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Great job townies! You've eliminated the Mafia and Neutrals without a single mislynch!



Raccoon: Bowser, Townie- (Koopa King) Once per day, you may send troops out to get a player's character, ability and alliance. (You were a scanner, but you ended up scanning the people who were revealed anyway. Because it was bad luck, not bad playing, B.)

Mega: Fawful, Townie: (Ray Gun) Once per day, you may disable a player's vote or abilities for 6 hours (Fury) If you are night lynched, you may verify one statement as true or false. (Mega, Mega, Mega. You were eliminated Night 1, so not much to talk about. No Rating.)

Korubi: Ganondorf, Townie- (Dark Fire) You may use this ability twice in the game. Every mafia loses their abilities for 3 hours (Oh, Korubi. Your ability proved to be a flawless Mafia-capturing tactic. You also managed to make it to the end. However, you didn't really provide a huge theory or a big piece of evidence, so you get B.)

Liza: Gohma, Townie- (Spider Silk) Once per day, you may restore a player's votes and abilities. (Liza, you quickly became a vital part of the game, despite it being your first time. You used your ability whenever the situation demanded, and helped the Townies to victory. B+.)

Bad: Giovanni, Townie- (Big Money) You may have a player's ability upgraded once per day. (You didn't use your ability much, but when you did, you upgraded important people. Unfortunately you weren't here most of the time, so that hinders. C+.)

PPAD: Mask of Ice, Townie- (Ice Sculpture) You may copy a player's ability every odd day. (PPAD, when Korubi became useless, you and Luig quickly came up with a new plan for sure-fire lynching. Before that, though, you didn't do much of anything. Still, you came up with theories, explained evidence, and were a really great player. A.)

Laguz: Jessie, Townie- (Temper Tantrum) Twice in the game, you may kill a player of your choice. If that player is a townie, you die as well (Partners Forever) If James is lynched, you may lynch townies without dying (Poor Laguz didn't get here until the end of the game, but quickly became a pawn for the Townies. When your kill ability was revealed, you rid the game of a huge threat. Great job picking him out, but you weren't here much, so B+.)

Chris: James, Townie- (Pokemon Cards) You may look up a player's ability once per day (Partners Forever) If Jessie is lynched, you die in her place (Chris, you were suspected of Mafia cop, but you managed to keep yourself hidden until you were eventually revealed and killed. Great job exposing the neutral, and flying under the radar! B+.)

Charz: Eggman, Townie- (Spybots) Once per day, you may look at the last PM sent to me or TSO (Charz, you were a really huge power player for the townies. You nabbed nearly every Mafia that wasn't killed by the Dark Fire+Spider Silk combo. You used your ability pretty much every day, and without you the Mafia might have won. A.)

Vinny: Dedede, Townie- (Hammer) Once per day, you may protect a player of your choice. (Vinny, you made a great protection choice on Day 2, but you protected yourself for the rest of the game. Kind of pointless, but I see that you wanted to stay in. B-.)

Luig: Nightmare, Townie- (Atom Rearrangement) If you are targeted by any ability (minus ability disable), you can rebound it towards a player of your choice. (Luig, the great strategist! You came up with the killer strategy, and when that was killed, came up with a second one! You made theories and pieced things together, and I have to say, your performance was probably the best I've seen. A+.)

Don: Vaati, Townie- (Magic Barrier) You cannot be day-lynched. (Sorry Don, but you weren't on until the end. You mostly went along with people's votes, and were a little suspicious until all three Mafia were identified. C.)


TJ: Marx, Neutral- (Dark Allies) You know that Chika is Shadow, the other neutral. You may speak privately via PM. (Nova's Wish) You may copy a player once per day. You can only use your copied ability once, and it disappears the next day. (No offense TJ, but you weren't on very much. You didn't use your ability even once, and you were only here for one day. Not much else to say… C.)

Chika: Shadow, Neutral- (Dark Allies) You know that TJ is Marx, the other neutral. You may speak privately via PM. (Chaos Energy) You may kill someone that isn't Marx on every even night. (Sorry you were neutral your first game, Chika! But you managed to stay hidden until someone revealed you, and for that I applaud you. B+.)


Mech: Dimentio, Mafia- (Ringleader) You are the leader of the mafia- the "godfather", so to speak. It is your job to PM me the mafia's kill every night. (Dimension D) You may upgrade a player of your choice once per day. You may not upgrade one person twice in a row. (Jest) If scanned, you come back as a townie, and the scanner only receives Dimension D. (Mech, you weren't suspected at ALL until Charz mentioned you upgrading Kai. You chose good people to kill, though, but not necessarily the right ones to upgrade. B.)

Jemma: King Boo, Mafia- (Scare) Once per day, you may ban someone from the day thread. That person will return the next day. (Jemma, you were revealed by the Dark Fire + Spider Silk combo, not by luck or skill. Not much to say, so No Rating.)

Kai: Phantom Ganon, Mafia- (Spirit World) Once per day, you may look up a player's character & abilities. (Kai, the Phantom cop! You scanned pretty much every day, and helped out the Mafia with their kills. You were suspicious through the game, but then again, you're suspected pretty much every game. Great job, though! B+.)

Irweg: Mephiles, Mafia- (Crystalline) You cannot be night lynched by the neutral. (Form Copy) Every even day you may copy a player's abilities. (Irweg. You picked the right people to copy! …just not at the right times. ^^; Kept suspicion off yourself like a pro, until the confirmed Townies took you out. B+.)

Champ: Chaos, Mafia- (Absorb) If you are targeted by any ability, your power level goes up. When it reaches specific numbers (2, 4, 6, ect) you will be able to use your attack more than once a day. (Claw Strike) May be used once a day. Chose a player, & their vote is disabled for that day. (Champ, you came in a little late, but you used your ability every day afterwards. You disabled people on the spot, and really dragged out the game, proving that Mafia don't go down without a fight. B+.)

Cheer: Zero Two, Mafia- (Negative Energy) This ability may be used once in the game. Choose a player, & they are instantly killed. The day will not end, however. Also, if you decide to use this ability, you die no matter who you choose. (Sorry Cheer, but you weren't at all. You were revealed and killed before you even got a chance to post. No Rating)


1/30/2011 . Edited 1/30/2011 #1


*reads grades*

1/30/2011 #2

And now I go to bed. G'night!

1/30/2011 #3
Mechanical Oven

*sees no awards will be given* I think it's a good idea, honestly. I don't want to see people arguing.

1/30/2011 #4
*takes B- proudly* Feel free to get mad at me, Town. =P *shot*
1/30/2011 #5
The Smart One 64

My sister actually posted the first two days. :P

1/30/2011 #6


Yay, B+! My mommy's gonna love my report card! 8D

1/30/2011 #7

No awards? *crowd boos*

Wow, you guys suck. Next time, keep your mouths shut, and maybe we can enjoy doing awards. *facepalm*

Anyway, satisfied with my grade.

lol at the no rating. Might as well give them all F's. :P

1/30/2011 #8

I'm not disappointed about losing this one, seeing as a lot of abilities made it impossible for us to stay hidden. :P

1/30/2011 #9

Yay I got an A! :D

1/30/2011 #10

I was about to send a PM to Kyo for the award nominees until I decided to read this thread first. :P

But yeah, I'll gladly take a B+. And yes, Kyo, you're right about that part on how I'm suspected in every game. :P

1/30/2011 #11

Don't forget Liza! Your mommy is gonna be really happy when she sees the golden MVP medal on your shirt! :D


Luig: Nightmare, Townie- (Atom Rearrangement) If you are targeted by any ability (minus ability disable), you can rebound it towards a player of your choice. (Luig, the great strategist! You came up with the killer strategy, and when that was killed, came up with a second one! You made theories and pieced things together, and I have to say, your performance was probably the best I've seen. A+.)

I was lost at the A+ part. HUH? Am I missing something?

1/30/2011 . Edited 1/30/2011 #12

What did us in was Kai begging me to protect her. :P

1/30/2011 #13

@Ko: Too bad there are no rewards... Or awards... Wait what's the difference.

1/30/2011 #14

@irweg: Blame PPAD for that one. She knew who I was, and I had a huge gut feeling she was gonna reveal me the next day so I had no choice BUT to beg you to protect me so I could stay in another day and get another scan in.

1/30/2011 #15
Mechanical Oven

I prefer not to have awards. It's just going to cause people to complain (sorry, but a lot of people have in the past).

1/30/2011 #16

Well if there were awards, me, Ko, and Luig would all tie. :P

1/30/2011 #17

Nah, I'd win.

1/30/2011 #18
*facepalms at Koru*
1/30/2011 #19


1/30/2011 #20

Luig! Stop using that alt. *shot*

1/30/2011 #21
The Smart One 64

I think every post in this thread so far is WHY there aren't awards.

1/30/2011 #22

@Liza: Nah, not Luig. More like, you, me, and Charz.

Other then propose ideas, I didn't see Luig do a dang thing all game.

1/30/2011 #23
Mechanical Oven

@TSO: Pretty much.

1/30/2011 #24

@TSL: Even my previous post? :D *shot*

1/30/2011 #25

@Ko: *shrugs* Maybe. :P

1/30/2011 #26

Now my internet disconnects for no reason... :P

1/30/2011 #27

@Koru: Luig came up with the plan to confirm a ton of mafias with your guy's and he gave specific orders to half the town.

Without his help, you guys wouldn't have won so easily.

1/30/2011 #28

@Charz: My cat did it!

1/30/2011 #29

Anyway, I'm done for the night online. Time to go hang out with some ladies.

*jet packs away*

1/30/2011 #30
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