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Upgraded Chaos, huh Mech? If you're really townie, tell us who that is. I mean, Chaos is pretty much a guarunteed mafia, and if you're a townie, there's no need to hold information from us.

1/30/2011 #31

Okay Champ, where are you. Come out come out wherever you are.

We know that was you, buster.

1/30/2011 #32
*throws sharp objects at Chaos* HE DISABLED ME SECONDS BEFORE I TRIED TO KILL KAI!!!!!!! DX
1/30/2011 #33

Laguz: DO realize that sharp objects don't work, since Chaos is made of a liquid (minus his crystalline claws)?

1/30/2011 #34

I distrust Charz. You may say you are a town, but I beg to differ.

There are only a select few here. Me, Laguz, Mech, and you. Mech is a upgrader, Laguz is a killer, I'm useless. And you?

Seems fishy to me.

1/30/2011 #35
@Kyo:I did not know that... *puts Chaos in extreme heat that causes him to turn to steam* Ema Skye is right, science IS cool! =D Maybe I should start paying attention in science class...
1/30/2011 #36

Laguz: :D

1/30/2011 #37
@Korubi:A PM spy would be kinda useless to the mafia, so I think it's safe to assume Charz is town.
1/30/2011 #38

@Korubi - Well, if I was mafia, why would I reveal Jemma was King Boo and get Irweg lynched with my ability? I wouldn't, cuz I'm a townie!

ADD: Wonder where Mech, who upgraded a mafia yet again, went to?

1/30/2011 . Edited 1/30/2011 #39

I wasn't here that day. DX

So whoever's Chaos is definitely lurking.

Let's think who would normally be here at this time?

1/30/2011 #40
Mechanical Oven

@Charz: If you wanna know who I upgraded, I upgraded Don, all right?

1/30/2011 #41
@Charz:? Why Don?
1/30/2011 #42
Sorry, I had a brainfart. XP I meant Mech, not Charz.
1/30/2011 #43

@Mech - And what about the part where mafia lie? Cuz the second line of the Dimentio update sounded pretty mafia-like to me.

Plus, if Don would lie about his character, he would probly use a Mario character. Has he even played Zelda before?

1/30/2011 #44
Mechanical Oven

@Charz: I'm pretty sure he has played Zelda before.

1/30/2011 #45
*hates homework with a passion, leaves steaming cause I have to do some* DX
1/30/2011 #46
Mechanical Oven

Bye, laguz.... I guess. :P

1/30/2011 #47

Read Kyo's post, #20. From the way she worded it, she was wondering if Laguz's kill was a day-lynch or not. Why? Cuz Don's ability is to not be day-lynched, not a disabler. Kyo, in effect, has proven Don to be the final townie in this game!

1/30/2011 #48

That proves nothing.

1/30/2011 #49

@Koru - Not like it was a bluff or anything. -.-

1/30/2011 #50

Prediction Final 3 Mafia: Kai, Champ, Don

1/30/2011 #51

Aww, it was only a matter of time before I would get killed. Ah well. I became useful so I'm not mad. :D

I'd say lynch Kai since Irweg protected her and she's P.G. How do I know? I copied her and her ability was called Spirit World, who can scan. P.G's update mentions things about having spirit connections.

And I don't know about that whole deal with Vinny's profile. Is he really Dedede?

And Champ could be Chaos/mafia since in day 5 he voted for TJ and left in the same post.

I don't know about Mech but he has not been confirmed guys have Mech, Kai and Champ. Vote for one of them. I think it should be Kai but eh, no matter.

Good luck, townie!! :D

1/30/2011 #52

I'm done playing games. Why the heck would he make a seemingly random upgrade today? Why not upgrade Korubi so he could use his 3-hour mafia ability again? To upgrade the disabler and disable Laguz. I seriously doubt disabling Laguz wasn't a conspiracy plot made by the tinker and the disabler. Plus, Mech has not once upgraded a townie, and has only upgraded Irweg on odd days when Irweg could only use his copy ability on even days. He knew Irweg was the copier, he knew Kai was the mafia cop, and he knows who Chaos really is; Champ. There's WAY too much evidence against you Mech to be a coincidence. Sorry. :/

Vote Mech

1/30/2011 #53
Mechanical Oven

@Charz: Why would you vote for me? I'm technically useless now. I don't see the point in getting rid of me.

1/30/2011 #54

@Mech - Why else? Because you're a mafia.

1/30/2011 #55
Mechanical Oven

@Charz: If you knew who the other mafiosos were that could be a real threat, you would get rid of them first. I can't upgrade the same person twice in a row.

1/30/2011 #56
The Smart One 64

Screw me, I didn't realize Eggman was disabled.

1/30/2011 #57
Mechanical Oven

@TSO: :P

1/30/2011 #58

@Mech - So you admit you're a mafia?

1/30/2011 #59
Mechanical Oven

@Charz: Well, people already revealed themselves. If you think I am, then keep your vote on me.

1/30/2011 #60
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