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St. Elsewhere

There are a lot more people who need to be done.

Draft them here and I'll edit them in.

6/1/2011 #61


Vivid, also known as Lucy, lurked on this forum forever. She finally officially arrived the middle of a mild flame war with the Marshmallow People, and decided she quite liked it, so she stayed. Vivid prefers to be topless most of the time, which we very much like. She loves talking about her boyfriend (because it makes her happy and embarrasses him, win!) and can probably be found doing that, if not eating or searching for a job. Vivid doesn't shy around many topics, and is very outgoing. She's a huge fan of blood and gore, as can be viewed in The Capitol Games. She's very friendly and welcoming to everyone, and can go off on a tangent very easily. (She also has a very dirty mind, which will be exploited soon, no doubt.)

6/1/2011 #62

Maddie is 15 now :D So that should prolly be updated. I'll do one for Evan :) I'll sent it later today!

Edit: And here is Evan's! :D

Evan – A 14-year-old middle school student hailing from Maine who does not remember the 90's, Evan is notable for his bizarre Facebook profile picture. Unlike most of the Americans on this forum, Evan practices a relatively normal sleeping schedule. He usually returns to the forum in the morning distraught about missing the late-night/mid-day conversations our resident Vampire Children and Aussies so love. Evan is a slightly eccentric boy who has ghosts of fellow forum members trapped in his closet. They hold parties behind his back so he never knows what is going on. Once every few weeks, he attempts to blow up the forum. However, we here at D14 are resourceful enough to put it back together every time. As a fourteen-year-old, he is one of the Forum's babies.

6/2/2011 . Edited 6/2/2011 #63

Into, who still needs to be done?

6/2/2011 #64

I'll do them. :P

6/3/2011 . Edited 6/3/2011 #65

Haha, I love that! ^^

Thank you!

6/3/2011 . Edited 6/3/2011 #66


6/8/2011 #67

Lost is, well, a fan of the television show Lost. Forever. No, really, just look at her pen name, dude. Lost's profile is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. She really loves her friends and is open about herself on her profile. (Plus, she has a fucking crayon. You can't beat that. At all. Go ahead and try, dude.) Lost has won many awards for her writing and is a veteran to the fandom. :3 We love her here and the forum would not be the same without him.

7/1/2011 #68


Pasta is very fritzy, but in a good way. She always has a new pen name and avatar (or no avatar -grumble-) so sometimes it's hard to recognize her. She's a very comforting person and usually will go out of her way to help people, but is also always up for a good debate. Pasta came to this forum via forum!hopping from LU, and we couldn't love her more. As the forum's Master of Innuendo, Pasta blew all of our pants off-- quite literally. (By the way, the carpets match the drapes; not in weight, but length.) Pasta is our forum love, and we enjoy every minute of her presence.

7/1/2011 #69

Love it Rachel, but I'm a girl. XD

Oh, you just put him at the end.

7/2/2011 . Edited 7/2/2011 #70


Also, Into, I came on 04 November 2010, not 22 November 2010~

7/2/2011 #71
we heart it


Thanks, Rachel! :D

'Fritzy' makes me think about Ms.Frizzle. ,'K

7/3/2011 #72

Nya~ I needs one~

7/8/2011 #73

. . . You don't ask for one. If you're a reg, Into'll put you on the list.

7/8/2011 #74


7/11/2011 #75
St. Elsewhere

We need descriptions for:






Purple Embers



7/29/2011 #76
A Band Of Thieves


7/29/2011 #77

GlimmerIcewood: LOLCANADA. Only don't tell her I said that, because Rowan doesn't always uphold the polite Canadian stereotype. GlimmmerIcewood is more commonly called Rowan because it's easier and it's an awesome name. Other nicknames include Glimmer, Glim, and Ice. Rowan is always happy. Seriously, I have yet to see this girl get angry or sad or anything but pure loveliness. She loves to bounce off the walls and SPEAK IN CAPITAL LETTERS, but it's why we love her. Or something. :3 We also love her because she lives in an igloor, rides a polar bear, has a sled dog, and eats absolutely nothing but maple syrup.

silver-nightstorm: Or the girl with so many nicknames even she sighs when she has to prattle them off. The most common names she goes by are Namitha, Nim, Nami, Siv, Silv, and Silver, but feel free to add more to the full list on her profile. One of the forum Mary-Sues, Namitha is a wonderful girl who's always cheering people up. Well, when she isn't growing mushrooms in the emo corner, at any rate. 0D She's a fabulous procrastinator and a fun person to talk to, and something else nice to finish off this list, yes?

7/29/2011 . Edited 7/29/2011 #78
A Band Of Thieves

Include in Rowan's that she GETS EVERYONE HYPER ON SKYPE, DAMN HER.

7/29/2011 #79

Haha, what Whisp speaks is the truth~ :D Thankies so much dear~ -hugs-

7/29/2011 #80
A Band Of Thieves

Nathan- Nathan is this guy from Colorado. Also known as Jack. He recently turned 18. Nathan isn't even his real name!(shhhh) He is often talking about sugery related things for his book, and he likes history. He sometimes creeps on Into. Rumor has it that he and Into are the same person..... They get shipped together. And he likes to talk a lot. He's one BAMF!

7/29/2011 . Edited 7/29/2011 #81
Erwin Smith

Does I get one? D:

7/29/2011 #82


SHE IS THE LORD OF THE CHICKENS. Come near the fucking chickens, and you will die a slow and painful death. Simple enough? BookHunter, who generally goes by Hunter {nickname} or Booking Hunter {porn star name} is a very sexy beast indeed. She can go on and on, telling you stories that fascinate you and just make you want to. . .love her. Despite anything that she says, she is a very brilliant writer who focuses on the Maximum Ride fandom. She is dedicate to helping people and being a kickass friend. She graces this forum with awesome, and will have very hot lesbian sex with Rachel one day. Just you wait. :K

7/30/2011 . Edited 7/30/2011 #83


#not editing again

7/30/2011 #84
St. Elsewhere

When I get more, I'll update. ^^;

7/30/2011 #85
St. Elsewhere

O c C A S I O N A L S :

The Hell Jumper (Brayden) -

Cerulean City (Blake) -

8/1/2011 #86

I'll write Fiona and Emma. And Clara, too. ^^;

Fiona (A Band of Thieves) - Fiona is so little, well, it's insane. We quite enjoy her at D14, even though she particularily loves to annoy us with her antics. Hailing from California, Fiona is usually hilarious while attempting to argue with ones who like to make fun of her. She knows that we love her anyways, and we always mean our teasing in the most affectionate way possible. Fiona is completely awesome, and quite scary for one so young. She can also be quite violent, but don't let that stop you from talking to her.

Emma/Ash (Purple Embers) - Emma, also known as Ash quite frequently, is not just another Australian. She is quite hilarious, usually talking about Pokémon in some way, shape or form. Emma is usually quite hyper, and definetely fun to be around. This girl is certain to brighten your whole day in one way or another, no matter what. She is often quite spontaneous and random, which we love very much. In all, Emma is definetely the girl to go to when you want to talk about absolutely anything.

Clara (Claratrix LeChatham) - Clara is a classy bitch who drinks real tea, not that weak shit- the real, scalding hot Chai kind. Which just makes her a giant bad-ass in one sentence. Besides that, Clara is an absolutely lovely girl, who decides to get extremely hyper at the most random times. Often times she is seen trying to kidnap Evan and/or Rowan just for the fun of it. Or shoving strangers in the trunk of her car. While she seems scary, Clara is amazingly awesome. Or something like that. :D

8/13/2011 . Edited 8/13/2011 #87
A Band Of Thieves

I'll do Doctor if that pleases. \will edit in

Doctor(Perseus12)- Doctor, also know by her other nickname, Perseus, is the sexy beast of this forum. Or so she thinks. Doctor likes to make jokes that will later need to be edited so her mother doesn't see. What a sexy little cauldron cake. :K She is the equivalent of cautious. She will not tell us anything about her. That makes us sad. D: She is one cocky little mofo, but we love her anyways(Pedophiles). She's not allowed to cuss or anything special, because she'll be banned from the computer( DOCTOR'S MOM, IF YOU'RE READING THIS, LET HER STAY! WE ARE ALL VERY NICE AND SHE IS VERY CAUTIOUS ABOUT THE INFORMATION SHE SHARES.) Le forum Doctor. She'll heal your wounds? I dunno. She also fails at rapping. End it with something bad, aw yeah.

8/16/2011 . Edited 8/17/2011 #88

O c C A S I O N A L S :

The Hell Jumper (Brayden) -

[The Hell Jumper]

Brayden is Lucy's penis. Just kidding. Probably. Ah. Brayden is Australian, hella attractive (according to Lucy. Probably.), eighteen for a while longer, and a twin. THESE ALL MAKE HIM AWESOME. SHUT UP. D: But really. He's a University student, and pretty much awesome, from what we know of him. He once waved 'hi' to Rachel over Skype. *nod* His pen name is really cool, and rather mysterious. Unfortunately, we don't know much about Brayden because he should come around more often, but he totally wants to film Rachel and Lucy having sex. :D

/this fails i'm sorry guise

8/20/2011 . Edited 8/20/2011 #89

Into, you are bad at updating this thread. I call the attention of a ~moderator~?

And please omit the part about the vegetarian in mine description, please.

9/10/2011 #90
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