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Come have fun and RP :P
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come here to ask about pairing's

I make one of these in all my RP's :P



10/6/2010 . Edited 1/24/2011 #1
cody rahl

bwahaha Egan and Suki...

Na jk unless it works but i doubt it rotfl xD just had to say it rotfl...

10/6/2010 #2

xD we may be able to do that

I need to find someone to pair Suki with but idk.

10/6/2010 #3
cody rahl

I think Egan and Suki could do it. I mean Suki is part cupid so she can make ANYTHING work out with a little effort from both parties lol and they have history lol.

10/6/2010 #4

lol yea, we can try it out if you want :P

10/6/2010 #5
cody rahl

Ok then Jr's wise assnesss is going into effect... idk it may not be called that but w/e lol

10/6/2010 #6

lol alright.

10/6/2010 #7
cody rahl

Maybe Viho and Aqua? Hmm...

3/15/2011 #8

Maybe :P

3/16/2011 #9
cody rahl

**goes off to ponder and laugh maniacally**

3/16/2011 #10


3/16/2011 #11
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