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If you haven't seen The Hunger Games yet, you should turn back now.





Okay, so you've seen it. Feel free to fangirl below.

Somewhat hilariously, I haven't seen it, so I will abandon you all to your discussions.

3/22/2012 . Edited 3/22/2012 #1

Alright, let me just get my head in order here so I don't just spew out words randomly. This movie really was fantastic, and there were additional scenes that just made me... break.

When it started I was suddenly apprehensive, because I had spent all day basically going "OMGOMGOMG" and I was coming down fast from my high. I was immediately pleased by the little facts they threw in- the 74th Games are Seneca Crane's third year as Head Gamemaker for instance- and then all of a sudden Prim is screaming and crying after waking up from a nightmare and I'm thinking "Holy crap. How is this going to play out? What changes are there going to be?"

The reaping was when my heart started pumping. The fact they have a DNA scanner at the census tables was genius, like a way to circumvent imposters going in. I winced when they pricked Prim and Katniss' fingers because I was not expecting it- and it was such a minor detail that I was blown away because holy shit, they're adding to the universe.

Then they showed that video at the reapings about why they have the Hunger Games each year, and with Effie mouthing along to it because she's seen it that many times- it was magical. Then Prim is reaped and Katniss is all "I VOLUNTEER! I volunteer as tribute!" and the awkwardness that follows. But let me tell you, when Josh Hutcherson showed his face in the crowd I immediately fell in love. And I haven't felt anything towards him in this entire lead-up to the movie. But the second he emerged as Peeta, holy shit.

I was a little disappointed in Haymitch at first, but then he countered Peeta's attack on the train with his foot and I was sold. That's our Haymitch. The train was beautiful, the scenery was beautiful- and let me tell you now- the Capitol looks fucking amazing. And its citizens are perfect. There was a woman and a pink poodle for fuck's sake. It made me realise that these people really do have normal home lives when they aren't cheering for blood.

Chariot races? Fucking orgasmic to watch. They really were on fire, in all senses of the phrase. I was checking out all the outfits I could, but also the City Circle itself because the whole place done up in banners and granite was magnificent. Katniss didn't blow any kisses however, so I suppose they were going for a harder, colder Katniss there.

And then the training where everyone is showing their stuff- Rue hiding up in the rafters (?) Cato constantly eying Katniss/flipping out when his knife is stolen, Peeta throwing a weight (HOLY FUCK) Foxface turning out to be a computer whiz and basically every scene Seneca Crane was in. Brayden loved Seneca Crane, and so did I. He just became this entirely new character that was so perfect. Honestly, the game maker scenes also blew me away. Those computers designs were amazing! I loved how everything was touch-sensors and shit.

AND THEY HAVE ODDS ON THE TRIBUTES. BETTING ODDS. GAMBLING. I let out a squeal because that has been headcanon for me since I read the book and now it's real. I can't remember what the odds were, but Rue's was in the 50-1 area, while Katniss was 23-1 and Thresh was like 11-1 or something. Anyone else get a look at this?

Interviews made me tremble with excitement. Marvel comes off as a real guy-guy by whooping loudly, Glimmer flouncing about in her dress, Foxface being all cunning and shit and then Katniss spinning. I wasn't expecting the flames again, but when they showed up I was in awe. Peeta's interview wasn't so spectacular since I'd already seen it (darn my curiosity!) but Caesar Flickerman was perfect on all the levels. They even did the shower thing and the smelling bit.

So that's all the pre-games stuff. Let me tell you now, I may not be so coherent while I write out this next bit.


I was shaking. I started tearing up and I actually clenched my arm (the one with all of your names) for support. The camera was flashing everywhere, the electronic countdown on front of the cornucopia made me excited and then they started dying. The little kid from District 4 (who I had hated because WTF, meant to be a career) being slain inside the cornucopia, Thresh with that big-ass blade, Katniss being attacked by that dude from 9 over the orange backpack (IT WAS ORANGE, I laughed so loudly upon seeing that) and basically everyone running everywhere and then the shots of the dead kids. And then Katniss runs into Foxface before they both disappear and there was this beautiful moment of "Will she attack? Won't she?" on both their sides before they both ran like mad.

After that I was a bit ehh for a while, then the fire started flying and oh god that looked painful. She fell down this fucking huge cliff and I wasn't breathing and then- let's just skip to the tracker jackers- FUCK GLIMMER LOOKED A MESS. IT WAS PERFECT. But on the plus side, she and Cato actually make a cute looking couple and I was squeeing internally over it. When the careers were running after Katniss by the stream they looked like kids on a camping trip gambolling after a rabbit or something but cheering "I'm gonna kill her!", "No I'm going to kill her! Ahaha-!"

The hallucination where her father dies freaked me out. I teared up there and was like "fuck I wasn't expecting this" but it was over too soon and then YAY RUE AND THE EXPLOSION WAS AMAZING!

Now, you all know that I'm not a Rue fan, so when she died I was surprised to feel tears in my eyes. But it was because it had flashed to Marvel's body, which was contorted in the worst way and I was like "Fuck. He's gone." and then Katniss sang and it was in Rue's perspective and I just couldn't deal with it because she started whiting out. Then, the scene changed and that's when I began to bawl.

District 11 rioting. Rue's father starting the riots. I fucking cried and had to bite down on my hand to keep from sobbing. It was too much for me. I finally gave a shit about that little girl. Then it flashed to Katniss sobbing like I wanted to sob and I actually let out this awful whimper.

Then there's Haymitch convincing Seneca not to kill Katniss but to give the Districts an underdog to root for so they won't rebel and Snow is all "You wouldn't like the underdogs if you met them" which made Brayden squirm because he gets politics better than I do. Then holy fuck, Peeta's camouflage? It's perfect. Did anyone else squeak when he opened his eyes?

The feast was wonderful, and Thresh's sudden appearance was perfect. "JUST THIS TIME TWELVE." made me want to cry again. That and Clove's vacant expression.

I didn't like the muttation dogs. I don't know why, but I didn't. The fact they didn't look like the fallen tributes disappointed me, but then I realised that would've been fuck hard to render and they probably did the best they could, so I let it slide. Then Cato's end where he looks like he's about to break down/snap and he's actually HUMAN and "I was dead right from the start, wasn't I?" made me start crying again because Cato is one of my favourites. Then he's down and screaming "PLEASE" and boom. We hit the ending and everything was as I wanted.

But it was the end that clinched it. Seneca Crane locked in the room and suddenly he walks forwards and the bowl is full of nightlock and I'm like "HOLY FUCK THAT'S HOW HE DIED? THAT'S POETIC BUT MAKES SENSE AND OMG CANON CANON CANON."

+every scene with Gale made me go "eheheh, ohhhh, awkward" because Hemsworth does that "y r they m8king out?" face perfectly.

So yeah. By the end I was shaking and crying and singing because "Safe and Sound" was the second last song in the credits and I refused to leave until the end of the credits rolled. Then we got McDonalds and we pretty much talked about everything I just said here.


3/22/2012 #2
St. Elsewhere

Was anyone else thinking 'scavenger hunt of EVIL' when the careers were chasing Katniss?

3/23/2012 #3

Was anyone else thinking 'scavenger hunt of EVIL' when the careers were chasing Katniss?

Yes, but I was also thinking "lol, that looks fun- wait NO" because they all looked so happy gamboling after her.

What did you guys think of the Cato/Glimmer romance? I actually 'aww'd' when it showed Glimmer sleeping on his arm.

3/23/2012 #4

I loved the scene where Katniss and Foxface run into each other and just stare, deciding to attack or run.

Jackie Emerson made a great Foxface.

Loved the Cornucopia scenes. Especially where Glimmer is going freaking crazy on that one guy.

The music was beautiful.


All the tributes were awesome.

The chariots.

Vivid kind of said it all.

Oh, I also liked the little thing going on with Glimmer and Cato. They stuck to her character.

3/23/2012 #5

Guys, guys- what about the District 11 riot scene? Come on, I can't have been the only one who was like "Holy shit, is that Rue's dad? That's Rue's day. HOLY SHIT THEY'RE RIOTING AND EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE-!"

3/23/2012 #6
St. Elsewhere

Cato at the end covered in blood and strangling Peeta and lamenting his life was awesome.

I am going to make a gif of that when I get movie footage.

And Clove with her knives are genuinely terrifying.

3/23/2012 #7

Cato at the end covered in blood and strangling Peeta and lamenting his life was awesome.

He became my favourite all over again in that moment. I mean, come on. The strangled sound of his voice was beautiful as he was crying out "PLEASE!"

Oh- and did you guys shit bricks at the final scene with Seneca? Sorry I'm asking all these questions but you guys are the only ones who have seen it and fljadlkg;js please fan over it with me. ._.

3/23/2012 #8


Isabelle Fuhrman is beautiful.

3/23/2012 #9
St. Elsewhere

I like that they expanded Seneca's role, and I loved the way he died and the way the movie ended.

3/23/2012 #10
yet another ghost
I saw it! There were some things I would have changed, but overall...pretty darn good.
3/23/2012 #11

Seneca was Brayden's number one favourite out of the movie. He even wants to read the book now, which he has been against since I go on and on about it all day.

3/23/2012 #12
Leaving At Midnight

One thing I didn't like was that Haymitch sent those notes with every parachute.

I mean, Katniss and Haymitch are supposed to be so alike that they know what the other is thinking, and the notes kind of ruined that.

But Seneca

and the riot scene


3/23/2012 #13
Pure Evil Breed

I saw it.

I think Hunger Games is not a big thing over here. The theater was more than half empty.

Anyway, I had no expectation whatsoever of the movie because I haven't read the book, but I have to say that I really enjoyed it. When the dog-thing came out and plowed at Peeta, I literally jumped in my seat. XD

3/23/2012 . Edited 3/23/2012 #14
I'm literally shaking as I write this. And I started this post at 3 AM last night, but my mother caught me and told me to sleep.

Overall, the movie was asdfghjkl beautiful. Each scene either gave me chills, made me laugh, or made me tear up.

I have to say, though, that my two favorite scenes were the hallucinations one and the one with Thresh. When Katniss was having her hallucinations, I was literally on the edge of my seat. I loved what they did with the camera angles and Caesar talking to her. And Thresh. Just... Everything about him was perfect. His looks, his voice, everything. And the entire theater burst into a round of applause when he pinned Clove to the wall.

Effie and Seneca and Haymitch were perfect. I loved how Effie went from yelling at Katniss for not being polite to being really excited and hugging her when she got her score. With Seneca, do I really even have to go further? Just... Everything about him was brilliant. And I loved Haymitch and the way he spoke to Effie and Katniss with that careless drunken, slurred voice.

I'm not really going to elaborate on what else I liked, because it's basically what Into and Vivid have already said, so...

There were a few parts that made me facepalm. Like at the beginning of the movie, when you first see Gale, his voice sounds absolutely ridiculous. It was the worst acting in the whole movie, because it sounded so fake, it was almost laughable.

Not gonna lie, it kinda bugged me that they left out the part wherSe Peeta got a prosthetic leg. And did anyone else imagine Foxface younger?ac

3/23/2012 #15

I loved the board the Gamemakers had. It was so cool. :DD

I didn't picture the Cornucopia like that at all... But it was cool. And the fighting was amazing, so was the music added in. I think all the actors did an amazing job.

What pissed me off:

WHERE WAS THE RED-HEADED AVOX? She was one of my favorite characters, but they cut her out. Dx And I knew they were getting rid of Greasy Sae, but I was still sad when she wasn't there. My friend and I declared that old lady who gave Katniss the pin as Greasy Sae, so in my heart she was there.

The muts were great, but I wish they weren't the ones to kill Thresh. I liked the idea of Cato killing him better. And I felt like Cato's death was too quick, but it's a movie and they had to cut it down. I would have liked to see more of him though. I also felt like there wasn't as much relationship in it as there should have been. Like between Rue and Katniss. It was very quick, but once again, movie. So. I'm okay in the end with that.

But what I was sad about the most was the whole Thresh banging Clove's head against a wall. The rock was kind of his signature move in the book, so I was disappointed about that. (And he didn't say my favorite lines "You better run now, fire girl.")

And she never told Peeta that the relationship was all for show..

But overall, I loved the movie and the fighting was amazing! Glimmer with the tracker jackers was great. xD And when Cato snapped the guy's neck. :DDDDDD I thought the actress that played Prim did a good job screaming.. And I felt bad for Gale..

But I want to go see it again.

3/23/2012 #16


"Hey, that is mahogany!"

3/23/2012 #17


3/23/2012 #18

Guys, guys- what about the District 11 riot scene? Come on, I can't have been the only one who was like "Holy shit, is that Rue's dad? That's Rue's day. HOLY SHIT THEY'RE RIOTING AND EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE-!"


I laugh every time I think of that scene because Rue's dad looks like my teacher. And my friend leaned over and mentioned that. I died.

3/23/2012 #19

If someone came up and killed me right now, I really don't think I'd be all that sad.

Life complete.

3/23/2012 #20
Generation Nothing







3/23/2012 #21
Generation Nothing

When Seneca was locked in the room with the nightlock, were they going to leave him there until he,

A. Ate the berries


B. Starved?

I wanted them to start off Catching Fire with the hanging of Seneca Crane. D;

3/23/2012 #22
Generation Nothing

Also, "Hey, can you give me fireballs in this area?"


and when Katniss was hallucinating and Caesar appeared in a white suit.



3/23/2012 . Edited 3/23/2012 #23












3/23/2012 #24
St. Elsewhere


3/23/2012 #25

and when Katniss was hallucinating and Caesar appeared in a white suit.

At that part, I leaned over to my friend and whispered that if I was stung by tracker jackers, instead of Caesar appearing, it would be Seneca's beard, and it would keep getting farther and farther away, the faster I ran through the woods. It would be very upsetting. XD

3/23/2012 #26


It's basically like: "Oh, spinning forest, oh random tree, oh another tree, HI PEETA, random tree, everything is spin- motherfucker in a white suit."

3/23/2012 . Edited 3/23/2012 #27
Generation Nothing



3/23/2012 #28
Generation Nothing

What did you guys think of the Cato/Glimmer romance? I actually 'aww'd' when it showed Glimmer sleeping on his arm.

But he totally ditched her during the tracker jacker scene.

It was so saaaad.

3/23/2012 #29
Generation Nothing

Like at the beginning of the movie, when you first see Gale, his voice sounds absolutely ridiculous. It was the worst acting in the whole movie, because it sounded so fake, it was almost laughable.




Not gonna lie, it kinda bugged me that they left out the part wherSe Peeta got a prosthetic leg.

Same. .___.

maybe he'll lose it in some terrible bread cutting incident.

3/23/2012 #30
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