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Come here to debate about the Ace Attorney games! Debate over everything: pairings, characters, cases, etc. Or add any kind of topic you want. Please do not go personal or "troll", and have a good time!
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Please read the rules first!

Anyway, here we conduct our pairing debates. YAOI! YURI! PEDOPHILISM! I***! INTER-SPECIES! Anything, as long as you can argue for it in court. (AJ and AAI included)

Also, if we can, we would like to have about 3 judges per case. Judges must start out impartial, and you need 2/3 of the judges' votes for your pairing to win. A trial will end after 2 weeks, or when the debaters get tired of it.

Would anyone like to suggest a pairing or both pairings for our first debate?

10/24/2010 . Edited 10/24/2010 #1



3/28/2011 #2
Crouching Tiger Hidden Shizuru


4/22/2011 #3

I would hmm... how about KlavierXEma V.S EmaXApollo.

8/17/2011 #4

Woah, there's a person! And that'd be a fun debate, even though I dislike Older!Ema so I dislike both of these pairings XD

However, I wonder which side you're on? If Mitsuru, the other girl, is still on this forum she could either judge or debate for the opposing side and I'll play the part of whicever she doesn't want to do (ex. if she judges, i'll debate against you, and if she debates against you, i'll judge) I'm indifferent towards these pairings so I'm fine either judging or debating for KlavEma or ApolloEma, depending on which one you're debating for.

8/19/2011 #5
Crouching Tiger Hidden Shizuru

I am reluctant to post frequently in case Ordyke takes that as some kind of weird stalker encouragement, so I will judge.


8/27/2011 #6

oookay...? XD

So if BlueJay is still here, he/she can tell us which of the two pairings he/she would like to debate for and we can get started :3

8/28/2011 #7
Crouching Tiger Hidden Shizuru

She posted in like every single forum that I did and then never left me alone, augh. So creepy. ):

8/30/2011 #8

Sorry I didn't have internet for a while. I'll want to be on the side of Ema X Apollo

10/19/2011 #9

Sorry I didn't have internet for a while. I'll want to be on the side of Ema X Apollo

10/19/2011 #10

No problem! Then I'll debate for Ema X Klavier, I suppose.

Would the EmaApollo team like to present their opening statement?

[May include both offense on KlavierEma and defense supporting EmaApollo. Whatever you want, basically~! ♥]

10/22/2011 #11

I'm a Phoenix X Maya shipper all the way!

7/10/2013 #12
AA Addict
Me too! They're my OTP!
7/17/2013 #13

Really? That's great. They're my AA OTP _.

7/17/2013 #14

Firstly, I ship Ema/Klavier here- I don't really think Ema and Apollo had that much chemistry.

Can I also throw a pairing into the mix of this to be debated with- Athena/Blackquill? There're my OTP for this series :)

8/2/2013 #15

That's interesting... He's a scary criminal and she's a teenaged forensic psychologist/defense attorney...

You must know something we don't... O.o

Me, I like Edgeworth so much if I could make it make sense I'd pair Edgeworth with Edgeworth...

Otherwise, OTP Franziska and Edgeworth because there are so many ways it works, but I like Phoenix Maya because they are cute together.

8/2/2013 #16

I do actually. I pretty much know the whole plot of AA5. Been watching some of it online, as well as doing research, because I HATE WAITING, and it's got a fabulous plot. :) And pretty Much, Blackquill is about an inch away from becoming my favorite character (And my favorite character is Edgeworth! :D )

PS: Blackquill ain't that bad. Also, I would provide evidence, BUT.... I am seriously gonna spoil the whole plot of the Game. I will say a couple of words though:

You get to break BLACK Psyche locks.

8/2/2013 #17


(I can't wait either)

I'll admit, I was kinda sold on Black Quill when I saw he had a Hawk...

*Clamps hand over mouth*

I will say no more.

8/2/2013 #18
AA Addict

Break black psyche locks? Awesome! That must mean that Phoenix still has his magatama though. I am getting DD for my birthday! It's going to be a late present though, as it's coming in fall, and my birthday's in summer. Oh well, it's worth the wait! I don't like watching the DD scenes, because I don't like getting spoiled. Though the trailer was a spoiler when it showed the Police officer getting all mad, and the Mood Matrix showing that the Police Officer has a grudge against lawyers. It's a complete spoiler!

8/2/2013 #19

Yeah, because Psyche Locks do appear in this game (Not saying who has them). The bracelets also come back. And the idea of breaking psyche locks is awesome, and I've just found footage on Youtube, which I shall not post up, due to the very nature of it being a massive spoiler.

However, now I presume it is the time to begin my argument on why I ship those 2 characters. No spoilers, just 1 single question, and I bring Athena to the stand.

Athena, why did you become a defense attorney?

8/4/2013 #20


8/6/2013 #21

Not really, because well, if you want to look up the full story and answer said question, then you can. I really did try to avoid spoilers in this. :/ Sorry!

8/7/2013 #22
No no... I think I'm the only one who got spoiled... I was pretty spoiled to begin with :P
8/7/2013 #23

Ooh, how bout' EdgeworthxMaya? They would be so cute together! Because in the game, she's one of the many girls that is on friendly terms with Edgeworth...

5/2/2014 #24

I'l debate for that

They share the Steel Samurai! And Maya's childishness is the perfect foil for Edgey's uptightness

6/27/2014 #25
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