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Come here for the latest news on the Casson Family Series, to discuss pairings like Tom/Rose, and in general to discuss why we love this series so much! :- :-
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Permanent Rose

AHHH so excited to find a forum for these books. I've been away from this fandom for way too long now, but I've just read Caddy's World and with Rose's twitter I've been engulfed in this world once again. So hi everyone, I go by Rose and I look forward to interacting with all you :)

2/2/2012 #1

Greetings! :D I am the moderator/admin of this forum and I've seen you around the CFS series writing fanfic for the stories in 2010 or before that, and just let me say that I am so glad to see you here! :)

And I find it so cool that you've read Caddy's World! It should be published this year in America, but so far I haven't been able to read it yet, and I doubt any of the others of by and oft frequent this forum have either so could you please tell us what the story is like? :D :3 I did also notice that you've written a fanfic for it already but since I have a policy of not reading any fanfic that involves something I haven't read and/or seen yet I am loath to peruse it right now.....

Rose's twitter is awesome! I actually follow her on it. :) Haven't find the time (or the courage) to bother/encourage her to be brave and admit her feelings to Tom though, however....

2/2/2012 #2
Permanent Rose

Nice to meet you. Yes, I've been writing Casson FF for some time now--back before there was even a category for it (finally messaged the site to make one though haha) They're basically my favorite books of all time and no matter how old i get or how long it's been, I always find myself coming back to them :)

I'm in America as well--I was so impatient to get the book that I checked and got an advanced reviewer copy that's not supposed to even be sold but oh well haha (there might be some minor changes in the actually published copy, but I was willing to take what I could get :P) I just finished it today, actually, and was so in love with it that I had to write a fic already. It was really sweet, and as much as I love the Cassons now, it was lovely to go back in time to when they were all little. Though Rose is my favorite character and she is just barely born in this book, it was really neat to get some insight to the other characters, especially Caddy. And little Indigo and Saffron were just too cute. My story doesn't have many spoilers at all, but I totally understand you waiting to read.

I love tweeting Rose--we go back and forth a few times and its just SO neat to interact with your favorite fictional character haha. I have yet to pester her about Tom as well, but all in due time, right? :)

2/2/2012 #3

Oooh, wow that's so cool! So you were first writing Casson FF while it was still in the category of misc. books? And it's so cool that you actually messaged the site to make this category for the books, because so many of us Casson lovers wouldn't have had a place to talk about our favourite books series! :) The CFS is so one of my favourite books series as well, although I own only Saffy's Angel, although I am dying to buy the others.

Hehe, I can understand your excitement about Caddy's World! :D The first topic originally discussed/speculated upon/theorised was whether or not Caddy's World was a sequel and would give us the conclusion many of us have been longing to see with Rose and Tom and oh, it's obvious how much they love each other but McKay is being mean about it.... xD and putting us shippers for the pairing under the (figurative) rack.

Oooh, Caddy's World sounds fun! I can't wait to read it, and I concur that even though Rose probably wasn't in it much at all due to being a baby she probably stole all the scenes she was in. After all, she did that in Saffy's Angel as well. Not surprising that she emerged into a full-fledged character, somewhat demoting Saffy to extra and even got a little romance arc of her own (that refuses to be resolved) in the later books in the series. And she and Caddy are really quite a lot alike, so that insight we get into Caddy in Caddy's World is making me excited to read it even more now! :) Lol, yeah, this was a policy I formulated back when I was still an anonymous reviewer and thusly hard to break out of now xD

Are you permanentrose93 on Twitter then? If so, then I've seen you going back and forth with Rose! In a way, I think it's really cool that a BOOK character like Rose has a Twitter now (I know Harry Dresden of the Dresden Files has one too, but his books revolve around leaning on the fourth wallness at times whereas the CFS books are less postmodernistic - well, except when Rose takes the reins :P) even though it really blurs of the line of "fictional" versus "real" character, and I already have enough problems with my own belief that "Rose is real, and I hope to come across her one day." In England. This year. When I go to meet a friend that I've known for nearly two and half years because of this site, because he invited me to come, and seems really keen to meet me and know me better.

LOL, I haven't even talked to her yet! (Mainly because of the above factors of "lines of reality and fiction being blurred" :P) But when I do, I hope I can encourage her to be bold about Tom despite what McKay says about their romance arc! Rose still loves him and she's jealous of "Horrible Meg" and oh I can tell she's yearning to do something about it.... it also amuses me that apparently she's taller than Tom now, given what her tweets have implied. xD Since he is "Tom-Who-Has-Stopped-Growing" lol, oh Rose, how we love you. :D 3

2/2/2012 #4
Permanent Rose

Haha yes I was. I first made a community for the Casson books, but then it just seemed reasonable that we have an actually category for it when we accumulated a sizable amount of interested writers. Go to, seriously. I used to own all the books but people are bad about giving them back, so I just re-bought the four I don't own and they were $0.75 each! Albeit, they're used, but since I know I'll wear them out anyway it was too good to pass up.

Yes, Rose and Tom are soul mates, no questions about it, though a part of me is glad that McKay still likes to leave it ambiguous--sometimes stuff like that is best left up to the imagination (or the fandom ;P). I would hate to see her go too far with these books and ruin something perfect--though every thing she has written for the Casson family (including Rose's blog) has been flawless so far so maybe someday she'll give it a go. Rose being old enough to actually be romantically involved with Tom scares me a bit to be honest my mind she's like, perpetually 8, and I like to keep her there :P Seeing McKay do a romance-y book would certainly be different than the sweet family stuff she's done with the other ones, and I'm still undecided if I would like that or not.

Yes, Rose always does take center stage, doesn't she? It was lovely to see a young Caddy--and she is a bit like young Rose, but she's sweeter and more like Eve than our little mischievous Rose. I think my favorite part of Caddy's world was Saffy and Indy though. They really take center stage and it makes me want to see more of their characters, both younger and current.

Yes I am permanentrose93 :) I understand about how weird it is to really know how to interact, because she's very much out of her fictional element on twitter and sometimes I just want to be like HILARY I LOVE YOU AND YOU CHARACTERS AND I WANT TO TALK ABOUT THEM WITH YOU. But I've found the easiest way to interact with her is just to pretend like she's an old friend I'm talking to and talk to her about my own life. It's kind of neat to be able to place yourself in a fictional place even though it's real life--it's like we can be part of Rose's story now.

I got so behind on Rose's blog because there was a time where I got so caught up in other fandoms that I just forgot (esp. because mckay didn't have anything new for so long) I'm very bummed to see you can't go back and read old entries because I feel like I missed out on a lot of Rose's life haha (because her blog is totally canon) And now Caddy has twins! When did this even happen lol? I am glad to be back now though...this is my longest fandom, seven years now, I think, since I first read Saffy's Angel, and I'm very glad I found an active group of fans to interact with :)

2/2/2012 #5
Permanent Rose

PS. What's your twitter name? :)

2/2/2012 #6

Wow, that's amazing! You have probably been the biggest proponent of the Casson Family Series on this site more so than anyone else than! ;D And that sounds interesting, I will definitely have to investigate it more! :) Hehe, I'm the same way about books I love. I read them over and over until they're practically shreds lol.

Hehe, everyone in the fandom knows that pertinent fact! (including the Cassons themselves) But you're right a part of us is glad that she likes to keep it that way, because it only whets our interest and desire in see the pairing coupled all the more. :) And in fact, Rose is fifteen now, although I get your reasoning that in your mind she's perpetually 8 since I'm sure that's how many of us think of her still too - as that darling little girl who won our hearts in Saffy's Angel and Indigo's Star.

Yes, they have all been flawless so far and I join you in hoping that someday McKay will give it a go with something further in the books and potentially resolve the loose ends of Rose and Tom's relationship, because we (and by extension the book characters) do know that it's there... but both Rose and Tom refuse to do anything about it themselves. :/ I think they're the kind of people who need a push in each other's direction to finally confess their love to each other lol.

Hahaha, that she does! :) I agree with what you mentioned about Caddy, she is like Rose in a softer hue and definitely takes a lot after Eve, and I bet Saffy and Indy being kiddies was fun to see too, since we don't see much of their earlier years except in brief in Saffy's Angel. Speaking of them taking centre stage, their characters have really developed since as Indy and Sarah are now in a serious relationship whilst Saffy and Sarah are both at uni.

I forgot to mention it last time, but I am tawnymartin91 on Twitter. :) (I'm one of those people who don't believe in hiding your real name lol xD). Lol you're so right that she is very much out of her fictional element on Twitter since it has even more "reality" for us than even the Blog did. And good point, just treat her as if she was an old friend and talk to her about our own lives... those are good tips! ;) :D I think I will keep them in mind when the time comes for me to attempt to Tweet to her! :)

Ah, that is such a shame! :/ I had all the blog entries bookmarked once upon a time when the older entries were PDF filed, but now they have vanished since McKay couldn't find a way to save them, and huzzah! You think the blog is totally canon too! :D But I did save a few blog entries (not all in full because I forgot to think that far ahead.... T.T) that have pertained to Rose and Tom and when Caddy's twins were born/named so I could totally send the doc to you if you'd like to see them. :)

And I am very glad that my idea to start up a forum to gather an active group of CFS fans to interact together is still bringing Casson Family fans together here. :) It's so great to have you here, Permanent Rose! :D

2/3/2012 #7
Permanent Rose

My books came in the mail today! So now I have all six books and I'm going to reread them all (and its quite interesting reading Caddy's World first because in a way it really is meant to be the first one) I've already got fic ideas exploding in my mind so hopefully I'll get those written soon. I think I might do one in Sarah's POV--she's a character I haven't explored enough yet.

Forever Rose ends so nicely that I kind of want to leave it just there--because even if McKay never acknowledges it we know that somewhere in the future Tom and Rose end up together. But we'll see what she has in store as far as writing more for Rose--I doubt she can stay away, she seems to be quite in love with Rose by the way she has practically become her character which is exciting because even though the books are "over" we always do get more Rose. I hope she publishes the blog into a book--I would really want a copy to add to my Casson collection.

Can you send me what you have of Rose's blog? I would really appreciate that--also I'm quite behind on the Indy/Sarah stuff as well so can you catch me up on what you know about that as well? Thanks :)

2/3/2012 #8

Hehe, hurray for you! I love getting books in the mail, it's like Christmas! :D And oh I envy you! It would be so wonderful to actually be able to reread all of the six books, the only time I am able to do that is when I check them out from the library - again. (since I don't own them myself. :/ I can't wait to actually buy them for my own!!! :3 :3) And ooh hurrah, fic ideas! I can't wait to see them! Yes, poor Sarah, she really is kind of a neglected character here unfortunately, so I'm excited to see you write her. :)

"Forever Rose ends so nicely that I kind of want to leave it just there--because even if McKay never acknowledges it we know that somewhere in the future Tom and Rose end up together."

That is a very true statement; and you're right, Rose and Tom somewhere in the future end up together - tis the only natural course they have. ;) :D And you're right that she has in a way become Rose (which gives us more Rose to enjoy! Huzzah! :D) and I even noticed she broke away from Rose tweeting and answered you once herself on Twitter. :) ;). I hope that she publishes the blog into a book too, that'd be fantastic! :D (to quote the catchphrase of the Ninth Doctor). The only downside to this idea is that McKay said once on her Latest News corner of her website that she has spoken of that idea to her publisher, but the publisher told her that they didn't want a book written like that at the moment, something which I think disappointed McKay. So in any case, we'll have to keep hoping something comes of it. :)

Hmm.... could you send me a PM with your email address in it and I can also explain what has happened between Indy/Sarah in the meantime there? I'd love to send you that doc I have of Blog-canon Rose/Tom evidence, but first I'd need your email address so it can get to you in the first place. ;) :)

2/3/2012 #9
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