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A vicious game of Mafia between villains!
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All was quiet in the factory- unless you counted the heavy machinery creating parts for Eggman's next plan.

Unfortunately, those metal noises concealed the sounds of the Mafia creeping through the hallway.

Their godfather went into the room of their victim- the owner of the factory, Eggman.

They went to shoot him, buuuuut... King Dedede came rushing into the room, scaring away the Mafia.

"Now, back to my regular client," Dedede declared as he marched out.


Shadow was also awake. He crept up to his target's bed and charged up his Chaos powers. He launched the energy, and killed them!

…not. Dedede leapt in front of the person and hit the energy away with his hammer. Luckily, he didn't notice who had shot the energy, who was slinking away angrily at his failure to kill someone.


Day 3 has begun. Ratio is still 11:5:2. Majority is 10. Good luck!

1/27/2011 . Edited 1/27/2011 #1

Phantom Ganon didn't scan me. This is just sad. :|

At least I've now been 100 per cent confirmed as a townie. *Mega proved I wasn't mafia, neutral kills proves I wasn't neutral.*

1/27/2011 #2

And for now scanning me is pointless as I've not been upgraded cops. The opportunity was on day 2, and only on day 2.

1/27/2011 #3

Wait, there are two kills? Gah! I thought the neutrals were against the mafia! *confused*

1/27/2011 #4

neutrals are neither for the mafia nor for the townies. They are, naturally, neutral. :p Every even day they get a night kill. They may try to take out townies or mafia. (Though they went for the townies to start.) *grumbles*

1/27/2011 #5

*shot for stupidity* that makes sense... So why did they target you?

1/27/2011 #6

Meanies. :P

1/27/2011 #7

cuz I'm a townie and generally pretty smart, and I was making a big deal that if scanned the townies would be in a very good place.

Neither Bowser nor Phantom Ganon scanned me. *siiiiiiigh*

Doesn't matter now, the tinker's effects on me wore off so I go back to being useless. *ability-wise*

1/27/2011 #8

Charz: So who're you goin' after today?

1/27/2011 #9


1/27/2011 #10

@Luig - What d'you mean?

1/27/2011 #11

I meant with your ability, but on second thought don't tell me. We don't want whoever is being watched to know they're being watched.

1/27/2011 #12


1/27/2011 #13

Huh? I don't get to choose, from when I get to activate my ability, I get the last PM sent to Kyo/TSO about an ability. :P

And I activated it already cuz I gotta go soon...

1/27/2011 #14

I suspect you BTW PPAD. Both days you came to end majority AND here you are right after GF and neutral kills.

1/27/2011 #15

oh. My bad.

Do you at least know who it's used on?

1/27/2011 #16

That's how I knew Jemma was King Boo and how I know who the SNOOP is that asked about my ability. :P

1/27/2011 #17

Phantom Ganon is the one who only get's abilities. I'm sure of it. Bowser is a good guy, meaning that James is the mafia cop. (assuming one of the cops is mafia)

So if you know who the guy who asked about your ability is, that person is a townie. Don't say who it is.

1/27/2011 #18

Well, my Eggman update came right after the James update, and James is a scanner, so... :P

And how do we know Phantom Ganon only gets abilities?

1/27/2011 #19

Long story short, I was busy and I've been trying to finish this post.

Italics = me

Bold= Whether or not person/character has been confirmed.

Underlined= Person/character has died.

Let's begin my Epic/Fail- Character Analysis.


Players and suspicions:

Kaiimi- (unconfirmed. Role- unknown.) I find her suspicious only b/c she rushed the day vote after Jemma was confirmed as King Boo and not only that, but she had the dramatic, "OMG! *shocked* ", thing going on. She claims that it was the best proof so far when none of us even knew why she attacked Mega at that moment. Just the rushing thing got me suspicious of her.

Luigenius- (Townie. Role-...IDK.) In the clear. But I'm seriously confused about your ability.

ChrisMSMB- (unconfirmed. Role- unknown.) I don't have much against him. I don't find him suspicious yet.

Badberry123- (unconfirmed. Role- unknown.) Same as above.

Zeldamaster456- (unconfirmed. Role- unknown.) Same as above.

Charz456- (Townie. Role- Eggman: Can spy.) He's in the clear.

DonPianta- (unconfirmed. Role- unknown.) Same as Chris's reason. Don't have much against him.

Korubi- (unconfirmed. Role- unknown) Korubi has not been a real help. He post such random things and responses. He follows along with everything. And not only that but, if Korubi is a mafia, he's just trying to follow the crowd, especially after saying things like,"So.....Jemma's a dead wo/man tonight?" and, "Yo, so-called 'Genius', give us a plan. Your a proven townie, according to the dead guy. So, we'll follow you."

PrincessPeachAndDaisy- (Townie. Role- unknown.) I'm a townie. That's all I'll say.

Rockinrollchika- (unconfirmed. Role- unknown.) I don't have much against you yet.

Laguzgirl13- (unconfirmed. Role- unknown.) Same as above.

VGMNRJTheRaccoon- (unconfirmed. Role- unknown.) Same as above.

Mechanical Oven- (unconfirmed. Role. unknown.) Same as above.

Cheerleader21- (unconfirmed. Role. unknown.) Same as above.

Champ 15- (unconfirmed. Role. unknown.) Same as above.

Irwegwert- (unconfirmed. Role- unknown) Same as above.

Sourcreamiez- (Townie. Role- Gohma: I have no idea what your ability does.) Confirmed but I don't know what your ability does.

TJLovesHisMidna- (unconfirmed. Role- unknown) Nothing against you yet.

Characters we've seen:

James: Can scan. Could be a mafia cop.

Phatom Ganon: Can scan. Possible that gets false scans. Mafia cop.

Bowser: Can scan. Townie cop.

King Boo: Can disable. Has died.

Eggman: Can spy on people's conversations. Townie.

Dedede: Can protect. Townie.

Giovanni: Can upgrade. Townie.

Ganondorf: Can disable? Townie.

Gohma: I have no idea. Townie.

1/27/2011 . Edited 1/27/2011 #20


Phantom Ganon stopped his horse and got off. Bowser's Castle. Not exactly the same as guarding the boss's room, but it would do.

He decided he needed to channel his spirit connections to gain information. He stared at a player, and all of a sudden the spirit connections whizzed through him, and he gained info, though it seemed the connections went right past him too.


This was the update day 1. I was scanned by a cop who only got abilities. I redirected that scan towards Liza. The cop got my abilities, and I got Lizas. That's why the line "Though it seemed the connections went right past him too." Because both me and her had been scanned. Therefore, the cop who only get's abilities, is the one in this update.

Phantom Ganon.

1/27/2011 #21

Huh? But there could be two cops that only get abilities, so there's no way to tell which one is townie and which one is mafia, is there? Or am I being clueless on something again?

1/27/2011 #22

I gotta go, hopefully when I come back, I can reveal some game-changing point with my ability use. :P


1/27/2011 #23

Bye Charz!

1/27/2011 #24

Bowser: townie cop.

James: cop, may or may not get full profiles. Update made it sound like he did, but can't be for sure.

P.G.: Get's only abilities.

It'd help if we could confirm whether P.G. or James were townies or mafias. That'd give us insight on what the other one was.

1/27/2011 #25
Mechanical Oven

OK, I'm here now... And after reading that post PPAD made, I do feel that Korubi is a bit suspicious. I heard he said his ability sucks. Something's telling me that he's lying...

1/27/2011 #26

Now we have Shadow in the game. We need to scan for Shadow and get him out.

1/27/2011 #27

In that case maybe he's a cop or something and didn't want the mafias to know he's important?

I was actually hoping we'd get Shadow to confess who he was in case he didn't see the update, but now that you said it I guess that's out of the question. Oh well, we'll still get him.

1/27/2011 . Edited 1/27/2011 #28

And I don't know if you guys have noticed but when Korubi post, he sounds really sarcastic. But that's just me. You can go ahead and read day 2.

1/27/2011 #29

But he's a sarcastic person, that doesn't mean he's mafia.

1/27/2011 #30
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