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The Myrrh Tree's Holiday Gift Fic exchange will take place here each winter.

I was reading through some other forums and noticed that a lot of places do a Secret Santa gift fic exchange. I thought it would be a cool idea to try here.

Anyone else up for it? Fics would have to be finished by the 25th. We could make it like fics have to be at least 500 words but don't have to be much longer, if it helps.

Current participants:



The Trinity Tree

Angelic Sword

Seoul Gamer

12/5/2010 . Edited 11/4/2013 #1

It's an awesome idea, but a reasonably short word count would probably be sensible. After all, writers here need time to actually think of a good idea for a story first.

That's an idea that would work all year round, actually. Might get a few more stories in circulation.

12/5/2010 . Edited 12/5/2010 #2

That sounds neat. I've never done a fic exchange, though yeah, short fics would be more convenient, I think.

12/5/2010 #3

Sounds cool! How would we decided who's secret santa was who's though? Would you throw all our names in a hat and decide, then message us?

12/5/2010 #4

Yeah, probably something like that. So if you're willing to do it, sound off and I'll add you to a list in the first post. We won't do it by pairs. By this I mean that your recipient will not be the same person as your giver.

And as for knowing what to give. Hmm. How should we do that? Have everyone make a wish list, or have them just research the persons' likes via forum posts and profile?

12/6/2010 #5

Kay, sounds fun. :)

And, hmm... maybe the wish list idea, but I'm not sure. Maybe a spin-off type one shot of their caravan or character? But that could also be fulfilled by the wish-list idea, if someone wants them to write about their caravan/character.

12/6/2010 #6

Yeah but I don't want to exclude the folks like Seoul, who participates regularly but doesn't exactly have a caravan to call his own yet. So maybe a wishlist would be the best idea.

12/6/2010 #7

In another comm I've seen they did a short fill-out wishlist that included things like what elements, themes, characters or ratings they wanted in their gift (and which ones they preferred not to read about)

12/6/2010 #8

That sounds good, NotMeagain. How about this. If you want to participate, make a post and fill out this short little list.



Favorite caravan:

Favorite character:

Favorite dungeon/place:

Rating you prefer?:

Three themes you enjoy:

Anything you dislike or definitely do not want:



Name: SasukeBlade

Favorite caravan: Fields of Fum or Softly Say Goodbye's current group. Although I think I'd enjoy an invented caravan just as much!

Favorite character: Amidatty

Favorite dungeon/place: Jegon River crossings

Rating you prefer?: T (but if you're willing to go M I'll take it!)

Three themes you enjoy: quiet moments, shocking realizations, unexplored relationships

Anything you dislike or definitely do not want: De Nam!

12/6/2010 #9

Lol, De Nam.

Ok, I'll go:

Name: NotMeagain

Favorite caravan: Alfitaria's, or the crew from Letters

Favorite character: Bal Dat, I guess (and Amidatelion, from CB)

Favorite dungeon/place: Leuda and Tipa

Rating you prefer?: Anything goes, baby

Three themes you enjoy: *~friendship~*, exploration (of the land in general), and/or tying the different games together

Anything you dislike or definitely do not want: Uh, well, nothing overly traumatic, as in nothing darker than death

12/6/2010 #10

Name: Seoul Gamer

Favorite caravan: Leuda Caravan

Favorite character: Princess Fiona

Favorite dungeon/place: River Belle Path and Marr's Pass

Rating you prefer?: Teen.

Three themes you enjoy: Romance, Friendship, Self-Discovery.

Anything you dislike or definitely do not want: A parody. I don't mind a bit of humour at all, just so long as it's not actually a full-blown comedy.

12/7/2010 . Edited 12/7/2010 #11
The Trinity Tree

Ooooh, oooh, I'll sign up! Hmmm.

Name: Trin

Favorite caravan: Marr's Pass

Favorite character: Bal Dat

Favorite dungeon/place: Moschet Manor, or Mag Mell (gahhh you have no idea how long it took me to choose)

Rating you prefer?: Teen, please.

Three themes you enjoy: Humour, friendship, unexplored tangents

Anything you dislike or definitely do not want: Nothing too grim or dark. Gifts are supposed to make you happy!

12/7/2010 . Edited 12/7/2010 #12

Fun! :D

Name: Angelic

Favorite caravan: Either of my caravans from my stories The Beginning of the End or The First Caravan.

Favorite character: Princess Fiona

Favorite dungeon/place: Leuda

Rating you prefer?: T, please

Three themes you enjoy: Humor, friendship, 'coming together' or pretty much anything.

Anything you dislike or definitely do not want: I don't like a whole lot a swearing, but that's pretty much it.

12/7/2010 #13

Any other regulars/friends/foes you want to join? Persuade them by the 10th! I'll pick names out of a hat then....or just have my friend do it so even I don't know!

12/8/2010 #14

Giftees have been PMed! I don't know the particulars, I wrote out the basic PM and my friend drew names and filled in the blanks while I was out of the room.

Good luck!

12/11/2010 #15

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays Ange! Here's your fic!

Abuse of Power

12/24/2010 #16

Merry Christmas NotMeagain! I hope you like it! D:

Christmas Letters

12/24/2010 #17
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