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If you've got story ideas for anything from friendship to just being loony to romantic OC's (I don't write or read slash, by the way), and so forth, post 'em here. Critique and edify other writers. Wonder what happened to stories that have not been updated in, like, forever. For instance, 'Down in Mexico' needs to be updated soon or Murdock and Carrie will drown in that lake. I imagine they're both quite pruny now, anyway... ;)

12/26/2010 #1

Well I got some ideas (would write them, however I got my own stories that need to finished first).

FIRST IDEA Murdock is part of the CIA, seeing he done two missions with them (if you look in the TV series info) which the movie explain how they got into the Run from the Government however in the Timeline of today.

So....the idea is, what if the A-Team meets Murdock's CIA buddies? You can use a crossover with some CIA movie/tv shows such as:

1) Chuck

2) RED (Retired, Extremely Dangerous)

3) Law Abiding Citizen

4) Taken

5) True Lies...etc!

Or just make up the story of your own.


Second IDEA is the story about the mysterious H.Emma Murdock, that Murdock did talk about one time or another. A story about the A-Team meeting her? We meet all the family members of the other A-Team, why not Murdock's?


Third Idea! A story about the relationship of Face's girlfriend Sota with Murdock, seeing he and Face are buddies, what mayhem would happen if you mix all three in the HQ?


Fourth Idea. A story that would explain WHY Murdock is crazy. What is the story before he met the A-Team? How did he end up in Mexico?


Hope these ideas are okay. --Marsha

1/8/2011 #2
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