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Hi all! As most of you might have heard, news has been leaked for the 4th Ice Age film, Continental Drift, wherein the basic premise is that the Herd gets set afloat on a massive ice floe during the continent drift, and Peaches (for those who have seen the poster) is a teenager now, with blond hair for some reason, which is strange because both of her parents have dark hair, though in her design she resembles that of her father. But, anyway, cutting to the chase, Nineteennintytwo (author of Ice Age 4: the Age of Man) and I have come to the conclusion that this plot has no room at all for the possible (and much-anticipated, especially for fans who love the Original Ice Age) return of the baby Roshan, who was in fact slated to come back in Ice Age: The Meltdown, but this was decided as "too predictable," so the idea was scratched and the creation of the "possum" Ellie and her brothers came about instead. There was also rumors that the baby [by now a boy, most likely] was going to return in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, as a hunter after the pregnant Ellie, but this rumor was unfounded and never actually happened in the film.

But now we sincere Ice Age fans, and deep lovers of the Original, can maybe find a way to resolve this and bring back one desired aspect of the Original movie. I have heard of a petition for an Ice Age tv series circulating around by sweetheartbuck, and Nine and I have decided to make one of our own, and start a campaign to raise interest in finding a way to have the little baby who formed the crux of the main plot of the Original film, to at least have some mention in Ice Age 4: Continental Drift, or potentially, a cameo of him as a boy or young man somewhere in the plotline. And as you see above, this idea to have at least one more appearance by Roshan has been on the filmmaker's minds for a good long while. Perhaps all they need is a nudge and the knowledge that fans would love to hear from Roshan again would convince them. So, nineteennintytwo and I have devised that we are going to get some interest going in the idea, and maybe start a petition. This is just the first part of the campaign. :)

More real quick on Roshan: his name is Hindu, and it means "Light At Dawn," a fascinating tidbit considering how he brought joy after the night of mourning to Manny's heart, changed the heart of a hardened killer by only his sweetness to Diego, and brought an outcast sloth into a herd of his own. (Sid, you really need to give more credit to Roshan. He made your herd, not you :P )

So, what do you all say? Shall for we campaign for the return of Roshan and the intriguing possibilities inherent if he should indeed come back? Or should we just be ho-hum about our desires to see more of the Original movie we love and then let this golden opportunity slip us by? It's your choice!

Signed, DiegoRedeemedLover and nineteennintytwo :)

6/17/2010 #1
Goddess on a Highway

I'm in! He MUST return, for this might be the last Ice Age movie!

Where did you get the info about IA4CD? And the poster?

6/22/2010 #2

Hi again, Goddess on a Highway! :-) I actually got the information from the Ice Age 4: Continental Drift? forum moderated by PuccaFanGirl, and since I'd seen the poster from the link there, thought it made sense to mention what the potential plotline/ idea for the 4th film was in the Campaign/Petition, at least to look savvy about what I was doing, as I wrote up all of the Campaign outline and like I alluded to before, Nine checked it over and then I posted it in both forums.

So, do you have any ideas about how Roshan might fit into the 4th or potentially 5th film, as thelonemongrel told me this morning, if they've leaked the poster already, they might be finished with the 4th in spite of our efforts to get Roshan back into the movies, and so we might have to attempt working for an appearance for him in the 5th film instead. But if the 4th film takes place 15/16 years later, that would put Roshan around the age of a young man, potentially hunting the Herd itself, maybe!

6/22/2010 #3
Goddess on a Highway

Or like Sid said: Maybe because we waved him he won't hunt us! There doesn't have to be a fifth film for me, cause the more movies, the less the quality of the story. But being a fan, curiosity and a Roshan's return makes me want them to go on anyway. LOL

6/23/2010 #4

I will help bring Roshan back in the fourth film! I'll do all that I can in order to do so! 8D


6/24/2010 #5

Thanks you two for your enthusiasm about our campaign! Now, do you have any ideas about how a plotline for Roshan might be able to fit into the story of Ice Age 4: Continental Drift? :-)

6/26/2010 #6

Where is your petition so we can sign it?

I want to, it's been too long of the absense from roshen, he needs to return back I agree, so that elle, the possiems and peaches can meet him too:)

he is family after all!

7/5/2010 #7

An ideal plotline would be, two heards of humans at war of the ice age, one is a rageous, meat eating, animal hunting heard, while the other is a peace loving, vegutarian, animal loving heard that is lead by roshen, himshelf. Roshen wants to stop the other side so that the animals can be saved, but the animals have to teach both herds to coroperate and drop all differences.

Or two young children, Roshen and Anlegg have the magical abilltie to talk to animals and help protect the herd from their herd who wants to hunt them down, because of the tenstional fear and the ever lasting war again animals and humans.

or roshen's heard now drifting apart due to the ice age climate changing and meet up with manny's heard and are helped to survive together.

How's that?

7/5/2010 #8
Goddess on a Highway

I like the last two plots, the first one doesn't work for me. These people had to hunt to stay alive, they needed the meat just as much as plants and grain. They also needed the skins to keep warm. So that's not being evil! When you start hunting for fun, then you are! ;)

I don't know who Anlegg is but I love this plot. Trying to make humans and animals understand each other and trying to live in peace.

I really love the last one, I can so see this going into an IA movie! You should write a fic with this plot! Great!!!

7/7/2010 #9

Okay, point 1. there are a lot of herbivores around who'd put up less of a fight than a half-pack of sabres, point 2. its the females they wiped out (all of the survivors are male) so they're not doing it just for food, and point 3. there are a lot of animals around with better pelts than tigers. No, I have to say that this was more an act of war than an act of hunting. The second and third plots get far too close the 'one big happy family' concept for my liking, I mean would you let your kids play in an area known to contain a noble but murderous cannibal (because that's what Diego is, or that's what they would surely see him as)?

Oh, and DiegoR., it was Manny saving his life that made Diego rethink his role, not the baby being cute.

Personally I'm not fond of the idea, I mean sure if they knew how to write a plot, but given what the second and third movies came out with in terms of plots, I seriously doubt they'd be able to pull it off in a way that puts it up at the level of the first film.

7/7/2010 #10
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