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10/4/2010 . Edited 10/5/2010 #1

i've never RPed before so how do you RP?

10/4/2010 #2

I'll open a thread, called Season Nine, and we'll RP there.

We just write a little segment for our character(s) and other people add to it, and eventually we kind of build a story out of group effort. It's fun!

10/5/2010 #3

Name: Andie Jenkins

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Demon-Witch/Ultimate Power

Appearance: Miranda Kerr (With light brown/dark blonde hair. She looks like a mix between Marnette Patterson and Kaley Cuoco.)

Relatives: Helen Jenkins (mother, deceased)

Christy Jenkins (half-sister, apparently deceased)

Billie Jenkins (half-sister)

Dumain (father, deceased)

History: The baby sister of Billie and Christy was born to Helen Jenkins without anyone's knowledge after the abduction of Christy. Giving Andie up for adoption because of the mysterious circumstances through which the girl was conceived, because the demon Dumain came to her, proving the girl was his daughter, and quietly kept her secret from Carl and Billie. Growing up in an adoption center, she was always returned to the center because of the "strange things that were beginning to happen." Upon leaving the center at nineteen years of age (the center employees liked her, and allowed her an extra year of stay) she was the victim of an abduction attempt by the new Triad. As a result, Paige is assigned as her Whitelighter.

Powers: Unknown.

10/6/2010 #4

The Triad

Names: Yorizar, Xankar, and Zorimar

Species: A group of three possible Source of All Evil's

Appearance: All are clean-shaven, with black eyes. Yorizar has white hair, Xankar gray, and Zorimar black.

Name Meanings: In a dead demonic tongue, Yorizar is "Wisdom", Xankar is "Power", and Zorimar, the youngest, is "Influence."

Powers: Possess the powers of all previous Source's, combined together as a collective.

Note: the Charmed Ones, Billie, and Andie know of Zorimar, but do not know he is a demon.

10/6/2010 . Edited 10/8/2010 #5

oh btw if you like charmed read the story i made! its my only story

10/6/2010 #6
Will do!
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10/8/2010 #9

Name: Ashley

Age: 17


Description: light purple eyes, light brown hair, tall, tan, thin

Personality: super funny, sociable, a bit weird, fun, lovable, and friendly

Abilities: Aerokinisis, Hydrokininisis + her black belt

History:Ashley's mom died when she was seven and soon discovered she inheritedmore than just her mothers riches, but also her powers which she shared with her sister Katie. They ran away because they were afraid they would hurt someone. Quickly they learned their powers and fought off evil while trying to live a normal life.

Creature Type: witch

Ashley's sister:

Name: Katie

Age: 15


Description: light blue eyes, dark brown hair, tall, tan, thin

Personality: smart, silly, romantic and funny

Abilities: molecular immobilization (freezing) and healing (only on others and takes a while) + her black belt

History: her mom died when she was five and soon discovered she inherited more than just her mothers riches, but also her powers which she shared with her sister Ashley. They ran away because they were afraid they would hurt someone. Quickly they learned their powers and fought off evil while trying to live a normal life.

Creature Type: witch

How they know the Haliwells: They live next door.

11/20/2010 . Edited 12/2/2010 #10

(I like the characters, but I'm not big on Ashley's powers. Could you do something about that? It's just... Ashley having a definite Charmed power (premonition)... and Telekinesis is getting to be kind of a common thing. I'm fine with Katie.)

11/29/2010 #11

Changed. Is it good now?

11/29/2010 #12

Well... my plan is to bring Christy back into it, so you'd have the same powers as her... sorry about the inconvenience.

12/1/2010 #13

Changed again. Is it good?

12/3/2010 #14

Great! Join in, and have fun, damn it!

12/3/2010 #15

Name: Thea 'Thee' Anna Hudson

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Witch-Demon

Appearance: Roughly 5'6", slender and athletic, dark brown wavy hair, hazel eyes, kind of pale


Sam Hudson (Father, alive)

Unknown demon (Mother, status unknown)

Yale Hudson (Brother, alive)

History: Thea is the second child of the witch Sam Hudson and an unknown demon mother. After her birth, her mother disappeared, leaving Sam to raise the two children. Her brother Yale is two years older than her. Thea looks almost exactly like her mother, which often depresses her father. She discovers her powers one day in high school when the football team tossed her in a garbage can. More often than not, she uses them to help, but there are times she'll give into temptation and use them for herself.

Personality: Independent, stubborn, sweet, funny, sarcastic, impulsive

Powers: Flaming, projection, voice manipulation, as well as being an archer and martial artist

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Name: Yale Hudson

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Species: Witch-Demon

Appearance: Short black hair, blue eyes, roughly 5'11", tan, athletic


Sam Hudson (Father, alive)

Unknown demon (Mother, Status unknown)

Thea Hudson (Sister, alive)

History: Yale is the older brother of Thea. He kind of remembers his mother. He's very close and over protective of Thea, which can lead to many violent fights between the two of them. He looks exactly like Sam. He discovered his powers in college during a particularly boring class. He's like Thea, mostly using them to help others. But he gives in to using them for himself less than Thea.

Personality: Sardonic, overprotective, temperamental, analytical

Powers: Flaming, photokinesis, memory manipulation, as well as being a decent archer (not as good as Thea though; she'll hit her targets spot on, while Yale might miss)

(Can I join? ^.^)

2/4/2011 #16
Name: Rory Reilly Age: 13 Gender: Male Species: Wizard/Witch Appearance: Brown hair, medium height, hazel eyes, cameron boyce Relatives: May Reilly (Wizard mother), Mark Reilly (Witchfather), Rebecca Reilly (Witch sister) History: A child prodigy with an IQ of 187 Rory was born with big things ahead of him. From a young age he showed remarkable prowess and was constantly upstaging his elder sister Rebecca even skipping enough grades to beat her in the SATs on his 12th birthday and starting college with her at 13. His neutral alignment and manipulative nature made him selfish at young age, often using his powers and intellect to use people to his own advantage, furthering straining his relationship with his sister. However with his high intellect the pressure on Rory increased and his mental health took a huge blow with the extra workload associated with college. Eventually his sister snapped and they battled viciously, with his sister defeating him. Rory was confronted and realised his wrongdoings. Powers: Witch powers of Levitation and Literary Manipulation?p. Wizard powers of Conjuration, Illusions, Spiralling and Electrokinesis
8/29/2012 #17

(You can join mine if you want it's more recent)

9/29/2012 #18

Name: Priscilla Opal

Age: 344

Gender: Female

Species: Darklighter

Appearance: Cilla has dark, shoulder length hair and grey eyes. She wears a dark tank top, blue jeans and black combat boots. The darklighter still wears a locket her mother gave her before being sentenced to death three hundred and forty-four years earlier, but has been forced to throw away the old family photo inside it. The dark lighter's face is framed by thin, tribal tattoos.

Relatives: They all passed after the events of the Salem Witch Trials or were convicted of being witches. She is unknowingly a distant cousin of the Halliwells.

History: Priscilla was born twenty years before the Salem Witch Trials took place. Her family was different by Puritan standards as she came from a single parent household. As the eldest child out of five, Cilla helped her mother raise her four younger siblings by taking over roles that were seen fit for men of the time period. This was not limited to chopping wood, but also tending to farm on a daily basis and hunting with a bow and arrow. As a human, many of her friends spread the rumor she was a witch but this was never 'proven' until late 1692. The dark lighter went to the grave proclaiming her innocence until she woke up as a spirit. When the Elders offered her a chance to become a white lighter, Priscilla accepted the offer. However, she became a Dark Lighter two years later.


Black orbing

basic Dark lighter abilities

Touch of Death


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