RP for Shugo Chara!
This is an RP for the anime Shugo Chara!If you like the anime or manga join in! I will start the RP! So just post reply and join!
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This RP forum isn't like the anime! It's more of a high-school type one! They don't have the chara's,so everything is normal-ish. As normal as being a high-school student is! So join in and play the game!

Please follow the form below for your character!

Name: Rin Kostan

Nickname(if you have one):Kitten




Looks: Jawline length midnight black hair that is spikey and tips always changing color

Personality:Shy and quiet, sarcastic and can be rude. Perfers to be alone or around friends. Has the whole punk/goth look. If she likes you, then she won't let anyone hurt you.

Bio:She is the best friend of Amu. She just moved to were ever the Shugo Chara characters live. She is an only child. She prefers to be left alone. Shes not afraid to speak her mind, so she gets in trouble alot. Her parents are divorced, so she left Tokyo to move to where Amu lives. Amu and the girl characters from Shugo Chara, and Rin all share a house.

**This how you will fill it out!Please follow as close as possible! note: All girl characters will share a house and all boy characters will share a house! I will post where the houses are and the rooms of the houses, and your classes will be posted in the same topic as the houses! Anyone is welcome! Join in and play!**

10/30/2010 #1

I wanna join!

Name: Saiki Tsuzikume (Say-key Su-z-ku-me)

Nickname: Suzi

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Grade: Junior

Looks: Waist length blonde hair, mostly black clothes with purple, red, and blue in it, blue eyes

Personality: Super talkative with friends! But quiet with people she doesn't know, especially with the guy she likes. Unless someone says something mean about her friends, then she will fight back for her friends.

Bio: Close friend of Amu and all of the girls in the group, and Rin of course! Her dad passed away, and her mother abandoned her, but has contact with her sister sometimes. Has trust issues because of this so that is why she is quiet with strangers. Lives with Amu and the other girls.

10/30/2010 . Edited 10/31/2010 #2

Guess whooooo? :) Omaigawsh it's Emmaaaaaaa.

Name: Chelsea Grace

Nickname: She loves being called Chelsea Dagger in reference to her favorite song.

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Grade: Sophmore

Looks: Blonde wavy hair which she often pushes over her head when she runs her fingers through her hair. Blue-gray eyes. American. Likes to wear baggy clothes to hide the fact she is actually quite muscular.

Personality: Self-concious, gets nervous easily, and when she's nervous she'll often get violent. She sometimes gets violent just to blow steam or because she's lazy and doesn't want to waste her time talking. Quiet, but easy to talk to.

Bio: Grew up in America, learned Japanese because she loved the culture, which was a sort of fairy-tale foreign to her. Won a scholorship to go to whatever school she wanted, so she chose the nice, small highschool in wherever this place is set. She grew up insecure because she looked like a prep because she was blonde, and she didn't feel like she could do much right, so she fought in gangfights because she could just go crazy. When she fought, Chelsea loved the fact that if you were strong enough, you could hurt someone, and if you weren't, you got hurt. It was clear-cut and simple, and nobody was prejudice against her once she was in the gang. But she left, choosing to communicate with them over video-chat once she was situated, and went to Japan.

11/10/2010 #3

There is also Taichi Tshomi

He can go by Tai

He has brown hair and brown eyes. 5'10

He is funny, nice. Lives with both of his parents, with an older sister and a younger brother. He is 16. He likes to play sports, but also likes to just sit and listen to music. He is sometimes quiet and kept to himself.

Everryone can play him, but he is Saiki's guy, so don't go after him

11/16/2010 . Edited 11/19/2010 #4

This is a character I created as a wierd antagonist-person-thing. ONLY I CAN PLAY HIM. EVER.

Name: Fuyuki, legal last name Kaida but he never likes introducing himself as one of his family.

Nickname: Fuyuki is the only thing he's ever gone by, but he responds to "pig". It's a bullying thing.

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Grade: Junior

Looks: Black hair cut short in traditional style. Skinny, tan from hanging outside a lot. Clever brown eyes. Wears normal, boring clothes.

Personality: Silent, kind enough to give warnings when he can, submissive, socially awkward. He bottles up his anger and hate until it explodes.

Bio: Can't stand his elistist family of one prominent buissinessman father, two top-grade brothers and a social butterfly mother. He feels like they laugh at him behind his back for not living up to their expectations. He got a special paper signed by his parents and a judge so he can live on his own at the young age of 16. He currently supports himself with a part-time job and an allowance from his family so he can focus on his grades. But instad, he's been picken on by a group of stupid delinquents who use him as a stress-relieving target. They don't hit him in the face so no one can bring up any questions easily, but Fuyuki is often forced to do things he doesn't want to for them. Fuyuki hates being a coward. He is often depressed and therefore expressionless and lacks enthusiasm. He's a genuinely smart kid who's had a big string of sucky luck.

11/20/2010 #5
Marialena-Princess Of The Moon

My turn!

Name:Marialena Ripa

Nickname:Marian and Ina.




Looks:Brown shoulder legenth hair and emerald eyes.

Personality:Shy and quiet at first but if you know her she is artistic ,smart,loyal and hasa short temper.

Bio:She s a childhood friend of Yaya and Kukai.She just returned from America and now she stays with the girls.

3/11/2011 #6


I-I mean, new person! Welcome!

3/11/2011 #7
Marialena-Princess Of The Moon

Thank you I think.:)

Emm now I can start roleplay right?

3/12/2011 #8

Yay! Someone new!

3/12/2011 #9

Name: Hiromi Kinomoto

Nickname(if you have one): They usually call her by her last name or they call her Mimi




Looks: Has soft black curly hair with 2 pink bows on both sides of her head, sky blues eyes, and has a curvy figure. She has a light brown highlight on the right side of her head.

Personality: Kind, caring, hyper, flirty, and can be feisty. She hates it when people make fun of her or her friends.

Bio: She is best friends with Amu, Yaya, and Rima. Her parents wanted Hiromi and her three brothers to live with them in Europe, but they wanted to stay in Tokyo. So her parents left them and now live in France. Her brothers are very protective when it comes to guys. She's an 'A' student and is on the school cheerleading team. She lives with Amu and the girls.

4/8/2011 . Edited 4/8/2011 #10
Name: Miyumi Okaza Nickname: Mons Age: 16 Grade: 11 Looks: Chin length brown hair (like Kukai's) with caramel streaks. Emerald green eyes. Always weras a black banadana and a black netted fingerless glove. Her clother are always jeans and tank tops. Bio: Miyumi was born on the 19th of August. (um I was just wonderin if we can be related to characters from the show and date them) Brother: Ikuto Sister: Utau boyfriend: Kukai. I guess with me being related to Ikuto and Uatu the story tells it self.
5/24/2011 #11
Can I join? Name: Seiran Hichyo Nick-Name: Say-Say Age:16 Gender:Femail Grade:Junior Looks: Long Blonde/Brown Wavy Hair, Green Eyes. Personality: Loud, Out-Going, Motivational, Embarrassed Easly, Push-Over, Confident, Good At Sports, Sharp, Willing To Help, Helps Someon In Need, Good-Hearted. Bio: Her Best Friend Is Utau Hoshina, She Lives Alone In An Apartment. She Was A Twin, Her Brothe Committed Suicide At The Age Of 13, She Never Knew Her Parents. Escaped Her Orphanage. Loves Reading, She's Used To Being Forgotten. She And Kuukai Have A Love-Complex. :P
12/17/2011 #12

I'd like to join. ^^

Name: Tsubaki Ritsunami

Nickname(if you have one): Ritsu

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Grade: Junior

Looks: Extremely tall, slim and slender. She has jet-black eyes. Her hair is straight, touches the back of her shoulder blades, light brown. She has pale skin, and is considered rather pretty, but not so pretty until everyone worships her or something.

Personality: Rather laid-back, selfish, calm, nonchalant. Is a loyal friend, says what she thinks, doesn't really care about people she deems as stupid or irrelevant. She's easy going, and doesn't really care about anything much.

Bio: Lives in a rather normal family, middle-class, reasonably wealthy. Her parents put pressure on her to work hard and be good at stuff academically, but she doesn't really care and just goes with the flow. Her grades are all straight As. Her parents have divorced, and she now lives with her cousin, Yumika Shihoru. Her mother is a secretary, and her father is a businessman of a large company. She is an only child. Likes drawing and writing.

12/19/2011 #13
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