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dark angel36

All about our favorite villan sidekick

11/10/2010 #1

I know! He is so cute and lovable!

11/10/2010 #2
dark angel36

Let' write a oc and minion fanfic becuse they dont have any here9(I check aa billion times)

11/10/2010 #3

Not yet. But there will be.

11/10/2010 #4

I love Minion :) But who's more cute, Minion or the minions from "Despicable Me". I can't decide!

11/11/2010 #5
dark angel36

minion becuse his gig eyes and how he talks and over react

11/12/2010 #6

What if he knew more about the destiny Megamind's parents planned for him that Megamind himself, but he kept the info from his master for some reason?

11/13/2010 #7

That's a great plot idea! What do you think the "destiny" was?

11/13/2010 #8
dark angel36

In the first commercial their parent's saidyou are destnid for great things

11/13/2010 #9

Well that could be it. But WHAT great things? Hmm....

11/13/2010 #10

BTW, why MetroMan had no minion?

11/14/2010 #11

Maybe MetroMan's people don't have any? Or maybe he did and send it away? Or his parents didn't give him one?

11/14/2010 #12
dark angel36

maybe becuse .1 he is already super and unlike megamid he doesn't need help(BUT I dont like metroman).AND MAYBE BECUSE They culdnt think of one

11/14/2010 #13
Well, Minion was sent with baby MM to take care of him. At MM's age, Metro could fly and figure out what house to land at to get the sweet life. So yeah, I don't really think he needs a minion.
11/15/2010 #14
dark angel36

everybody make an story about oc and minon .And it would be cool if she had fin by her ears ot they could be her ears and the rest is human

11/15/2010 #15

I think it would be hard to make OC and Minion because he is a fish :( Maybe Megamind could make Minion a mate? That would be cool!

11/2/2011 #16
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