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A land of Magic and wonder. Various creatures live here some good and some bad. How will you fare? Will you tame a dragon? Or will you fall victim to a vampire or other beast? Come on it and let's get started!
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A place to chill. Ocs and authors welcome!

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1.2 and 9 work really hard on something when all of a sudden 5 comes in and wrecks everything. How do they respond?

2.A Succubus tries to seduce 4 but 4 is going out with 11! Does he/she fall to temptation? If so, what happens?

3.Oh shit, 3 just got warped into Hell and now the Devil and his army of demons are trying to attack him/her and torture him/her. What happens?

4. 12's birthday is today but no one remembers. What happens?

5. 8 gets one power (any powers he/she already had are gone) what is it?

6. Alright, here's a question for all your OCs. *ahem* Yuri or Yaoi?

7. 1, what is the one thing you would REALLY like to see?

8. 13 decided that it would be a good idea to go to a local elementary school while drunk. What happens?

9. Hey 2, do you have any fetishes?

10. And it's time to get serious, what do you think of your RPer 4, 5 and 9?

11. I see, well you guys will be happy to know I let him/her know what you think of them. Your reaction?

12. There is toast on the table if you guys would like some while I think of more questions. V.V

13. 3, 6 and 8 were doing things on there laptops when 10 accidently destroys the internet connection. What were they doing and what happens?

14. 1 is dominating 5, 3 got genderbended and 11 is ice skating. What is 12 and 4 doing and what is 9's reaction to the madness?

15. 7 you lucky bastard. You just grew a tree out of money! What do you do with it?

16. Got milk 8?

17. 12 and 1 in an epic contest to see who is the DDR champion. Ready...? GO!

18. Even numbers, I like you guys. Odd numbers, do an impersenation of the number above you. What are your reactions Even numbers?

19. Wow, that was Anyways, 1, 7 and 14, what pisses you off the most?

20. Well, those were interesting answers. Oh, 11 watch out, there's a pack of hyenas trying to eat you.

21. 3, your worst enemy is going out with 4's worst enemy and the two enemies team up to take down 7. How do you plan to break them up?

22. 6, here's a bottle of Orphan Tears. 9, you have to watch 6 while he/she drinks it and try to figure out what 6 sees.

23. If 10 ever wants to be truly happy, he/she must kill his/her best friend. Do they do it?

24. 12, 6 and 4 wanna go do something, but 8 says they can't. Why not?

25. Hey 11, the cake is a lie.

26. 5, I've just killed all your friends and loved ones.

27. Does anyone comfort 5?

28. Well 5, I felt so sorry for you, I revived them all...then I killed them again and revived them again. Go give 5 a hug 1.

29. Everyone go hug 5. 8D

30. Alright, let's leave 5 alone. 3, you suck.

31. 14 needs help with something so he/she calls 11. What's the result?

32. Let's say 8 is a pilot in the Lylat System and his/her teammate is being shot at by enemy ships. What advice does 8 give to their teammate?

33. Name the theme song to one of your OCs and tell us whose theme it is.

34. I hate 10, they just aren't involved much. 10, you and 1 are going on a date tomorrow. Your response?

35. So how'd the date go?

36. I see, so are there any OCs from other people that you haven't seen in a while? If so, what would you all say to them if you could tell them something?

37. Well, I think you all can stop for now. What do you have to say?

38. Guess what? I lied.

39. Alright 8, why do you hate 2?

40. Tell me what you're really thinking 13.

41. RPer, how do you feel about each one of these OCs?

42. Surprise! Another one of your OCs gets to appear for this question only. Alright new guy/girl, if you were forced to go out with one of the OCs in this quiz, who would it be? Whoever you pick will kiss you when the quiz is over. ^_^

43. 12, what do you think of 13?

44. RPer, do you hate me because I made the quiz so long?

45. 6, you're now a neko.

46. 9, 10 and 11 are on a cruise together when they hear a Siren singing. The captain seems to be heading towards it, what do they do?

47. Alright, which one of you fuckers ate the last slice of pizza?

48. 2 and 8 are both in love with 10. How do they decide on who gets to hook up with 10? Does 10 have any say in this?

49. 3 stole something really important to 11. What was it and how does 11 react?

50. This quiz is over 50 questions long. How do you feel about this 4, 7 and 13?


52. 1 and 3 were jumped in an alleyway and beaten to near-death. 4 finds them, but not the people who did it. What happens?

53. 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 are the only survivors of a massive apocalypse. What do they do?

6/21/2011 #2
Rainbow Zebras

Heheh, hi...I'm new here. Help please?

4/15/2012 #3

(Hey cute, if you still see this, this is basically a forum where you just run around and do whatever and so can your OCs) Cam: *licks his back*

3/11/2013 #4

(Wrong topic, I think?

Unless me and Cam got poofed here too?)

3/11/2013 #5

(Yeah I meant to poof the entire thing here)

3/11/2013 #6


*tries to pull away*

3/11/2013 #7

Cam: *picks him up*

3/11/2013 #8

??? *squirms*

3/11/2013 #9

Cam: *drops him in a bowl*

3/11/2013 #10

owo;; No.

3/11/2013 #11

Cam: *pours broth into the bowl*

3/11/2013 #12

*tries to get out*

3/11/2013 #13

Cam: *pushes him back and puts miso in along with green onions on top* *grabs a spoon*

3/11/2013 #14

No. *deadpan*

3/11/2013 #15

Cam: *drinks some soup* Why not?

3/11/2013 #16

Because I don't want to get eaten.

3/11/2013 #17


So, what do you wanna talk about, about my naga?)

3/12/2013 #18

(wanted to ask how you felt aboutgiving her hypnosis.)

Cam: *ignores and scoops him up in the spoon*

figure I'll finish this scene b4 I go)

3/12/2013 #19

(That can work. :3)

*sweatdrops* I said no.

3/12/2013 #20

(well, or him. your oc all up to you)

Cam: *puts spoon in her mouth* *its rude to talk to your food she was told*

3/12/2013 #21


(Either one's fine.

Though the naga's I have so far is all normal ones, so why not base the appearence for this one on a cobra or a rattlesnake?)

3/12/2013 #22

(can't turn bold off... That's kinda what I based cam on, a cobra)

Cam: *tips. Spoon back and swallows*


3/12/2013 #23

(What do you mean? I don't see any bold.

Hmm, why not base the appearence for my naga on a rattlesnake then?)

*slides down her throat and lands in her stomach* Fuck.


3/12/2013 #24


3/15/2013 #25


4/2/2013 #26

Plague: Hello, you do realize where you are don't you?

4/2/2013 . Edited 4/2/2013 #27
Creation of Pokerus

I don't believe I know where I'm at either.

4/2/2013 #28

Plague: You are in the OC lounge, Ocs only. Now if you would kindly leave.

relax Plague. Authors can chill here.

4/2/2013 . Edited 4/2/2013 #29
Creation of Pokerus

Sorry, I followed Fate here.

Kit: *steps in* I see now.

4/2/2013 #30
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