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alright these are the characters that are taken and the ones that are avalible!

Wolf Pack:











Alex(oc):Doubt But Nver Regret

Jason(oc):Doubt But Nver Regret


















Allison Minaj: Bree Tanner 308

Ester James R.: Doubt Bur Never Regret

Other Vampires:

Alec: Bree Tanner 308

Jane:Doubt But Never Regret

Aro:Doubt But Never Regret

Demetri: Doubt But Never Regret

okay if you want to join plz sign in. the sign in sheet is:

your characters name (OCs welcome!)

your user name

your characters power

your characters date of birth

your characters back ground story

you characters species

your characters gender (male or female)

your pen name

and your characters personality (ex: funny, sweet, mean, ect.)

and anything else you want to include.

if you are doing a character from the book dont be afraid to add youre own twist.

10/16/2010 . Edited 2/12/2011 #1

Name: Jazmine Whitlock

played by: Gothicwolfgirl

power: can feel and control emotions, control water, and teleport

Date of Birth: 1843 (Same as Jasper)

background story: Jazmine is the sister of Jasper and Jazlynn. They are triplets and all share the power of empathy but Jazmine has extra powers unlike Jasper. They were seperated when they were changed and recently reunited

species: Vampire

gender: femal

personality:random, weird, hyper, crazy, is nice as long as you dont make her made, funny, kinda shy

name: Jazlynn Whitlock

played by: gothicwolfgirl

power: can feel and control emotions, can blow things up with her mind

Date of Birth: 1843

background story: Jazlynn is the youngest of the triplets and shares the power of empthy with her siblings. but with extra power

personality: much like Jazmine, just not as serious

10/17/2010 #2

name: renesmee cohen

user name: RandomChickInYourBushs

power: can copy a person's power, so basiclly she has all the powers that exist on earth. and maybe byong. do alians have powers? if they do then i think she has hem too

date of birth: october 31 . seventeen years old

back ground story: born to a human mom and a vampire father. when her mom died at birth her father took her to the forest, abused her and then left her there when she was only seven. a wild animal found her and raised her as his own. grown up to thinking she was a wild animal too until she ran past a city and saw other humans and vampires. became interested in any kind of art. music, drawinig, writing and all that. got tracked down by the voltori until she eascaped. met seth and emmet on day in the forest and that how she got to the cullen house. fell in love with blaine after he saved her from her ex. but after blaine dissapeard she started drifting away and fell in love with a werewolf named jason.

Species : hybird of a vamp and a human


personality:funny, hyper,. crazy, over emotional and willing to risk anything for the people she loves. extreamly random and sometimes snobby. likes to tease people. considers herself unworthy of love so she tries to avoid touchy heart to heart talks.

10/17/2010 . Edited 1/30/2011 #3


Played by: Doubt But Never Regret

Power:levetation and Transletity,(the gift of being able o translate any thing. including animals and plants.) and MindMazer (being able to go into annyones minds and see everything inside, even against their will.)

DOB:April 7th 1995

Background story: Alex has an older brother but no parents. they passed away in a 'car accident' so she lives in La Push with her brother. she started Phasing when she was twelve but wasn't a part of a pack until she moved to Forks and was found by Sam and the gang. Both her and her brother are half quileute and half Mexican. she gets along with Seth the best and unlike the rest of the back gets along with Vampires as long as they get along with her.

Species: Werewolf


Personality: Sarcastic, fun loving, over protective, loving, hyper, smart, multi talented.

Alex loves to laugh and will stop at no limits to get her brothers to laugh with her. She looks up to the guys and will constantly follow them around, mostly because they show her the attention her brother was never able to. she also has a crush on Alec Voultori.

10/17/2010 . Edited 1/22/2011 #4

your characters name: Emmett McCarty Cullen

your user name: ObviouslyADreamer

your characters power: stronger than everyone else and can tell if you're lying.

your characters date of birth: 1915

your characters back ground story: Was born in 1915, got attacked by a bear in 1935 and changed into a vampire, doesn't really know much about his previous life except for the fact that he lived in Tennessee.

you characters species: Vampire

your characters gender (male or female): Male

your pen name: ObviouslyADreamer

and your characters personality: funny, sweet, cheeky, flirtatious, caring, protective, loveable, almost never serious about anything, good listener.

and anything else you want to include: He's not sure about his relationship with Rosalie, he doesn't like talking about his feelings to anyone, and would rather keep everything locked up in his head until it becomes a problem, but even then he doesn't like to talk about it. Not sure what he feels about being a vampire, would never let anyone getting away if they hurt someone he love or care for. Very protective and loves his family above everything else, will do anything to keep them safe and happy.

10/17/2010 #5


played by: doubt but never regret

power:reactionosis (is able to see a few seconds into the future and react to any sudden danger/ sees things a few seconds before they happen and reacts emidiatly)

DOB: January 1st 1991

Bachground story: moved to La Push after graduating from Naples High School in Florida and bought a house a few streets away from where his Uncle Billy Black lives. He takes care of his younger sister and will stop at no lengths to keep her safe. he gets along with everyone in La Push except for Sam because he doesn't want his sister invloved in the pack. but unfortuantly fail to keep her away when she gets closer to jacob and accidentatly tells him what she is. He gets along with Jacob the best and thinks of him as a younger brother.

Species: Werewolf


Personality: over protective, serious, extreamly smart, loving, Pleaser(he always wants to please veryone around him)

Jason is loves his Pack Brothers and sister. he has a crush on Nessi. he Tries his best to keep away but fails every time. he loves to show off his smile but rarely smiles or laughs in front of anyone besodes shis sister, Jacob, Leah, or Billy.

10/17/2010 . Edited 1/22/2011 #6
Wrath of Carcosa

(Okay, you said that if we're doing a character from the book that we can change them around, right? *smiles* I'm gonna love this.)

Seth Clearwater

Played by: ATotallyRationalFearOfKatanas

DOB: 1994(I think)

BIO: Seth is Quileute shapeshifter and a member of Jacob's pack.He has a sister named Leah.Seth and Leah's dad died of a heart attack when Seth first phased.Because of this, Seth became extremely depressed and moody.He is still a member but wants to leave La Push.

Species: Werewolf

Gender: Male

Seth is moody and depressed.He doesn't like to be in a room with a ton of people and is usually alone in the dark.He can be rude, but most of the time he doesn't mean it.He also has several other issues with his life.


10/17/2010 #7

I saw that you had two characters so I decided to have too as well :P

your characters name: Audrey James

your user name: ObviouslyADreamer

your characters power: Has no "power"

your characters date of birth: 1993

your characters back ground story: Lives with her two older sisters Lillian and Mikayla, her parents are dead. She loves drama, art and music, and has a decent voice to make up for her lack of drama and art talent. She lives in La Push, knows Jake and the guys but hasn't met all of them, she has no idea about the shifting, and she goes in the same class as Brady.

you characters species: Human

your characters gender (male or female): Female

and your characters personality: funny, constantly happy, overprotective, a good listener, loves music and will do anything to make people happy.

and anything else you want to include: She loves helping people and wants them to be happy, she'll listen to anything you have to say and doesn't get angry if you insult her, she'll get sad but not show it since she doesn't wanna be a bother to people she tries to keep her feelings to herself.

10/17/2010 #8
Wrath of Carcosa

Name: Veronica Carter

Played By: ATotallyRationalFearOfKatanas

Power: Pyrokinesis(can control fire with mind)

DOB: 6/21/92

BIO: Veronica's crazy. Literally. Something went wrong with the transofrmation, so she's totally nuts. She's very murderous and evil, and is uncaring. But she'll be normal for short periods of time. She was changed for a newborn army but killed the entire army and ran away. She hunts humans.

Species: Vampire

Gender: Female

Personality: She's weird, random, evil, and REALLY annoying.

10/18/2010 #9
Wrath of Carcosa

Name: Blaine Carter

Played By: ATotallyRationalFearOfKatanas

Power: Psychic Wave

DOB: 11/11/94

BIO: Blaine was created for a newborn army like his sister Veronica, but escaped before she torched it. He hates Veronica because she murdered thier parents and family.

Species: Vampire

Gender: Male

Personality: He's kinda quiet and keeps out of the way, but he's an experienced fighter and a loyal friend.

10/18/2010 #10

Does it have to be an OC?

10/18/2010 #11
Wrath of Carcosa

(no, you can change Stephenie Meyer's characters if you want and play as them. Or you can just keep them the same. this RP is very flexible.)

10/18/2010 #12

Can a vamp have more than one power?

10/18/2010 #13
Wrath of Carcosa

(no more than three )

10/18/2010 #14

(okay so what do I do to sign up?)

10/18/2010 #15
Wrath of Carcosa

(just go up to the first post, fill out the thing, and then join!)

10/18/2010 #16


How's this

Name: Isabella Marie Swan/ Cullen

Played by: Awesome4evah

Power: Mental shield and ability to control air

Bio: Same as in the books

Personality: Same as in the books only not as nice, still nice, but can be very sarcastic at times.

Gender: Female

Species: Vampire

10/18/2010 #17
Wrath of Carcosa

(PERFECT! You can also be more than one character. Come on over to the RP!)

10/18/2010 #18

I'll stick with one for now, maybe after i'll make another one, that okay?

10/18/2010 #19

(yea thats fine. :)

10/18/2010 #20
Wrath of Carcosa

Okay! come on over whenever you feel like!

10/18/2010 #21

(dose this work?)

Name: Amy Cullen

Played bt: DancinAngel-love

Power: Can read minds putting her thoughts in theres aswell

Date of Birth: 1899

Background history: Amy dosn't remeber any of her past and ony knows the cullens as family

Species: Vampire

Gender: Female

Personality: Nice, crazy

10/18/2010 #22
Wrath of Carcosa


10/18/2010 #23


10/18/2010 #24

your characters name : Jacob

your user name: bookfreak1441

your characters power: turns into a wolf

your characters date of birth: 31 october (my actual birthday)

your characters back ground story: the same as the book exept he doent know bella

you characters species: werewolf

your characters gender : male

your pen name: bookfreak1441

and your characters personality: funny as hell, loyal, extreamly nice, sarcastic, loves cars and well the same as the book XD

10/21/2010 #25
B. Romes

can i play Leah. i think it'll be pretty cool

10/24/2010 #26

Name: Emily Roberts

Played by: CattyDaughterOfTheMoon

Gender: female

DOB: November 17 1745 (looks 17)

Powers: telekinesis mind reader

Specie's: werewolf

Personality: independent, wild, free spirited, hardheaded

Background story: Was born in La Push in 1745. Began phasing in on her 17th birthday in 1762 when a vampire came onto Quileute lands in search of her murdered mate. The vampire triggered the wolf gene in Emily and several of her friends. They fought the vampire, but, because they were young and inexperienced, most of the pack died. Emily was the sole survivor. The vampire escaped but has not been seen since that day.

11/24/2010 #27
B. Romes

Sapphire Moore

By: BreeTanner308

Power: Bring back the dead; See the dead

Birthday: December 16,

History: Complicated. She carries around a bag filled with some of her old human stuffs.

Species: Vampire

Gender: Female

Personality: Emo, but can act preppy at times. Likes art work and can be convincing and deceptive but not all the time.

12/14/2010 . Edited 2/12/2011 #28

characters name: Riley Biers

your user name: Doubt But Never Regret

your characters power: control and illuisionist . he can controle certain peoples bodys against their will, and he can make copies of himself.

your characters date of birth: i'm not sure, he looks around seventeen, maybe eighteen

your characters back ground story: riley was turned by Victoria, but used his power (illusion) to save himself. he's been running ever since.

you characters species:Vampire.

your characters gender:male

your characters personality:Mean, defensive, quiet, observive, smart, and strong.

and anything else you want to include: Riley keeps to himself as much as he can, he doesn't like it when people become too close to hm because he knows he'll have to leave them eventually. he tries to keep people away by being rude or mean to them.

1/22/2011 #29
B. Romes

Name: Allison Minaj

User: BreeTanner308

Power: All kinds of magic

Date Of Birth: June 17

Background: Friends with Sapphire since birth. When she finds out Sapphire isn't dead she goes awry to find her and get her back. She is a decented of sorsorists and uses her powers to her advantage

Species: Sorsorists

Gender: Female

Personality: happy go lucky but also devious and sometimes hateful

Included: I keep thinking of making her look like Nicki Minaj, but I'm not sure

2/5/2011 #30
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