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Hi, Cannonball here! Welcome to Cannonball's Chat where you can talk about anything and everything Mysterious Benedict Society related! I've got to go help out Captain Noland now, but feel free to make yourself at home and engage in conversation! Keep it clean, use correct grammar to the best of your ability, and have fun!

1/23/2011 #1
ka has moved

Mkay, this is a very pathetic subject, but I feel the need to bring it up:

Kaynie or Kacky? Conicky or Connie? And aren't I terribly pathetic with shipping names?

2/8/2011 #2

This has to do with the MBS fandom more than the story itself.

If you are still not aware, there is somebody going around and randomly flaming stories. These flames are full of obsceneties; while they in themselves are really harmless, there are a lot of younger kids who read some of these stories. I urge everyone to disable anonymous reviews until the incident has died down. And if you've already received one of these heinous flames, delete it immediately!

2/10/2011 #3

I prefer Kaynie to Kacky. Only slightly though; neither of them are a match made in heaven if you ask me. As for Constance, I don't like her shipped with anyone, really. I like arguments between her and Sticky, but not a shipping.

3/26/2011 #4
Grammar Defender

Morning? Do you mind if I join you? Milligan just let me in here, see, and I thought I should ask before entering. Old habits die hard, as the saying goes.

To Kahlan - As you probably are aware, I am a bit of a romance-basher. I'm basically against all pairings in MBS, but I can still have opinions as to which is more likely. Kaynie or Kacky - Kaynie is more likely, in my humble opinion, than Kacky (Is that pronounced like KAY-kee or like khakhi?), but neither really makes it for me.

As for Conicky or Connie, they're both unlikely and mildly disturbing. I would call it Reynstance, though, because Connie is too close to Connie-girl, which is confusing. Sticksance sounds silly, so Conicky is preferable in that case.

And would anyone be even mildly interested about a story that focuses on the back story of a Ten Man? I'd like to know what kind of audience I'd have for such a thing. Thanks!

~Grammar Defender~

4/12/2011 #5

Everyone's welcome here :)

I think that kind of story- one about a Ten Man's background- would be very interesting! It'd be something new too. Sounds great. :)

4/13/2011 #6
ka has moved

I would certainly like to see a Ten Man backstory - the minor characters fascinate me, though for the life of me I simply can't invent that sort of thing. I'm more a "Keep moving forward!" kind of girl.


4/13/2011 #7
Queen of Sneaks

I like Kaynie better than Kacky, and Conicky better than Connie (or Reynstance). I think that Constance and Sticky might be closer friends to each other than the rest of the MBS, but I don't like the pairing (though it is more likely than Constance and Reynie). I just find it hilarious some of the pairing names people come up with. More often than not, they make me laugh. But don't mark me as mean!!!! I have a question for all of you: Do you THINK there will be a 4th book? Not HOPE, but think. I'm not sure. Yes Mr. Curtain's in jail, but he can easily escape. But that's a bit cliche. So I don't know.

7/18/2011 #8
Grammar Defender

I'm pretty sure that there won't be a fourth book continuing the adventures of the Mysterious Benedict Society, but there will be another book. Trenton Lee Stewart is working on a book documenting the childhood of one Nicholas Benedict. 'Tis supposed to be released sometime in 2012. Or so I hear. This information came from the official MBS home website, so I trust it. Hope it helped!

~Grammar Defender~

7/18/2011 #9
Queen of Sneaks

Thank you. Whenever I search something about a fourth MBS book, it always directs me to Yahoo answers or something like that, instead of the official website. That is an interesting topic for a book. I would love to read about Mr. Benedict. His life is basically shadowed with mystery, and we only learn snippets of it when it has to be revealed. That would be a perfect way to add on to the series without having too much repitition.

7/20/2011 #10
Malvina Fiorella Amalberti
Hiya! I agree Constance is four and the others are like, fourteen! It would be really weird to pair little Connie up. I also think it would be cool for a ten man back-story! But I stink at coming up with crazy original ideas, I haven't written any storys yet. :-(
2/8/2013 #11
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