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Okay, so recently you HAVE heard that Blue Sky Studios is in the process of making the fourth installment in the Ice Age Series due to Ice Age 3's successful box office rating? Well what has been announced on May 5th 2010 is a fourth Ice Age film called "Ice Age 4: Continental Drift". And so far it seems to me like the Ice Age Th4w phenomenon was nothing but a rumor.

Plot Details and Cast are yet to be announced, but from what has been announced so far is original voice actors are signing up for our characters. Perhaps even a new character, hmm? ^^ Anyways, tell me what YOU think about it so far.

More information on the fourth film right here:

5/7/2010 #1

I was about to post this. Guess you beat me to it.

I really think they should just stop where they are. Three is enough and the series is great, but if they keep making sequels to Ice Age. The series might get killed like what happened to Land Before Time. But......I really can't make them.......It would be better if they make a TV Series, but I can't make them. Hoping to hear more about this.

5/8/2010 . Edited 5/8/2010 #2

Really? I honestly think it's exciting. Sounds like it'll be there last though. I guess I'm just excited cuz well...Ice Age 3 only made me a BIGGER FAN. 8D Still...does anyone remember the first Scrat Short "Gone Nutty", and how he split the continents apart? Sounds to me like they're making a movie outta THAT. I guess I can't blame ya for thinking that 3 is enough. Sequels aren't always as good, but fur some odd reason I love all 3 even though the 1st will always be meh favorite. ^w^


5/8/2010 #3

Yay! Thanks so much for posting this Puccafangirl! That is awesome (no offense to people who don't want there to be any more Ice Age movies.) I wonder what it will be about? Sounds like it won't have the same plot as we thought Ice Age Th4w had. I DO hope they make this one a bit more like the orginal and/or put Diego's pack or the human tribe in this one.

5/9/2010 #4

No problem. :D And yes, it IS very exciting. Even though some people think that there shouldn't a 4th film, I on the other hand find it quite exciting. xD I dunno what it'll be about, but it sounds like it has to do with when the continents split apart. I kinda doubt that any character left behind would return in this film though, but if one lovable character does, or ANY character basically, I will be squealing with excitement. 8D

I'm actually kinda GLAD that Ice Age Th4w was just a rumor. Even from when I first heard that plot it sounded bad, but on the bright side, it doesn't sound like that's gonna be the plot (thank GOD).


5/9/2010 #5

I hope the 4th movie is better than the 3rd. (The 3rd was my least fav out of the three made.)

I agree that this plot idea is better than Ice Age Th4w. I really want another movie (I DEFINITELY DO), but I hope they make a bigger attempt to keep it fresh and at the same time stay more true to the original in this one.

5/11/2010 #6

Yes...but what I want in Ice Age 4 is emotional scenes like in the first movie. I think that the sad scenes about Manny's past and Diego's "death" scene, plus Manny's bond with Roshan was what made the first film great. I just want ROSHAN to come back. TT^TT


5/11/2010 #7

ME too! That's what I mean in that I want it to be like the original more than Ice Age 3. The old characters, emotional scenes, the stuff that makes a good movie.

5/13/2010 #8

Of can't go wrong with a little bit of comedy, heart, and emotional scenes. :3 Ice Age 1 was the first movie to make Bonnie (My Sister) cry. Ice Age 2 didn't make me cry, but it did give me a warm feeling in my heart. And that's what I hope to see in Ice Age 4.

Title sounds promising. It sounds like it has something to do with well...reality. Like in Ice Age 2: the Meltdown. That had something to do with the Ice Age ending, and I think Ice Age 4 has something to do with the splitting of the continents.

I also hope to find some interesting new characters in the fourth film. :)


5/16/2010 #9

Yeah. Ice Age 1 was definitely more emotional than the second. Though admittedly, Ice Age 2 is my fave they've made so far.

The title does sound better than Ice Age Th4w but still I wonder after Ice Age 3 if they will be able to make it as good as Ice Age 1 and 2. Not to say I didn't like #3, it just wasn't the best.

5/17/2010 #10

Yes, the second film was good too. :) Although I didn't like it as much as Ice Age 1. I just like the first more than the sequels. :P

I wonder too. Sometimes when movies that weren't as good as the first or maybe even the second film, will eventually go down the hill. Hopefully Ice Age 4 will be different. And yes, I have to agree that it could've been better. I liked it, it just could've been better.

And another thing, do you think there'll be a new character of some sort? It's one of the main things I'm looking foward to in the fourth film. ^^


5/22/2010 #11


I'm almost positive there will be a new character that the plot revolves around a bit. Afterall, there have been in the last 3 movies.

5/23/2010 #12

I hope the new character will be just as awesome and hilarious as Buck. XD

And another thing that I hope to see in Ice Age 4 is for Peaches to grow up. Not completely adult like Manny and Ellie, but just at that age where she can talk.


5/27/2010 #13

For your information, I have a petition online to convenice 20th century fox animtion to make an Ice Age TV series!

just go to this address below you and sign in, please tell other fans about this as well.

Good luck to all who sign and support this petition I would very much prefer an ice age 2D animation tv series myshelf, so that's why I'm getting everyone together to support this for a good cause.

6/7/2010 #14

I have an idea if you are having trouble getting signatures. Make a group on facebook, myspace, or twitter. You could post the link to the petition there. People are sure to see it.

6/7/2010 #15
Madame Walnut

I really hope they stop after this one.

I like the TV show idea. Maybe if they want to keep making it, they could do a television series or spin off.

6/13/2010 #16
Madame Walnut

I really hope they stop after this one.

I like the TV show idea. Maybe if they want to keep making it, they could do a television series or spin off.

6/13/2010 #17

Maybe. But I like the series. (as long as they do better on Ice Age 4 as compared to 3)

Speaking on Ice Age: Continental Drift, there is a poster for it out now! Google it and I;m sure you'll find it!

6/13/2010 #18

I don't necessarily want them to stop, but that's just MY opinion. I would think that they'd stop after this film though. :P

The poster can be found here! I'm rather excited about this one, ESPECIALLY knowing that Peaches is now a teenager. 8D Although I would've liked to see her talking still as a kid. :P But either way, it's a VERY exciting moment! XD I was also able to notice that she has blond hair for some odd reason.

With Peaches as a teenager, I guess this film takes place at least 15 or 16 years after the 3rd? XD


6/13/2010 #19
Madame Walnut

What the Dickens? Peaches is a blond teenager? Darn, I wanted to see her still as a little baby mammoth :

6/14/2010 #20

Yeah. It's surprising she is blond (considering her parents' hair color and also her hair color was a baby). I also noticed her fur is darker, like Manny's.

But here's one thing I don't get. Scrat, Sid, and Diego are shown in the poster. Shouldn't they... have died now from old age considering the types of animals they are? Ah well, that's the way cartoons are I guess. Crash and Eddie will probably still in in there as well.

6/15/2010 #21

On the bright side, I'm sure that it makes Manny fans happy. Those that had hoped/wanted Peaches to look a lot like her father. Although most of the time depending on its gender, normally it would look like its mother if female or father if male. But that may be just what I see most of the time. I for one am glad to see that got more traits from her father as she grew older. :)

The 4th film wouldn't be the same without em. XD


6/21/2010 #22

Speaking on how Peaches resembles Manny more than Ellie (at least what they show us on the leaked poster, anyway) I've come upon this movie phenomenon that varies mostly like this: if the protagonist of the original story was male, if he goes on to eventually have a child, this child will often be a girl and resemble him in character, looks, and personality. ie, Simba and Kiara from The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, is an example of this. :-)

What happens above will often play off too again if the protagonist of the story is female, and spin-off stories related to her will feature her son prominently, and while the father-daughter idea is more common, it's not like these type of stories or their prevalence in media such as films is scarce.

What is confusing me though is why on earth is Peaches blond? There's no genetic basis for this from both her parents!

6/21/2010 #23
Goddess on a Highway

Maybe she dyed her hair! lol Nah, it's just a story. I guess some people look more like one parent as a baby but tend to look more like the other when older. I think she still has a lot of Ellie's looks too.

I actually don't care much about her looks, I'm dying to know how she'll be character wise. Will she be stubborn? Fun-loving? Moody?

I hope Sid and Diego will finally find a mate after 16 years, at least Sid, he wants a family.

And I want to know what happened to Roshan and Runar, and the other sabers. I also would love to meet the rhino's again! Maybe Ellie's real family?

Just had this weird idea, what if the young mammoth isn't Peaches??? But it'll be her, most likely, who else could it be?

6/22/2010 #24

Very interesting observation DiegoRedeemedLover. I actually have found that true in movies too but never really noticed it.

Maybe Peaches's fur darkened with age and one of Ellie's parents had blonde hair. So it skipped a generation. Just a thought.

Me too! I REALLY wonder what she is like and her realtionship with the other characters. Also, GOAH's idea that it may be someone else.

6/23/2010 #25

In fact, ironically enough, thelonemongrel and I were just discussing the fact that the young mammoth that-might-possibly-be-Peaches-maybe-isn't yesterday morning. :-) And, since it is still so early right now, no one has really a good idea of knowing who it might be. It might be another mammoth to introduce as a character, but who could that be? A relative of Ellie's? I'd also like to see a female saber just for once, seeing as there have been only males.

It does make sense that maybe her fur darkened with age, and knowing Manny, she's probably quite a little daddy's girl. :) Though about maybe one of Ellie's immediate relations having blond hair... well, I don't know. We've been shown nothing of Ellie's mammoth family or her relations there, we only know of her life with the possums.

Hmm, that's what so fascinating about writing about Peaches as a character right now! In family as big as the Herd's, who knows who she might decide to take after in personality and character. My personal opinion is that she'd take after her uncle the tiger, being as he's not almost really even an uncle to her - he's more like her "second father," due to her unusual birth in Dinotopia.

@goldenpuon thanks for the compliment about the observation... I like to notice things like that... it's fun!

6/23/2010 #26

Well now thatcha mention it, another mammoth character could be possible, but I honestly think its Peaches since...well...she was with the herd by the end of the 3rd film...course another mammoth is likely...

It is possible that she got her blond hair from Ellie's grandmother that she mentioned in the 2nd film.

Well in the poster, she looks quite happy and excited. I think that it shows us what her personality MAY BE like...course if her personality is moody, that wouldn't be too surprising honest to say. I don't know why, I just feel like it...:P


6/23/2010 #27

I also think that another character could be possible although it is also for the most part unlikely.

I also noticed that in the poster Peaches/the blond haired mammoth looked exactly like a photo of Ellie I saw else where, only with the fur darkened and the hair turned blonde.

6/25/2010 #28
Goddess on a Highway

She could've gotten the blond hair from any of her grandparents. I believe it must be Peaches, I think they'll only put the main characters on the poster. This is must be the whole family.

I really wonder how Manny wil act with a teenager in the house, specially if she's stubborn like her parents. LOL

6/26/2010 #29
Goddess on a Highway

I also wonder how a female IA saber would look like, after only males.

I think it must be cute if Diego would be some kind of second father for Peaches, though I think he'll never show the others how he feels about her, due to his pride. It would be funny when he acts all silly with her when no one looks, but when they do, he'll act all serious and cool.

I have this idea that Manny and Diego's relation might have a breakdown because of the herd's new addition.

6/26/2010 #30
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