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Now, why the heck did you assumed that Irweg's character was a mafia, then right after he confirmed his character and so-called claimed TJ the neutral when you suspected Ko of being the neutral and, not only that but BELIEVE Irweg, who isn't here and who has NOT provided a decent defense as to why he protected Kai and who has not been confirmed townie, huh?

For all I know, you could, in fact, be the mafia doctor. He copied you and then protect Kai. And I remember reading how you SUSPECTED Kai but you seem soooo hooked up on TJ being the neutral when I've just provided you evidence as to why Kai is the mafia cop.

Ooh, I'm not finished. Instead of providing a decent defense rather than just coming out as Deded-wait, you know what? Why did you??? You could be a townie doctor, which of course, you should NEVER come out like that. Unless you are King Dedede but you're actually a mafia doctor.

Now, before I get confused, answer me. *I sound mean. Sorry but I need answers.*

1/29/2011 . Edited 1/29/2011 #151

Irweg: I was pretty ticked when I realized the "kill mafia abilities then heal one" tactic would actually work. DX

1/29/2011 #152
Champ 15

Umm.. I think your late PPAD.

1/29/2011 #153

@PPAD: Look, I'm not trying to be mean, but stop pushing Vinny around. I can understand how he feels a lot of the time...

1/29/2011 #154

*is working on a new mafia, with directions on what happens when a player is copied and everything* *has 5 roles done*

1/29/2011 #155

@PPAD: I...have no idea what to say. I'm confused as well.

1/29/2011 #156

@Kyog: ?

I don't know if voting Izweh is our best chance.

1/29/2011 #157
Champ 15

Don: Okayy, Irweg comfirmed to be a Mafia, why DON'T you want him lynched?

1/29/2011 #158

@Chimp: He's the only one here who actually trusted me when I said truthfully that TJ is the other neutral.

1/29/2011 #159

*excuse late post. Has slow computer.*

I posted that before reading that, Irweg.

Sorry Vinny. D: I actually thought you were the mafia doctor. Oppies. But I was seriously about you trusting Irweg. You usually do that a lot in almost every mafia game. You trust someone who has not been confirmed so...yeah...Sorry.

1/29/2011 . Edited 1/29/2011 #160

I thought Charz proved him to be a townie earlier?

1/29/2011 #161

@PPAD: It's okay. But I get persuaded a lot without any questions most of the time. If it's anyone's fault, it's mine.

1/29/2011 #162

I still feel kind of hurt that nobody believes me about TJ.

1/29/2011 #163
The Smart One 64

No offense Kyo...I have no idea in heck what's happened in/to/everything/salami this mafia game, so I don't think cohosting is helping anything anymore. :/

1/29/2011 #164
Champ 15

I've got to go in a minute, so.....

Vote TJ

We can always take Irweg out the next day.


1/29/2011 #165

Irweg: I suppose I believe you about TJ being the neutral, since you seem very sincere about it and trying to convince us. ^_^;

1/29/2011 #166

I get to RP finally! *is happy*

*votes TJ 'swell*

1/29/2011 #167

TSO: I'm sorry... I'm not really listening to your advice, and for that I'm sorry. :(

But you've been really helpful in guiding me along, and for that I'm really, REALLY thankful.

1/29/2011 #168

Unvote Irweg

Vote TJ

Thanks Irweg!

1/29/2011 #169

@PPAD: I AM being sincere. I just want both neutrals out before me so I feel like I've actually done something...

1/29/2011 #170

Unvote Irweg, Vote TJ. *feels stupid for having no idea what's going on* :P

1/29/2011 #171

@Champ: That makes no sense at all. TJ is not here to defend himself and a mafia actually just came out. You're just going to make this day last longer! D:

1/29/2011 #172

I'm telling you, he's Marx! I'd never lie about the neutral. Never. I promise! He can copy and it's name is something about the wish granting comet, Nova.

1/29/2011 #173

*facepalm to the extreme* I'm just at a lost of words. Really. Not to sound mean but seriously, common sense.

1/29/2011 #174

I am using common sense. :/

I'm not allowed to directly post his ability.

1/29/2011 #175

@Irweg: I'm not saying that I don't believe you but me personally, I'd rather lynch someone who's confirmed mafia themselves than someone who's not here to have their say.

1/29/2011 . Edited 1/29/2011 #176

Do you really think that TJ will even come online to defend himself? Be honest. He's only made, what, 3 posts here. I doubt he'll really try to defend himself anyways. Besides, I've already figured out everyone. I'm out of cards to play. I can't copy the doc again tomorrow. And I just want that neutral lynched before me.

1/29/2011 #177

I doubt he'll be here to even bother to defend himself, no lie. Honestly, I don't know who to vote for. I feel this strongly about voting for you instead of TJ but at the same time, I really don't wanna delay the day any longer than it should since I've been waiting for day 5 to come up.

1/29/2011 #178

Can you just do me my last favor? You guys have got this in the bag anyways. :P

1/29/2011 #179

hello guys. Sorry, shared weekend between my folks. What have I missed?

1/29/2011 #180
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