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We could be a career pack. We bash people to death with our laptops. And steal their wifi.
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St. Elsewhere

Oh, who am I kidding? They're more than slightly disturbed.

[Oh, and apparently this idea originated in The Domain. Thanks for coming up with such an awesome idea, guys!]



[the one, the only]

Into (St. Elsewhere) - Into is an asshole. Until you know him better, that's really all you need. (Australia) -THE BEGINNING



[these are the trusted ones, and evidence of Into's blatant favouritism]

Whisp (whisperasweknowit) - The Co-Leader of District 14, Whisp is usually seen pwning people with awesome lines in the Complaints thread. A complete Harry Potter fanatic, she's recognisable for her incredibly misleading avatar, because she is in no way, old, balding or male. No, seriously. It confused Into for literally days. A wonderful girl, and a great addition to the mod bar, she always lightens any conversation she's in. (United States) - December 4th, 2010

Madeleine (Lightfall) - Madeleine lives fairly close to Into, but won't tell him where this is, which makes him sad. :( Other than that, Madeleine is a happy, bright (edit: Apparently she's neither happy nor bright. Recently even less so) 16 year old who hails from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians fandom. She writes sporadically for HG and can be mostly found talking about cats and/or her newest fandom obsession. Or her book ideas, which are numerous and bizarre. An already trusted friend of Into's, she's been here since the beginning. (Australia) - November 10th, 2010

Rowan (GlimmerIcewood) - Rowan resides in Canadaland which we all like to make fun of her for (especially Into). She pees maple syrup and is obsessed with hockey (typical Canadian). She is also in dating a horse that she hooked up with when she spilled paint on her face in art class and he decided to get it off with his mouth. However, she is having a (not so) secret affair with Into, thus making Rowtoe canon. You'll usually find her crying on her bedroom floor watching Vampire Diaries or being that person at a hockey game who doesn't shut the fuck up and won't "get down in front." Even though Rowan is often the butt of our jokes, we love her very much and the forum would be the same without her (as if). Still, ew Canada. Also she is a street walker who keeps stealing Lost's corner. (Canada) - July 8th, 2011

Sid knee/Syd/Sydney/Sad Knees/Sad Mayo/Any Combination Thereof (SydneyLouWho) - Sydney is a wonderful, pretty and amazing...city located in Australia, and if you want to know more go to Wikipedia. Oh. You want to know about the other Sydney. My bad. Well, Syd shares the aforementioned traits, except, you know, she isn't a city. Probably. She's a lovely girl. Either that or she's a forty-year-old computer hacker who's messing with our heads. Always fun to talk to, she also enjoys singing and is probably amazing at it, though certain members of the forum are yet to hear her voice. (United States) - November 06th, 2011

Lost (Lostliveson4eva) - Lost owns a cornfield in her back yard and Evan helps her keep the small children they use as slaves in check. If you search long enough, you may find the children (all under five feet, sucks to be Fiona and Doc) hard at work. Lost does request that if you see a slave not working that you please tell her so that proper punishment can be given (if you get my drift). Lost aspires to own a bookstore in New York one day, one filled with many cats and an upstairs apartment to shove all of the D14 members into (and another apartment for when they've been /bad/). But for now she'll settle for her cornfield. She has unrequited love for Rowan, who is busy with Colt, even though she strongly supports Rowtoe. She's also cheating on everything with everyone. She also owns a talking vagina that gives her the answers to her tests. Also tall buildings, yay! PS: SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH, LOST. (United States) - February 07th, 2011



[these are the awesome people who have, for some reason, decided to call District 14 home]

Hunter/Pants (BookHunter) - LORD OF THE CHIKINZ. Hunter originally trolololed around the Complaints thread with CZ, but since then, we've come to love her. Except for Into. The aforementioned Lord of Chickens, Hunter has a seriously screwed sleeping pattern and can usually be seen insulting the admin/plotting his demise with Evie. A loveable addition to the forum, Hunter gets on with almost everyone. Except Into. Which is okay because he don't like her anyway. -sniff- (United States) - January 2nd, 2011

Vivid/Lucy/Vevard (VividlyVisceral) - Vivid, also known as Lucy, lurked on this forum forever. She finally officially arrived the middle of a mild flame war with the Marshmallow People, and decided she quite liked it, so she stayed. Vivid prefers to be topless most of the time, which we very much like. She loves talking about her boyfriend (because it makes her happy and embarrasses him, win!) and can probably be found doing that, if not eating or searching for a job. Vivid doesn't shy around many topics, and is very outgoing. She's a huge fan of blood and gore, as can be viewed in The Capitol Games. She's very friendly and welcoming to everyone, and can go off on a tangent very easily. (She also has a very dirty mind, which will be exploited soon, no doubt). Vivid's story, The Capitol Games, is awesome sauce, and its high review count has been making District 14's other members jealous for generations. (Australia) - February 7th, 2011

Evan (Toxophilite) - Evan is Maine's poster child. I hear his hair's insured for $10,000. He doesn't sleep, he waits. He is vice president of Lost's amazing cornfield, in charge of maintaining the minions. Evan gets naughty anons on tumblr frequently, and Into has more growing experience, which makes Evan upset. One time he stuffed socks in his mouth. It was awesome. He's probably got the coolest parents on the forum, even though he was born with a penis so he couldn't be named Emily. Evan is doomed to be forever alone because Clara deems it to be so. Evan loves to store skittles in his vagina when he goes to the movies. He's basically a nocturnal lumberjack who lobster fishes for extra cash. (United States) - February 7th, 2011

Pasta (Too many to count) - Pasta is very fritzy, but in a good way. She always has a new pen name and avatar (or no avatar -grumble-) so sometimes it's hard to recognize her. She's a very comforting person and usually will go out of her way to help people, but is also always up for a good debate. Pasta came to this forum via forum!hopping from LU, and we couldn't love her more. As the forum's Master of Innuendo, Pasta blew all of our pants off-- quite literally. (By the way, the carpets match the drapes; not in weight, but length.) Pasta is our forum love, and we enjoy every minute of her presence. (United States) - February 20th, 2011

Silver/Nami (silver-nightstorm) - Or the girl with so many nicknames even she sighs when she has to prattle them off. The most common names she goes by are Namitha, Nim, Nami, Siv, Silv, and Silver, but feel free to add more to the full list on her profile. One of the forum Mary-Sues, Namitha is a wonderful girl who's always cheering people up. Well, when she isn't growing mushrooms in the emo corner, at any rate. 0D She's a fabulous procrastinator and a fun person to talk to, and something else nice to finish off this list, yes? [derp, she likes tennis, which is okay in Into's book.] (United States) - April 21st, 2011

Nathan/Jack (nathan-p) - Nathan is a pre-med student. AND HE FUCKING LOVES CATS. He is also Into's heterosexual life partner. (United States) - July 9th, 2011

Doctor/Doktor/Perseus (Generation Nothing) - THE DOCTOR'S IN THE HOUSE. Doc is swaggie as hell and also Lost is a bitch. She is a sassy black woman who don't need no man because she is a child. Doc is also forever twelve, and is depicted as an entire black woman's choir. And no, none of this is racist at all. She can rap you into oblivion and likes to send weird ass snapchats of her doing weird things with her face. She'll often be found fighting with Fiona over who is the baby on the forum, even though we all know it's Ness, it's still fun to watch. Doc is a crazy, lovable member of the forum (I feel like this cheesy stuff should be added at least once in the descriptions), and is the best at writing Into/Rowan smutt. Four for you, Doc. You go, Doc. Doctor likes to make jokes that will later need to be edited so her mother doesn't see. (United States) - July 24th, 2011

Emma/Ash/Purple (Purple Embers) - Emma, also known as Ash quite frequently, is not just another Australian. She is quite hilarious, usually talking about Pokémon in some way, shape or form. Emma is usually quite hyper, and definitely fun to be around. This girl is certain to brighten your whole day in one way or another, no matter what. She is often quite spontaneous and random, which we love very much. In all, Emma is definitely the girl to go to when you want to talk about absolutely anything. (Australia) - July 8th, 2011

Clara/Claratrixie/THE LeCHATHAM (Claratrix LeChatham) - Clara is a classy bitch who drinks real tea, not that weak shit- the real, scalding hot Chai kind. Which just makes her a giant bad-ass in one sentence. Besides that, Clara is an absolutely lovely (though occasionally slightly crazy) girl, who decides to get extremely hyper at the most random times. Often times she is seen trying to kidnap Evan and/or Rowan just for the fun of it. Or shoving strangers in the trunk of her car. She has also said that her baby brother (Evan) will get a girlfriend when she is dead. Plus a few days to make sure. While she seems scary, Clara is amazingly awesome. Or something like that. :D She's also terrified of Into, for some reason. (United States) - July 26th, 2011

Fiona (A Band of Thieves) - Fiona is so little, well, it's insane. We quite enjoy her at D14, even though she particularly loves to annoy us with her antics. Hailing from California, Fiona is usually hilarious while attempting to argue with ones who like to make fun of her. She knows that we love her anyways, and we always mean our teasing in the most affectionate way possible. Fiona is completely awesome, and quite scary for one so young. She can also be quite violent, but don't let that stop you from talking to her. (United States) - June 24th, 2011

Cobalt/Bolta/Paige (Cobalt Crayon) - Cobalt is the second Canadian to grace the forum, and is the one usually glaring at Into when he makes a joke about Canada, the hilarious country that it is. A lover of the Hunger Games and RvB, the latter of which she loves to pieces, her sweet personality led her to making fast friends in District 14. A wonderful girl. She also fucking loves cats, and can often be seen chatting about them to Nathan and Maddie about them.. (Canada) - July 21st, 2011

Cheese (Her.Royal.Cheesyness) - Cheese is. Well, we don't really knowwhat Cheese is. The owner of a deceptively sweet-looking avatar, for one, a dirty chat killer for two. Cheese likes to trololol, and is very good at it. Nobody has yet conclusively proved that Cheese isnot Doctor in disguise. The owner of many side accounts with cool countries, Cheese is a migrant from Veritaville. She's also the fabulous writer of a story about a jar of pickles, and that alone makes her awesome. (United Kingdom) - July 8th, 2011

JD/Juno (wacholder) - FREAKING CHAT KILLER. D8 Juno is a ghost, although not as ghostly as she thinks. Silent as a ninja, she creeps in on conversations until you're talking to her, but never saw her come in. She's a lovable girl who listens to your problems with a patient and sympathetic mind, a loving person with a loving heart. :D (United States) - January 17th, 2011

Diya (MusicIsMyGames) - Diya is a person who's been here for a while. Into doesn't really know her, but what he's seen so far, he likes, and the other regulars/moderators also like her. So yeah. Uhm. Woo! (United States) - December 25th, 2011



[these are the ones who tend to be around, but don't post much, preferring the shadowy corners of the forum]

Evie (Pure Evil Breed) - Evie (イーブイ, Ībui?, E-EEVEE), known as the Into-killer, is a fennec-like lurker with an unstable genetic code, which allows it to evolve into seven different levels of emotion depending on the situation.[1] Three of these evolutions are the result of Evie being exposed to either an Into, Troll or Onyx Stone. Two more of the evolutions involve maximum affection with the Victim and accordance to the time of day. The final two evolutions are the result of training in two specific areas, LU and District 14 (both of which are found in the FFN). (Indonesia) - December 4th, 2010



[these people aren't regulars, because they aren't here much, but aren't lurkers either, because they genuinely aren't here.]

Blake (Cerulean City) - What can I say about Blake? It doesn't matter, because few people know him anyway. Blake comes from both The Domain and Literate Union, and posts once in a blue moon. Blake, who has reading Hunger Games-but-not-the-rest is also one of the better writers in the Pokémon fandom, and is liked and respected by Into. Blake's been around since forever, and has more wives/husbands/genetic mergers than he [or anyone else] can remember. ;D (United States) - December 1st, 2010

Brayden (The Hell Jumper) - Brayden is Lucy's penis. Just kidding. Probably. Ah. Brayden is Australian, hella attractive (according to Lucy. Probably.), eighteen for a while longer, and a twin. THESE ALL MAKE HIM AWESOME. SHUT UP. D: But really. He's a University student, and pretty much awesome, from what we know of him. He once waved 'hi' to Rachel over Skype. *nod* His pen name is really cool, and rather mysterious. Unfortunately, we don't know much about Brayden because he should come around more often. When he does, he is usually somewhat bemused by the forum's craziness. (Australia) - July 5th, 2011

Jessamine/Jess/Jessa (Jessamine Riot) - Jessa is mean to the Majestic Admin. :( (United States) - February 20th, 2011



[by general rule of thumb, these are the ones who a) appeared recently, or b) Into doesn't know that well]\

Du Hljodhr Sundavar

Twig Happy



[these are the ones that were here once upon a time, but for various reasons, are not anymore, and probably won't be back again.]

Dia (Lusiant) - Dia co-founded our friend D14. Co-founded. How many of us can say that here? Dia is like...Thomas Jefferson. Just, you know, female and alive. Dia is sweet in both instances (you know, she's adorable and cute but she's also, for lack of a better way of saying it, sweeeeet -insert surfer male here-), and used to be 'nice' mod--Into's an asshole, and Whisp is tearing your posts apart. She tends to have her head screwed on correctly, which is more than a lot of us here can say. In short? Dia rules. Dia was demodded after a long period of inactivity, but she'll be back one day. (United States) - November 20th, 2010

Icelyn (xXIceShadowXx) - Icy is the very definition of Internet Suspicious. She doesn't like to give out much information online and is super Uber. She's incredibly weird, strange, crazy, awesome, and all of the above. She is the Queen of Angst and a lover of fluffy bunnies, particularly ripping their heads on in a violent manner. She has a preference for black and all things dark. She's a music junkie with extra love for Paramore. She's been in multiple fandoms, including Pokémon, Mortal Instruments, Hunger Games, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Ph3ar her and her adorable dinosaur noises. (United States) - January 1st, 2011

Ata (Shiner Shining Bright) - Ata is a hardcore stoner who sits in her basement all day and smokes Pot. Ah. Kidding. Kind of. She's been in District 14 since the beginning, and randomly flickers in and out of the forum, both scaring the shite out of everyone and amazing Into. She's famous for being so incredibly bright, and utilises a wide variety of emoticons to express herself. Stoner is also incredibly friendly, and is loved dearly by all of those lucky enough to be her buddy. Old Kingdom is definitely her bitch, but she also enjoys writing about talking cats. A loveable 14-year-old pot addict/friend from the magical world of Mary-land. (United States) - November 22nd, 2010

Sarah (SuzSinger) - Miss Sarah (With an h, mind you) is the prettiest old hag on this forum. She's one of the oldest, having graduated high school in 2009. She is a romantic sort, a lover of many different fandoms, and is a regular here at District 14. She originally originated from Marshmallow-land, getting caught up in the minuscule battle fought here, on this very land. As a peaceful young lady, she reconciled and ended up staying here, as a permanent guest. Sarah is intelligent and gentle, writes a whole fecking bunch, and has a cool job in New York Land. Shoot her a message, it's something you'll appreciate in the long-run. (United States) - January 28th, 2011

Rachel (something beautiful) - Rachel has been here before anyone else- seriously, she had the first posts in the first topic. Rachel is easily recognizable for her BLATANT ABUSE OF THE CAPS LOCK, which, while incredibly annoying, are endearing in an odd way. Her hobbies include writing, fangirling with Daky over anything Mortal Instruments (read: Jace), and stalking people over Facebook. :3 (United States) - November 4th, 2010

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