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So I decided to gather all fan speculations about Megamind, Metro Man, Metro City etc. Let's start from the one the most popular:

- Megamind stayed in prison after landing there, because authorities of Metro city thought he will be safer there (due to his alien appearentice) especially from government scientists

- Megamind's and Metro Man's teacher was prejuced towards Megamind

- warden - or one of the prisoners - was Megamind's father figure

- real name of Metro Man is Wayne Scott and Megamind is Syx (I think the last one came from that scene, when Roxanne asks megamind what he's planning to do with the city and he replies: "Imagine, the most horrible, terrifying, evil thing you can possibly think of, and multiply it by six.")

And this is all I can think of right now.

I want to share with some theory I've made up few weeks ago. It's about the whole scene, when Metro Man's pod bumps into Megamind's pod. I think that their races were in constant conflict. Maybe they were fighting many wars with each other. During the black hole accident they had a truce, BUT their usual antagonisms were still the same and had rather nature of mischief than hatred. So Metro Man's pod was programmed to bump into Megamind's pod just to tease him.

1/29/2011 . Edited by nineteennintytwo, 2/4/2011 #1

Firstly, I don't think the whole government scientist thing doesn't exist in this movie universe. Believe me, if it did, Megamind (and maybe even Metro Man) would have been found out eventually and studied.

We are not certain on Megamind's real name; 'Syx' was fan-created, and not his official name. People just like to use it.

Not too sure on your theory. I mean, Metro Man's race weren't thinkers; how could their pod be better than Megamind's? I think, as it suggests in the story 'First Contact', that there was an alliance between the two races; the strength of Metro Man's race combined with the interllect of Megamind's would have been powerful. With the whole pods bumping together, I just think the two pods were programmed to travel the same route, unaware of each other.

I'm sure there's loads more theorys on the Megamind Livejournal community.

1/29/2011 #2

The name "Syx" actually originated from this story: Ever since that story, the name has taken a life of its own and everyone began using it. The author even explains why they made up the name at the end of the story. It's also an older story, so people don't know where the name came from.

As for the name Wayne Scott, that name came up from the very first script for Megamind. The script at the time was meant to be an adult live action movie and it was titled "Mastermind." Megamind was Mastermind, Metro Man was Uberman, Roxanne and Hal kept their names, and Minion was a bunch of henchmen named after historical figures like Einstein. The script, I admit, was pretty terrible. Thank goodness they changed it!

I like the one about the warden. I think he was a father figure to Megamind. You can especially tell when Megamind was a baby and the warden glared at him for busting out the prisoners. An interesting thing as well, I don't know if anyone noticed, when Megamind pleads to the "warden" to let him out, you can see that the warden's eyes are dark-brown and not light blue. A small hint the animators added in I guess. ;)

1/29/2011 . Edited 1/29/2011 #3

Yes, the only thing the holowatch never changed was eye colour. Apart from when Minion was disguised as Megamind; then the eyes were kept green (but then it would have been a dead give-away).

I knew the film was at one point supposed to be live-action (I'm intrigued to know how they would have done Megamind), but was it really going to be that bad? I agree; thank goodness they changed it!

1/29/2011 #4

I know, I just thought that was cool. I didn't notice that at first. Plus, Megamind's eyes just look better green. :)

Yes. It was very bad. (In my opinion anyway) If anyone here wants to read the script it can be found here: screen - play - explorer . com / wp-content / scripts / Megamind .pdf Just remove the dashes and spaces. :) Also, Mastermind's official name in this script was "Bubsy." I think it's best if we just say we don't know his real name! Haha I agree though that the animated movie was way better. The great thing about animated movies that you can create characters and settings that you can't make in live action movies.

A theory I have, as you can see from Strange History is that Megamind and Roxanne have more of a history together than Metro Man and Metro City know about. There was the famous "temptress" line, the flirting, and I still find it funny how Megamind tried to present himself for Roxanne (preening himself and puting on a lower voice) So I'm curious as to what you guys think. What happened with these two in the past? :)

1/29/2011 #5

Oh yes, definitely a history there! You can just see it in their first scene together :) Also there's the fact that Megamind refused to hurt her (or anyone other than Metro Man, for that matter). I hope they make more comics about these little experiences :D

I'll give that Original script a read. Does it still have Megamind/Roxanne moments, by chance?

1/29/2011 #6

And then there's that cute scene where she calls him and he says to Minion, "she's so cute!" He seemed very amused by her in that scene. :) That would be cool if they did comics like that. I'd love those!

Yes it does, but the characters aren't as likeable in this one. Also instead of a dump-in-the-rain scene, he just stalks her to a liquor store... there are moments, but they just aren't nearly as cute.

1/29/2011 #7

I don't think that warden was Megamind's father figure. Remember the scane at the beginning of the movie, when an adult Megamind is in prison? He and warden don't act like they would have this kind of relationship. Warden mocks with Megamind. If he treated him like a surogate son there would be some kind of sympathy in this dialogue. Yeah, sure, he showed some, when Minion helped Megamind escape the second time, but this was rather because they were going to stop Tighten. (Still all the fics where warden acts fatherly towards Megamind are sweet and I'm gonig to read them).

1/29/2011 #8

I will see the script.

Can I ask you, guys how you see the theory about prejuced teacher?

1/29/2011 #9

You could be very much right about the warden. However, at that point in the movie, Megamind had already racked up 85 life sentences, so the warden could have just been fed up at that point. "You'll never change!" I thought that one scene where warden was tied up and said "good luck fellas," was so funny, because when Megamind happily says "we're going to die!" The warden nods his head like "true, true." I wonder what it would have been like to raise Megamind? :P

Yes, I think she was prejudiced. The reason is because when he first entered the school, she, along with the other kids, looked at him almost horrified. When Megamind was doing his presentation with Minion and the corn, she looked bored out of her mind (watch her in the background) and when young Metro Man sent him off to the corner, she seemed very happy. As well as that, when Megamind finally snapped and set the blue bomb off, you can see the teacher glare at him through the broken window and as Metro Man begins to carry the school away, you can see her do this mock little wave like "nice knowing you! See you later loser!" She just seemed to hate him for no good reason. Not to mention, when he was being bullied, she never seemed to do anything about it, and when he reacted in self-defense for when the kids were ganging up on him in dodgeball, he got punished and Metro Man was rewarded with another gold star. To me, she just plain hated him. :(

1/29/2011 #10

Exactly! Actually it's very sensible theory.

I think that their past can give fans a lot of place for speculation. I mean - Metro Man grew up in wealthy house so maybe he shared few opinions of people from higher class. Maybe something about the crawd. Also he might be hungry of father's attention, so he tried to be the best and impress him.

1/29/2011 #11

I've noticed another thing that weakens the "father figure" idea. When Minion disguises himself with the watch to look like the warden, the warden's eyes change their color from the original blue to the brown of Minion's eyes. If he had been so close to Megamind to be something like a friend or even a father to him, the change of eyecolour should have been obvious to Megamind. Sure, he was stressed out at that point as he had just learned that Roxanne was in great danger, but still. :C

2/4/2011 #12

The funny thing is that he didn't even recognize Minion's eyes!

2/4/2011 #13

I think he was thinking more about saving Roxanne, otherwise he definitely would have noticed Minion's eyes. I guess he could be somewhat of a fatherly figure, depending on how you look at it. I mean, he did send Megamind to school, didn't he?

The best portrayals of him I've seen so far are in the stories 'First Contact' and 'A Dastardly Handsome Story'.

2/4/2011 #14

I think that the best portrayal of warden is "Blue Days" - he deny that he likes Megamind, he think about him as a pest or brat, but deep down he cares!

How about lady Scott? I've met many times with suggestion that she was forcing her son to be a superhero. Sometimes she's described in fics as a woman, who wants to control Metro Boy in his teens.

And how about Roxanne's family? Since they aren't shown in the movie, fans are speculating that Roxanne's parents are dead or lives in a different place. Roxanne has siblings - mostly younger sister, but I've seen in one of fics her brother.

2/4/2011 #15

Here are two of the biggest fandons I've seen the most and haven't been mentioned yet (they're also some I've started doing myself just because it makes sense)

-Megs doesn't sleep in/have a bed, he sleeps on a couch (I guess this could go either way. I could see him sleeping and something small and not exactly comfortable, since he's probably used to it from sleeping on prison beds and that spinny chair in his cell)

-Megs is a vegetarian and has a sweet tooth (There is evidence of a sweet tooth in the movie, when Minion brings him like a big box of donuts. You know that's not just for Minion, most of it is probably for Megs. As for the vegetarian thing, it's never in the movie but it's plausable. I mean, you're an alien and you see people eating the cooked carcuss of animals, would you be on board with it? Even if he's not a vegetarian, we know one type of meet he probably doesn't eat canon or no canon: Fish)

That's all I can think of at the moment.

2/7/2011 #16

I'm not convinced about the bed thing, however it is really hard to say if it is a true since there is no scne in the movie, when Megamind is sleeping. As to vegiterian thing - well, for sure he ate lots of things in the prison and had some oportunity to eat others during his villain career (steal a an ice-cream from kid! you know you want to...), but I'm convinced that he doesn't eat fish and likes sweets.

Still he's rather slim, so maybe he wasn't eating much, when he was little. After all prison food generally isn't good. And maybe inmates were scaring him that some kind of food is poisonous or will make him small/mindless/change him into frog.

2/7/2011 #17

OK, does anyone have a theroy to this one- I just have to ask:

Whenever they use the watches- their eyes keep their colour. Exept: when Minion pretends to be Megamind to save Roxanne! Whats the deal!

And I totaly agree- once you met Minion- how can you EVER eat fish?

2/7/2011 #18

I've heard that eyes are just as individual as finger prints, so maybe that's why Megamind's eyes aren't changing. Maybe holowatch can't change subtle details like that. Maybe eye with all of one's differances are too much for the mechanism. As to Minion - I don't know. Maybe his eyes are bigger than human?

The other conception - maybe Megamind left his eyes normal so Minion could tell him apart from the real person. Or maybe Megamind is so megalomaniac that he decided to leave this feature as it is. And let's face it - who else beside Megs and Minion is using holowatch? It's really hard to suppose anything on two examples.

2/7/2011 #19

There was another theory that the original holowatch Megamind had for most of the movie didn't change the eye colours because it was a problem with the mechanism, and since there were two holowatches (Megamind disguised as Metro Man and Minion disguised as Megamind) Megamind created the second holowatch and perfected it so that it would also change eye colour. When Megamind is Metro Man, his eyes look more green-blue than just blue like Metro Man's original eyes. I saw that theory at the Megamind community and it seemed plausible so maybe that's why? :)

2/7/2011 #20

Oooh! Now THAT's an interresting theory! And possible :D

You know- when Minion/megamind saves Roxanne- and she says "I knew you'd come back!" and he answers "Well, that makes one of us!", I think that line is really good! Because at first, we think it's Megamind, and that would fit, and when we understand it's Minion, it still fits!

Did I just make ANY scense?

Ok- theory: Roxanne Ritchie, Metro/Music Man and Megamind are late 20's or early 30's. Based on the fact that Hal is 28, and I've read fanfics saying Roxanne is 32.

2/8/2011 #21

I odn't know how Megamind and Metro Man, butRoxanne must be in her late 20s or in her 30s, because look - more than three years on university (she started when she was 19, maybe older) then few years in journalistic career, because they wouldn't give her the current office right from the spot.

But for sure Megamind and Metro Man are in the same age, or nearly in the same age. Metro Man looks like he was in his 20s or 30s and in the beginning "black hole" scene he looks like he is couple of months older than Megamind, maybe five months old. But considering his hairstyle, he looks more like a two-year toddler, so maybe he's a year or two older than Megamind.

2/8/2011 #22

Ok- theory! Megamind's binky is inside of this dehydration gun! Based on the fact that the last we see of it, is when he dehydrates Minion during school!

2/12/2011 #23

That's not the last we see of it. The last we see of it is when he uses it on top of that helmet to protect himself from the dodgeballs.

2/12/2011 #24

Don't forget that in PS game the binky had been stolen from Megamind by Doom Syndicate. Better look at it yourselves:

2/12/2011 #25

Mm... I'v never though of games for movies as 'real'. But still a point...

OK- so NEW theory: Megamind's binky is the source of energy for most of his inventions! :D

2/12/2011 #26

Well, he used it from time to time in this way. First when he'd made this bicycle as an infant, then he used it as a energy cource of his helmet. But the theory itself is valid, I mean - such a small thing can't be an energy source for such a long time. You probably think that brainbots are driven by binky due to their blue glow, but how it should work on them all? By waves from antene?

2/12/2011 #27

Well, I guess ble aliens with seriously big heads should manage to make a 'battery' which last forever?

2/12/2011 #28

Maybe, but I seriously doubt. I don't think he would find needed tools and materials so easily. I mean - sure, he can make anything from mayhem, but such battery would need more advanced technology. But oh well... maybe it is possible.

Still I'm not convinced about the whole binky-as-a-battery idea. I think that binky's energy finished somewhere around Megamind's adolescence and from that moment it had only a sentimental value for him. The evidence is the scene from PS game, when they show the place where binky had been kept. It was a pedestal behind the glass, like all the costumes of villains that Batman is keeping in his cave.

2/12/2011 #29

When he uses his first dehydrator, the enegry seem to come from the bindy...

If anyone want to find out something weirder: how would Megamind put on a T-shirt O.o That's a strange one!

2/14/2011 #30
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