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We could be a career pack. We bash people to death with our laptops. And steal their wifi.
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There's not many rules here at District 14 in regards to the forum. Please follow the few we have.

1)First and foremost, your grammar and spelling is a must. That means capital letters at the starts of sentences, people! Full stops! This has the occasional exception (eg. artistic/comedic effect), but if a regular or moderator or, God forbid,Iask you to stop, you will damn well stop.

2) Unless you are a onetime poster in the Complaints thread, you must introduce yourself, in the correct thread.

3) Feel free to insult and wail retardedly, (and I'm talking to either side here). If it begins to get personal/death threats, I/my moderators will step in.

4) Post using the appropriate threads for what you want to say.

5) Those trolling, or those even under suspicion of trolling, will be banned. That is, of course, unless you're amusing, in which case we'll laugh until you get bored,thenban you.

6) If you have an issue with a ban/think it is unreasonable,take it up with the person who banned you. If you're unsatisfied with the answer they give you, come to me, Into. If you're unhappy with the reason I give you...tough titties.

7) If you're a newbie, listen to the mods and regs. They're been here longer, and they know more than you. If they tell you to do something reasonable,do it.

8) Privacy. If someone asks you to stop doing something, you stop it, or you'll get an insta!ban. THIS MEANS NO SHARING OF SOMEONE ELSE'S PERSONAL INFORMATION, INCLUDING PHOTOS/NAMES/EMAIL ADDRESSES.

9) No fucking advertising. I'm serious. I don't care about your stories/forums/communities. This ismyforum, and I don't want you advertising.

10) If you wish to create a new forum thread, you must ask permission of a moderator/the admin.

Lastly, if you have a problem with something in the forum,do not PM this account!It is not checked often, and is simply used as a placeholder for District 14. Thank you!

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