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Who are your favorite characters in the games (any and all Crystal Chronicles games)? Who are your least favorite? This is a thread for talking about characters!

Also, who do you play as? What is your preferred race? Position in a group? Gender? Do you always name your character the same thing? Anything and everything!

7/4/2012 . Edited 7/24/2012 #1

I freaking love Meeth. She's amazing. :D

7/5/2012 #2
The Trinity Tree


I really love Leuts Royce, especially in that scene where Marr's Pass crash into the Alfitarian caravan and she's stood there stroking her hair all annoyed.

Maybe it's just Lilties I like.

7/6/2012 #3

[Mild spoilers ahead that won't break your brain or anything.]

Sol Racht is one of mine. I pictured him as sort of taking on this father figure role for the caravan in the game, to the point that when they visited Alfitaria, they stayed at his home. When he had his baby and quit caravanning to raise his child, I pictured the caravan visiting their new baby brother! Haha.

7/6/2012 #4

Repurposed this thread! Now for the discussion of any character: NPCs or your own!

7/24/2012 #5

Princess Fiona was one of my favourite characters out of the NPCs. I guess it was because I was playing the game on my own, contrary to what I had expected, and my lone travelling character felt out of place in a world where everyone seemed to be caravanning with their friends. I guess I found her intriguing because she was a character wandering around the world all by herself, just like I was, trying to figure herself out before she took on the burden of her kingdom.

One thing I thought was really weird was that the character who talks to her and helps her overcome her problems is this random Selkie NPC called Dow Hattie, but when you go to the festival she gives you the credit for inspiring her. I would have preferred it if you got to talk to her yourself.

I also thought there was some connection with the Black Knight, like, that he'd have kidnapped her or something (Knocfelna seems to think she'd been kidnapped when you talk to him) which would have been really cool, if incredibly cheesy. I was always disappointed that you didn't get to fight the Black Knight, but then he's so much more than a simple villain character.

7/24/2012 . Edited 7/24/2012 #6

My player character was the male White Cap Clavat for single player. I would have picked the Cowlick Clavat only that it didn't feel right to play as him without the other characters From The Front Of The Box by his side.

When my sister and I finally got to play in multiplayer mode last year, I chose the Cowlick Clavat while she chose the Owl Head Selkie.

7/24/2012 #7
The Trinity Tree

On our multiplayer, I think we actually did end up playing as the kids From The Front Of The Box! My brother was Bare Head Lilty, my friend was Cowlick Clavat, and I was Wolfie Selkie. Although I have also been a Yuke, and the Clavat with the long brown ponytail. Now that I think about it, I've had lots of multiplayer games.

In single player I'm usually Dark Coat Clavat or some kind of Lilty. I think the one with the little red bandit mask is absolutely adorable. Also, it's kind of hilarious when she has conversations with Bal Dat because she looks more like a thief than he does, haha.

7/25/2012 #8

In both single player and multiplayer, I almost always play the Dark Coat Clavat girl as well. She looks like me and I'm a narcissist. Whoooooops!

I've also adored my Elegant Lilty girl, who was on a file with my brother. In a complete role reversal, he played a Yuke but all he really wanted to do was hit things, so I became our group's mage.

I've also played Headband Clavat guy (on whom Alain is based) and the Clavat girl with the short dark hair. I recently started a caravan for the first time in years with her! My friend joined me, playing as a Lilty named Hermano from the town ¿Qué? Much deep voiced Spanish dialogue ensued.

7/25/2012 #9

My favorite character is the Clavat: Long Hair, and you can guess it that this is also my preferred race to play with I also like Belle from Crystal Bearers but I love Layle more. I know many don't like the game but I'm one of the few exceptions

PS: sorry if this is a reply to your last post it's the first time I'm posting in the forum

3/28/2013 #10

No worries! You're doing just fine. Welcome to the forum!

4/1/2013 #11

My characters, you ask? Well, I don't always make clear which player avatars my five recurring brain-children best resemble...

Probably my most ambiguous one is Khetala, the Yukish leader of my Tipa caravan. I guess she best resembles the "Spoon" appearance for a female Yuke. *looks back through archive* No, I really don't give her, or even her accoutrements, any physical description, do I? Guess I'd better try and remedy that next time I write something in which Khetala plays an important role.

For the Clavats, the "Cowlick" male and the "Dark Coat" female do look similar enough to represent a brother-and-sister pair; that's why I use them for David and Lydia.

I never did like any of the male Lilty avatars that wore helmets because the helmet-designs on them completely obscure the faces; maybe that's why I always use the "Bare Head" model for Dimo Nor, the only difference being that I always describe my rabble-rouser as having a brilliant pair of green eyes. (Indeed, the only mention of Dimo Nor having a helmet so far is in the splashing-in-a-creek scene from SasukeBlade's fanfic-of-a-fanfic of my work The Storyteller.)

As for Anais Nin...I've always made it obvious that the avatar best resembling her is the "Owl Head" appearance for a female Selkie. And I seem to be guilty of invoking the trope that "beauty is never tarnished" when writing about her, as I've never written of her sustaining any battle wounds that a quick Cure spell can't fix...

Favorites? Maybe because Selkies are my favorite race...that could be the reason I generally disliked the Striped Brigands: not that they weren't funny, but it's people like them that discredit the Selkies in the eyes of the other three races. And the Leuda denizens didn't help when I would bring a character of another race to their shores... Hence my admiration for De Nam: either he'll give the Selkies something that they can be proud of, or he'll die trying. (Sadly, the latter was what wound up happening.)

And knowing what the evil Raem had done to Hurdy and Leon - a fate worse than death, I'm sure many people agree - made me all the more determined to succeed where they had failed and to avenge them both.

5/12/2013 #12
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