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Basically, this is where you post the descriptions to put in the regulars thread. Each week either Whisp, Maddie, Evie, or I will edit in the newbs (if there are any) that need descriptions, into this post. If you know this person/want to write a description, please do so.


[none at the moment]

2/7/2011 . Edited 11/7/2011 #1

I call Into. |D

I'll edit later, yes?

And Icelyn, too~

Into: Into is a male nearing eighteen, he is Mexican-Australian and goes by his full name, Fernando Rodriguez. Into calls himself an asshole, but he's honestly not that bad, as long as you don't piss him off. He writes for a multitude of fandoms that you would never imagine one person could handle by themselves. He might not update incredibly often, but when he does, it's usually an enjoyable read. Into lives in Australia, so he'll probably be on at what can be considered odd hours to you, though he has a relatively normal sleeping schedule (ZOMG. :O) He graduated from high school forEVAR recently, and is enjoying making fun of all the Americans of his age for not being out of school yet. Into has more socks that any one person will ever need and uses them to post at the various forums he frequents. He enjoys spamming immensely and loves his precious forum's post count. Into is the majestic admin of District 14 and can been seen arguing with anyone who dares to oppose him and is always in it for the lulz~

...I'll edit it if you wish~

2/7/2011 . Edited 2/7/2011 #2

Oh, and typo in the title. :D

2/7/2011 #3

I'll do Jimmy and Evie.

2/7/2011 #4
Pure Evil Breed

Is there a deadline for this? I can do Maddie's, hopefully. 0D

2/7/2011 #5


2/7/2011 . Edited 2/7/2011 #6

I call dibs on Rachel~ :3

-will edit it in later when I'm back from school-

EDIT: Rachel? Rachel is like a goddess of awesome. Most of what she says is completely and utterly brilliant and will often have you literally rolling on the floor laughing. Not in like a "hahaha" way but in like a "OHMIGOD MY STOMACH HURTS AND I JUST RUINED MY PANTS THAT'S AMAZING" way. Rachel's always saying the right things at the right times to get her point across and have humor stitched into the works. And best of all? She thinks you're awesome, too.

2/8/2011 . Edited 2/9/2011 #7
Suz Singer

The only person I kinda know is Rachel~~ Don't know anyone else that much yet :(

But, just so you know, I got ridiculously happy seeing that I'm a "regular" :)

2/8/2011 #8

That's because Sue is awesome, oh course. Chill. ~

Couldn't I just write my own? Because I mostly ghost around here, anywhom. No one knows much about me.

2/8/2011 #9
Suz Singer

We know you're a ghost :)

2/8/2011 #10


You can do your own if you wish.

2/8/2011 #11
Suz Singer

Lmao. I don't want to do my own.

2/8/2011 #12

.. Maybe I can do Sara's?

2/8/2011 #13
Suz Singer

Sure! Tell me a little about yourself, and I'll do yours.

2/8/2011 #14

Nuh-uh. Mine'll be like: 'Juno/Jenni is a ghost, floating around to try and inhabit your corpse. :p'

2/8/2011 #15
Suz Singer

Ah! How about:

Juno/Jenni is a ghost, floating around, trying to find her next host. Best watch your back, or it could be YOU.


2/8/2011 #16

Sure, why not. :p

2/8/2011 #17
Suz Singer

lolz! Write mine, then.

2/8/2011 #18

I shall. Once I am able to type with both hands. Guess who stabbed them self?

2/8/2011 #19

On accident. Kinda.

2/8/2011 #20
Suz Singer

Bad girl. I do that at work all the time. Bad, since i work with knives.

2/8/2011 #21

Food service work?

2/8/2011 #22
Suz Singer

Yep. The Deli/Chef's Kitchen in a Jewel Osco.

2/8/2011 #23

Sounds delicious. *nodnod*

2/8/2011 #24
Suz Singer

It sure is:)

Rotisserie chicken, fried chicken, honey/hot wings, salads, lunchmeat, cheese.

And our newest salad~~ Chocolate Bliss. *salivates* so good!

2/8/2011 #25

Oh mon dieu. I'm vegetarian, but that sounds amazing.

2/8/2011 #26
Suz Singer

Chocolate Bliss is like chocolate cake on the bottom, chocolate mousse on top, with whipped cream on top.

2/8/2011 #27
Shiner Shining Bright

Juno is a ghost, although not as ghostly as she thinks. Silent as a ninja, she creeps in on conversations until you're talking to her, but never saw her come in. She's a lovable girl who listens to your problems with a patient and sympathetic mind, a vegetarian with a loving heart. :D

2/8/2011 #28

D'aww. How cute.

Chocolate is what keeps me alive. Cocao. I want that stuff in an IV.

2/8/2011 #29

Evie is done. :D

2/8/2011 #30
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