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Demishock over at the Megamind livejournal community found a website that lists all kinds of facts about Megamind and the movie. I am going to relink it here:

Thought you guys would like to know more about this awesome movie and what it took to create it. It's also always nice to find out how tall Megamind really is (which is 5'5'' btw).

Here are some websites that feature concept artwork and will hopefully help out with fanfic writing:

Some concept for the defuser gun, news van, etc. Not a whole lot of drawings, but they plan to post more. =)

Some Death Ray, idea wall, etc. Also a closeup of the monitor in front of Megamind's prison cell.

This one was a nice find. Close up of the dials on the big robot, Megamind's big wheel made from license tags, and a Happy Room prison helmet (I'm very interested to know what this device was supposed to do- mind control Megamind?) and more.

Some random storyboards for Megamind. Apparently Megamind likes to shop at Trader Joe's. :P

Lots of concept artwork for the movie. For awhile, it seems like they wanted Megamind to have red/orange eyes until they decided to make them green. :)

Some more awesome storyboards for Megamind. :)

A map of Metro City which also shows the location of Roxanne's apartment, Megamind (Oobermind)'s lair, etc.

This site has a load of great artwork. Pictures of the inside of Roxanne's apartment, Different areas of Metro City, some extra scenes of Bernard/Megamind and Roxanne, etc.

This is the Megamind prequel comic that was featured at Comic-con. It's very amusing. :)

Megamind trembles in several scenes in the movie, including during the dump-in-the-rain scene. This is a link to a discussion about it over at the Megamind livejournal community. The trembling is most notable on his forehead and cheekbones and can only be seen in a high quality picture (the theater or on a dvdrip). It's just another interesting aspect of his character.

Hope all this helps with your writing and even inspires some new ideas!

1/6/2011 . Edited 1/7/2011 #1

Some new Megamind storyboards. This is of the scene where Megamind and Minion are extracting Metroman's DNA. And they mention the Doom Syndicate!

1/25/2011 #2

Thanks! These sites were really helpful!

4/7/2011 #3
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