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When creating your character, please follow this guidline:




Affiliation: (Choices are: Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Nightmare, or Other)





Character History: (What is your character's past? No one knows is not an option, but amnesia is. If you want your character's history or just some of it to be a surprise in the plot, please PM me instead of posting it.)

10/17/2010 #1

I'm assuming that this is based on the anime...

Name: Yuki

Gender: Female

Species: Whatever ChuChu (from the games) is...

Affiliation: Kirby

Appearance: She's a blue version of whatever ChuChu is. She wears a dark blue bow that matches her light blue body and has green eyes.

Personality: Yuki is well-known for being quiet and kind. She has very good manners and is very timid. Yuki, although very serious, has a sense of humor. She also takes things to heart. If you make fun of her, she won't argue back, but will take it quietly and cry about it later. She will not however, handle people making fun of her friends very well. She will attempt to stand up for them, even if they don't need it. Yuki also doesn't like to fight unless it is necessary.

Skills: Strangely enough, she has the abilities of a Chilly. She uses ice and freezes her opponents.

Weaknesses: She does not have a lot of endurance and is easily damaged by fire. She is also gullible and easily discouraged.

Character History: Born in a snowy town on PopStar, Yuki grew up happily. Although she never really had any friends, she was always happy with her life. Yuki's parents, who were the most powerful in town, eventually received a message from a person in Dreamland. They went to travel to Dreamland, but strangely enough, never returned. Yuki was left alone for years. On her thirteenth birthday, she decided to run away to Dreamland to get some clues about her parents' disappearance. She soon arrived at Dreamland, where she learns of Demon Beasts, and begins to think that they were the cause of her parents' disappearance. She also learns of Kirby the Star Warrior. She soon becomes friends with Kirby and tries to help him out when she can. The errand Yuki's parents were called for is to this day unknown.

11/16/2010 . Edited 11/16/2010 #2

Accepted! Thanks for joining!

11/17/2010 #3


11/17/2010 #4

Here's my character!

Name: Galactic Ninja (Galactic for short)

Gender: Female

Species: A species that I created that has no name yet.

Affiliation: Meta Knight

Appearance: She has long brown hair, tan skin, and brown eyes. Her species is similar to Tiff/Fumu's except with with long, pointy ears.

Personality: Galactic has a very kind and caring nature. She loves being with her friends and cares greatly about them. She is angered easily and has a very high temper. She also tends to make hasty decisions.

Skills: Galactic has power over darkness and shadows allowing her to do things such as turning a whole room dark, traveling through shadows, and many others. She also has a slight control of gravity and can change the direction gravity is pulling for a short amount of time, although doing so tires her quickly. Her preferred way of fighting is gathering shadows together to form whatever weapon she wants, normally a sword.

Weaknesses: She is very weak to light and can be defeated by a simple flashlight. She also has a huge fear of heights.

Character History: Galactic's species is known for their magical powers, each person has a different one and are named after their powers. They mostly serve as ninja's or wizards. Galactic was once part of a ninja group with her three friends, Slash, Zippy, and Cash. Sword has power over swords and is also psychic, Zippy has power over...jackets (don't ask, some of the powers are pretty lame), and Cash has power over pennies (he can throw them really fast and like I said before, not all the powers were that cool). Throughout her life she lived not knowing where she was from. One day, she and her friends are captured by Nightmare and she discovers that she is one of Nightmare's creations, actually one of his strongest. Nightmare managed to take control of her once again, but she eventually escaped his clutches, but not without paying the price. She didn't escape with her friends and as she escaped, Nightmare took away her memories except for the memory someone had taken her friends and her memories and the memory of her name. She traveled the land in search of them, even though she no longer remembered who they were. Eventually, she gave up her search and began working as a solo ninja. In one of her missions to defeat an enemy clan, Galactic met Meta Knight, who helped her in her mission. Afterwards, Meta Knight asked if she would like to join his crew, but she politely declined. To this day, she is searching for a way to repay him.

11/17/2010 . Edited 11/17/2010 #5
E-Mir the Luminoth

Name:Topaz Ninja.



Species:Galactic's/Star Warrior/Demon hybrid.

Affiliation:Meta Knight.

Appearance:She is the spitting image of her mother except her eyes are amethyst. She has the same wings that her aunt Topaz has. Also her hair is black instead of brown which goes halfway down her back.

Personality: She is kind hearted like her family and amazingly doesn't have a temper until you make her snap. If that happens step away from the planet!

Skills:She can use a sword,a hammer and her fists.

Weaknesses:She hates water,spiders,the dark and cockroaches.

Character History:She lives with her parents and Aunt. She wants to go on a adventure like they did. Right now she is on the Halberd driving Meta Knight up the wall because she is bored.

11/20/2010 . Edited 4/18/2011 #6

Accepted! :)

11/20/2010 #7
E-Mir the Luminoth

YAY! *Gives you a big box of fudge brownies.*

11/20/2010 #8

*Happily eats the fudge brownies cause brownies are yummy.*

(Randomness alert!) Did you know pie is the solution to all problems?

11/20/2010 #9
E-Mir the Luminoth

Yep! Apple pie does! Well for me it does.

11/20/2010 #10

Well, if you have a bunch of problems you can just put a pie on top of them, and suddenly the problems are gone! But then comes the question, what if we eat all the pie? Well, since pi is an irrational number, it never ends. So therefore, you will have never ending pie and you can just eat and eat! And don't you dare say that that is just running away from your problems! This theory was fun to make up!

11/20/2010 #11
E-Mir the Luminoth

Yes it was! =3 I can't wait to start on your RP!

11/20/2010 #12

Well then, let's get started! :)

11/20/2010 #13
E-Mir the Luminoth

Okay you go ahead.

11/20/2010 #14
Lost Guardian Nexor
Name: Zephyre Emeralda (Zeph or Ral for short.)

Gender: Genderless (But I'll refer to Zeph as a female, because she looks feminine)

Age: 15

Species: Simirror

Affiliation: Kirby

Normal Appearance: her skin is light green, and her eyes are golden with red pupils. She has no true gender, but she has what appears to be small b*** and a curvy feminine figure. She wears a purple dress with a white floral pattern, and she also has a lavender witches hat.

Unleashed Form Appearance: Her unleashed form, known as Zephyre Soul, looks like Marx in his battle form with her appearance.

Powers: Can reflect attacks back at her foes, and can enter mirrors.

History: Zeph was a manufacture monster made by NME a few years ago. Though she was made to destroy all, she turned on Nightmare, and came to the good side. She might not be the easiest to trust, but she is a valuable teammate.

Personality: She can be a bit touchy at times, she is a kind monster, and loves to make friends. But when her allies are in danger, she taps into her dark power and becomes a fierce fighter.

Skills: Fighting, Making friends, and cooking.

Weaknesses: She is scared of the dark and spiders, and she has a Plasma allergy. (She gets the sniffles near a Plasma Wisp.)

11/20/2010 #15

Accepted! :)

11/20/2010 #16
Lost Guardian Nexor
Can I have a second OC? Or just one?
11/20/2010 #17

Make as many as you'd like! Just know you're limits. Controlling over three characters can be tough.

11/20/2010 #18
Lost Guardian Nexor
Ha! Controlling 3 OCs is a snap! On other forums, I've actually used 14 different OCs in one post!

Name: Mica, Baron of the Stars.

Gender: Male

Species: Star Warrior/Shapeshifter

Affiliation: Meta Knight

Age: 23

Appearance: Normally, Mica looks like a puffball with fangs and large moth wings. His skin is red, and he has eyes with no pupils. He wears black armor with a skull on his right shoulder guard. He has a large white cape with a blue moon on it.

Abilities: Can shapeshift, and unlock Kirby, he has no Copy abiliity. Instead, he can make his body do whatever he wishes. (For example, he can make his hand become a sword, or he can change his body so he can breath fire)

History: Mica was found in the peaceful gardens of Green Greens when a comet crashed into the ground. When a family of Waddle Dee came to investigate, they found Mica snoozing in the crater. They raised the strange shapeshifter intoa fine warrior, and now he works under the great Meta Knight.

11/20/2010 #19

Accepted! :)

11/21/2010 #20
E-Mir the Luminoth

Name:Flame Knight. Age:Unknown. Species:Star Warrior/Demon hybrid. Gender:Male. Affiliation:Meta Knight. Appearance:Silver with amethyst eyes and gold wings like Meta Knight's. He wears a gold mask like Meta Knight's but only in battle. Personality:Doesn't take many things seriously. He goofs off and almost gets killed on several occasions. Skills:He can wield a sword. Weaknesses: He goofs off and can't use technology to save his life. Character History:Flame was a lone wolf travling the galaxy fighting demons after escaping from Nightmare. He met Meta Knight after he saved his sister Topaz Knight and has been with him ever since.

11/21/2010 #21
Lost Guardian Nexor

Cool OC. oFTo

11/21/2010 #22
E-Mir the Luminoth

Name: Topaz Knight. Age:Unknown. Species:Star Warrior/Demon hybrid. Affiliation:Meta Knight. Appearance:Black with amber eyes and a scar across her left eye. She has wings like Galacta Knight. Personality:She is fun loving and kind but deadly in battle. Character History:Same as Flame Knight.

11/21/2010 #23

Um... I guess both are accepted, but you were already using them so it doesn't really matter if I accept them or not. ^.^

11/21/2010 #24
E-Mir the Luminoth

Thanks! Which one do you like the best? And Galactic:XD. Oh yeah I though Nightmare was gonna be in this RP?

11/21/2010 #25

Oh...yeah...ummm... I know what I'm talking about, so don't worry! Remember, they think Kirby defeated Nightmare, like Meta Knight said before.

11/21/2010 #26
E-Mir the Luminoth

Oh I get it..My bad! I'm happy that so many people are on your first RP! =3

11/21/2010 #27

Yeah, I'm glad too! You should tell everyone about your RP!

11/21/2010 #28
E-Mir the Luminoth

Actually I think I'll let them join the sequel. It's because the RP is almost over with.

11/21/2010 #29

Yayz! It will be fun with more than just the two of us! :)

11/21/2010 #30
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