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A place to discuss Megamind comic book series created by Ape Entertainment.

1/2/2011 #1


Can someone tell me where to buy them? Do you have to go to like a specialty comic book store, or can you buy them online somewhere? Please help! I really want to read these!

1/4/2011 #2

Well there's one on the Megamind website, called The Reign of Megamind. As for the rest, try this site here:

I've read the one about Minion's many suits (hilarious, BTW), and I've got another one coming in the post.

1/12/2011 #3

I was able to find a shop that has the Megamind comics (or at least one, the rest will be out later), and I bought the first issue. It was great, and I can't wait for the next one.

Also, Nineteennintytwo, can you tell me what all of Minion's suits were? I probably won't be able to get that comic, but I'm really curious about it. Thanks :)

1/12/2011 #4

Hold that thought...

*gets comic, flicks through it*

A dinosaur suit (refrence to Jurassic Park), an ATM suit (so they could take people's pin codes), a disco suit, a plant suit, a tank suit (which he had to unfortunately share with a Siamese Fighting Fish), then there was the Zodiac suits (you may remember me refrencing these in my fic), a suit with rollerblades, and then a suit which played the Hokey-Pokey and forced people to dance along.

They actually look back on these through a photo album before Roxanne comes over for dinner ;)

1/12/2011 . Edited 1/12/2011 #5
Lol, I would love to see these, especially the zodiac suits. But I feel sorry for Minion that he had to share with a fighting fish, those things can be mean! Thanks for telling me :)
1/12/2011 #6
Where can you read them for free online!
2/12/2012 #7

Is there any online free reading of the comic books? I'm still having problems with online shopping.

4/27/2014 #8
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