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Here is the place to talk about the works of Laurell K Hamilton. It can be about Anita Blake or Merry Gentry. I love reading about both. I'd like to know if anyone else out there is reading these series and what your thoughts are.
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I love the all the action in these books. Every book gets better. I have some people in it that I absolutely love and others that I can't stand. I would love to hear about who everyone else likes and dislikes.
1/12/2006 #1
Amber Myst
Well I don't know. The series did start off great. LKH really knows her stuff, but is it just me or does it seem like it book series is...degenerating? It seems to me that she's so completely obsessed with writing soft-core p*** and it's been the focus of the last two or three books. I'm excited about the new Danse Macbre but if 3/4 of the book is simply sex scenes then it takes away from the plot. Is it just me, or does the plot just revolve around her trying to get Anita into bed with everyone? Did Anita's morals just fly out the window when I wasn't looking? I personally love Jean Claude but I haven't seen enough of him in the past few's depressing. She's treating him like...I don't know, I can't explain it. It's like he's something she just pushes to the side until Anita needs help with the Ardeur and then he has a brief few pages and then it's back to the background. And I don't like Richard. But that's enough from me. I prefer the Merry Gentry series.
1/15/2006 #2
I know that the last couple of books have alot going on but I end up overlooking all that. What I got out of it was that Anita's life is soo complicated and Micah & Nathaniel make her life work. Richard although is now trying to help out is like the biggest j*** in the book. I loved reading Obsidean Butterfly because I love the friendship between her and Edward. It's not sexual at all but I just love that they are like equals to each other. I also like her friendship with Jason. He wants to just about jump every women but he has proven to be a loyal friend to her with his advice not just his fighting skills. Next month Micah comes out. I hope its good.
1/23/2006 #3
I loved the Anita Blake books at first, but with each book the things I liked about the character are being destoryed. I liked that she was strong and independent, I liked that she had standreds, Now she just seems like a weak willed nyphomaniac. I stopped reading them because of it. The bookstore I normally use wouldn't even carry the last book because they said it was nothing but poorly disquised p***
2/13/2006 #4
The last book had abit more sex than I need in a book but if you actually read it there's more going on than just sex. I liked it because I got more insight into alot of the characters.
2/19/2006 #5
Has anyone read Micah yet? If so what did you think. I personally have liked micah since we met him so I was pretty happy to have a book that centered on him.
3/5/2006 #6
OMG, Micha was actually GOOD. There was only ONE stupid sex scene. It was amazing. I have high hopes for the next book now! Maybe she realized when she had to take down her original post board because of all of the negative reviews...
3/24/2006 #7
I agree. The whole p*** aspect of it was getting to be alittle too much, but I have high hopes for the next one.
5/12/2006 #8
Lady Fellshot
Which book does Micah show up in? I could use another character as cool as Edward and from all I hear, Micah is. Has anyone else been finding these books a bit formulaic? I am a fan of narrative economy but I've been finding how everything suddenly all ties together at the end a bit dull. It has gotten to the point where the new character at the begining is almost certainly a villan in some form or another. I could use some nice plot holes now and then, they make things more interesting. -)------
7/1/2006 #9
I think we first meet michah in Narcissus in chains. I haven't checked the forums lately sorry for the late response. I've read them all and so far and I absolutey love Michah, Nathaniel & Edward above all others. I also have a soft spot for Jason. Let us know who you end up caring about.
9/9/2006 #10
Lady Fellshot
I find it is a toss up between Micah and Edward for which I like better for "cool action guy." Micah's cool and all but I really can't stand Narcissus in Chains and have been getting irritated skipping over the sex scenes in every book afterwards. As for Edward, well, he is such a relief to every other main male character in the series (with the possible exception of Micah) in that he is completely comfy with himself and everything around him. If he isn't, he gets rid of it. No, I haven't read Obsidian Butterfly and will never bother trying to read it either, so please don't reccomend it to me ^.^ Here's a funny thought: What will happen when Micah and Edward are in the same room with Anita? It's just a random thought, time to go find out where my mind has wandered to again... Anyway, in the "guy who tries but can't win" category, I like Stephen. For the girls (who don't get lauded nearly as much as the guys for some weird reason), Sylvie, Cherry and Ronnie are my picks.
9/9/2006 #11
Lady Fellshot
Here's a random thread but maybe somebody knows the answer: Why can't there be fan fiction set in LKH world? And just because the author says so isn't a good reason. Personally I figure she's got one genre of fan fiction already taken care of in her books, slash. There does not need to be any written by us masses. I'm sure LKH will get through all of the possibilies eventually. Anyway, I just think that the LKH universe is richer than just having it told through one character's perpective. I hope the ban gets lifted eventually as Anne McCaffery did recently. Again, this is just a random thought, feel free to ignore it. If anyone knows where this question has been addressed before, please tell me ^.^
10/21/2006 #12
Ranmyaku no Tenshi
I agree. The things that could be done with the Antia Blake series are mind boggling. I don't know if I'm the only one who has thought of the idea of it being adapted as a TV series but I know that it is my belief that if the first half of the series were made into a TV series and aired it would do amazingly well. On a fan fiction level things are much the same. The places that series could go if she wasn't turning it from plot with a side of p*** into p*** with a dash of plot are amazing and I for one would like to see were that is. On another note. I'm very sorry to report to all of you who were hoping that Danse Macabre would be an improvement will be sadly disapointed. I was amazingly addicted and very happy with the series until I reached Danse Macabre. Yes I had noticed the definite increase in sex but wasn't all that bothered by it until then. Danse Macabre is sadly lacking in action, there is no interaction with the police or any of the investigation type work that we have come to love. All in all it was a disapointment that I'm hopping will be made up for when the next book is release in I believe June.
3/22/2007 #13
So, I got Danse Macabre from the library the other day and just kind of had to laugh with the absurdity of it. There was none of the real signature action this series was once filled to the brim with. There was a general lack of plot-age and character development. It was a rather disappointing affair. Atleast up until that point in the series there had been a point and at the end didn't leave me with the feeling that I had just read hundreds upon hundreds of pages about each male character having sex with Anita. And it really seemed as though on the off chance no one was f***ing, then they were talking about it, or Anita was thinking about it. Danse Macabre was just such a come down from the beginning of the series. But I guess no good thing lasts forever. Maybe the upcoming books will be an improvement. ::half heartedly crosses fingers::
4/4/2007 #14
Lady Fellshot
I recently saw LKH at a panel talk and I have determined that she needs to have someone point out to her that sex scenes should not be used to replace plot. EVER. Clearly her editor is not doing it and the fansite is essentially one big happy zone. I really do not see this changing anytime soon unless her sales drop. The other little thing I noticed was that every other author on this panel had multiple writing projects (as in, more than three) and also worked at other things too. One even addmitted that if she was not writing urban fantasy/romance, she would be off somewhere writing Buffy fan fics. I don't think LKH likes writing and is doing it more for the fat paycheck than the pleasure of it. I am going to shut up now and I apologise to any fans that I have offended. My beef is with the author and not you. //end rant
7/30/2007 #15
I do think that as you get past book 10 and 11, she tends to cool off with her bed hopping antics as she gets control of the ardeur. I think that the newer characters are taking over with their whining. I can only take so many pages of men saying that they need more of her, lets get more of the crime scenes. I agree with someone else in this thread. where is Jeanne Claude? For the major man in Anitas life, he takes a back seat role, while the whiners take centre stage (again) lets hear it for strong characters. We all know that Anitas strong, both with will and magic, but have you thought that maybe its just that she is surrounded by weak characters.
1/29/2008 #16

yes the books are very action base. They are also enjoyable and funny. My favorite out of all the bok charaters are Jean Cluade. He is very presistant and clever. Like when he wonted to kiss Anita blake he desided that they should play the role of lover just to get what he wonted, but if any of you were me you would just give it to him. He has to be my favorite out of all. Who might yours be? My second is Eward and then Zebrowskie. What do you like about these books?

4/7/2009 #17

My favourite is Jeanne Claude, although Asher comes a close second. I like these books because they are 'out of the norm'. They are fast paced and they don't end with a happily ever after settled down with kids. No white picket fences! One thing that does annoy me however, Richard!

4/7/2009 #18

Can someone explain what she meant by a banned on fanfiction for the books? This is the first I'v heard of it. I think there could be a lot of great fanfiction for the books but I don't get why there is none. Why is Jean Claude not in any of the books anymore? He was one of the few I liked of her boyfriends. She's ruined the last few books, that's what I think at least. I heard something about it becoming a tv show but does anything know anything more? :) Thanks

9/27/2009 #19

Much as people say there is a ban there is an entire site dedicated to LHK fanfics. It's called Pomme de Sang. You'll need to sign up but it's free and there are some really good stories on there. I love FFN but it is not the only fan-fiction site out there. There are a lot of specialized sites too. I can name three for harry potter and two for star wars and LODR off the top of my head.

11/21/2009 #20

I love the books, but I agree just a little too much sex for me. The beginnings were great but I wish there was less sex in them i think that the Anita series is almost over now.

12/30/2009 #21

Pomme de Sang is a site with anita blake fanfiction for the books.

12/30/2009 #22
tread softly in the wind

Oh! thanks for the Pomme de Sang tip. I just sent a long disappointed email to fan fic about the removal of a lot of the stories based in laurell k. H's world. Haha and asked that they recommend a better fiction website to me. XD

2/1/2010 #23

HI I just started the books and the only reason I bought the first four books was because of Edward I adore him!!! I was hoping that they would get together that sucks that they don't.

9/29/2010 #24

Obsolutley in love with Laurell K Hamilton's books. I have read the Anita Blake series probably 4 times and Merry Gentry Series 3 times. Im an Anita/Merry fan to the fullest. I have my own fanfic based on Merry Gentry series. Called Supernatural. Still a work in progress.

Found this forum just browsing and it will deff be my fav from this day on. Please post more topics. Very interested.

Please read my story. Need reviews and suggestions. Thanx bunches ^,^

8/19/2011 #25
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