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Share your dreams down below ; someone might have a little insight to some of them, our resident Freud included. ~

2/6/2012 #1
Generation Nothing

So I wanted first post in this one. xD

2/7/2012 #2

I'm reading 'Dream Interpretations for Beginners' by Sigmund himself.


Share your stories here ~

2/7/2012 #3

Alright, so I dreamt last night that I was a background dancer for a music video. What was weird was that I was some new person who wasn't me, because I was Asian for one and had an entirely different body and hair for another. All the other girls were all these other ethnicities and they were all amazinglypretty, and I felt incredibly fat and hideous compared to the rest of them. We all had to stand around and pull seductive poses while the singer-dude sang (never got a good look at who it was, he wasn't exactly important since I was angsting over how curvy I was compared to the other model dancers)) and during a break one of the girls chewed me out for being there at all saying I didn't fit in and that they were there for their careers and 'not to make friends'.

For some reason this upset me greatly- the 'dream-persona' I was in was sort of hoping she'd make friends and she hurried off in tears as the mean model girl added a snide comment about her hips. While she/I was hiding in one of the dressing rooms, some agent guy came knocking on the door saying that they were recasting because "the current models" weren't working because the video director said they all looked hideously statuesque... except for Asian!me. I was all overjoyed and then I woke up.

...my dreams are weird, make of that what you will. Expect me to post here a lot because I just like remembering my dreams after I have them.

2/9/2012 #4

Last night, my dreams kept switching between three different scenarios. Here's one:

Some building near my church had caught fire, and somehow the people in the church burned, but not the actual building. I was only one of a few people who knew about the incident, and I saw this truck with bodies in it that someone forgot to, y'know, clean up. I couldn't tell who they were, because, well, they were burned, but they looked a lot like my friends (who I later saw them in my dream, so it apparently wasn't them). What was really creepy, though, is that as I walked past, it was like I could hear and see exactly what they had been doing right before the fire. It was like a trippy episode of Lost or something. Then, their ghosts later haunted me through my computer and TV, for some reason. Surprising, as I really don't enjoy ghost shows or horror movies.

In another one, I was in World Geo and we were partying. It was actually really fun, and those overly-cliche "popular" guys were all suddenly talking to me. Definitely a dream.

In the other, I was at an outdoor festival thingy watching some kids put on a play. I got the feeling the thing wasn't going as planned, and the ending was REALLY weird... I think there may have been large rats involved. o_o


I actually know why I dreamed parts of this, but as for the rest, your guess is as good as mine. I'm notorious for having seemingly acid-tripped dreams.

2/9/2012 . Edited 2/23/2012 #5
Leaving At Midnight

My friend told me she had a dream that she walked into her house and saw me and my other friend having lesbian sex on the couch.


2/20/2012 #6
yet another ghost
Ooooh, my turn. I once had a really gruesome dream about there being a massacre or something, and I had to indentify all the dead bodies of people I knew. It was very creepy and gross.
2/23/2012 #7

So last night I had a dream about the snow melting in my Animal Crossing town. And a bunch of flowers had randomly appeared when the snow melted so I was almost done with my paths. And my neighbors were Twilight Sparkle and the gang.

Yeah. That is the intellectual level of my life right now. Animal Crossing and My Little Pony.

2/23/2012 #8

So I was up late last night, having trouble getting to sleep, and reality felt kind of...off, and my brain decided to have ALL the D14 dreams. I only remember two of them. One was this one where we went to high school together in like Nevada or Arizona or something, some American place with lots of desert. And we were in this small town, all at the same school, and the town was called Rhino and it was weeeeeeeeeeeeeeird. But the school was awesome and we were all bros. And then there was some kind of national disaster and I think I got shot. I don't even know.

The second one was basically similar, except we were at college and found a sick kitty and then we had a cat. I don't remember the rest of it.


2/24/2012 #9



2/26/2012 . Edited 2/26/2012 #10

Out of curiousity, does anyone actually find that there's significant meaning behind dreams?

2/26/2012 #11

Out of curiousity, does anyone actually find that there's significant meaning behind dreams?

Only rarely, and most of the time it's because someone has read too far into it.

Anyway, I had a dream today, and it was... interesting.

I can't remember the start so well. Basically it was set in some weird place with creepy-ass trains and people, where I was part of a rebellion of sorts. Anyway, we had recently staged a huge operation that was supposed to be our winning move, only when I showed up for my part of the plan, I found everyone else's corpses littered around the meeting place in really awful, gaudy poses- and the leader, who I sort of had some romantic attraction to, was still alive but pinned to our wall where we made all our plans. Then the people we were rebelling against showed up and told me that unless I killed him then and there and wrote a message in my own blood denouncing our rebellion they would kill all of our families who weren't involved in front of us until I was ready to co'operate. So, the leader guy helped me slice open my hand and begin writing- only I couldn't think of anything to write and just ended up screaming "I CAN'T DO THIS TO US"- so he had to manually write it himself using my own hand. But when it came time to kill him I still couldn't do it because of all the lurve or whatever, so he whispered something nice- slit open my throat and then killed himself.

Lovely dream.

2/26/2012 #12
yet another ghost
Everyone here seems to have pretty violent dreams...I'll add to it. Well, I was kind of watching this dramatic murder of a little girl thing. Only my POV would shift randomly, so I'd either be the murderer, the kid's parent, or an invisible bystander. The last was really freaky, because I couldn't do anything. And some dude kept narrating. And I reverted to spectator form as soon as the people entered the climax. The murderer, the kid, and the parents were all in this room, then the murderer killed the little girl, and I couldn't do anything. I think that he wanted her or something, because the narrator said something like, "He would now have her forever." And then I woke up.
2/26/2012 #13

One time I had a dream about a unicyclist who could ride in air. I was walking on the street with my best friend and we saw her fly over us and she landed and we walked her back to my neighbor's house. I guess she was like Amelia Earhart? She had that hat on with the flaps over the ears and goggles.

'Twas awesome.

2/28/2012 #14
the tiniest pyre

I had this dream that I was in this school-orphanage place that was in the creepy-ass old house, but I was in the school part because I had parents (who apparently died, because they were never heard from again), and I was some cross between myself, Coraline, and Lenore. OH, and there was this lady, the one who was in charge of the school-orphanage place, and she was very similar to the Other Mother, and also was a CBS show.

Anyway, the Lady did this thing were whenever the girls in this school-orphanage fell asleep, they had these dreams where their little stuffed toy would turn into some horrible creature and eat them, and the toy actually did turn into the creature they dreamed, and ate them, and apparently the toys were all extensions of the Lady, and she ate them as well.

But it came time for my little Lenore/Coraline/Me person to dream and be eaten, but in her/my dream the toy turned into a large earthworm with a creepy face, and the Lenore side took over and she ate it, so Lady couldn't do her creepy magic shit during the day (or night? I'm not sure, this part of the dream was very confusing and fuzzy) anymore. At this point Me/Lenore/Coraline was the only girl left at school-orphanage place, which was only orphanage place now, and Me/Lenore/Coraline dropped the Coraline part of the personality.

And then there was some type of very clever wordplay, and Lady could do her creepy magic stuff again, and apparently it was a century or so later and me/Lenore had just been lying under the porch the entire time.

There there was more confusing and fuzzy stuff, and Lady died fo realz, and several other CBS shows came to the orphanage place with the police to rescue me, but they saw that Lady was already dead, so they were going to return me to my parents, but I was like "I'm been lying under that porch for over a century, also I'm dead, do you really think you'll be able to contact my parents?"

And then I woke up.


2/28/2012 #15
yet another ghost
I had this awful dream where someone was burnt at the stake...right in front of me. It was a girl about my age, and she was screaming and crying, and...melting. It was horrible. Then her screams and cries reached fever pitch, and then stopped. She died right in front of me, and I did nothing to stop it. It was honestly one of the worst dreams I've ever had. Wach, you're reading the book. Most if us here have some pretty violent dreams. What the heck does this say about us?
3/2/2012 #16
A Band Of Thieves

I had a dream a giant grasshopper was chasing me.

3/3/2012 #17

What the heck does this say about us?

I'll skip some (most) of Freud's thoughts (mostly have to all do with sex) and give you this: Dreams play on the subconscious mind and may reflect internalized hopes, fears, and realizations, as well as thoughts you may have had during the day and especially events that may have took place. They also may be complete nonsense. It's up to you, dear dreamer, to discern between what you believe is nonsense and what you feel is real. Is there anything that has happened in the past that may reflect on your dreams? Anything you may have felt?

I don't believe anyone saw the dream that I posted a bit back, but that was (for me) 'real' in the sense that it reflected upon recent events and symbolized what had happened, who I was becoming. I know that sounds like nonsense, but. I can only decipher your dreams up to a point ; unfortunately, I don't know a lot about all of you (as much as I'd like to) so I can only pull out general themes.

Your dream may reflect on guilt, or perhaps that girl is you and you feel yourself deteriorating, or don't feel liberated. It's up to you.

3/4/2012 #18
yet another ghost
I was in the Hunger Games. I was about to die, then I woke up. Freaky.
3/6/2012 #19

A sweet informational video on dreams.

3/7/2012 #20

Dreamed I had actual facial hair rather than peach fuzz. It was blond. And now I'm praying that my actual facial hair will be anything but.

3/9/2012 #21
I had a dream last night that I was a foreign exchange student (to Australia, I think) and you guys were there, attending the same school. And for some reason, my IRL friends were there too.

And I think Into tried to teach me how school worked there, but it was really compl

3/10/2012 #22
Fuck. Mobile got glitchy, so I'll finish that here and edit later. :/

, but it was really complicated and I failed miserably. And I got classes that would turn me into a mortician.

And we all skipped school together. The End.

3/10/2012 #23

I dreamt about being Edith Piaf (famous French singer from the 40s)

3/10/2012 #24
Pure Evil Breed

So I dreamed that Aron is a mod at the LU last night and now it actually happened.

I'm going to post here everyday from now on. o.o

3/14/2012 #25
Bunnies in Abundance

I had a dream that I was getting tampons in my bathroom for my sister, and while I reaching down in the cabinet I realized I was dreaming. So I then remember saying "I can do anything, then!"

I woke up after that. =_=

3/14/2012 #26

I had a dream that I went to some concert with my parents and sister. Afterwards, my sister went to talk to the performers. When she was walking down the stairs, she started saying, "They made me a deal so I'd stop bothering them." And then she morphed into my friend Raphe who continued "She said if I come after school sometime my life will change forever."

And I was like ";D" and my parents were like "o.o" and after an awkward silence he was like, "With a school official of course." And my mom was like, "Good. I thought they might try to give him drugs or something."

Fun times in Whisp's subconscious.

3/14/2012 #27
Pure Evil Breed

I had a dream that I visited a library somewhere and found the Hunger Games book. That's the second part of my dream. The first part is too...weird to be mentioned so. Yeah.


3/14/2012 #28

I can't remember all the details of my newest dream, but I was in a graduating class and we were just enjoying our last few days of school. I was really tired/(sick?) and kept swaying and almost fainting, but I didn't tell anyone. At some point I found out we had a comatose girl in our class, and I wanted to know more about her so I googled her and somehow found her on a chat site, and when we talked she somehow knew everything about me and was asking if I was feeling well today, how funny something someone said at lunch time was and asking what to write in the year book, etc. etc. I freaked out because this girl was never at school, but somehow she knew everything. So I uploaded a photo from that day and said "Point out where you are for me?", and she got really upset saying she was in the background on 'the top right hand corner', at which point I could see two eyes staring rather creepily at the camera. I logged out.

When I got back to school everyone was too busy with these year videos that had been set up around the school on television screens, which were somehow displaying everyone's deepest secrets. Mine hadn't come up yet (not many people had) but the videos outed someone for being homosexual, one for being a stalker and another for being secretly poor. I tried asking around about this ghost girl, and everyone knew who she was but they all agreed she hadn't been to school ever. She was enrolled when we started but never showed up due to being comatose. I spent the rest of the day swaying and almost passing out again, when suddenly I fell down and I just couldn't move.

Everyone was freaking out. Brayden appeared out of nowhere and started pleading for me to get up, and with my eyes closed I could see the face of the girl in the coma slowly opening her eyes and somehow seeing me passing out. She looked horrified (she had heavily indicated we were best friends) and when someone said I might not wake up a tear somehow ran down my face thinking I'd never get to graduate with everyone.

When suddenly the coma girl revealed that she was going to steal 'my life', which she had been doing for a while apparently, so she could wake up and enjoy graduation. But she didn't realise I was going to pass out/die if she continued. So she 'let go'. And I woke up, surrounded by my class being incredibly happy.

And she died.

And disappeared.

My secret rolled across the television screen as "Friends with dead people. ♥"

Then I woke up for real and the dream ended. Scary thing is though, I woke up with tears in my eyes. That girl was really nice to me.

3/16/2012 #29
yet another ghost
I just had this horrible nightmare about the Games. It was strange, because it wasn't bloody or gory, it was...tense. The Games hadn't started yet, and I had done something to displease the Capitol...and my best friend IRL was the make tribute...I just can't describe it. The scariest thing?

I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that I was going to die. And there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.

5/20/2012 #30
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