An rp for sad, tragic, and dramatic romances. And it seems, any "stuff".
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Where people just RP trying to socialize and create new friends. It doesn't matter if you are 'special' just socialize and have fun :)

9/15/2012 #1

"Hi." A girl tilted her head with her hands intertwined behind her back. "I'm Andra."

9/15/2012 #2

The boy stood there rigid, his jaw clenched as he looked at Andra

9/15/2012 #3

"...." She stood there waiting for his reaction. A wide smile was on her face, oblivious to his discomfort.

9/15/2012 #4

He shifted his weight from foot to foot, after a moment he nodded "Hunter..."

9/15/2012 #5

She beamed. "Hi!"

(Have you roleplayed before?)

9/15/2012 #6

(Yeah but not that much I was so scared)

He put his hands in his pockets and mumbled "Hey"

9/15/2012 #7

(Relax a bit then. Let your instincts as a writer run their course.)

"What'cha doing?"

9/15/2012 #8

(Okay I'll try)

"Nothing..." He looks down at his shoes, his mind screaming for him to leave

9/15/2012 #9

"...? What's wrong?" She followed his gaze to the ground. "Are your shoes itchy?"

9/15/2012 #10

The corners of his mouth twitched, he shook his head and slowly shifting his gaze to her "It's nothing."

9/15/2012 #11


(Where are they?)

9/15/2012 #12

(In a school, the end of the corridor almost empty except a few students passing by)

"Yeah..." his face flushed from staring at her too long, looking away from her he nervously ran his hand through his hair

9/15/2012 #13

"?" She followed his gaze again.

9/15/2012 #14

He tried to focus on the students passing by but he could feel her watching them too. He shifted his weight and tried to leave "Well..."

9/15/2012 #15


9/15/2012 #16

"It's just... You see..." His face flushed for the lost of words

9/15/2012 #17

"See....?" She blinked, leaning closer to him. Uncomfortably so.

(Uncomfortable for him. Not necessarily normally.)

9/15/2012 #18

He held his breath, fear freezing his entire body after what seemed like hours he finally mumbled "I have to go to class. Bye" and walked away

(Sorry I have to go suddenly. I'll see Andra in class :) )

9/15/2012 #19

(Sure. Ah. By the way, what time is it on your end? As of your next post? Your profile posts were pretty off the schedule on my end, so we're probably in different time zones.)



"Hi everyone! I'm new here! My name is Andra Leggra!"

9/15/2012 #20

Hunter felt his gut clench at the sight of her, of all the classes she would go to why his lab class?

Professor Smith smiled and pointed at the empty seat next to Hunter "Since you're new hear miss Leggra please sit down next to Mr. Wilde, Mr. Wilde you're Miss Leggra's new lab partner and you shall show her around the school, acting as her guide."

9/16/2012 #21

"Ooo...HI Hunter!" She waved at him.

9/16/2012 #22

Hunter moved his chair nonchalantly near the edge of the table as far as possible from Andra. "Hey"

9/17/2012 #23

She ran to his side and sat down.

(Umm....did you mention your time zone?)

9/17/2012 . Edited 9/17/2012 #24

(It's like 608 pm here right now. What time is it there?)

Hunter glued his eyes to the professor, praying the day would end soon

9/18/2012 #25

(Whoa. It's 3:22 am here. So I'm either 9 hours ahead of you or 15 hours behind.)

Andra didn't help with her obvious curious stare at him.

9/18/2012 #26

(Woah! That's so long)

Hunter fidgeted in his seat, counting down till' class ends determined to leave immediately after class

9/18/2012 #27

(Yeah. What's your exact time and date?)

"Where you going Hunter?" Andra tagged behind him.

9/18/2012 #28

(It's exactly 9:09 pm 9/18/12)

"Uhm... Bathroom...." Hunter sped up his pace

9/18/2012 #29

(Hmm...So you're ahead. 6:12 am 9/18/2012)

"Ooo...I need to go too." She sped up too.

9/18/2012 #30
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