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The Trinity Tree

I'm not sure if anyone has covered this already, in stories or other forums, but I was wondering about it the other day: what happens to your papoapamus when you enter a dungeon?

Obviously they wait outside for you to come back, but once you remove the chalice from the caravan to go adventurin' for myrrh, are they okay? Do they have that moogle deal going on, and are immune to the effects of miasma? Or did they just get overlooked? From what I've read, people have approached it in various ways.

1. Your faithful beast of burden is unaffected by the miasma and can be left safely tethered until you return. (I'm in this camp, I think.)

2. Your caravan does not have a papoapamus.

3. Your caravan takes the whole wagon through the dungeon with them, Papu and all, making for some frantic "protect the caravan" scenes.

... I kind of like the idea that somewhere in the FF:CC universe there is a giant herd of wild papoapamuses wandering around off the beaten track, happily eating grass.

2/15/2012 #1

Actually, I think that gameplay wise, the caravan merely ceases to exist while you are in the dungeon. Along with everyone in it. Explains why the folks you leave behind in the caravan (in other words, aren't playing as) don't suffocate. Your character IS the caravan. In all seriousness, though, I'm for #1.

2/15/2012 #2

Launching off of Seoul/Diggy's idea, Kali Ravel did an interesting story about the fact that your character walks off with the chalice and the rest stay with the wagon. I believe it's called Kali's Caravan... it's pretty chilling.

I'm definitely in the first camp too. I mean, clearly animals must have some tolerance of miasma. Some of those dungeons would be impossible to get a wagon through (Mine of Carthuriges, Selepation Cave) though others might be possible (Veo Lu, Mushroom Forest). So you'd be forced to leave them behind, poor babies.

2/15/2012 #3
The Trinity Tree

I think I might have read that one! Kali's Caravan certainly rings a bell. *SPOILERS* The one where the rest of the caravan is just sat rotting in the wagon? *SPOILERS OVER* Creepy indeed.

Interesting to think that animals must have evolved some miasma tolerance, but not people. I mean, you see the birds in the opening... and for all the cows in Fum to graze it's not improbable that the huge fields extend out past the crystal boundary.

Hah, maybe in Crystal Bearers no one ever did get rid of the miasma, they all just evolved to cope with it, and Raem is sat playing Monopoly on Mount Vellenge with Mio.

2/23/2012 #4

Interesting to think that animals must have evolved some miasma tolerance, but not people.

The Fields of Fum caravan mention that plants "must have some of the Myrrh Tree's power too" since they don't die in the miasma.

Perhaps miasma only affects the four tribes. Though, I'd end up in real crackpot territory there if I tried to justify it.

2/23/2012 #5

Dude. Dudes. Dudettes. Everyone.


Oh. My. Gods. It all makes sense now.

2/23/2012 #6

So, everyone's a madperson?

2/23/2012 #7
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