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It has potential that I admit. It kinda remind me of Persons Unknown except with teenagers instead of adults.

11/3/2010 #1
Vitality Keys

I agree with you. I think it's definitely got the potential, but there just hasn't been enough yet to give a straight answer as to whether or not it will be a hit for Cartoon Network. They already stretched their luck with Unnatural History, and adding more live-action shows is definitely going to bring more haters that will complain about the shows, even if they haven't taken the time to watch them, just because this is Cartoon Network.

However, there are things that I didn't like at first. For one, CJ seemed to come off as a little marysue-ish, stereotypical "perfect" teen girl that everyone is after. I guess the little flaw that she's so agents the school helps her, I don't know how I feel about her yet, though. I love Ian's character, though, he too seems somewhat "perfect." Most of the characters do. But then again, the school and plotline sort of allow for it. I like the unreal feeling ti gives while still being believable. I've warmed up to it, and hopefully it will only get better. I think it's an exceptional plotline that, if done properly, will be great.

11/4/2010 #2
Duck Life

Unnatural History is history, and because its ratings were higher than TP's, I predict that Tower Prep is going to go the same way. :'(

11/21/2010 #3

I can understand where you're coming from with the whole too-perfect-marysue-ish idea but you have to remember CJ doesn't remember her life before Tower so her back story could cause major character flaws that would make her less "perfect" plus since she's been there so long she has to act like the perfect student, it's how she got the headmaster to agree to the dance. Ian is a little too "golden boy" for me but it helps that he's used to be a rebel without a cause and now he's always there for his friends. Suki's character will become less perfect when they explain why everything in the tunnels seems to be made by her family. In the lab during the Rooks episode, when they found the raven symbol, the label said sauto again. Gabe is the comic of the group, injecting humor into situations, so he'll probably never change.

Or i could be reading way to much into this and the reason they all seem "too perfect" is because it's a Cartoon Network show.


11/27/2010 #4
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