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St. Elsewhere

Tell us why you like the individual members of this forum. Or just us all together. :D

11/23/2011 #1

We're sexy.

11/23/2011 #2

I like Clara because she was my first friend ever on FFn. :D

11/23/2011 #3

You guys are my family.

11/23/2011 #4
Pure Evil Breed

I hate you all.

11/23/2011 #5

I love Evie so much. She is my best friend. :3

11/23/2011 #6
Generation Nothing

If I could trust anyone with a secret, I think I would actually trust Evie the most. :3

11/23/2011 #7

We're all amazingly awesome and sexy bastards.

But mostly sexy bastards.

And Into is a lovely forum Princess~

11/23/2011 #8
Bunnies in Abundance

I can get a good laugh here~

11/25/2011 #9

I'm bored. Short things for everyone! Who I talk to, at least.

Intoe - You're mean to me, I hate you.

Just kidding, ily :3 I don't think I could ever really hate you. When you came on to the Marshmallow forum on an alt and called yourself sexy (yes, I remember that, even if you don't), I didn't even hate you then. Even though I wanted to because everyone else did. I remember wanting your approval for some reason . . . But anyway . . .

Whips (No, that is not a typo this time) - Whisp, you are awesome because you play Sims and make beautiful Sims families of us. They are boss and so are you. Plus I didn't start watching AVPM until I saw that you did, and you made me want to watch it because you talked about how amazing it was, so then I did. :D

Maddie - You always seem to be at school Dx, but when you are on at the same time as me, it makes me happy. :3 Plus you remind me of my friend who sits at my lunch table. You guys could be twins. O_O

Evie - I get the child. 3: Evie, you are evil, and it makes me laugh when you try to kill Into.

Pants - You are awesome because you like chicken. (That's what I always eat when I go to restaurants. xD) Plus you are hilarious and who doesn't love the nickname Pants?

Vivid - You are an amazing author, and although I still need to read your story, I will eventually! I want to steal your voice because it is so awesome, so give me.

Evan - *cough* Schmevan *cough* You watch LOST, nuff said. So you're obviously cool.~ And I knew you before anyone else on here. I've known you for what? Longer than a year? I just remember talking about Thanksgiving last year with the awards people, and that's past, so it's been a year. :D

Pasta - You never seem to be on, or I just don't recognize your penname anymore, because that's how stupid I am. xD But you're hilarious, so it's all good.

Rowan - oh god, Rowan. I don't even know what to say. I forgive you for being a Canadian because you're too awesome to not like. And even though I make fun of you for having sex with a horse, and for having little horse/human demon children, you're still one of my best friends on here. :3 Because you're Rowan. And you have an awesome name. I don't know anyone else with that name.

Nami - 3 You're too nice. AND YOU NEED TO COME ON MORE. DX Love you. :3333

Nate - You like cats, so that means you're cool. And you probably live the closest to me, so hop in your car and get over here. :3

Doctor - Even though you're not a real doctor, you still watch DW, and although I've only seen a couple of episodes, it's an awesome show that I really need to start watching again. (After I finally catch up with Supernatural. WHICH WILL HAPPEN, INTO. . Eventually . .)

Emma - I don't talk to you as much, so that needs to change. But you're still an amazing person who I've had good conversations with. :3

Clara - I MISS YOU AND WANT YOU BACK. DDDDX You are such a wonderful person and I don't know what I'd do without you. :3 So come back, because I love you.

Fiona - I love you mother/daughter/minion, whoever you are. NOW GET TO WORK BEFORE I CALL THE CORN COPS ON YOUR ASS.

Cobalt - . . . fucking Canadian . . . I love you, Cobalt, who I think I used to call Cheese when you first came on because your name reminded me of Colby Jack cheese. And whenever my Chem. teacher says Cobalt when talking about the elements, I laugh. xD Everytiiiime. 3

Cheese - You are Asian, aren't you? Well that's too cool for all of us so . . . You must be made of win, then.


I win.

11/26/2011 #10

What I like about you

You really know how to dance

When you go up, down, jump around

Think about true romance, yeah

11/26/2011 #11

E: Well, I don't like how FFN screws up all my posts. Constantly. ;_;

11/26/2011 . Edited 4/6/2012 #12
A Band Of Thieves

I like Lost because she hasn't sent me to the corn fields.


11/26/2011 #13

I like Lost because she let me be Vice President of the corn fields.

11/26/2011 #14

I like Lost because she hasn't sent me to the corn fields.

We'll see . . .

I like Lost because she let me be Vice President of the corn fields.

Heheh, you're the one who handles the . . . silences.

11/26/2011 #15
Generation Nothing

I like Lost because she hasn't put me into the corn cannon yet.

11/26/2011 #16
A Band Of Thieves

Heheh, you're the one who handles the . . . silences.


11/26/2011 #17
Pure Evil Breed

Evie - I get the child.

In your dream~

11/26/2011 #18
A Band Of Thieves

I like Into because he's very. . honest(if that's the right word) :K.

11/26/2011 #19
A Band Of Thieves

I like Rowan because owaitshe'saCanadiannevermind. I like Rowan because she lets me get away with Canadian jokes. :D

11/26/2011 #20

I like Into because he's very. . honest(if that's the right word) :K.



Kekeke ~

11/26/2011 . Edited 11/26/2011 #21
Erwin Smith

I love all of you. You all give me a laugh when I'm feeling down or a few new one-liners to try out on my friends or just something to giggle about.

You guys are my family. This is my home.

11/27/2011 #22

I like--no, I love Clara because even though she's been in the hospital for a month, has had over nine surgeries in that time, and is in a lot of pain, she's still laughing and making jokes and being her sweet, adorable self. :3 Feel better soon, even though you probably won't read this for a while. ♥

11/28/2011 #23
Generation Nothing

I love how even though Clara's in pain, she's still singing and just being the Clara that we love.

11/28/2011 #24

I love all of you because I look slightly less weird when I'm here. Because you're all weird too.

... or more weird, depending on how you look at it.

12/13/2011 #25
Claratrix LeChatham

(Whisp!edit: Break ALL the lines~)

Rowan, you're such a good sport when I make fun of your Canadian heritage, your bony shoulders, and your boyfriend of debatable species. But seriously, you are such a good friend. I know that you will always be able to cheer me up, just by being you. And I want your kitty.

Pasta, I don't know you very well, but you are here fairly often and I desperately want you to approve of me. I think it might just be the 'nouns that start with P-a' thing, but you remind me a lot of Pants, and your innuendos are brilliant.

Evan, I would backstroke through a swimming pool full of cow's blood rather than let you be hurt. You are the little brother I wish I could have in real life, and I love you more than words can express. We are goddamned virtual family, and maybe that's better since we won't accidentally rip each other's throats out or something.

Nami, comparing someone to you is about the highest compliment in my vocabulary. Somehow, you are smart, gorgeous, insanely articulate, tenacious as hell, and also my wife. I don't even remember how that happened, but I'm so glad you're in my online life. Goodness knows what I did to deserve you.

Whisp, you were the first person to really welcome me to D14. I was terrified, my hands were literally shaking on the keyboard, and I knew nothing about you other than MOD. But you were just so warm and friendly and you made me feel like I could actually fit in with some of the people here. I just have to thank you a million times for that.

Lost, you're among the people I have known, or at least known about, for the longest time. I stalked your poetry for a while, you know. Not only are you a true friend, you are a good writer, and that's shamelessly stolen from Charlotte's Web. I'm comparing you with a spider. But a spectacularly badass spider.

Nathan, sadly, you aren't my Doctor Cat, yet. But I trust you more than I trust the people I allow to anesthetize and operate on me. You're just an amazing, brilliant, fuffly friend. If we ever meet, I will spend a good half an hour petting your hair before anything actually gets done.

Evie, I'm almost certain you're the mistress of darkness- I mean that in the best possible way. You just have this amazing presence wherever you are. You are one of the few people who sound totally natural making death threats. Also, your voice sounds like recovered pediatric cancer patients cuddling with fluffy kittens in cozy blue hammocks.

Doctor, you were a newbie like me when I joined, but I didn't get a chance to truly get to know you for the longest time. I'm so happy to see you online. You have this sense of humor that makes my jaw drop at the same time as I laugh-cough-spasm myself half to death, and I love you for it.

Pants, stay away from my brother you chicken wielding sociopath. I'm not taking any chances with you around him, though perhaps I'll ease up if you stop being so attractive and interesting and awesome. I miss having you to chat with all the time, but I admire you so much for being here at all with so much schoolwork.

Fiona, I sometimes forget how young you are. But oh my god, if this is you at barely thirteen, I fear for the safety of the world when you are eighteen. By twenty, you'll be some sort of published author on the subject of how to enslave the human race. I see so much in your future, but for now, I really just enjoy your company.

Vivid, out of all my friends, you've probably been here for the longest. And by here, I mean the 'obsession' part of my brain. I love you. It was you who made me a fanfiction author, nearly two years ago. Without you, I wouldn't be me. When we meet, not if, I'm going to have so much to say to you, preferably while hugging. It will mostly be sincere thanks and slightly creepy praise.

Cobalt, it's sad how long you've been gone from the internet. I eagerly await your return. We have so much fun together, even if you are a Canadian. Heck, you're awesome by any standard- and my adopted stepdaughter, by Nami, if memory serves. I'm so glad you're in the family.

Maddie, I have known you for some time, but I feel like I haven't seen you enough. I wish we had more time together, but you're off in school or asleep whenever I can be online. You're such a fantastic artist, and you have such a way with words. I feel comfortable talking to you.

Into, I have so much trouble finding the right words at the moment. Losing you for any amount of time is worse than physical pain. I love your company, I love your words, but right now it takes me literally an hour of staring at the screen to think of what to say. Just... I love you, and I don't want to lose you.


12/14/2011 . Edited by whisperasweknowit, 12/14/2011 #26
Claratrix LeChatham

I also love Whisp because her computer is able to use real formatting and she helps me and she's awesome and pretty and people should give her money. C:

12/14/2011 #27
St. Elsewhere

Into, I have so much trouble finding the right words at the moment. Losing you for any amount of time is worse than physical pain. I love your company, I love your words, but right now it takes me literally an hour of staring at the screen to think of what to say. Just... I love you, and I don't want to lose you.

You can always talk to me. Whether I respond is another matter entirely.

12/15/2011 #28
A Band Of Thieves

I will post something about everyone. . . . within soon. . . starting with Rowan.

Rowan you're just super awesome despite being Canadian. You never get mad when I make lolCanada jokes and you're the best Canadian I know. ;D You're what I consider one of my good friends on the internet and I wub chu.(. . . lolwhatwasthat) ♥

and you let me be annoying :D;D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

12/15/2011 . Edited 12/24/2011 #29

Since being heartfelt is all the rage these days, I'll give it a go. I'm only doing three people at a time because when I babble about loving people I do it thoroughly. I'll start with the dudes, since there are exactly three of you.

Into. It's hard to say this without coming across too strongly, but I love you. Really, don't roll those eyes at me- I think you're amazing for so many reasons. You're intelligent, funny and a bit of a creeper- and you remind me of Izaya Orihara a fair bit. I remember that I was supposed to hate you once upon a time, but you were oh so debonair and I just couldn't do it. We've talked of many a thing- serious and stupid alike- and there hasn't been a single conversation I didn't turn away from that didn't leave me feeling that lovely fuzzy feeling inside. We've gone through a lot of the same things (although, I'd be a filthy liar if I said I had it harder. Which is why you inspire me) and if we had gone to school together you probably could've counted on me stalking you between classes. Here's to my mother one day moving to Northern NSW and your mobile ringing to inform you that 'VividlyVisceral' is coming to kidnap you.

Yes, I'll pay for your lunch. Or dinner. Or whatever it is that you eat.

Evan. You've grown up so much in just a year, it sort of astonishes me. It's all been a flurry of laughter and randomness, with a surprisingly large amount of blood-lust mixed in. Perhaps that's why we bonded so well, over our shared love of the gorn hidden inside the Hunger Games. I think District 7 suits you best, and I have since I saw that picture of you chopping wood. Before then I always imagined you a lot shorter and smaller, perhaps because I really enjoy the 'big sister' role you so happily let me take. You may be much taller than me, and you'll probably be smarter than me in time, but I hope you'll always humour me and let me be your big sister alongside Clara. I don't care how evil you become (what was the word she used? "Satanic"? My memory fails me in my old age) you'll always be the cute, funny and bloodthirsty little brother I've come to adore over the course of this year.

And I look forward to riding a roller-coaster, but only if you're there to hold back my hair while I barf up my dream hot-dog afterwards.

Nathan. I have not known you as long as I've known some of the other members here, and I remember when your odd avatar and username first popped up my face went blank and I thought "Oh god. Someone new to finally recognise that I'm not cool and that I just really like cats and gorn." Luckily, you also loved cats and gore- so we got along very well and here we are, great internet friends! You share my almost sexual love for history, and you have quickly become my go to person for whenever I need medical/hunting/killing/OMG KITTY advice. You and your dedication to writing astounds and inspires me- and when you wrote that one-shot for my birthday I cried little tears of happiness. It was a beautiful, medically accurate thing that stole my heart. Don't be surprised if one day I show up with a new little kitty on webcam and ask you to name it just so I can see you do that little scream thing you do.

Then I shall find some way for them to be mailed to you so you may have a petting spree.

/more later.

12/16/2011 #30
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