MokoxSho, Your thoughts?
This is just an idea that won't leave my sick little head cuz the more I think about it the more I like it! What does anyone else think?
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Seeing how silky yet spicy Kanae can be, and how childish yet godly Shotaro can behave... Oh, gee! Here we have some rather enticing mixture. Of course, it would be a pull-and-pull realtionship. Not incompatible, per se... but frisky and 'ill-mannered,' heh. They'd rip each other's throats open each time they fought, and I guess that making up would be slow in coming. I don't see them being a formal couple, unless Kyoko steps in to support them and give her blessing... and finally forgive the jerk. No. I think that they give off a more casual feeling, like a no-compromises date (I don't see Kanae in the role of a one-night stand, though. Ooooh, no! Haha!). I'm not sure if they would be able to work it out in the end, to be honest! But maybe she's just what Shotaro needs... A woman that is totally capable of keeping him on a short leash, and scarcely shows her affection. Who knows? The gods have had fun doing odd matches before, right? -- Native Language: Argentine Spanish. I apologize for the lame grammar.
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Not sure if you were actually looking for replies, but I can see what you're getting at. If Kyoko ever forgives Shotaro, I can picture it happening - but he needs to apologize first. Kanae is her best friend, and she wouldn't throw that away for a guy that hurt said best friend - considering said guy lead the aforementioned best friend to give up on love. Closure for Kyoko and Shotaro is a necessity; it must happen before Sho has any hopes of getting a girlfriend from LME. On the other hand, Sho can just date Mimori without having to do anything - but that relationship could only end in disaster. Sho sees Kyoko as his possession; he'd go for the relationship that would allow must contact with her. Yes, he threw her away - but the further away she gets from him, the harder he tries to make sure her heart and mind are focused on him, even if all she feels is hatred. Kyoko is obviously going to end up with Ren. Sho will want to put himself in a position where, in the off chance Ren messes up, he can easily fill Kyoko's heads with thoughts of him instead. In other words, he'd be planning to use Kanae just to get closer to Kyoko. However, this implies that he never cared for Kyoko even when they were children - which was already somewhat denied during the filming of the Prisoner PV; he revealed that the reason he never comforted her was because he didn't know how...which implies that some part of him might have wanted to make her feel better.

Now, let's consider a Shotaro that DID care for Kyoko as a child. He never physically comforted her, but he's a musician, isn't he? How do we know there aren't some unreleased songs that he had written for her? There has got to be something that he did that made Kyoko think he was her prince or she wouldn't have felt so betrayed. If we consider that he did write some songs for her as a form of comfort, after Kuon returned to the states, then there's a chance a true Kanae and Shotaro romance can happen. Why? Because, in this scenario, it would be easier to believe that Sho could apologize for what happened and would be easier for a true reconciliation. In this case, Sho may or may not have some real feelings for Kanae. Either way, he'd pass it off as just using her to get to Kyoko - but it could change, with time.

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