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This is just a silly topic brought on by my stepdad who hasn't seen Megamind ( but shall make him watch it when it comes out on DVD ). He said Megamind looked a little like Orlando Bloom which I thought was freaking hilarious when I first heard it but now that I look he actually DOES a little in certain scenes.So who does Megamind remind you all of? I know its silly but just for fun : D

2/6/2011 #1

Me? A Leader - archnemeisis of Hulk. Both with this big head and the fact that they both are technically the villains.

2/6/2011 #2

Hi, I'm new, and I couldn't help but post on this topic!

The character of Megamind definitely reminds me of another fictional character that I adore, The Doctor from Doctor Who. I never realised it before, but Megamind and the Doctor share a lot of similarities. I'm actually tempted to create a Venn Diagram about their similarities and differences haha.

I must have a thing for lonely, intellectual, aliens because I've only been this obsessed for this long for two things: Doctor Who and Megamind.

2/9/2011 #3

I see your point now that you've pointed it out there are similarities XD

Having a thing for lonely intellectual aliens isn't a bad thing i can assure you ^_^

2/13/2011 #4
Vivid Imaginest

Well, from the back (like the scene where he's taking the elevater up to the top of the Metro Man Museum) he reminds me of one of those alien leaders in the fancy caps from Mars Attacks, only blue, no visible brain, and no helmet. Everytime I see that scene I think of that.

3/16/2011 #5


I had to.... blue-black hair-lightning bolt..... just a thought.

3/27/2011 #6

Honestly, in personality (not appearance) he reminds me of Darkwing Duck, a favorite of mine. Darkwing has the big ego, the flamboyant clothes and attitude, he makes witty comments all the time, people fear/mistrust him, and until he adopted Gosalyn, he'd never had anyone to love, or love him back. The main thing he lacks is the type of innocence/inexperience that makes Megamind so endearing.

Another character who strongly reminds me of Megamind is Mork from 'Mork and Mindy' (alien comes to earth to 'observe', has a very enthusiastic, flamboyant personality, and has the innocence, but lacks the villainy.)

4/7/2011 #7

. I was just watching Dr. Horrible's sing along Blog (totally forgot I had it...... and yes I think Megs and the Dr. have much in common...

4/8/2011 #8

I can see your point about Dr Horrible XD.

Awwww Megamind should do a blog it would be so cool. Pre Movie blog would be awesome : D

4/8/2011 #9




This should be a fic! . or a comic... darn it why do I have NO TIME!!!! ARGH! *Megamind's Sing Along Blog*

can you imagine the play list he'd whip out? :P

4/8/2011 #10

I would love to hear his playlist ^_^. Mixture of heavy metal and lovey mush songs XD.

I was thinking earlier what Megaminds playlist would be like because when I was listening to the director commentary on the dvd, the scene where Megamind is waiting for Tighten to show up and Loving You starts to play one of the commentators said that the song was most probably on Megaminds Roxanne Ritchi playlist ^_^.

I would love to tackle that as a fan fic but like wise very time restricted, can barely update my own fan fic regularly : (

4/8/2011 #11
Tapion the third

Megamind reminds me of Goku, an anime character from the Dragon ball z series. Both of them can be so childish and naive. I don't know how many of you watch Dragon ball z but I enjoy it. Did you know that Goku is an alien himself?

10/27/2011 #12

Check out my avatar : D, I am a massive fan of the Dragonball series ( not GT ). I see exactly what you mean with the childishness and naivety XD. Lets just hope that Megamind is at home more with Roxanne than Goku is with Chi Chi!

10/27/2011 #13

Combine Xros Heart Leader Taiki and Digimon King Shoutmon.

They are together as... Megamind.

- - -

All in honesty? Sonic the friggen Hedgehog. Blue, blue, blue! Brilliant green eyes. Freedom, ahoy! Their best friends are totally adorkable. They share a love-interest which are independent women who can take care of themselves but do end up being damsels in distresses from time to time...

10/27/2011 #14
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