What If Toothless Could Talk?
What if Toothless could talk? Who would be the best voice for him?
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I would probably pick ZAC EFRON! What about the rest of you?

10/19/2010 #1
A. Kingsleigh

Want to hear something truly disturbing? At one point on HTTYD's Wikipedia page, before the movie was released, it said not only that Toothless was going to talk, but that he would be voiced by...JACK BLACK!!!!!!!!!

10/19/2010 #2

No way! I love Jack Black! But I think Zac would be better to play him. JMO!

10/20/2010 #3

I'd always thought he would have an english accent like Harry Potter or Edward Cullen. Robert Patterson might be in the HTTYD sequel( set for 2013), so maybe that could be his role. Either that or the villian.

10/23/2010 #4
Stitchfan 82

will do to his Stitch resemblance I can only imagine Chris Sanders doing the voice.

10/24/2010 #5
Fjord Mustang

I wonder if that was when Dreamworks was originally going to make the movie more like the books. It had a more comic angle to it. In the books, Toothless (who is a smart alec, cocky little green dragon much like the Terrible Terrors) can speak a language that Hiccup eventually learns to speak. Maybe at that point Jack Black would have been good for the role of a sassy, prankster dragon. But then our wonderful directors were called in to make the movie more of an adventure and dramatic, not so comic. And what a masterpiece they made!

I guess, if they ever made Toothless talk, I'd want it to be like something like the Horseland animated show, where the horses talked together, but not to their riders. I'd like him to be voiced by someone unknown- maybe even with a bit of an exotic Asian accent- who could portray the mystery and power and- yes- cuteness that Toothless has- a deep voice but one full of love and playfulness. Know any actors who could do that?

11/1/2010 . Edited 11/1/2010 #6
Delete in Progress

Dee Bradley Baker!

11/20/2010 #7

I don't get why, but every time I read a toothless/ Oc or any other HTTYD fic, I always imagine Jesse Mcartney being the voice of Toothless. I know, weird right?

11/22/2010 #8
Welsh Gem

I think Jack Black should voice Toothless but I would PISS myself that Joe peep with the squeaky voice voiced him. He was King of the Jungle once. Grr...what's his name??

12/4/2010 #9

No offense, but I like Zac Efron better than Jesse McCartney.

3/8/2011 #10

now that i have that Jack Black thing in my head, the only voice for Toothless for me is Jack Black

3/23/2011 #11

Toothless is cuter with the little cat noises. He doesn't need a human voice.

2/14/2012 #12

I don't know who the actor was, but i think his voice would be great with the guy who plays frozone from the incredibles movie. don't ask why, but i just think that that voice just.....fits him

9/9/2012 #13

i would either pick Keith David or Ne-Yo, because i would like for toothless to have a either a sexy dark voice or a talent in singing! that would be epic! because that would be a secret among all night furies!! they would be naturally talented in singing, all night furies would have great voices, of all different stars!! man if they were to consider that at Dreamworks, it would truly be a all-star cast! i'm thinking Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Rihanna, etc. its a fan-fic i will be starting on, but its like this in a nutshell, ' hiccup discovers this beautiful stone, and it turns out to be a mystic amulet, the eye of the dragon. so hiccup takes it back to his workshop and in his earlier adventures with toothless, he finds a large gold nugget. he then forges that gold nugget into a necklace and clasp, to hang the stone around his neck. then once he begins wearing it, he falls asleep with it on, and wakes up with the gift of gab, the ability to talk to dragons. toothless comes in excitedly and licks hiccup, and then says "lets go flying!" hiccup totally freaks!! but he composes himself enough to say wow, this is a powerful stone. so he starts asking toothless all these questions like where he came from on the night of the raid in which he was captured. and that's when toothless says, "well i come from the sacred isle of the night fury, were we all live in harmony." hiccup is intrigued, and wants to fly there, but toothless says its dangerous, and hiccup would not be welcomed, in fact toothless himself would be in danger of being exiled forever from his island home, if the other night furies were to find out he has befriended a human.' and that my friends is just the first piece of my epic story of the Dreamworks "Isle of the Night Fury" fan-fic. this would be a total fiction of my creation, but an installment of HTTYD nonetheless. it would be like a side movie like "Gift of the Night Fury and the Bone-Knapper Dragon" so if you like this entire comment and the idea of a whole island of talented Night Furies, please drop me a line and tell me what you think! :D - Keiana )

2/22/2013 #14

okay...the name you're talking about, the voice of frozone is Samuel L. Jackson, and that voice totally does not fit toothless!!! maybe Keith David, or Ne-Yo! perfect voice for toothless is really Keith David, you know, dark obsidian dragon, dark sexy epic voice! you do the math!! and if not Keith David, Ne-Yo because it would be awesome if toothless could sing!! once hiccup finds the 'eye of the dragon' amulet and recieves the gift of gab from its mystic power! LMAO! :D check out my comments on the page, for more details! my personal fan fiction idea! :) -Keiana

2/23/2013 . Edited 2/23/2013 #15

Um...an African American playing Toothless? No, just no. I'm sorry. That wouldn't be my choice.

2/23/2013 #16

oh really... -_- why not....african amercians have voices that are nice, and smooth, and some are dark and sexy, like Keith David. so whats so wrong with that? really i don't think race matters, as long as the voice is epic and well known.....unless, you have a problem with black people in particular.... -_- -keiana

2/23/2013 #17
I don't have to respond to that...although I just did by saying I don't have to respond.
2/24/2013 #18

yeah...i think the fact that you wont respond tells me one thing, and one thing only....you don't much care for the minority races...African Americans, Hispanics, etc. maybe you're not full racist, but you if you had a choice, you would not be caught dead in public with one...a person who is not concerned with race, or has a problem with people of other colors and cultures, would try to defend themselves and say, " i am not racist at all." but you didn't even attempt to try...so, that's fine if you don't care for our type...that just makes you an asshole...because I am black and I have a more vivid imagination than you can ever fathom, thus is my screen name; True Imagination...so there... -_- -keiana

2/28/2013 #19

OKAY! Okay. I regret bringing the whole "Black guy from The Incredibles Movie up (see previous post)" and now everyone is getting on the topic of minority groups and racism. \(-___________-;)/ WE ARE GETTING OFF TOPIC! Now if we would please continue the discussion of what would be a good voice for Toothless. Please. So lets all just have a drink ( ・ω・)_且 and calm down, okay? Lets get back to writing new ideas for people who would voice for the infamous Night-fury 〆(・・@). That is why you joined this fourm, no? ( _) All credit to these amazing emoticons go to "Japanese Emoticons (dot) net". Thank you for your time

3/1/2013 #20

Dang it. The last one didn't work. It was a picture of a Japanese Sensei (with a mustache). I though the last sentence should of ended with a mustache, but sadly, it failed ︿

3/1/2013 #21

GOD DANGIT! I now hate Japanese Emoticons.....

3/1/2013 #22
What did u said
I would pick the voice of the bad dog that has a an strange voice but then gets cool, the cool one.
4/1/2013 #23
What did u said
From the movie UP don't you think?
4/1/2013 #24


8/11/2013 #25
What about Josh Hutcherson?
10/27/2013 #26

Hmm...I like that! Awesome voice to match an awesome dragon!

10/27/2013 #27
I for one either pitcure toothless with a scary, doesn't belong deep voice, or a heavily accented voice. Just something ridiculous that makes everything he says that much funnier!
11/23/2013 #28
That's crazy! I'm happy Toothless ended up without talking, it would of ruined the movie for me, even if Jack Black was the one to voice him.
11/23/2013 #29
Bright Skys

It would have to be Tom Hanks or Clint Eastwood for his gritty voice

12/8/2013 #30
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