Next WITCH Generation
This is an RPG! Make your own character..!.. XP
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The Next Witch Generation

Hey what's up?..? I'm Pandieshortie. See this is going to be a RPG about the W.I.T.C.H but this time it's a different generation.

Right now though I'd like you to do me a huge favor. Make a W.I.T.C.H..

These are the elements I need

Fire - Has To Be A Boy

Water - Xx-Angel-of-Shadows-xX

Air - Has To Be A Boy

Earth - Immortal Quintessence Guardian

Quintessence - Has To Be A Boy

These are the people I may need

Elyon's Son - Xx-Angel-of-Shadows-xX

Will's Daughter - Pandieshortie

 [I'm feeling generous]

Four Oc's

1- Boy

2- Girl

3- Girl

4- Boy

Here's an example

This is going to be my character

Name: Lotus Olsen

Age: [15 - 17 ] 16

Stereotype: She's a Dancer

Personality: Quiet, clever, talented, non judgmental, and has always had a passion for music.

Likes: animals, dancing, reading

Dislikes: Liars, Mean people, To much attention

Appearance: Long wavy reddish, brown hair with heavy bangs. Blue eyes, has a tan curvy body, wears a black tank top, white skinny jeans, black high top Converse with white paint splatters, black striped fingerless gloves, and a white chain necklace.

You'll have to post your character first and I might be adding other OC's…. I MIGHT… Dunno yet.. But if you really want to make an OC then you'll just have to add who the character is related to.. XP..

And to let everyone know that we already have the characters I'll be placing the username of the person who created the character.. So there won't be any confusion.

Also I would appreciate it if you get an image or visual of your character like this

10/9/2010 . Edited 12/19/2010 #1
Captain Happiness

Name: Lucy Blake

Nicknames: Lulu, Luce

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Powers: Water control, freezing, mind control, change physical appearance of others, healing, ice control, breathing underwater, flight, glamouring, invisibility, scrying.

Skin Colour: Pale

Eye Colour: Bright blue

Hair Colour: Light brown.

Other Appearance: Lucy is of medium height, and her hair is mid-length and wavy. She's quite slender, and has a heart shaped face.

Normal Outfit: White flowing skirt and a turquoise sequined top, white ballet pumps.

Guardian Outfit: Again, like Irma's but minus the tights, bigger wings that aren't green but light blue, and her skirt is light blue as well. Her purple ankle boots are white.

Likes: Swimming, beach holidays, skiing, boys, singing, playing guitar, cats, horses, mythology.

Dislikes: Lying, extreme heat, being patronized.

Crush: Currently none. (Unless one is created. *hint hint* XD )

Personality: Lucy is bubbly and optimistic, and is always looking for the best in everyone. She can't lie to save her life, and likewise can't spot lies. She believes everything people tell her, and is very gullible. She gets very upset when people take advantage of this, and if somebody does it is likely to ruin their whole friendship with her. However she has learned to understand sarcasm, subtle though it may be, so she isn't made a fool of constantly. Although she presents a happy front to the world she builds up emotion inside her, and so when she gets angry or upset she is liable to have a complete breakdown, often saying and doing things she regrets later. She loves singing and playing guitar, and wants to form a band. She makes friends easily, but her changeable emotions confuse others, often resulting in her being alone for long periods of time. However, despite the fact that she is a social butterfly she is also a dreamer and very imaginative, and so can immerse herself in her own little world. This has problems too, as it leads to her forgetting the real world for a time, and neglecting what is important in search of perfection.

Short Bio: Has lived in Heatherfield all her life and loves it, she can't imagine anywhere better. She is a complete Pisces, and her birthday is March 13th. Her favourite subjects are Art, Geography and PE, as she loves sports and is very good at them. She is also excellent at drawing, and loves to paint. She has a recurring nightmare when she is caught in a desert and cannot find water. Her favourite colours are blue, sea-green and silver. She has not yet discovered her powers.

[No visual available - sorry. XP ]

12/17/2010 #2

haha.. thanks for all of that information.. :1 and we'll see how many character's

12/18/2010 #3
Commander of Justice

Sorry if this doesn't space out. But this is my Character. Name: Natalya Ann Blake Nicknames: Nats, Nattie, Natt Age: 15 Hair Color: Shoulder length blood red with purple and blue highlights Eye Color: Blue and green Normal Outfit: Half-way purple tank top with blue jeans Powers: Mainly Earth, Intangability (able to turn invisible and walk through things), Levataion Guardian Outfit: Same as Wills but with no tights and the green wings are blue. She has a dark purple Earth symbol on her top and a purple Earth symbol on her face, kinda like warpaint. Keeper of the Heart of Kandarkar (Is my character allowed or is the Heart for the Boy Quintessence Guardian?) Likes: Extreme sports, Volleyball, Street Hockey, Martial Arts, Painting, Singing, Motorcross Dislikes: Anything PINK, cheaters, liers, anyone who picks on her little sister Personality: Strong-willed, reckless, Childish at times, Protective, Rebelious Crush: Although she won't admit it, she has a crush on 16 year old Jeff Enigma Short Bio: Just like her sister Lucy, Natalya has also lived in Heatherfield her whole life. She likes it and all, but sometimes there are days where she wants to leave and the only thing stopping her from leaving is Lucy. She like Chorus, Art and Gym. Her favorite colors are purple and blue. Her birthday is December 14th. She has a Purple Earth Symbol tatooed on her left arm when she was first transformed by the Heart. She is very protective of her friends and her family. Most of the time, she is like the exact opposite of Lucy. Natalya and her parents constantly argue, which is basically the reason why she wants to leave Heatherfield. She has not discovered her powers yet. NO VISUAL AVAILABLE So What do ya think?

12/18/2010 #4

YES!!.. you are accepted.. :) nd don't worry about the image..

I'd appreciate if you did but if you can't find one then it's okay.. I'm not mad..

12/18/2010 #5
Captain Happiness

Name: Damien Kultings

Age: 16

Appearance: Straight, blonde hair that falls down to his shoulders, grey eyes, tall and faintly muscular. Wears faded jeans, a white top and black converses. Often found wearing a leather jacket.

Personality: Kind, generous, sensitive and with an excellent sense of humour. Fiercely loyal to his friends, can occasionally jump to conclusions.

Likes: Elyon (his mother), his friends, skiing, surfing, animals, cooking.

Dislikes: Having to fight, evil.

Other: He's a Quinto-Guardian, so he can control all five elements. However, he is still learning about his powers, so they are not yet that potent. Elyon sent him from Meridian to Heatherfield so he could learn about Earth.

Here's your visual. :)

12/19/2010 . Edited 12/19/2010 #6

Name: Samantha

Nickname: Sam or Sammy

Age: 15

Powers: Earth

Can control: Can talk with animals, can avoid earthquakes, can sense vibrations, can be transformed to other people, can hypnotize people

Hobbies: Hang out with friends

Hates: Fire

12/22/2011 #7
Kanaal Heru

Well since you need one for Fire, and since I've been a fan of W.I.T.C.H. since I was a kid I'll happily take part.

Name: Alexzander Richards

Nickname: Alex or Zander

Age: 17

Stereotype: Chef and writer

Personality: Stubborn, strong sense of protecting, caring, sensible.

Likes: Cooking, Writing, quiet places, the smell of food.

Dislikes: Those who abuse there power, anyone in danger, fire(contradictory I know), seeing anyone sad or alone.

Appearance: Short slight spiky silver hair, wears a buttoned up white shirt, dark grey coat, baggy blue jeans, black and red sneakers. Slightly darker tan

Power: Fire

5/31/2013 #8
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