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Considering the fact that the film has done so well (it's been out a month and is STILL #3 at the box office), and the fact that it's Dreamworks, who already has more sequels in the works for Kung-fu Panda, Madagascar, and How to Train Your Dragon...

Yeah, Megamind's gonna get sequelled, probably in 2014 or so.

The question is, is this a good thing or a bad thing? The entire premise of the original movie was about a villain turning his life around. But now that that's happened... where do you go from here? He redeemed himself, he got the girl, anything further would end up being just a regular superhero movie.

I'm not saying it CAN'T be sequelled in an interesting way, there are already a good number of stories here that pretty much do just that. I just don't know if I trust a company based more on marketing to a specific audience than telling a good story to be able to pull it off themselves. The writing in the original movie was mediocre at best, and I don't see it getting any better. We've already seen with the Shrek franchise their ability to take a cute premise and turn it stale.

So, what's everyone else's thoughts on a sequel?

12/4/2010 #1

I think, written in the right way with a good plot, it could work. I mean, it could be about maybe Megamind questioning being the hero, or something like that. And I'm sure all of us would like to see the Megamind/Roxanne romance extended.

And with the Shrek franchise, I think they did well with the first and second. the third was OK, but not a total failure. I still enjoyed it. They went over the top with the fourth one. It didn't really make much sense, and I stopped watching the link after the first ten minutes. They should have just left it with a trilogy.

I really think they should leave it with Madagascar, in my opinion. The plot already has a good closure.

But yes, back to the point, I think a sequel will be good so long as they do it right. And I wouldn't mind a spin-off series either, telling of Megamind's many plans before the movie :)

12/4/2010 #2

Yeah, when it came to Shrek, I guess I did like the second movie better than the first, but it went downhill fast from there. One of the high points of Megamind is that it lacks annoying sidekick characters like Donkey. Megamind has Minion, but he is hardly annoying, and is actually useful to the story. If a sequel introduces a talking animal sidekick character who hogs screentime by simply smart-mouthing everyone and not actually doing anything productive.... agh, I would die.

Another concern that I have is that the romantic subplot between Megamind and Roxanne was not even hinted at in the trailers. The trailers, which liberally spoiled every other aspect of the movie, were utterly hush-hush about the romance, or even the existence of Bernard at all. This either means a) they believed the romantic relationship was THE big point of the film and therefore didn't mind spoiling more "minor" points like Metro Man's survival or the creation and about-face of Titan, or b) they believed that if little boys knew there would be lovey-kissy stuff going on, they'd be scared away from seeing it. Hoooooopefully their reasoning was the former, otherwise the Megamind/Roxanne relationship might end up more platonic in the sequel.

Because she really needs to get the chance to kiss him when it's actually him, and not just on the cheek. And even though it's technically an inter-species relationship, hopefully the writers won't shy away from that.

12/4/2010 #3

I doubt they'd shy away from it. I mean, if they were willing to do Melmin/Gloria in Madagascar 2 (in which the inter-species relationship is a lot more obvious) then I'm sure they'd do this. Megamind isn't actually much different from a normal human, apart from the fact that he's blue and has a big head.

12/4/2010 #4

I don't think a sequel will be a good idea...

But possiboly a cartoon series following Megamind before and after the movie ... Like what did he do to get 600 and summert life sentences and what will he do now he is a hero?

12/7/2010 #5

I say yay!

12/7/2010 #6

I for one would love to see a sequel, pherhaps Megamind could save the earth from an incoming race of evil aliens of something along those lines, and they could use Roxanne and kidnap her. His race could come back to get him or another hero tries to take over the city. There are pleanty of good plot lines for another movie just the point is that Mega has to still have a trouble being a hero and Roxanne and Minion still have to be in the picture and occasionaly some input fomr Metro Man.

I think a mini series would be awesome but I hate watching episodes of shows when they don't have the right voice characters, it annoys me to no end to hear another person being Mega, no one can do it. And sorry to say for me, after the 2nd movie for shrek everything went down hill for me, it just went on and on and I wanted to kill myself. The point of a sequel is to stay with the plot, which is why most Disney movie sequels fail, they have already completed the story and by trying to squeeze more money out of people they ruined it.

In short, sequel with a good plot line, right voice actors and totally RR/MM would totally rock!


12/22/2010 #7

Hey, I totally digg your idea of his race comming back because Megamind is a genious, right? But perhaps that is average for his species (Did I spell that right?) and perhaps another family had the same idea of saving their child , but that one is also misguided just like Mega was (But smart enough to build some awesome space ships)...or just actually evil... or not evil at all and there is more than one and they are all forming together to bring back their race and Megamind has the desicion of going with them and saving their species or staying on Earth with Roxanne...

And yea, I didn't like Shrek 3 either...but the 4th one is so-so... I'd watch it with no complaints...

And yea, most Disney sequals are kinda bad... But I do like The Lion King 2, The Lady And The Tramp 2, and The Little Mermaid 2 ... But probs only because I grew up with them before I even saw the first ones lol (But I do like the first ones too ... who dosn't ? ^-^)

12/23/2010 #8

I both like and dislike the idea of a sequel. As is obvious with the Shrek series, a sequel could be the worst thing in the world more Megamind fans everywhere, or it could end up a major success. For example, some of Megamind's species may have survived and locate him on Earth. They could try to get him to leave with them and he would say no because of Roxanne and there could be a big fight. Or maybe (I think someone mentioned this before) Megamind could have trouble adjusting to being a hero and possibly slip into his old ways a little bit. And there would definitely have to be at least some MM/RR fluff. They didn't hint at it AT ALL in the trailers and teasers (though I saw a relationship between them a tad predictable, but that's just me), so that would be a really big disappointment if they only kissed on the cheek. They could bring back Metro Man and maybe even Bernard, but only if the two characters actually served a purpose. If they are just there to be "Donkey," then it would be pointless.

But if they were to do a sequel, I would be first in line to buy tickets. ;)

1/21/2011 #9

Actually I wouldn't mind a sequel, but first some mini-animation (you know - like "The Secrets of The Furious Five") would be nice. Something for Halloween or with Megamind wearing a Santa's outfit. Something I could watch in TV. Then I would be ready to wait for sequel.

1/28/2011 #10

Well, there is going to be an animated short with the DVD when it comes out. Apparently called "The Button of Doom" :)

1/28/2011 #11

Hm... maybe ONE sequel would be Ok... But if they take a "Shrek", then they have gone too far! Come one! FOUR movies? That's just plain needy!

I'd like to see some action about a new, scary villain, and maybe Megamind could try to propose but alway get interruptet? Ending with him finally managing to get Roxanne alone for long enough? Or is that just goofy O.o

Anyway- ONE sequel... that's OK- but if they try do do another... NOOOOO! NONONO!

2/5/2011 #12

Something that came to me, but I'm not sure what you guys might think. As you can see, pretty much every sequel is a "what happened next" story, and on some rare occassions, is a sort of prequel to the movie (e.g. Bambi 2). In my opinion, I think Dreamworks should do an original idea; something which only really happens in fanfiction. A "what if" idea.

OK, I know it sounds stupid, but it could work, right? I mean, if they do an actual sequel for Megamind, it could end up like Shrek. Too overdone. And a little predictable (Predictable? PREDICTABLE?) And a prequel wouldn't exactly work since it would just be the endless battles between Megamind and Metro Man (and no MMxRR fluff!). Not to mention that the comics pretty much tell all these stories.

Not only would it be an original idea (unless it's been done before?), but it also keeps with the movie theme of choosing your own path/destiny/fate. Something could happen (Megamind's pod could land somewhere else, or he could meet Roxanne when he's still young, ect) which changes his path, and leads him on another fate towards another destiny.

It probably does sound a little stupid... *shrugs* Let me know what you guys think, anyway.

2/6/2011 . Edited 2/7/2011 #13

Oh- if only they could publish the megamind comic free online :( People are way to legal!

2/7/2011 #14

I'm pretty sure you could read one on the Megamind website :)

2/7/2011 #15

I say no. no matter how much action is added, there won't be the same plot style AT ALL, as he already got the girl. He's already been accepted by the public. and if the sequal turns out bad, it gives the original a bad reputation. in short, let's leave what happened next to the fanfic writers :3

2/16/2011 #16

I second what crazy4asajj says, in my eyes no need for a sequel. While they've got a good thing I think Dreamworks should leave well alone.

2/17/2011 #17

OK, I found this statement on Wikipedia, so it's probably not very reliable, but... Due to the film's success, a sequel to Megamind is currently in consideration for a 2013 release. *squeels*

2/27/2011 #18

O.o!!! God, I hope it's good! I don't know if I should be scared of happy!

2/27/2011 #19

you know what would have been cool? If dreamworks had read the fanfictions here and instead of making a movie sequel, they had made movies after our one shots!

3/2/2011 #20

I hate to disappoint you guys, but the post on Wikipedia is a "troll" post, put there by a failed fanfic writer. If you notice, it's been updated to state that the alleged "sequel" is to be called The Return of how LAME is THAT? We've been discussing it over on LJ, and someone even found the source of the misinformation. It's just not true, sorry. Unless the entry on Wikipedia has a citation that can be verified via Dreamworks, don't trust it. Anyone and everyone can post whatever they want on that site, and often do. According to OFFICIAL Dreamworks press releases, the movie did NOT do that well in the box office, especially outside the US, so unless the DVD sales make up the difference, it's not likely that they will continue the franchise, which is very sad.


3/2/2011 #21

I went back to Wiki to have a look again, and it's been updated. Something about it being mentioned in the DVD commentary, and it being realeased 2014 onwards (which is a more realistic date).

3/2/2011 #22

Okay, this is just me, but I think that a great addition to the story would be to make a PREquel. I want to see Megamind battle more Metroman, even if we know he won't win. I know it probably wouldn't add anything to the future of MegaRox, but if they gave Megamind and Metroman a more descriptive backstory, I think it could work. Hopefully the producers will just let us know if they are going to make a sequel/prequel. I don't want them to be on and off the idea for years and then finally make it when I'm too old to enjoy it anymore. . .

Nah that would never happen. I'll always love Megamind.

3/6/2011 #23

If we do get a sequel, it'll probably be in 2015, since DW already released all the movies coming out until 2014, and unfortunately, Megamind 2 wasn't on the list. I'm hoping we will get a sequel, and that it'll be just as good as the original. But what I'd really want to see is a holiday special :)

3/9/2011 #24

yes,yes,yes! a holiday special would be amazing, and so adorable! Just imagining Megamind, Roxanne and Minion in a Christmas special just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, and for some reason is making me giggle like a school girl XD.

What an adorable idea! :)

3/9/2011 #25

But isnt that what happened in the first Shrek movie? He got the girl, married her, gained an acceptance- and no one knew what dreamworks was thinking when the decided on doing a sequel of the movie- but when it came out- my opnion, it was better then the first!

So who knows it could turn out swell- Espically if they get the original script writers to do the sequel- you know Megamind was one of their first's it's considered their 'baby'. :)

3/27/2011 #26

A sequel would definetely be super cute, but it probably wouldn't be worth it if they couldn't come up with a good plot. Maybe they should check fanfic out for some friggin awesome ideas :)

4/2/2011 #27

Actually, "checking out the ff section" is against the policies of virtually every studio I know of, and I have this on first-hand word of people like Craig McCracken("Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends", "Power Puff Girls")and Jess Winfiend("Lilo and Stitch" tv series). If a writer for a studio sees an idea in someone's fanfiction story, and uses that in the script, they open the door to getting themselves sued to hell and back, surprisingly, even if the story involved THEIR own characters! Stealing an idea is stealing an idea, whether it involves a character or a situation. Fanfiction writers are supposed to issue disclaimers to the fact that they do not own or did not create the characters they borrow from others who do own them, but if someone else, say, a Dreamworks writers, uses their own characters but in a situation they got from a story here in FF. net in order to earn a profit(that IS the point of making a movie, after all), they must pay, and in many cases, credit, the fanfic writer, which gets into all sorts of legal complications involving unions, etc. Therefore, most studios do not even want their creative teams looking at fanfiction or fan art. Of course, they can't totally prevent that, should someone want to use their personal computer to do so, but given the legal complications, most do either avoid sites like this completely or give them only a passing glance.


4/3/2011 #28

Despite this, the makers are bound to take a glance at the fandom every once in a while, either to see if a sequel is worth doing (enough fans, ect.) or for a bit of a laugh. So long as they don't say anything and they don't steal ideas, it should be fine so llong as no one knows.

4/7/2011 #29

Yeah, I agree. . besides I have it FIRSTHAND from some of the ppl at Dreamworks that they do amuse themselves quite often with FanFiction... :) I am going to have to curb my questions when I go to the animation job fair in Florida this year! *happy squee!* Gonna meet some animators who worked on Megamind, and I need to try not to beg for a squeal... have to be professional after all! XD

4/7/2011 #30
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