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So I was writing tonight and, when describing what a caravanner was drinking, I called it "Moschet Hooch." This isn't the first time I've done this, and it was a phrase coined to describe the alcohol in FFCC over on ladycordelia17's old forum The Moogle Nest, which sadly was mostly destroyed.

Now, I know pretty well what separates canon from fanon (aka what happened in the game versus what fans like you and me have made up) but sometimes little things surprise me. Like random encounters I just never saw, or letters I never received from my family (medical bills?). Yet I've also adopted into what I consider the FFCC universe a lot of things, like Moschet Hooch.

What are some other fanon terms/ideas/concepts you've seen? Are there any you use? Are you the only one who uses them?

1/4/2011 #1
The Trinity Tree

I'm not sure if this belongs here, but I always wondered about the... size of things. Like, in game, magicite is practically football sized and that just wouldn't really work if you had to carry it around to cast spells. And gil is the size of your face. Hmmm.

So I always pretend that things are actually really small, and that their large size in-game is just so you don't miss the crucial items. I always imagine that magicite is like the materia of FFVII, and it can fit in your palm. In my head, Mioko (from Tales of Trinity) carries her magicite in a bandoleer across her chest or in her pockets.

And I also secretly like the idea that gil is really tiny. Little pip-sized gold coins.

1/4/2011 #2

Yeah, I've always thought of gil and other items to be much smaller than they're portrayed in the game as well.

I think of magicite a bit differently though. It's still palm-sized, but instead of magicite working like materia, I kinda think of it as the caster forming a sort of bond with the magicite. Like, when someone goes to cast magic, they grip the magicite in their hand and sorta penetrate it to the core of the magicite, then they can cast magic. ...if that makes any sense at all.

1/4/2011 #3

I figured they focused their magic through a catalyst or a focus stone. And that a focus attack was simply magic without the elemental catalyst of the magicite.

Hmm, what else? I always picture the caravanners as older, even though in the game they look like they're thirteen.

1/5/2011 #4

I've always thought of the caravanners at around the age of 16.

Hmm... I've always pictured miasma as a swirling sorta green mist, though the game just portrays miasma areas as simply a different shade color.

1/5/2011 #5

Mm, yeah. I picture it as mist, sort of. Light green though too! In some areas it's less concentrated, so it's just wisps and haze. When really concentrated it looks like heavy fog.

I picture Yukes as sort of standing birds. In that they have beaks, I mean.

1/5/2011 #6

I think Yukes are bird-like too, no matter how much a certain character tries to deny it.

But, has anyone noticed that in moogle nests there is what seems to be a radio? like, near the entrance, on a table; I'm pretty sure it's based on a model from the 1920s, which has had me going 'huh?' for a while now. Are moogles just not sharing the technology or what?

1/5/2011 #7

I don't really think of Yukes as birds, not because Alhanalem says so, but because a lot of the masks are kinda squashed. That and there's not enough room really for a Yuke head inside the helm. I think of them as more like an energy, and though it has physical presence, it needs to be contained by their odd bodies.

And a moogle having a radio?? Haha, they're probably secretly conspiring against everyone... that's why they're in such different, random places. It's their hideouts. :)

1/5/2011 #8

Moogles with radios? Oh man, I've gotta go looking for that.

Also, has anyone else noticed that there aren't really any...pets? Knocfelna has a dog, but that's the only one I can think of. There's a dog in Fum too, I think. But there's not really many creatures besides moogles and monsters.

Dogs, cows....that's it I guess.

1/5/2011 #9

The Yuke's being mostly energy actually becomes true in crystal bearers, but my theory is that they were not always like that. Maybe they just have small heads?

The pet thing! yeah, I've wondered too. If you consider, though, there are also cats in RoF (and cuter dogs), and these huge sheep in CB (and the chocobos, which they apparently eat, the barbarians)

1/5/2011 #10
The Trinity Tree

I sort of agree with everyone about the Yukes.

I think once upon a time they'd have been "bird-like", but not actually birds, since like Ange says, they'd have to have tiny bird head in relation to their bodies to fit their helmets. So maybe the bird features were just most convenient to their lifestyle as they evolved and shucked off the extra bits until finally by Crystal bearer's they'd fine-tuned themselves to the point where they'd got rid of everything except their energy and a tireless robotic body to host it. I mean, they were tinkering around with clockwork waaaay back in the Gamecube version so its not really surprising.

Maybe they look like the Ruti from Legend of Zelda or something underneath their helmets, only tiny.

I don't know if anyone will have even seen this film because I was less than five years old when I first saw it on TV - the Dark Crystal? There's this race of creepy bird-creatures called Skeksies in it. I was reminded of them when I first saw the Yukes, and for a while that was the sole reason I didn't like them. I had this childhood phobia of Skeksies. I hope that under their helmets they look NOTHING like that, seriously.

And I also wondered about the pets and animals thing. I inserted chickens into one of my stories, but they were really just miniature chocobos because I really wanted them to be in there somewhere... I don't think there are any chickens, as far as I'm aware. I guess any non-domesticated animals that existed would have been killed off by the miasma like everything else. *sigh*

It's like that eternal Pokemon question - are there other animals that we never see? Like cows and fish and things? I mean, how can you have Noctowl the Owl Pokemon if you don't have an owl animal to name it after? I'm sure there's an age old episode where James is drooling over imaginary food and there's a sliced up Magikarp... ugh.

1/7/2011 #11

Never really got into Crystal Bearers, so I wouldn't know...

But when I was doing a research paper on Medieval Medicine there was a picture of one of the physicians dressed in long robes and masks during the black plague, and I remember it looked a lot like a Yuke.

And yeah, I always wondered what they ate besides the food items you ate in game. Of course there were cows, but where were all the other animals? Maybe they just put cows in because cows are more lovable... right Sas? :P

1/7/2011 . Edited 1/8/2011 #12

Everybody loves cows. Everybody.

Also, where do Yuke babies come from? Seriously. If somebody can write me a fic about that, I will be yours forever. You don't even have to answer the question! Just a little kid making things awkward by asking everyone they meet where Yuke babies come from. Extra love if there's a Yuke child who has no idea where they came from and so joins in on the quest for knowledge.

1/8/2011 #13

Dude. Dude. I've been dying for an excuse to link to this for the longest time

O..ok, so it's not fic, but it's visual aid!

1/8/2011 #14

Oh my goodness, how did you find it? I love it!

1/9/2011 #15
The Trinity Tree

I was just thinking the other day while I was musing with fic ideas.

You can grow trees by cutting off shoots or taking samples from other trees. What if the people of the Crystal Chronicles universe tried it? I mean, obviously it's a bit of a risk to gamble with the trees like that, or maybe their science hasn't advanced that far, but it's possible that might work. Then again, the tree might die and there'd be a mob with pitchforks after the researcher who suggested it.

Also, with artefacts like Sasuke's Blade and Noah's Lute, how can there be more than one? Clearly they belonged to one person called Noah or Sasuke. Maybe there's someone out there who makes copies of the original artefacts and distributes them to trees for caravanners, like the FF:CC Santa.

3/3/2011 #16

I just had the most adorable image of Elinor in a Santa suit with Alain, Rox, and Dai in reindeer outfits and Meg, Jackie, and Layla in elf costumes. It's beautiful and I love it.

3/3/2011 #17

Yeah, curses over the fact that admins all but DESTROYED my forum (may Raem devour their most cherished memories).

I know we all have different ideas as to how things work in the FFCC universe. For example, you, Sasuke, seem to be of the notion that it could take travelers many weeks to cross a "section" of the Crystal Chronicles world (Tipa Peninsula, Plains of Fum), while Trinity and I are of the belief that caravanners can usually cross the same section in a matter of days, weather permitting. (Hence I might write of my own Tipa caravan going to Veo Lu for a myrrh drop and spending the winter in Shella, or of their lingering in Tipa for a few weeks after the rejuvenation ceremony before setting out for another myrrh-gathering year.)

And I have a question that would seem relevant to this forum topic: Why isn't religion of some kind more important to the denizens of the Crystal Chronicles universe than it would seem in-game? I know I've written a lot of one-shot stories-within-stories stemming from my belief that angels serve the good Lady Mio, Queen of Memories (just as monsters serve the memory-eating demon Raem), mostly to explain the presence of specific artifacts or to carry over a real-world custom into the Crystal Chronicles universe. But I do observe that there are no temples in-game (in fact, the only truly sacred ground seems to be central crystals and the area that surrounds each myrrh tree) and very few priests or preachers. Why is that, I wonder?

3/22/2011 #18

I think they actually worship the crystal, or at least that's the impression I got from various games and the fact that the Carbuncles mention that people cherished the great crystal long before it was shattered. What I figured was that the gods are a by-product of the crystal. There was the crystal temple in RoF, and a crystal creation myth in CB, though the only game that does seem to have a concrete religious system is RoF. Personally I like to think their idea of religion is more lax than IRL, but I'm not against other interpretations. Sometimes I miss Crystal Laguna for that reason; I'd have liked to read that version.

3/22/2011 #19

Well, since the diary says it takes a year to gather myrrh, to me, the map must be scaled to be incredibly small. Otherwise, it would only take your characters a few weeks at most to gather myrrh from Tipa to Shella.

3/25/2011 #20
The Trinity Tree

In my head the map kind of fluctuates a bit in terms of scale. I can't explain it. I think maybe it's something to do with the caravan whose perspective I'm writing from, which is probably a really poor excuse.

As to religion, I agree with NotMeAgain. I assumed that the Great Crystal and, over time, the smaller crystals for each village, were the major focal point of "religion" as opposed to Raem and Mio. From what people say in-game, I'd say that the majority of them don't know about those two at all - only as the concepts of myrrh versus miasma, with no names to put to either of them - otherwise a lot more people would have tried to put paid to the meteor parasite, surely? Plus, since Mio and Raem were created rather than creators in their own right, I consider them demigods rather than real gods.

I don't think the people of FF:CC have gods like we do, really, not any that they consciously know of or speak about, just perhaps a set of commandments like "live by the crystal" that preachers like Hurdy spread about the land. I suspect that the Crystal Chronicles world sees religion quite a bit differently to us.

But that's not to say I don't like the idea of Raem and certainly Mio being a lot more powerful than they appear, fighting a secret war far beyond the realm of mortal comprehension. It certainly lends a lot of food to imagination when you think of how they've been struggling against each other all this time - Raem wants to destroy Mio, whereas Mio wants to restore their equilibrium. I guess there has to be some kind of war going on.

3/26/2011 #21
Appleby Purse

What bothers me about the idea that it takes the caravanners a whole year to traverse the map is that you'd have to refer to the changing of seasons (an event that never takes place in-game).

It would also necessitate that either the dungeons are hundreds of miles away from the towns and roads, or that the caravan have to earn far more than three drops of Myhrr.

I guess that the best way to represent it would be through time-skipping; rather than detailing every single day as it happens, you'd have to skip ahead to a much later part of the year's adventure. Which would probably mean nothing but dungeon chapters…

I'd love to be able to visit the parts of the world where the tribes originated from-the part of the ocean where the Selkies first left the sea for the land (assuming that this event is not a myth), or the plains where the Lilty plants first became sentient beings.

But, this is just my personal intepretation of how the tribes came into being. I'd always assumed that the Yukes would have originated as humanoids (possibly Clavats?) who conducted a mass ascension to a form more suited to magic once they had mastered it.

Obviously, the presence of crystals would have affected their emergence.

4/1/2011 #22
The Trinity Tree

You know, I really really want them to make a sort of... bonus version of the original FFCC for the Wii or similar. Multiplayer would be much easier then.

I wouldn't care if it was the same plot. In fact, I'd love it. They could give you maybe a couple more characters to choose from, some cool new dungeons to explore, but I wouldn't want much else to change. I really can't even say I'd want the graphics updating because they were so beautiful, just perhaps some add ons.

I'd love some sort of coastal grotto, or a creepy forest with dark-leaved trees. Or, like Seoul said, some enormous plains somewhere where the Lilties first sprouted, an idea I find immensely appealing.

Apologies, this random thought comes from Seoul mentioning the seasons changing above. Even if they just made the world map look snowy in winter, I would be happy. But imagine the Mushroom Forest in autumn, or Moschet Manor in winter! It would be brilliant. Plus you wouldn't have to pay the darn ferryman in winter, you could just drive your papoapamus right over the iced-up Jegon, ya boo sucks to him.

Anyway. Fanon/canon.

I was playing Mario Sports Mix with my friends the other day and we unlocked Black Mage. As soon as I saw him, I turned to my friend just as he turned to me and we both had the same thought: "He looks like a Yuke without the mask!" The Black Mage character looks like a stretched out version of Vivi from FFIX, taller and spindlier, with a slightly obscured face and ragged cloak tunic. Seriously, give him a helmet and you have a Yuke.

Maybe Yukes look like Vivi under their helmets. That is an entirely plausible idea in my mind. It would explain why Yukes have such a natural aptitude for spellcasting.

4/8/2011 #23

I was just wondering, how many of you choose to name your town something other than Tipa? This goes for both playing the game and writing about it.

I feel that there's a kind of interesting connection between Tipa and Tida that is totally lost if you name your town something else. As in, the fact that the word Tida is so similar to the word Tipa makes you feel like what happened to Tida could happen to Tipa too. It somehow makes Tida's chilling fate seem much closer to the town your character tries to protect.

I think in fanfiction, through, people like to make their caravans stand out more by giving their town an original name. I'm not talking about making up entirely new towns. I mean when people change the name of Tipa to something like Trinity or Laguna for their fanfiction.

EDIT: While I'm at it, how on earth does anyone come up with Selkie names? They just sound like random syllables stuck together!

4/7/2012 . Edited 4/7/2012 #24

Ah, I was wondering when somebody would ask how people think up names for Selkie characters! I have no idea myself, but I'm guessing a lot of writers "play by ear" when deciding whether a given combo of syllables for a name sounds best when applied to a male or female character. That and some "more attuned" writers (like Sasuke and myself) frequently give a translation, per se, of what the name means in Old Selkic (if all the races spoke different tongues in a bygone era in the Crystal Chronicles universe, the Selkies seem to be the only ones who kept their language in the time of the miasma-clouded world we know; hence a Selkie can translate the stones in Conall Curach).

Take, for example, my own brainchild Anaїs Nin (named after the French novelist), the lone Selkie aboard my Tipa caravan. I take the liberty of explaining in some of my work that her name is Old Selkic for "daughter of the revival," which is significant because she is definitely one of Lady Mio's "chosen" to bring about the end of the miasma and give the world a sign that the long-awaited "Great Revival" has come. Hence she gets her happy ending when it's all over in spite of all Raem's efforts to prevent such a thing from happening... :3

And my Lilty brainchild Dimo Nor, named in memory of a Selkie who saved his father's life during the old man's days as a caravanner. I state in my profile that the name is Old Selkic for "he who fears nothing," and Dimo Nor lives up to that name as the rabble-rousing youngest caravanner.

4/7/2012 #25

I like keeping the name of Tipa for the reason you gave, Sega, so I doubt I'd change the name at all.

As for the edit...well, that's because they are. Well, mostly. For me the first selkie I ever named was a girl called Nor Di, and later I decided that the name Nor Lit would be the male version of the first name. Usually if I gotta name a Selkie, part of their name will be something that other characters can call them, like Nor, or Seth, or Mal. For a half-selkie/clavat boy I haven't gotten around to writing about, I just split the name Ismael to be Is Mael, and I'm oddly proud of that invention.... Haha, but honestly, I just find naming Selkies to be fun. And Yuke names too; I've got like a short list of Yuke names I haven't used yet, most of them based on the names of precious metals and stones.

4/8/2012 #26

I remember Ladycordelia invented words of her own version of the Selkic language once. I always wondered whether there was more to it than stringing random syllables together-though I'd prefer an original name over a borrowed one.

Incidentally, I believe some Lilties have two-part names as well...

4/14/2012 #27

Hmm, I just noticed this: I checked back to the Chrysalis wikia, where they have the default names for caravanners that were in the japanese version of the game, and the Selkie boy is named Mu'zsika, which is basically a weird way to spell 'musica'-- music in Spanish. He is described as liking music and being a composer. But no other Selkie names listed seem to be as descriptive as his. So either his parents got creative, or it could be a naming trend among Selkies. Also it gives me the idea that they themselves would change their names to suit their tastes; it seems like a Selkie thing to do.

And yup, Lilties seem to be the only tribe that uses surnames. For example, Sol Racht's father in Alfitaria also has the last name of Racht, and in the wikia I just mentioned it also shows the Lilties' parents' names sharing the last name.

4/14/2012 #28

Everything I knew about naming Crystal Chronicles characters is a lie! :'(

I also thought the Selkie in the default caravan was a woman. In all the promotional images the Selkie is...hmm. I'll have to go check this wiki out myself! Want to put it in the useful links, NotMeagain?

4/15/2012 #29

haha, aww. How did you do it, Sas?

The girl is featured the most, but it seems like the 'official' caravan has 8 members. put the periods were () is. The characters are at the bottom.

Btw, I checked the website Sega posted in the useful links thread. It's wonderful! AND they have the official alphabet. I am ridiculously overjoyed by that find.

4/15/2012 #30
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