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We could be a career pack. We bash people to death with our laptops. And steal their wifi.
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Because really, why?

Susanne Collins didn't think about some of the stuff that happens in THG.

Let's nitpick that shit.

Sample questions:

- Why is a district dedicated to fishing a career district?

- Where does all that coal go?

- Why did they need an entire district for graphite mining?

12/31/2011 #1

I just want to say.

Why does everyone make such a big deal about Katniss being on fire. Peeta was on fire, too. ._.

12/31/2011 #2
Erwin Smith

There was one part in THG where she referred to the 'Peacekeepers' as 'Peacemakers'.

That really ground my gears.

12/31/2011 #3

Does the Capitol use a lot of pencils, or something?

Did the whole dystopian flooding shit happen because of 2012? (EXTRA SUSPENSE)

What caused Prez Snow to become such a ratbastard?

12/31/2011 #4
Erwin Smith

The names. ;_;

The names make me weep inside.

12/31/2011 #5

Apparently it only takes a couple centuries for naming trends to go from "John", "Mark", "Katherine", "Lucy" and shit in the US to "Cato", "Peeta", "Katniss", and "Beetee".

There's got to be something in the water.

12/31/2011 #6

THE NAMES. Oh dear lord the names.

It mentions at one point that there is, and I quote, "a machine in District One that turns graphite into diamonds."

ed: Maybe only the weird people survive the disasters? I dunno.

Also I legitimately know a girl named Cashmere so maybe that shit is not that far off.

12/31/2011 . Edited 12/31/2011 #7

...and now my feelings have gone from "u dumb" through "sci-fi derp names have never been cool" and straight to "let me beat you with these books".

12/31/2011 #8
Erwin Smith


12/31/2011 #9
Generation Nothing

Who names their child Cashmere...

1/1/2012 #10
Erwin Smith

Someone who likes giving their children names of materials and/or inattimate objects?

1/1/2012 #11

I know a girl named Princess and another name Tiarra.


1/1/2012 #12
Erwin Smith

I knew a girl named Precious Pearl.

But Princess and Tiarra take the cake. Those are awful names.

1/1/2012 #13

Today's thing that I noticed is all the crazy fucking crossbreeds.

Like mockingjays (ugh ugh ugh that name). So allegedly a lab-made breed escapes and wild-breeds with native animals.

Or some of the plants. Totally new cultivar out of nowhere.

That shit doesn't happen because radiation. Someone's got to tinker in a lab for many, many years to produce something that can compete in the outside world. It doesn't just happen.

Also the lab-jays would probably either be infertile or would not breed true.

1/1/2012 #14
Erwin Smith

Maybe Sue Collins imagined that her Capitol would be able to condense years of lab work into mere days.


The rebels started the rebellion after what, ten years under the Capitol's rule of Panem? I highly doubt the Capitol was manufacturing jabberjays, tracker-jackers and all those other fuckin' weird things while their Districts were kow-towing to their will.

1/1/2012 #15

Some lyrebirds can effectively recreate speech, along with, y'now, chainsaws, car alarms and dogs. I don't understand how you can get a bird to only repeat speech.

1/1/2012 #16

Alex the parrot could speak fairly fluently, and lots of corvids can mimic speech.

The problem would be, like you said, getting them to only mimic speech.

1/1/2012 #17
Erwin Smith

Totally agree with you two.

For example, my bird imitates speech, but he will make noises like the dishwasher.

It's almost impossibe to attune a bird to speech only.

1/1/2012 #18

Also, what the hell do they do with the coal they mine in District Twelve? It's implied a lot of it gets shipped out, and they use some of it for heating. But do the other districts do the same, or does it get used in, say, power plants? I always thought, what with it being derpy science fiction there'd be wind power or something. I dunno.

1/1/2012 #19

I know a girl named Precious.

And Imagine. Like, Imagine, wtf.

1/2/2012 #20
Generation Nothing

Kingdom, Artise, Storm, Mijaka, Tavish, and Lelani.

1/2/2012 #21
Sequoia, A'Miracle, more than one Insatiable, Priceless, Qetzayah, Tray-Vonta, Malik, Insperation (spelled like that), Langston Hughes, Archer, Clay, and Stormie Rany, all straight from my elementary yearbook. And don't make me count all of the Destany/Destinie/Destinee's there are.

Also, I've always hated how far apart the districts are, given that much of North America should be underwater/uninhabitable and that District 12, at least, is no bigger than a county, maybe smaller. I know it's the smallest district, but still...

1/2/2012 #22

There was a girl in gospel choir named Odyssey.

I know a kid named Thomas...whose middle name is Edison...|D

1/2/2012 #23

Just recently (as in, today or yesterday) there was a baby born named Sir-Prince. Not sure if that's the right spelling, though. The first baby of the year in our town is named Ta'Riya. I'm pretty sure we are the most ghetto, white trash town in the south. And that's saying something. -.-

1/2/2012 #24
Erwin Smith




As far as I know, those are normal names. I know quite a few people named Clay, -which is short for Clayton- and there are a bunch of guys named Archer at my school.

1/2/2012 #25
Really? I've never heard if another Malik or Archer. Looking back, I suppose Clay isn't very unusual, though.
1/2/2012 #26

I know a Malik~

1/2/2012 #27

I know a Maik without the L. He's German.

1/2/2012 #28

Langston Hughes

Famous-ass black poet. It's no weirder than naming your kid Edgar Allan or George Washington Lastname.



The first is a Scottish name, though I don't know how popular it is there, and the second is Hawaiian.

Encountering either in the wilds of -- Perseus's home state, and I'm not sure she'd want me to say which one that is -- is very, very weird, because it's hella far from Scotland or Hawaii.

1/3/2012 #29
Generation Nothing

I'd rather you not say my state; thank you. :3

1/3/2012 #30
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