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Toshiro of the Eternal Dream

Whewre is Mom and Dad thought young Kilor.

10/9/2010 . Edited 1/7/2014 #1

Apalta awoke to the sound of her father, Apollo, playing upon his lyre. Her long brown hair fell past her waist as she stood up. She looked into her vanity and made sure her appearance was acceptable before walking out into the main chamber where the gods spent their days.

10/30/2010 #2
Toshiro of the Eternal Dream

Kilor walked out of the main chamber because his mother and father , Hera and Zeus, were not there. Kilor was ready to scream for he had urgent news to tell reguarding the Titians.

11/2/2010 #3

Apalta's eyes glanced over to her Uncle Kilor who had just walked in the room. "Kilor!" She called out, running over towards him. He had an angry look on his face, almost as if he were getting ready to scream.

11/3/2010 #4
Toshiro of the Eternal Dream

Kilor without thinking scream "WHAT!" then he turned and saw Apalta. Kilor then felt sorry for screaming at her. "I'm sorry Apalta."

11/4/2010 #5

"That's okay." Apalta smiled and then continued, "What is wrong?"

11/5/2010 #6
Toshiro of the Eternal Dream

"Oh nothing, except for the fact that the Titians are going to be set free, other than that nothing. How are you?" Kilor said. Anyone who knows Kilor, could tell that he is unpredictable and when he does is instant changes to be on your guard. For even, the Fates, Zeus, and Hera, could not control his unpredictable mood swings that often altered the course of time and reallity

11/6/2010 #7

"What? How do you know this?" Apalta asked, shocked and confused.

11/6/2010 #8
Toshiro of the Eternal Dream

"I had a vision and I comfirmed it with the Sisters of Fate and Nyx."

11/6/2010 #9

Apollo draped himself across the couch and softly stroked the strings of his lyre. He sighed. Olympus was so boring nowadays. Nothing exciting happened since Hades kidnapped Persephone. he knew a war was coming up, but only time could tell when it would actually come to pass...

Hera looked up from her throne and saw her son rush from the room. She was surprised because she didn't know he was there at all. Kilor did some strange things sometimes, so Hera didn't take it to mind, but somehow she knew that he had important news to share...

Ares stormed into the throne room and found all the gods strolling around, obviously with no destination or plan in mind. He scowled. What was the point of being a god if there were no cities to terrorize or people to scare? he looked around and saw that Apollo was thinking the same. He nodded to his half brother, genuinely surprised they agreed on something. THe gods were too idle. Something important was on the brink of happening....

1/17/2011 #10
Toshiro of the Eternal Dream

Zeus sat on his throne be Hera and it had be 23 years since his last affair and he is begining to loose his strgenth and looks at Hera for reassurance that everything be alright.

Kian looks around for Kilor then he sees Hera and walks up and bows respectfully "Lady Hera have you seen Kilor?"

1/17/2011 #11

Hera smiles at the young boy.

"I believe he just left a few moments ago. Where he is now....I don't know. I'm afraid I can't help you with that."

Hera ignored her husband. SHe was beyond caring about his objects of attention. She still loved him.....but she was sick of following his every move.

1/17/2011 #12
Toshiro of the Eternal Dream

Kian frowns and but smiles at her help anyway "Thankyou lady Hera." He noticed Zeus and bowed to him and left.

Zeus felt like that even though he hasn't cheated on her since before their last son Kilor was born that she no longer loved him and he got up to leave so he could think about what would happen if he left Hera for good to let he find a true husband.

1/17/2011 #13

(I think....that we have made too many characters....too hard to keep track of. Oh well. I like a challange)

Hera watched as her husband left. She made no move to stop him. However, she could feel dagger of pain lodge in her heart. She tried to show her love to him before, but he was always so distant, always so unemotional. She has finally given up trying. but a small part of her keeps urging her to keep on loving him, to give him another chance. She shook her head. Better leave those thoughts for later. She has diplomatic plans to take care of. Like Argos. And the war. And so much more going on at the moment. She nodded to Athena (who she didn't like anyways) to take over for her, and left to work on some unfinished plans she promised Zeus she would take care of.

Apollo watched all the going ons with bored amusement, and yawned.

Ares walked over to Apollo, and greeted him. An awkward silence stretched for a moment.

1/17/2011 #14
Toshiro of the Eternal Dream

Zeus sat in one of the gardens in Olympus and thought long and hard about what to do as he though he thought about the past how many times he hurt Hera the only woman to ever truely care about him and he hurt not he was killing her all along, how could she ever love him or even trust him again he decided to let her choose for who was he to decide her fate. he got up and left to find Hera

Kian was running around looking everywhere then he bumped into His father Eros "Dad have you seen Kilor?"

Eros smiled and siad "No but check the Underworld or not he might be coming back soon"

1/17/2011 #15

Hera franticlly started writing. She just realized how little she had done of the research she hadt o do. She groaned, and banged her head against the desk. Zeus wasn't going to be happy about this. He wanted the report by tomorrow.

Apollo smiled uncertainly at Ares.

"hello brother." Apollo softly said. Ares managed a grunt.

"Is something wrong?" Apollo knew what was wrong, but hey, it wouldn't hurt to ask, right?

"Olympos is madness. Look at this! The gods, languishing around. No tension, no clamor. This isn't right!" Ares growled.

1/17/2011 #16
Toshiro of the Eternal Dream

Eros watched his son take off and he still loves his mother very dearly but if it weren't for the magic of his own arrow to befall him he would've stayed with her.

Zeus walks up to Hera and smiply states "Hera we need to talk."

1/18/2011 #17

Hera whilred around and looked wide eyed at her husband. She tried to cover up the report, hoping he wouldn't mention it.

1/18/2011 #18

she blinked groggily, only to notice she had overslept...

'Great...' She fastened her curls and moved towards the Main Hall, only to groan mentally.

'Since when are those two friends?' She thought when setting eye upon her two brothers, softly discussing something...

1/19/2011 #19

(she?? oh yeah, Athena....sorry :))

After a moment, Apollo asked Ares if he would like to sit down.

Ares stared at his brother, shocked, then looked around, as if to make sure no one was watching. All the curious gods and goddesses averted their gaze. Ares finally gingerly sat down on the edge of the couch. Apollo moved over to give him more room, and smiled.

"Haven't been on this side of the room often, have you?" He softly asked.

"No." Ares grunted.

The silence wore on. So much for trying to starting a conversation. Apollo mused as he plucked his lyre.

1/19/2011 #20

(Oops, my bad ;) )

"Wonder what they are up to..." A soft voice spoke into Athena's ear. "Trouble's brewing, my Lady."

Grew eyes fastened on the owl perched on the War Goddess shoulder. "And what could that possibly be?"

Glaukopsis ruffled his feather's. "Are you the Goddess of Wisdom, or I?"

1/19/2011 #21

(that's okay. I do that sometimes, too. And oh yes, as a reminder: earlier on in the story, Hera asked Athena to take over the court for a moment. Sorry for not reminding you earlier....)

Ares suddenly looked up to see his half sister staring at him. He growled. Apollo looked up from his lyre and saw the heated eye contact between his two siblings. He sighed. Right now Olympus might be calm, but the tension on the strings of the Immortals were too high, and as anyone knows, too much tension on any instrament causes it to break....

1/19/2011 #22
Toshiro of the Eternal Dream

Zeus noticed the report but did not care for it, "Hera do you still love me at all?"

Hades and Kilor appeared and Hades saw one of his favorite nephews "Kilor go play with Kian, and Hecate please do the same."

Kilor nodded and took off knowing that when the time was right the news would be told to all.

Hades walked over to Ares and Apollo "Ares and Apollo I have never seen you two so glum, what now war or lady to keep you happy?"

Kian saw Kilor and they began to play or should I say spar in front of Eros and Hecate.

Meanwhile.... Nyx was ready to take the night sky and was growing rarther fustrated.

1/19/2011 #23

Hera looked at Zeus with a disbelieving look on her face. What kind of a question is that? Or was it a trick?

"Of course....of course, my lord. Is there a reason not to?"

Apollo looked up at his uncle. He attempted a smile.

"We're fine, Lord Hades. We were just discussing the current....state of Olympos."

Ares actually snorted at the comment. Apollo glared at him.

Hekate was well aware of her former lover's presence. She pretended to ignore him, trying to disguise the pounding of her heart. Instead, she turned and strolled tot eh tother side of the room, where she greeted Artemis.

(Um....who's Artemis? I seemed to have forgotten......)

1/19/2011 #24
Toshiro of the Eternal Dream

Zeus just stared at Hera wondering why she is so formal. "Hera why are you so formal with me? I'm your husband but I'm begining to think that dispite my efforts in the past 23 ears I've prooven to be unworthy of your love let alone the right be by you. Hera I here by give you the right to leave me and be with someone more worthy for you if that is your wish and desire." Zeus shut his eyes for a moment after he said that and gave Hera small but gentle kiss on the lips and walked away feeling the truth in his own words he wasn't worthy not even in the begining.

Hades glared at Apollo for not telling all. "Apollo why don't you try answering my question completely or else I might decide to put you and Ares into Tartus for awhile and see if that opens you up." HAdes smiled as he saw both of his nephews faces pale and eyes full of fear.

Kian stopped playing with Kilor for a moment "I want to see my mom." He stated with slight saddness for he often wonders if the reason why she never visits is because she hated him. and He was deterimed to find out the truth.

Kilor already knowing his motive and smiled and kissed Kian's cheek and waved him off with a smile and he wnet to his Father.

Kian walked up by his Mother Hecate and said rather bluntly "Why do you hate me? Is it because I live up here? or is it becuase you never wanted me in the first place?" He had tears streaming down his face fearing that it was the truth that she never wanted him which was why his father took care of him.

Eros watched waiting for Hecate's answer in hopes that she won't crush their son's heart like she crushed his own by running away from him. Infact he remebered the day oh so clearing and 3 years later he finds out that he had son from where she refused to tell him. It truely hurt him beyond believe and he still hurts even though he has Psyche it wasn't the same as it was with Hecate.

1/20/2011 #25

Artemis nodded and acknowledged the greeting. She quickly started to mess with her bow and arrows in boredom. I bet I can shoot my brother...he probably won't mind. Then again if I just barely miss his foot he might jump several feet up. She thought in bordom and planning.

1/20/2011 #26

"Should this be the part where I stop you or where I encourae you?" Athena asked the Huntress.

Artemis shrugged her shoulders. "I'm bored..."

"Apollo will be quite upset should you shoot him."

"He deserves it." Artemis looked towards her twin. She grinned when she saw that his face had the color of the marble surrounding them all.

"Oh dear, what did he do now?" Athena absentmindedly stroked Glaukopsis' head. "Another Orion?"

1/20/2011 #27

(I is confused now...)

1/20/2011 #28

(whut, why? is Athena no longer allowed to speak to her sister?)

1/20/2011 #29

(whoa. Lots of responses since I was gone.....)

Hera stood trembling with a hand pressed to her mouth. That's ALL he wanted to say? Her mind muddled, she sighed with relief and sat down to finish the report, glad her husband mentioned nothing of it. Then her brain began to defrost. She dropped her pen on the ground, and her eyes widened. Did he really say??? She scrambled out of the chair, and in her haste, she almost knocked over one of the servant girls. Hera ran out of the palace and into the throne room. She looked franticly at the gods gathered there.


Apollo turned to see the Queen standing in the doorway. Glad for the momentary distraction, but also annoyed at the interuption, he turned calmly to his uncle.

"I don't tell lies, Uncle. But you are right....there is more to our conversation than what mentioned." Here he paused, and swept a hand across the room. "Look at the gods. THey look content for once, but are they really? Or is there tention building up? The Fates are up to something. Something isn't settled correctly. War is on the verge, Uncle. Something disasterous is on the brink of happening."

Ares ignored his brother, and instead turned his gaze to his mother, who caused quite a clamor. Ares just shook his head. Probably just Zeus and one of his affairs. Nothing too important. Unless Zeus and Hera gets into one of their fights. That ought to be interesting, and would provide good entertainment.

Hekate felt her heart crumble. She knelt down in front of her son, and took him in her arms.

"No, Kian. I love you. I love you very much. But for now, it is better for you to stay with your father. I promise I will visit again soon, okay?" Hekate tried to pacify the little boy, but she knew her words were just empty promises. She felt tears fill her eyes, but she just smiled and kissed Kian on the head. "Go on, go play with your friends." She gave him a little push towards Kilor, and tried to push away the torrent of memories that suddenly came flooding up. Stop denying yourself....A voice said. Hekate sighed and pushed her concience away.

1/20/2011 #30
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