Knight

Rolf Wood: Hello there. How is everything with you? We ran into the Black Knight, you see… I've always wanted to see how strong a warrior he really is, so I challenged him.

Leuts Royce: he fought with…nothing as disciplined as swordsmanship.

Lyne Dott: He just lunged at us wildly while shouting something.

Rolf Wood: It was like a great storm, terrible and full of wrath.

Should you ever see the Black Knight on your travels, stay as far from him as you can!

5/28/2011 #12
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