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This forum is actually an RP, based on my idea for the Fanfic, Highwind Academy! Using your OC's, along with other characters, we'll make a group fic to remember, plus, get helpful tips in between parts of the story.
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See No Dum-Dums
Yeah... um... Ogden and I were having fun posting loads in the CYC section. ... But I guess we ought to transfer our talk here from now on, else that CYC section would be flooded. Sorry. X)

(tries to bribe everyone into forgiveness by giving free ice cream)

11/2/2007 . Edited 1/31/2008 #1
Nuclear Burp
*Brings out a bucket* Bail out! Bail out the forum!!
11/9/2007 #2
See No Dum-Dums
11/10/2007 #3
Nuclear Burp
Naba + Feni: *Lands in a heap on the forum floor*

Feni: Hey! Where's the food?!

Naba: Ow! Feni, get off!

Feni: Your spine can wait, my stomach can't! Wanna eeeeeat!!

11/10/2007 #4
See No Dum-Dums
*An angel softly descends on this forum topic's floor, then transforms into Jenara*

Jenara: Wow. New place.

*A black blur lands with a thud*

Ysselle: Nice hangout spot.

*A white blur crashes down*

Evander: *sprawled over Feni* Urgh... I'm not good with landings.... Owww...

11/10/2007 #5
Nuclear Burp
Feni: Get off me!

Naba: Get off me!!

Feni: My spine is feminine and delicate!

Naba: *Not caring* Hey, is that a dartboard?

11/10/2007 #6
See No Dum-Dums
Evander: WAAAH! *jumps off the siblings* You're still --- ALIVE?!

Ysselle: Dartboard? Where? Where?!

Evander: Gee. Acting like a kid...

Ysselle: Shut up, Rufus rip-off.

Evander: *growls* I'll show you 'dartboard', alright. *hurls a blade at Ysselle...and another... and another*

Ysselle: *not even dodging* Missed me, pretty boy.

*Evander hurls yet another blade, and misses*

Jenara: Don't try dodging, miss - or you'll get hit! You're safe just standing.

Ysselle: Yeah. Figured that out, too.

Evander: *annoyed lv. 99* GAAAAAAH!!!

11/10/2007 #7
Nuclear Burp
*Assorted groaning*

Naba: That's it, no more skippin' milk for me...

Feni: *To Evander* Watch where you're tossing them pig-stickers, boy!

11/10/2007 #8
See No Dum-Dums
*a Buster Sword rushes towards Feni*


Ysselle: *dryly* Wow. You noticed.

*a Lionheart nearly pierces Jenara*

Jenara: Hey, watch it!

11/11/2007 #9
Nuclear Burp
Feni: *Holds up hand, momentum grid appears in front of Buster sword, slowing it down to a stop a couple of centimetres from her face, flips it over* Back at ya!

Naba: Was that intentional?

11/11/2007 #10
See No Dum-Dums
Evander: *as frustrated as one could possibly go* DIE! DIE! DIE!!!

*more blades fly, but fail to hit the intended target: Ysselle*

Ysselle: *to Naba* No, dear, that wasn't intentional.

Jenara: *nonchalantly* Believe it or not, he's aiming for the armored girl. *gestures to Ysselle*


Jenara: No. ...Hothead.

11/11/2007 #11
Nuclear Burp
Naba: *Creates Wisp-lights that soar above Ysselle's head, forming into an arrow pointing down at her and the words 'She's this way'*

Feni: Can I seduc- sedate him?

11/12/2007 #12
Nuclear Burp
Ogden: Okay... Flufster, I gotta problem with my characters. See, I can't really tell if they're acceptable, they're Racists (Well, Specisists, anyway), bigots, sexually overcharged and like to take the p*** out of everyone. I gotta ask, are they okay? Are they well-thought out? I mean, your characters are pretty back-storied and well thought, but my guys are too piffy to let anyone know what they are, so I'm afraid they're coming off as shallow...

Any ideas?

11/12/2007 #13
See No Dum-Dums
Evander: *growling* THAT'S IT! I'MMA ATTACK CLOSE RANGE! *draws own sword, Repulser, and summons Masamune* GYAAAAAH! *charges towards Ysselle*

Fluffy: OOOH! FUN! *Plays One Winged Angel*

Ysselle: *dodging amidst Estuans interius ira vehementis or whatever they were* You're lame, thinking a gunwoman like me can't go melee. *Draws a gunblade and begins fighting with Evander*

*Sephiroth! Sephiroth!*

Jenara: *to Ysselle* Please don't play with him - just finish him off for his own good.

((Hmm... your characters are fine, I guess. I mean, being godlike does cause one to feel superior and all. Though the bit about them being superpowerful was a little problematic. Heh. Even Sephiroth, the epitome of Gary Stu villainy, wasn't all-powerful. But I guess if your characters are up against another set of gods, then your powers are understandable - cool even. Cheers! *Sorry about late replies. Schooldays and all...*))

11/12/2007 . Edited 11/12/2007 #14
Nuclear Burp
Naba: Break out the pop-corn!

Feni: *Munching*

(Technically, yes, they are slightly godlike, and yes, they are up against other 'gods'. They don't just go blow up humans because.. well... The war is considered a way to kill time. But it turns out that some are using it to determine who's siding with who, so the Sylvaen-Hae'l war was simply a precursor to the Sylvaen Civil War. But on a usual note, they aren't as powerful as they'd like to be, seeing as in my Original fiction, humans are incapable of magic. Late reply is cool. Lucky I've just finished school last year!)

11/12/2007 #15
See No Dum-Dums
*Masamune breaks. One Winged Angel music comes into a jarring, abrupt (think forced-to-stop-CD) end*

Evander: Waaah! My legendary sword!

Ysselle: Excuse me. That was Sephiroth's.

Evander: Oh yeah. *maintains a defensive position, outstretching his long sword so as to deflect melee attacks.* Oh well... *summons Caladbog, spear of Cuchulainn, hero of Ireland*

Fluffy: He'll be a sitting duck if you don't act now, Jennie.

Jenara: *airily* Oh, but he's got to learn sometime.

*We hear a man's scream of pure pain*

((Seems like you've got a good story then. So no prob.))

11/12/2007 . Edited 11/12/2007 #16
Nuclear Burp

Feni: Sorry, I dropped an ice cube down his pants!

11/12/2007 #17
See No Dum-Dums
Fluffy: *ROTFL* Oops. I meant another man screaming in pain. Sorry Naba.


Ysselle: *smirking* What's the matter, big boy? Can't dance? *to Feni* And you sure that's accidental?

Evander: *pieced, minced, torn, and tattered... aka heavily lacerated* WHY AM I NOT TAKEN SERIOUSLY IN THIS EFFING FORUM?!

Fluffy: Because I don't allow it.

Evander: Grrr... *angst overdrive*

Fluffy: *sardonic tone* Aww. Poor you. Y'know what, I'll aid you before Ysselle kills you for good. Though you'll forget all about it if the rp resumes... (W**?! I said if! It should be WHEN! WHEN!)

*a new weapon begins to materialize within Evander's grasp*

Evander: *ecstasy lv. 100* Oooh... Shiny!

11/12/2007 #18
Nuclear Burp
Naba: *Extensive shifting in the buttock regions* Get. It. Out!

Feni: Maybe... Maybe not, highly likely either way. *Winks*

Ogden: Yeah, this could take a while, dammit Yoko!

11/13/2007 #19
See No Dum-Dums
Fluffy: *despairs* M-maybe she's n-not coming... back?

Evander: Who cares? *gazes lovingly at the new weapon, Minerva's Spear* MY PRECIOUSSSSS!

Fluffy: Uh-oh. He'll be abusing it. *pleading* Yoko, please come back.

Ysselle: ...Right.

Jenara: *shakes head in defeat*

Evander: Heh. *sadistic evil glare. Then, to Naba* I'll get back to you later. *to Ysselle* Now, where were we...?

*spear glows like... erm... real shiny*

Ysselle: *smirks* Little boys shouldn't play with big spears, you know.

Evander: *eye twitches* ... GAAAAAH! *charges*

Fluffy: *plays FF7 bossfight music*

Jenara: *to Feni* Wa-wa-wait... you almost said seduce? What, you like him?! *mock-grossed out*

((Oh yeah. Minerva - or Athena in Greek mythology - was used as the goddess in FF7, and is incidentally the "leader of the Cetra" - in fiction, presumably - that Evander was referring to earlier in the CYC section. Just thought ya wanna know. Heheh))

11/13/2007 . Edited 11/13/2007 #20
Nuclear Burp
Feni: Ew, no. He's a kid. I just reckon I could creep him out by puttin' the moves on him, yeah...?

Naba: THAT'S IT!! I NEED TA KILL SOMETHING!! *Morphs out the Pyrocirator, a flaming, double-bladed longsword* OI!! MEATSACKS!! *Turns to Evander and Ysselle* CHOPPIN' TIME! *Rushes them, spewing fireballs as he closes the distance*

11/13/2007 #21
See No Dum-Dums
Jenara: *nods in mock assent* Ummm. Sure. Yes. Okay.

Ysselle: Your fight. *withdraws after three well-placed shots to slow Naba down*

Evander: Oho! *whirls the Spear to block Naba's fireballs and send them back, then, showing competency at last* Sure, lady. *to Naba* You don't mess with the Goddess' Spear, y'know.

11/13/2007 #22
Nuclear Burp
Feni: Heh, this takes the cake, professional maiden, eh?

Naba: *Takes the shots to the chest, grunts, absorbs the fireballs and places a stem-matrix to halt the bleeding* Your... Goddess... Is... Hae'l... Thus... Weak...

11/13/2007 #23
See No Dum-Dums
Evander: I dunno much 'bout that Hellything, but that Spear's JUST A FREAKIN' TASTE OF IT!

*a bright green-white aura begins to surround Evander -- and the Spear didn't break! Whoa...*

Ysselle: *to Fluffy* Great. Now you got him in his Evil Mode.

Jenara: How on earth could he do that? That's just the "Goddess'" Spear, not the "Goddess" herself... *to Feni* So you're thinking of seducing people for a fee now?

Fluffy: *to Jenara's "Goddess" question* Beats me.

Evander: GWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- *to Feni* Eww... -WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *to Naba* Hah. Consider the whole Planet against you in this round.

*the aura erupts like a blasting wall of light*

11/13/2007 . Edited 11/13/2007 #24
Nuclear Burp
Naba: *Begins groaning, clutching chest, gets knocked over by wall of light* Just... Like... Old... Times...

Feni: Fee? Who said anything about a fee? *Winks, looks at Naba, turns to Ysselle* What was in those bullets?

11/13/2007 #25
See No Dum-Dums
Ysselle: Erm... *shrugs* They were just bullets.

Jenara: O...kay... *to Ysselle* Really?! Then... Evie's really winning?!?

Evander: That's for the Cetra. *switches into an offensive pike position* Now this is for Aeris!*charges spear with another Light attack*

*creepy godlike music is played*

Fluffy: Now, Evander... I think I should warn you abou-

Evander: Shut up. *to Naba* Any last words? None? This ends - NOW! *Light blast*

11/13/2007 . Edited 11/13/2007 #26
Nuclear Burp
Naba: *Stands up, ends his facade of being wounded.* My last words? Hmmm, how about.. "Psyche!" *Slices blade upwards, wall of light collides with pillar of fire*

Feni: Hey! That's an out-of-clan move! You're cheating, brother!

11/14/2007 #27
See No Dum-Dums
Evander: Oho! So you survived that! *actually grinning* Good. 'Coz I want you to taste -- THIS!

*everything begins to go white*

Fluffy: Oh no.

Jenara: ...H-holy?

Ysselle: But that's-

Jenara: ...Impossible...

*really creepy apocalyptic celestial music begins to play*

Evander: Take-

*seraphic voices singing gregorian-fashion*

Evander: The-

*everything quakes*

Evander: Ultimate-

*greensih streams rise up from the earth*

Evander: White-

*the streams consolidate to create a giant white ball*

Evander: MAGIC!!!

*Holy is ready to fire*

Evander: HOLY!!!!!!!

*Spear breaks. Music ends jarringly. Holy disappears like KAZZAP!*

Evander: Wha-?! NOOOO!

Fluffy: I tried to warn you! Too much power would make it disappear!

11/14/2007 #28
Nuclear Burp
Naba: Roight... *Circle-grids and magicka concentrators erupt into being around him* Would you like some salad with your turkey, Mr-grace-of-an-ox? *All circles converge into one, aiming at Evander*

Feni: Naba, leave something to remember him by, at least, will ya?

Naba: No promises, kiddo. *Circles begin to darken, grids shine bright* Fire!! *Massive pulse of plasma bursts towards Evander*

11/14/2007 #29
See No Dum-Dums
Evander: *looks at where the Spear once was* NO! MY PRECIOUSSSS! *looks at incoming plasma bursts* Oh no. I'm dead. I'm dead. ImdeadImdeadImdead! REAL DEAD! WAAAAAAH! AND I WON'T GET TO SEE AERIS BEFORE I DIE!!!

Fluffy: *to Jenara* Please save him. After all, he's my character, and your brother too.

Ysselle: *to Fluffy* Her?! What on earth can she do? Ruffywannabe's doomed.

Fluffy: Just watch, sistah. Go, Jen.

Jenara: ...Okay then. *transforms into Minerva, Goddess of Gaia, with long blond hair and arrayed in full gold armor. She steps in front of Evander, unleashes a great wall of light that blocks the plasma bursts, then reverts to her original form. She's now exhausted.* Now, *to Evander* please... calm down... and... don't... get... yourself... killed. *pulls brother by the ears towards the sidelines*

Evander: *gleeful* You... saved my life! You love me, sis!

Jenara: Not really. I'd be having a hard time to explain things to mom if you die, though, so...

Ysselle: *to Fluffy* Cool. So she can pack a punch, eh?

Fluffy: Hah. Her "Avatar" ability always leaves her drained, though. So the metamorphosis only takes for a while. But yeah- she can basically transform into whoever she wants. And that includes style, ability, knowledge, and even personality.

Ysselle: *shudders at the thought of an Ysselle mini-me*

11/14/2007 . Edited 11/14/2007 #30
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