The Highwind Academy
This forum is actually an RP, based on my idea for the Fanfic, Highwind Academy! Using your OC's, along with other characters, we'll make a group fic to remember, plus, get helpful tips in between parts of the story.
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drgn grl

Tana: -.- You can't even see Jade when she's on caffeine.

Anita: *giggles* It's nice to meet you all, too. ^.~ And we've all had lots of practice while playing Capture the Flag.

Jade: Awesome! ^^ *pulls a bag of twizzlers out of her back pocket, holds it out to Ash* Candy?

6/6/2010 #541
Pegasus Knight Salvo

Lazuli: *nods* I see

Lennart: Zuuuuuli! I want candy toooo!

6/9/2010 #542
drgn grl

Jade: *pulls a bag of Starbursts out of another pocket, holds it out for Lennart* ^^

Tana: *face-palm*

6/9/2010 #543
Pegasus Knight Salvo

Lennart: *looks at Jade with wide eyes* thank you!

Lazuli: *sweatdrops* ^^'

6/11/2010 #544
drgn grl

Jade: ^^ No one should be without sugar!

6/11/2010 #545
Pegasus Knight Salvo

Lennart: *squeals in delight, then eats the candy* Finally! someone with a like mind ^^

Lazuli: *sighs* oh great...

6/11/2010 #546
drgn grl

Jade: Exactly! ^^ *bounces, holding the bags to herself*

Rosaline: Don't worry. She's not too hyped up on sugar right now.

Tana: *leans against a wall* Right now...

Anita: *leans closer, whispers to Lazuli* She has a ton more hidden in various things...

6/11/2010 #547
Pegasus Knight Salvo

Lennart: *tackle glomps Lazuli* Zuli! Be more like her! *points at Jade*

Lazuli: *sweatdrops* my life is over. Lennart and candy don't mix well

6/12/2010 #548
drgn grl

Rosaline: Jade is forbiden energy drinks.

Anemarie: And we limit her on how much candy she can have every day.

Jade: -.- Unfortunately...

6/12/2010 #549
Pegasus Knight Salvo

Lazuli: *nods* a wise decision. I try to limit how much sugar Lenart eats, but he's like a void. He's the candy maker's dream consumer.

Lennart: Oohh! I'm a dream *flutters eyelashes* I'm so flattered (XD) For that I deserve candy * looks at Lazuli with puppy eyes*

6/12/2010 #550
drgn grl

Jade: That doesn't deserve candy! ...Oo, look. ^^ A flower! *wanders off to look at a vase with fresh flowers*

Tana: -.-'

6/12/2010 #551
Pegasus Knight Salvo

Lazuli: *shoulders slump, tired* yep, that's my supposed older brother, yet he acts like a little kid...

Lennart: Zuuuli! You're meeean! *pouts* As your older brother I command you to be nicer to me! (:O)

6/12/2010 #552
drgn grl

Tana: *blinks* From what I understand, elves reach adolescence at age 75 and become adults at a hundred and ten. From his size and looks, I'd put him at...age eighty or so? That means, basically, in human years, he's roughly thirteen and a half. Now, my sister... *jerks a thumb over to her* she has no excuse. She's not even ADD. We've checked.

6/12/2010 #553
Pegasus Knight Salvo

Lazuli:* nods* True and Lennart is just plain short.

(oops, gotta change the age X3)

Lennart: I'm the tallest short elf you know, so XP

6/12/2010 #554
drgn grl

Tana: *rolls eyes*

Anita: So, what do you guys like to do--besides eat candy.

6/12/2010 #555

((I am so sorry for not posting in so long guys! . I've got my final exam on Tuesday so I've been preparing like crazy! Bleeeeh))

Kaine: I've never met such a stupid elf before; it's insulting!

Toby: That's funny because I've met one waaaay worse.

Kaine: That is very hard to believe...

Toby: -Grins- My point exactly !

Ash: Is there any candy left for meeeeeeee? -puppydog eyes xD-

6/13/2010 #556
drgn grl

Anita: *laughs*

Jade: Catch! *tosses Ash a new bag of Skittles* Just leave me half!

Rosaline: That's funny. You two are the two most serious elves I've ever met.

Tana: You really should lighten up, Kaine. Being so serious might shorten your life-span.

6/13/2010 #557

Ash: -Catches the skittles- Yaaaaaaaay!! :D

Mr.Kupo: Ku-Ku-kupoooo!

Ash: Mr.Kupo, don't be silly. Robots can't eat candy...

Mr.Kupo: Po.....

Kaine: Yeeeeeeeeeeah, say that again when you're a crippled old granny and I'm still the same.

Terra: You really didn't catch her sarcasm, did you?

6/15/2010 #558
drgn grl

Jade: *does cartwheels* ^^

Rosaline: We could fix who becomes the cripple first. *cracks her knuckles* Pick your poison--er, weapon.

6/15/2010 #559
Pegasus Knight Salvo

Lennart: *scowls at Kaine* And you are an dumbo! (ooh...he said DUMBO! *gasps* such a mean word!)

Lazuli: Kupo... *sighs* Lennart is intelligent, he just dosnt like to let others know that he is. No one takes him seriously anyway, so he never bothers. *blinks and looks up suddenly* oh, great...rain. *brightens* I wonder if there will be a thunderstorm...

6/19/2010 #560

Kaine: You kids should really learn to shut up......

Ash: T-t-thunder!? O.O'

Terra: Lennart, excuse Kaine....He's like this with everyone. Know that I do not doubt your intelligence....

6/19/2010 #561
Pegasus Knight Salvo

Lazuli: *nods* yep!

Lennart: *smiles at Terra after momentarily glaring at Kaine* I see... Thank you ^^

Lazuli: (she dosnt know that Ash is scared) And lighning!

6/19/2010 #562

Ash: N-n-no way! -Rushes to a window- It can't be!!?

Toby: Um....Lazuli I don't know how to say this...But Ash doesn't like thunderstorms.

Terra: -nods-

Kaine: -Glares right back at Lennart- Stupid pipsqueak.......

6/19/2010 #563
Pegasus Knight Salvo

Lazuli: *gasps* Oh! I'm sure it will miss us! It won't be bad!

Lennart: *sticks his tounge out at Kaine* Idiotic elder....

6/19/2010 #564

Ash: Toooooooooooooooooooooooooobbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Make it go away! Tell those nasty clouds to shooooo!

Toby: Oh Ash.......

Kaine:....Oh bite me shorty.....

(I totally find Kaine and Lennart really cute right now xD)

6/19/2010 #565
drgn grl

Jade: *lights up* Thunderstorms?! *runs outside superfast, grabbing Tana's wrist along the way and dragging her out as well*

Rosaline: So, Toby, I hear you like mechanical stuff. ^^

Anita: *slides up next to Kaine* Melanie and Rosaline have kinda short tempers sometimes, so they just don't get along with some people...

6/19/2010 #566

Ash: -Horrified that Jade and Tana are going outside- N-N-N-N-N-Naaa.......-points at the door with wide eyes-

Toby: Yup. I love stuff like that.

Mr.Kupo: KUPO!!

Kaine: People just don't realise how lonely it is being me......(xD)

6/19/2010 #567
drgn grl

Melanie: Don't worry. Tana will make sure Jade doesn't cluimb a tree or a flagpole while it's lightning out...

Rosaline: Me, too. *grins, holds her hand out for Mr. Kupo* He's pretty cool. Did you make him yourself?

Anita: *waves a hand dismissively* Mel's only interested in fighters and motorcycle riders. Me? ^.~ I like to keep my options open... (X3)

6/19/2010 #568

Ash: B-b-but she....She went outside!!! -continues to look horrified by the very idea-

Mr.Kupo: -Jumps from Lazuli to Rosaline's hand- Ku-Ku! -holds an arm up in greeting-

Toby: Yeah, I did. He really needs updating but I can't bring myself to change him..

Kaine: Oh really?

6/19/2010 #569
drgn grl

Anemarie: Yeah, and we'll be lucky to get her back in anytime before the end of the storm.

Rosaline: Well, we could look at his programming stuff together sometime, if you want. I do all sorts of technical stuff.

Anita: *smiles* Sure. And experience is more fun...

6/19/2010 #570
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