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Hey everyone! My long awaited story, formerly known as My Two Dads, but now officially named "Cruel Intentions" has been uploaded, in part anyway. The prequel, Cruel Intentions: Lacrimosa, has been posted tonight, and it is the opening to the Cruel Intentions, affectionately known as CI, series. Here is the link to the story:

But that is not what I am here about - I have an idea that might help our fandom out! This idea is that we make trailers tailored to our stories, and then put them at the end of our stories or post them within the forums.

Here is my own overarching trailer for the entirety of the CI series to give you a glimpse of what a written trailer looks like. And you should see my friend Trev/thelonemongrel's trailers! They.Are.Amazing! :D

Trailer for Cruel Intentions

[Black screen.

Narrator: (Voiceover): There comes a time when friendships are tested

Fade to black, three rapid successions of scenes, each cutting into each other; first scene of Peaches tackling Diego, second scene close up of tusks aiming in on the tiger, only to be blocked by Manny's. Camera focuses on the mammoth standing protectively beside the tiger, protecting him from the Imperial mammoth glowering at them. Third scene, Diego limping off with Manny gazing after him mournfully after their conversation hasn't gone well. Fade to black as narrator's voice begins again.

Narrator: (Voiceover): And the time has come to choose…

One brief instance of a scene, Manny glancing back at the tiger concealed behind the tree, a young sabre cub at his side, watching the mammoths enter the herd, and the two look into each other's eyes briefly before Diego averts his gaze, turning to Axel. Camera focuses back on Manny, with a close-up of his brown eyes, pools of sadness over these events. Cuts to black.

Narrator: (Voiceover) But what will you do? Will you be loyal to your friend of the fire, or instead lust after the honour you desire?

Scene fades in. Camera zooms in on Manny and the black Imperial mammoth Elder Titan, who are talking together, as two animal kids run up to them, their faces streaked with tears and their fur wet with blood. Their voices are muffled as they try and get Manny's attention, but he intently keeps conversing (apparently affably) with the Elder, turning aside to them at the last minute. Upon hearing their news, the camera zooms in on his eyes, which have widened with fear at the children's story. He makes a move to leave and go after his friend; however, he is restrained by the Elder, leaving him no choice but to stay there. Worried, he casts his eyes in the direction of the meadow; and the two kids see it. They glance at each other, taking hope.

Narrator: (Voiceover) What will you do? The choices hang in the balance.

Cut to black.

Music begins (immediate music : Judgement Day – 1:35- 2:01 mayhaps)

Several made up film companies appear (as Fox and Blue Sky might object to theirs being used.)

Elder Titan: (Voiceover) The boundaries are being blurred. I must do something to stop this.

Flash of white and scene fades into a clearing where Diego and Peaches are wrestling each other, the tiger being extra-careful not to harm her. Cuts to the black-furred Imperial mammoth peering at them from behind the bushes, his eyes narrowed in suspicion mingled with anger. Cut to Manny standing in front of the Council of his species. The camera zooms in on slowly him as he speaks.

Manny (Voiceover): I beg to differ! My friend Diego is a strong tiger, he wouldn't let them do any such thing if he was border control guard, and he'd make them obey him. He was the second-in-command of the pack he defected from, on my behalf. My mammoths, he nearly died … to save me.

Scene cuts to Manny and Diego.

Manny: (happily) To think I was nominated for the position of Regent Elder! *punches Diego gently* Just imagine what I can do for our herd if I get elected, Diego.

Cuts to Diego.

Diego: (managing a small grin) I'm happy for you, Buddy. Just don't forget about us, okay?

Cuts back to Manny.

Manny (solemnly) Of course not. (Smiles at Diego)

Music changes (perhaps Test Drive from the HTTYD soundtrack 1:18 -2:00)

Cuts to black with writing on screen saying 'When dangers and troubles collide with the herd, their very existence will be put under fire.'

Flash of white, cut to the tigers and Sid and Shelley ducking away just before the black-furred Chief Elder Titan arrives on the scene, his face a thundercloud as he glances around, inspecting the area with suspicious intent in his eyes. Bridging shot of Sid strutting around wearing a hat as he acts flirtatious towards Shelley (even hitting on Ellie briefly before Diego notices and tells him to knock it off). Cut next to Diego teaching Axel how to hunt, tailed closely by Peaches, who insists on learning to hunt as well. Cut to Axel with a smirk on his face.

Axel: Gosh, that's brilliant. A mammoth learning how to hunt.

Rapid cut to the scene of a large battlefield, with Manny raising his tusks in preparation for the onrush as the herd falls in step behind him, with Damien trumpeting a battle cry.

Damien: We shall no longer by our silent, obedient consent live under the rule of "Chief" Elder Titan. Onward, into the fray!

Writing flashes onscreen: 'And they will embark on a journey that will test their very souls.'

Cuts to Peaches running away towards the entrance in the Pass of the Brede that leads out of the valley, tears visible on her cheeks, blood trickling from a wound on her side. Cuts to Manny standing alone under a bright night sky, dotted with white stars shining luminously across the expanse of space. Brief POV shot of Manny's face as he glowers at the stars that mock him in their togetherness.

Cuts to Manny.

Manny: You said you'd always be there for me! But you're not… *He blinks away a stray tear appearing in his eye*

Flash of white, fades into a wide shot of the herd beginning to go their separate ways; Sid leaving with Shelley, walking off into the distance claw in claw, and then the possum brothers departing, glancing back at their sister Ellie solicitously, aware of the sorrow in her eyes. Cuts to Peaches up close, standing next to an older wolf, turning her head upwards to gaze at the stars, noticing the outline of one formerly very dear to her in them, and sighing to herself as a falling star skids across the sky nearby her, although she doesn't see it. Cuts to black.

Title fades in: 'Cruel Intentions'. But it gleams brightly with red light for one minute, and then fades out.

Cuts to ending with a screen fading in saying 'Coming soon to a fanfiction site near you.']

In fact, I admire Trev's trailers so much this one is really inspired by his. :D So what say you? Does this idea sound like a good one for our fandom? :)

5/26/2011 . Edited 5/30/2011 #1

Say! That IS a good idea! Wonderful job DiegoRedeemedLover! I think we should all give that one a go. ;)

What does everyone else think?


5/27/2011 #2

Splendid job DiegoRedeemedLover! I can't wait to read chapter 4 of 'Cruel Intentions', and I think I'll do a trailor for another story I plan to do after my 'Ice Age Pirates' one!

5/29/2011 #3

I really love this idea! Your trailer, even in text, sounds epic! I voiceover parts seem awesome. I am 100% for this! :D

I'd like to make one for my story, Journey of Odds, if I can figure out how to get footage and work with the editing.

5/30/2011 #4

Thanks for all the praise you all! :) Though most in part of it should be given to Trev, tis because I have seen his amazing trailers that I did one of my own, based very much off of one of his earlier ones because he does it so well. :D


there is no need for footage for this, the only things you need are 1) strong, vivid images from your story 2) a knowledge of how trailers work and whether or not there is some story element that you might think worth spoilering or even having the trailer lie about some plot point and 3) a basic knowledge of how to write a visual medium (ie a trailer) so that it translates well onto a nonvisual medium (ie paper). That's about all you need, really. :)

And in some fandoms, I have seen people have trailer contests and then the best trailer is awarded ... something, and in some fandoms they are used at the end of one fic to advertise an upcoming sequel or another tangential story connected to the first one, or just posted as a story to gain interest in an author's upcoming story.

5/30/2011 . Edited 5/30/2011 #5


That's good to hear. I thought I needed footage for a second. Glad to hear I don't and csn just write my trailer out.

That's really cool. Do you think we could have Ice Age trailer story contests?

5/31/2011 #6

@goldenpoun Nope, no footage is necessary. :) Just your story.

And I can't believe for all the talk I had made about Trev's trailers, none of you have said you'd like to see one! They're so literally amazing you should all be chomping at the bit to see one now! :D

If there is enough interest for an Ice Age Trailer Story contest, I think that might work! It'd be fun. :) ;)

5/31/2011 #7

I'd be very interested in seeing Trev's story trailers. It sounds like they are excellent. :) Could you post them here if Trev doesn't mind?

6/1/2011 #8

Actually, he's writing an all-encompassing LiT trailer as we speak, and once he's done he's going to post it here! :D

6/1/2011 #9

Sounds good. :) I'll see if I can find the time to write a trailer for my story as well. :)

6/2/2011 #10

Sorry for not replying earlier...I felt shy/scared/embarrassed if I might make a fool out of myself here. I dunno if I could ever make a trailer for one of my fanfics. They'd probably come out really crappy/cheesy...XDDD


6/2/2011 #11

@Mollie, well, KaylaDestroyer did one for one of her fics, and if you want to see it, check chapter 9 of her Ice Age Pirates story.... and hopefully, Trev'll have his own comprehensive LiT trailer finished soon so he can post it here, because I tell ya, his trailers are SO GOOD they inspired me to use them as a template/jumping board of sorts for making my own trailer. :-)

Also, is anyone ever gonna reply to the forum topic Ice Age and Music? No one hardly goes to that one anymore.... :/

6/20/2011 . Edited 6/20/2011 #12
My name has been mentioned enough for my ears to burn :P Hello y'all, thought I'd finally wade into this forum! And I wade in to give you all an apology; the trailer Tawny has repeatedly promised you as coming from me is acting all hard to get. I am currently deliberating between three songs, and two potential openings (both of which have been written) and what to continue it with (essentially, should i jumble or try and make it roughly chronological) So, my apologies once more! There will be one soon, and I am working on it! Peace out, T
6/22/2011 #13

lol yeah... that was mostly me, sorry :P ;) But since I consider myself your "promoter" of sorts, Trev it all kind of works out :P And besides, I've seen your trailers, and I know how good they are, and I wanted so much for everyone else to see them, that's why I talked them up so much, savvy? ;)

And huzzah, it'll be coming soon! But don't worry about having to be quick about it, I know large comprehensive trailers are hard to do (see mine above - also, didja notice the HTTYD piece in it, Trev? ;) :P) since there's only so much you can show in them really without divulging pertinent details lol. :)

Also, I've been contemplating another trailer of my own recently - for the third chapter in the Cruel Intentions series - you know what I mean? ;) And I have found the most perfect piece of music for it... Two Steps From Hell's Love and Loss. That song is pretty much the epitome of CI (you know what I mean, lol ;) )..... hence why I might make another story-specific trailer somewhere down the road mayhaps... ;) :P

6/22/2011 #14

I'd love to read Trev's trailers! How do I find them? Are they on his profile page or something?

8/26/2011 #15
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