The Highwind Academy
This forum is actually an RP, based on my idea for the Fanfic, Highwind Academy! Using your OC's, along with other characters, we'll make a group fic to remember, plus, get helpful tips in between parts of the story.
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LIST OF CLASSES AND HOW THE DAYS WORK----- By the way, the things in the parenthesis are like, for example, Stealth Techniques will only be on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Each class is 1.5 hours long. There will be 15 minutes breaks between each class for the students to walk to their next class. Lunch is two hours long. Each class is labled either 1 (for first class), 2 (for second class), 3 (for third class), or 4 (for fourth class). There will be more than one class per number. Also, if, for example, Magic was 1 and Art was 1, then your character cannot take both classes. I'll try to label each class so that everyone will get their choice of classes. The class day goes like this: First class - 9:30 am to 11:00 am. Second class - 11:15 am to 12:45 pm. Lunch - 12:45 pm to 2:45 pm. Third class - 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm. Fourth class - 4:45 pm to 6:15 pm. The classes: Stealth Techniques - Prof. Vincent Valentine (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri) #1 Art - Prof. Yuffie Kisaragi (Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri) #4 Ninja Skills/Ranged Fighting - Prof. Yuffie Kisaragi(Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri) #3 Physical Education - Barret Wallace (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs) #1 Weapon Construction - Barret Wallace (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri) #4 Magic - Aeris Gainsborough (Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri) #2 Sociology - Aeris Gainsborough (Mon, Wed, Fri) #3 Martial Arts - Tifa Lockheart (Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri) #1 Mechanics - Cid Highwind (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs) #4 Fighting Techniques - Cloud Strife (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri) #2 Alchemy - Reno (Tues and Thurs) #3 For Sociology and Alchemy: they're alternating classes, so, for example, Sociology is on Mon, Wed, Fri, and it's the third class. So, on monday, tristan (for ex.) will go to sociology for her third class. Then, on tuesday, she'll go to alchemy for her third class. Like that. So, people without classes can choose their classes (all four). Remember, when choosing your classes, don't have them clash with each other! For example, if you choose stealth techniques, you can't choose martial arts because they're both #1, so they're both at 9:30 am to 11:00 am. Also, um...if your character might have a free block. For example (let's take Tristan's classes), Tristan has stealth techniques first. And it's on monday, tuesday, thursday, and friday. She has magic for her second class, which is on monday, wednesday, thursday, and friday. So, on monday, she has both stealth techniques and magic. For tuesday, she has stealth techniques, but not magic. Since magic is her second class, and it's not on tuesday, she doesn't have a second class on tuesday. So she has a free block. For the students that take sociology and alchemy, they won't have a free block for their third class, no matter what school day it is. There are no semesters in the school year (the whole year's like this). The holidays with no school are: Winter Break - from December 16 to January 6 (school begins on Jan. 7th). Pro-D day (professional development day; it's just a free day without school) - every month, on the 5th. Gaia Day - March 15th. Chocobo Day (it's a substitution for Easter)- April 17th. Spring break - April 24th to May 7th (school begins on May 8th). Memorial Day (for the Ancients)- May 21st. Summer break - June 26 to September 5th (school begins on Sept. 7th). Meteor Day (in celebration for the triumph over the meteor)- October 20th. Thanksgiving Day (a day to be thankful) - November 27th. PLEASE DON'T POST IN THIS TOPIC. Thanks!
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THE LIST OF THE NORMAL HOLIDAYS IN THE YEAR---------- This is the list of the holidays in the world of Gaia (FFVII's world): Christmas Eve: December 24th. Christmas: December 25th. New Years Eve: December 31st. New Years Day: January 1st. Valentine's Day: February 14th. Gaia Day (kind like Earth Day): March 15th. Moogle Day (for St. Patrick's day, except that the colors are white instead of green): March 17th. Chocobo Day (for Easter): April 17th. Mother's Day: May 14th. Memorial Day (for the Ancients): May 21st. Father's Day: June 18th. Midgar Day (for the creation of Midgar): July 4th. Labor Day: September 4th. Meteor Day (in celebration of the triumph over the meteor): October 20th. Halloween: October 31st. Rememberance Day (let us remember all who have died in battle): November 11th. Thanksgiving Day (a day to be thankful): November 27th.
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THE DESCRIPTION OF THE CLASSES-------- This is the description of each class: Stealth Techniques - teaches the techniques and skills of stealth, tracking people silently, assassin-like skills. Art - teaches art and concepts of art. Ninja Skills/Ranged Fighting - teaches the skills of being a ninja and teaches how to fight at a distance. Physical Education - teaches sports and other physical activities. Weapon Construction - teaches how to construct weapons. Magic - teaches how to use magic (intermediate and advanced). Sociology/Alchemy - teaches aspects of sociology (social things) and teaches how to make thing such as explosives and poisons. Martial Arts - teaches contact fighting, hand to hand combat. Mechanics - teaches how to make machines, fix vehicles, and other mechanical things. Fighting Techniques - teaches advanced concepts of fighting (all close range weapons and bows/arrows) and helps develop unique skills.
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Please don't post in this thread. If you have any suggestions, questions, or stuff like that, please post in the Choose Your Characters! section. Thanks!
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OC SCHEDULES -------------------- Alright, here are the current OCs and their schedules as I promised: Tristan Foudre - 1. Stealth Techniques 2. Magic 3. Sociology/Alchemy 4. Art Terra Elphinstone - 1. Stealth Techniques 2. Magic 3. Sociology/Alchemy 4. Art Jennisai Kammm (aka. Jen or Sai) - 1. Martial Arts 2. Magic 3. Sociology/Alchemy 4. Art Rory Lexris - 1. Martial Arts 2. Fighting Techniques 3. Sociology/Alchemy 4. Art Keith Lanchester - 1. Stealth Techniques 2. Fighting Techniques 3. Ninja Skills/Ranged Fighting 4. Art Ruukyri (aka. Ruuki) Momokoro 1. Stealth Techniques 2. Magic 3. Ninja Skills/Ranged Fighting 4. Art Ashlea (aka. Ash) Sears 1. Martial Arts 2. Magic 3. Sociology/Alchemy 4. Art Shane Coudry 1. Martial Arts 2. Magic 3. Ninja Skills/Ranged Fighting 4. Art Kaine Elensar 1. Martial arts 2. Fighting Techniques 3. Sociology 4. Art Mel Farr 1. Stealth techniques 2. Fighting techniques 3. Sociology/Alchemy 4. Art Haru Daniels 1. Stealth techniques 2. Magic 3. Ninja skills/Ranged Fighting 4. Art Maria Sakura Akizakura 1. Martial Arts 2. Fighting Techniques 3. Ninja skills/Ranged Fighting 4. Art Joshua Kyoko (aka. Ziggy/Zig) 1. Martial arts 2. Magic 3. Ninja skills/Ranged fighting 4. Art Lani Adams 1. Stealth techniques 2. Fighting techniques 3. Ninja skills/Ranged fighting 4. Mechanics Kyo Lee Simons 1. Stealth Techniques 2. Fighting Techniques 3. Sociology/Alchemy 4. Art Nathanaelius (Nathe) Avantelline 1. Martial Arts 2. Magic 3. Ninja Skills/Ranged Fighting 4. Art Haer'Nabaios 1. Martial Arts 2. Magic 3. Sociology/Alchemy 4. Art Kari Lily Hawkeye 1. Stealth Techniques 2. Magic 3. Sociology/Alchemy 4. Art Haer'Fenia 1. Physical Education 2. Magic 3. Sociology/Alchemy 4. Art Ysselle Blaze 1. Stealth Techniques 2. Fighting Techniques 3. Ninja Skills/Ranged Fighting 4. Weapon Construction
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THE DIFFERENT WINGS AND CLASSROOM LOCATIONS ------------- Ok, -sigh- phew, here's another info post. Um, so, these are all the wings (well, there are more wings than these, but these are the only wings that will probably be mentioned in the rp), and where the classrooms are (only classes that are currently being taken. I'll add classes if they're chosen by later characters). --- The Wings --- Physical Wing (All physical classes) aka. P # Mentality Wing (All mental classes) aka. M # Fine Arts Wing (All art related/building/hands-on classes) aka. FA # General Education Wing (All academic classes) aka. GE # --- The Class Locations --- Stealth Techniques (aka. ST) - P #7 Martial Arts (aka. MT) - P #4 Ninja Skills/Ranged Fighting (aka. NSRF) - P # 10 Fighting Techniques (aka. FT) - P #1 Magic - M # 4 Sociology - GE # 12 Art - FA # 4 Alchemy - FA # 1
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CHARACTER PROFILES ---------------- Alright, ANOTHER INFO POST. But this one's important. Well, all of these are, lol. Anyways, here are the profiles for the Ocs. If your Oc's profile isn't here, it's because you didn't post a complete one (or just didn't post one). 1. Name: Tristan Foudre Age: 17 Gender: Female Birthday: December 28 Height: 5' 7" Eyes: Green with hazel specks Hair: Long dark-brown with black streaks (not tied back or anything) Abilities/Specialty: Is able to equip materia straight into her body. Can also create a black flame that can vary from extremely hot to icy cold, depending on Tristan's mood. Clothes: A spaghetti-strap, soft, light-grey dress that's tight-fitting, yet saggy on the top. The dress has a small lolita-like skirt that's black with white trimmings. Tristan wears black, tight shorts underneath the dress. She also has on two belts (one metal and one fabric/leather) which she keeps some materia in. She wears silver upper-arm guards with fishnets stretching from the top of the arm-guards to the straps of her dress. She also wears thick bronze-colored clasps on her forearms, with x-shaped wristlets (sort of hard to describe; just refer to the picture). She wears gold-colored clasps on her legs, and a fishnet on her left leg. Tristan also wears large silver hoop earrings, and a ring. She has on big, brown, leather boots that have clasps at the ankles and sort of "sag" at the top. DRAWING: (most recent/new version) Personal Quote: " I care." Personality: Pretty neutral most of the time, but Tristan has a huge temper. When she's happy...well, she's pretty silly. She's also very shrewd and smart, and has a VERY sarcastic personality. She's sarcastic most of the time. She's not impressed very much, and not very interested in guys (so she doesn't go "oooh, he's hot" or something when she sees a supposedly "hot" guy). She likes to fight a lot. She's not your usual chatterbox either. She loves fighting, reading, painting, mythical creatures, and competing. She hates cowards, weaklings, stupid people, self-centered people (that includes greedy people, selfish people, any kind of person that does things for his/her self only), and sappy girly-girls. She likes animals (but hates insects), especially snakes and dragons. She's also a pretty good actor (but doesn't go for the acting career). Although she doesn't like selfish people, she IS kind of self-centered sometimes. When she's being self-centered, she likes to brag a bit. She's good at a lot of things, but absolutely, I repeat, absolutely SUCKS at cooking! And isn't too good at grappling (aka. wrestling) either. Style: For fighting, her trademark move is to slice off the enemies' head with two swift strokes. Weapon: Long, thin-bladed sword for close-up combat and a bow/arrows for distant combat. The sword has a thin handle that's wrapped in leather, and has no jewels or anything on it. The blade's as hard as quartz (but it's metal). The handle's wrapped in dark brown bandages(close to black). The bow's just a regular white long-bow. Her sword is called the "Dragon's Soul" and her bow is called the "Gate Lancer". Personal History: Used to be in a rich family that seemingly had a connection with Shinra. However, all remains of Tristan's whole family has disappeared, and the file is kept confidential and forbidden in Shinra Headquarters. Tristan is the last of her family, and has inherited everything. Other Information: Models for the famous brand of clothing/accessories "Mythrillica". 2. Name: Terra Elphinstone Age: unknown, appears to be a teenager. Birthdate: October 31 Eyes: one blue the other purple. Hair: Long and blond. Clothes: mini skirt(Brown), green belt, fingerless gloves (Green), any top that shows off a lot of skin and brown boots. She often wears other clothing depending on what mood shes in but most of the time she'll wear a skirt, long or short. Abilities/specialty: I don't know what it's called but the thing where you can talk to people in their heads, also she can communicate with the earth. Theme song: something that sounds like water or rain, sad music. Personal quote: "Forgive me Father.." "...Just leave me alone...." Personality: She's not the most talkative person alive but when she does talk the words are often well thought out. Terra may look really innocent but you wouldn't want to make her angry. To see her smile is a wondrous sight as she doesn't do it often. Her voice shows little emotion. Style: Well, she has long blond hair, that is never, I repeat NEVER tied back. Unless of course she has to do swimming. Personal history: Terra is an elf with an unknown past. No one knows what happened to her but just from looking in her eyes you can tell it was very upsetting. She always carries a silver chain with a name tag attached, this item she holds very close to her heart. However on the back of the name tag are deep scratches, and looking at them closely you can see crimson blood. Terra carries a great sin on her shoulders, could this be anything to do with it? She has a younger sister and she did have an older brother but something happened and he no longer resides in this world. Her mother died during her sisters birth, her father refuses to love her. All she ever wishes for is for her father to say i love you, but not yet in her whole life has she heard those three simple words. Terra has never used magic before so shes very nervous about using it. She's hurt someone so bad before that she doesn't ever want to do it again. She often suffers from headaches or 'attacks', these 'attacks' are caused by something locked deep inside her and uses her emotions to break lose. That is why she has to hide emotion, only letting small fragments seep through. 3. Name: Jennisai Kammm (Like, ‘Jenny- sigh’. Jen, or Sai, or whatever, for short. And, yes, three M’s in her last name.) Age: 15 3/4 Gender: Female Appearance: Very slight, (as in small with no muscular build in the least), and plain. She generally wears a pink, slightly-too-large t-shirt, neat, but loose-fitting, jeans, and tennis shoes. Also, wears a pair of heavy-duty glasses. Can hardly see a thing without them. Hair: Unruly, a little wavy, and brown. No shine or luster to it at all. She usually pulls it back in a messy ponytail of some sort. Eyes: Dark brown. Personality/hobbies: A materia dork. Loves studying, reading, and practicing with the stuff, though she only owns a couple pieces of it. Also enjoys taking things apart, just to see how they work. Very intellectual, but has no street-smarts whatsoever and is, physically, extremely weak. Is not shy or easily embarrassed, which is fortunate for she often gets so absorbed in what she’s doing, she forgets others are around… until they’re all staring at her strangely… In addition, Jen is a major pack rat, talks to herself, and has no qualms about asking questions. No matter how strange they may be. Personal quote: “What would happen if I were to cast Ice 2 inside a functioning microwave…?” 4. Name: Rory Lexris Age: 19 1/2 Gender: Male Birthdate: July 24 Eyes: Stormy grey Hair: Floppy, brownish-blond with dark streaks, down to his ears. Personality: Very flirtatious. Likes "brawling" and doesn't get very good grades, academically. Abilities/Specialties: Is 99% accurate in throwing/shooting, and is able to hyponotize people when he becomes very emotional, once he reaches the age of 20 (although he doesn't know he has that ability). Clothes: Generally, a dark-green sweatshirt and really big, baggy, beige pants (the kinds with many pockets). He has huge, dark-brown combat boots. Also, a black fingerles glove on his right hand, along with a big, silver, patterned ring on his ring finger. He wears a large, rather fancy watch on his left wrist, with another wide, gold ring on his pointer finger. Also, he usually weas big visors (sunglasses), and a thin, chain necklace. He has an earring in his right ear (a small hoop), and sometimes wears a bandanna on his head. Height: 6' 1" Weapon: Twin handguns (his pair consist of a white one and a black one. The white one is called the "Ghost's Nightmare" and the black one is called the "Soul Possessor".)) Quote: "One more and I'll blow your head off" or "She's hot". DRAWING: 4. Name: Keith Lanchester Age: 17 Gender: Male Eyes: A shade of brown just barely distinguishable from black Other physical traits: Tall and lanky, with uncombed, strawberry blonde hair that’s just long enough to get into his eyes. Prefers to wear shorts, a ragged brown belt, a light, cotton T-shirt, and no shoes (opts for socks when inside). Has a natural love of sports and an extremely high metabolism; thus, is hungry all the time. Also, he speaks with a bit of an accent when nervous or excited. Weapons: Is obsessed with knives, (throwing knives, to be specific). Usually carries two or three hidden on his person, in addition to the five or six displayed on his belt. Personality- Good traits: A country guy; is easily impressed by large buildings and groups of people. Friendly and easygoing, though can be serious when it comes to working. Questionable traits…: Is terrified (WAY past the point of embarrassment) of the opposite gender, and goes as far out of his way as needed to avoid them. Loves goofing off and messing with people, (especially people he likes), to see how they react. Background: Keith’s mom passed away shortly after he was born. He grew up with his father out in the mountains. Never went to school, but learned everything he needed to know from his dad. Now that Keith’s growing up, his father is sending him to The Highwind Academy both to hone a few of his skills, and get a bit of formal education. Personal quote: “You got any more spaghetti sauce?” 5. Name: Rukyrii (Ruuki) Momokoro Gender: Female Age: 17 Birthdate: December 31 Height: 5' 7" Eyes: Pure black (gives people an impression of her being possessed). Hair: As long as her waist, straight, blackish-blue; curly bangs in the front. Has a long ponytail on one side of her head. Appearance: Voluptuous, very pretty. Taller than most Wutainians. Fine, narrow face with high cheekbones. Very pale, smooth skin contrasting with her hair and eyes. Is often seen with a rosy tinge to her cheeks from blushing. Wears bandages wrapped around her forehead (no one knows why). Has some bandages wrapped around her chest. Wears a short, dark-grey jean jacket that has only one short sleeve. Has a small black shirt underneath the jacket with fishnets crisscrossing down from it. Has many bandages from the bottom of the fishnet all the way to her waist. Wears a skirt with a dark-brown belt haphazardly looped around her waist. The skirt is white, and is open at the front. There is another very short, grey layer (like a very, very, very short skirt) underneath the outside skirt that only reaches the very top of her thighs. She has on tight, stretchy, black pants (one leg only reaches a little below the inside skirt, and the other leg is a little below the first leg). Has bandages wrapped around one thight, and a long fishnet around her other leg. She wears black shoes that resemble boots, although they are only closed with straps at the front. She also has another fishnet beneath her boot on the leg with the bandages. Ruuki has more fishnets around her left arm and bandages down her right arm. She wears a sort of...dark grey "cape" starting from her waist, and another small layer behind her right thigh. She also wears round earrings. Ruuki has her family crest symbol tattooed on the top of her left arm (near her shoulder), as is the practice of her family. (Just see the drawing for details) DRAWING: (RECENT) Abilities/Specialties: She can use materia surrounding her without even touching them (that means that she can use an opponent's materia too). Her black eyes enable her to see in the dark, and her body has a poison storage that can leak out through the skin. Ruuki is immune to any type of poison. Personal Quote: "A-ano...uh...that's s-stupid..." Nationality: From Wutai. Personality: Is extremely shy. Very shy. Shy to the point of...infinity! She stutters and blushes a lot. She's also known for her intelligence, having an IQ higher than most people. However, she's usually too shy to give her opinions out loud unless someone asks her. She looks weak because of her shyness, but is actually very strong in fist-fighting and when using her weapons. She doesn't think too highly of people who aren't very smart, and thinks rather critizizing thoughts unintentionally. She's pretty nice, however, and tries not to think about herself too much. Despite her kindness, she doesn't have many emotions when killing people, for this was part of her training in Wutai. She's good at art, fighting, mental stuff, magic, and cooking. She's not good at war tactics (despite her intelligence), history, kenjustu (sword fighting), dealing with the opposite gender, mechanics, and charisma-related things. Likes: Singing, animals, fighting, painting, studying anything, and other things. Dislikes: Rudeness, speaking in front of a lot of people, players, dumb people, cowards, and other things. Style: Her clothes are considered pretty strange in Wutai. In fact, they're considered pretty strange and "unique" everywhere. No one knows why she wears so many bandages and such strange clothes. But then, she has "possessed" eyes, so she's quite a weirdo in people's minds. Weapons: A big, pitch-black five-point shuriken that's usually strapped to her back. There's nothing fancy about it. Just black and sharp. She also specializes in poison needles. And poison in general. Personal History: Born, trained, and raised in Wutai as a noble's daughter. There were some events that left her with no mother, but she never speaks about it. Indeed, it appears that she has forgotten about the event, but she hasn't. She had been born under a night with no moon, so rumors about her being "special" (in a negative way) have travelled around Wutai. She has an older brother training to take her father's place, and had a younger sister who was killed when she was four. Others: Always carries around a red summon materia. No one knows which summon it is, but it seems very precious to her. (First name's pronounced (with a flippy R) "Ruu-kye-rii" and her last name's pronounced (with a short, deep o sound and a flippy R) "momo-koe-roe") 6. Name: Ashlea (Ash) Sears Gender: Female Age: 15 Birth date: 12 February Height: 5' 6" Eyes: Turquoise, greeny colour. Hair: Bright red. Just past her shoulders and always in two plaits. Appearance: She has an average body size, not too thin, not too big. Her clothes are always bright and frilly. Usually she wears a pink and blue stripey, strappy top. She wears a skort (Shorts with a skirt on the top, if you didn't know) the shorts being blue and the skirt being pink. She wears white boots that have pink ribbons hanging around the top. Ash wears lots of different coloured bangles on her wrists (You will always know if shes creeping up on you ;)) Abilities/Specialties: Well, she doesn't really have any, unless you count her endless amount of energy as an ability? Personal Quote: "AHHH!! SCARY OLD LADY, RUN AWAY!!" Nationality: Shes from the Goldensaucer (Mwahaha! I wanted somewhere that was different) Personality: Very outgoing. She always seems to be happy and never appears sad or upset. She gets excited over small things, she's not really fond of people who are sad or depressed. Though she is happy mostly, she does get mad pretty easily, though most of the time she just laughs it off. Shes known to be a little bit nosey. Oh and shes very scared of blood, you could say her big fear. Likes: Dancing, singing, fluffy animals, bright colours and giving people random hugs.(Don't ask why) Dislikes: Spiders, dark and dull colours, Blood. Style: Her clothes are pretty much normal for the Golden Saucer, so she doesn't feel that they're strange or too bright in any way. Weapon: A mallet. The handle is purple with yellow stripes. The head of the mallet is yellow with a purple star on each end. Personal History: Born and raised in the Golden saucer. Her whole family working in the Golden saucer, her mother, father, 3 brothers and sister all helping out and selling items to any local sucker that just so happened to walk by. She is the youngest of the family and her parents decided (Against her wishes) that is was best for her to leave and get a decent education. Of course Ashlea wasn't too happy, she didn't want to leave and go to a boring school, well, who does? 7. Name: Shane Coudry Gender: Male Age: 18 Birthdate: November 25 Height: 6' 4" Eyes: Red Hair: Floppy, black, chin-length, constantly flopping over eyes. Quote: "Why, hello there..." Appearance: Has slightly tanned, but pretty pale skin. Has an well-toned body with not many muscles that can be seen, but is very strong (bishounen-type). Has high-cheekbones, and can be described as with a "princely" look. Wears a saggy, white shirt that resembles a blouse (is usually unbuttoned), and slightly baggy, black, leather-like, long pants with ends tucked into huge, dark-brown combat boots that reach up to three inches below the knees. Many silver buckles adorn the boots, running down the front and back. He sometimes also wears a long, white trench coat that resembles more of a cloak with gold buckles. Shane often wears leather gloves covered with more metal buckles and metal over the knuckles (occasionally with spikes), that reach up four inches below the elbows. A large, slightly ragged-looking, silver belt is buckled lopsidedly around his waist. Shane also wears a silver chain necklace with a cross hanging from it, and numerous rings of all designs on both hands, along with a large wristlet on his right wrist and a watch on his left. He has bandages wrapped around his waist to halfway up his chest, and sometimes dons sunglasses. Style: His chosen attire is pretty strange, with a slight flamboyant flair, and somehow just makes him look more like a prince or bishounen. Abilities: Can easily tame snakes, has an automatic healing ability that heals most of his wounds pretty quickly (partly due to the fact that he has some powers of the Condor), and can fly with wings. Weapon: Chains with small, spiked balls, with a scythe attached to the handle. Personaltiy: Is very polite in a saucy way. Is a gentleman. Also often has mischevious behavior, and is a bit arrogant. Shane is a perfectionist, and pretty dramatic. He's also a bit of a ladies' man, but doesn't really flirt much. Likes: Snakes, chatting, cooking, art, music, fighting, and taunting enemies. Dislikes: Generally distant/cold people, Lockhearts, Nibelheim, annoying people (which means hyper), kendo (sword fighting; he doesn't like it because he's not too good at it), and anything that is a natural enemy to snakes. Personal History: Has a mother from Wutai and had a father from Nibelheim. He's in the middle class (not rich, but still pretty wealthy). Shane's father died when Shane was 5, because he was accidentally killed by Tifa Lockheart's father. Therefore, Shane hates all Lockhearts' guts (including Tifa). Shane's past involves many things that make it rather dark and deep, so he does not talk about it very often. However, to some people, he may choose to divulge some of it. Other Information: Has huge, black "angelic" wings (wings like an angel's or bird's) that come out randomly similar to Eli's. This mutation was caused by Shane accidentally eating a Condor's egg at the age of two, then drinking a rotten elixer potion right after. Somehow, something happened after this strange combination of items was digested. Also is a male model for Mythrillica. DRAWING: (RECENT) 8. Name: Kaine Elensar (is also an elf) Gender: Male Age: Looks about 17, but is the same age as Terra is (about 133). Birthdate: 6 June Height: 6'3'' Eyes: A really deep brown that look almost cat like, and the part nearest the centre is almost a greeny colour. Hair: Shoulder lenght blonde hair. It is straight and falls in front of his eyes a lot. Appearance: Kaine is well built and has quite a muscular body. His skin is quite tanned so you can tell he loves to be outside. He wears black baggy trousers and a green t-shirt. Kaine's arms are wrapped in bandages that are his idea of gloves (Oh silly boy!) The sleeves of his t-shirt are ripped (It looks like it used to be long sleeved but he ripped the sleeves off for some strange reason) Kaine wears big heavy boots that have many buckles on them. He occasionally wears a cowboy sort of hat. (I suck at descriptions.....forgive me please) Abilities/Specialties: Prolonged life (Has a longer life span than humans do). Better hearing and eyesight. Personal Quote: " was the chicken that came before the egg.." Personality: Kaine can be a little bit of a flirt but he has to be in the right mood. He has a joker sort of personality but he can be very nasty and tends to whind people up a lot. He is also known for being quite sarcastic a lot of the time. Likes: The outside, milk, Chocobos. Dislikes: The dark. Style: Kaine's clothes are a bit of mix and match of elvish style and human style. It doesn't really bother him, in fact he quite likes his fashion sense. Weapons: Anything avaliable, though mostly a bow and arrow. His best materia would be his quake materia. Personal History: Kaine grew up with Terra. However they're not how you would call, close friends. In fact, Kaine always used to bully Terra while she was growing up, he would pretend to be her friend and then laugh in her face the next minute. Kaine's family was quite a weathly family and he got pretty spoilt as a kid. When he reached 16 (132 in reality) he decided to go and explore the human world, after seeing some towns and villages he wasn't too impressed. The shops were pretty boring and there wasn't anyone to wind up. He heard a rumour that an elf had joined Highwind achademy, Kaine was sure that it was Terra, so he applied to join. 9. Name: Melody (Or Mel) Farr Gender: Female Age: 16 Birthdate: May 1 Height: 5'6' Eyes: A deep aqua green which looks more dark blue near the pupil. Her eyes looked almost glazed over (If you get what I mean XP) Hair: Shoulder length blue hair, its quite a dark blue, like sapphire blue. Mel's hair is very wavy but not that wavy it can be called curly. Appearance: Mel has quite a petite body frame, shes not at all muscular. Melody is very thin but shes not considered ill, she just doesn't eat much. Mel's skin is extremely pale, deathly pale even however there are small patches of her skin that are a darker colour. These patches of skin are in fact scales. These scales are a lot rougher than her soft, silky skin. Most of Mel's back is covered in scales. On her neck are a pair of gills, though she usually wears a blue and white, stripey scarf to cover them up. Mel wears brown shorts which come down to her mid thigh and a dark blue, halter neck top. She wears blue and white trainers, or sneakers for those not in England (Which is nearly everyone, I think) Mel wears one wooly glove on her left hand as that hand is covered in scales. Oh! She also wears a wooly hat, which is also blue and white. There are two pom-pom type balls on the top. Abilities/Specialties: Gills to breath under water. Personal Quote: "....Just feel that breeze....its beautiful..." Personality: Melody is calm like the ocean is before a storm. She takes everything at her own pace and never rushes into things she doesn't understand. Shes quite a cheerful and easy going person, quite easy to make friends with. Mel can be quite timid at times, though she mostly speaks her mind. Likes: Water, the ocean, soft gentle music. Dislikes: Hot temperatures, bullies, fighting (Shes a peaceful person) Labs and scientists. Style: Of course Mel's clothes don't really match each other, apart from their colours but that doesn't bother her. Weapons: A huge fan that she keeps on her back (Like Temari from Naruto) Personal History: Melody was originally from Nibelheim. There as a baby she was involved in certain 'experiments' using DNA from a fish, of course the experiments didn't work out right and her body was left a mess. Mel doesn't really mind what she looks like and she isn't afraid to let others see her disfiguring, shes not afraid of being called a freak or anything of the sort. When she was five Mel's parents moved to Kalm to start a new life. That was where she stayed until her 16th birthday when her Mother wished for her to have a real normal life with people she didn't know. 10. Name: Haru Alexander Daniels Gender: Male Age: 17 Birthday: April 20 Height: 5’ 6" Eyes: Dark brown. Hair: Long, straight, in a pony tail, jet black about mid-back in length. Quote: “It truly amuses me how it keeps on spinning around in circles and doesn’t get dizzy…” Appearance: Haru isn’t of a very muscular build, in fact his body shape can only be described as lanky. He always wears glasses with semi-think frames. A white, short sleeved blouse covers his top half while black trousers accompany his lower half. He wears a pink tie and his trousers are held up by brown braces. Haru has quite a pale complexion because he prefers to stay inside and read than go outside and play sports. Style: Haru’s appearance can only be described as geeky or nerdy, of course he doesn’t see it that way. Abilities: Can easily think of strategies and think of solutions to equations and such. Weapon: His brain. Personality: It can be safely said that he is a nerd/geek and he’s quite proud of his intelligence. Haru is a kind hearted young man and is willing to help anyone. He can be quite nervous at times when he doesn’t understand a situation but he is perfectly calm when he knows everything there is to know about the situation. Likes: Reading, math, ceiling fans, light bulbs. Dislikes: People that don’t know anything at all, equations that he can’t figure out. Personal History: Haru comes from Midgar, and both of his parents worked for Shinra in the science department, so Haru grew up to love science. Although he grew up to love science he never saw much of his parents so he had raise his little sister all on his own. Because he never got to see his parents much he grew to dislike the Shinra and everything they stood for. He decided to go to the academy so he could further his knowledge, especially now that his sister was old enough to look after herself. 11. Maria Sakura Akizakura Age: 18 Height: 5'7 Hair: Long(mid torso)auburn hair thats always down Eyes: Hazel Other Information: Maria is a straight 'A+' student at the acadamy. She is skilled at sword fighting and the martal arts amd she has limeted telapathy(mind reading) and telikenisis(lifting objects). However she never likes to use magic because she thinks ones true potencal can't be shown through. She wants to be a traveling fighter, but she also wants to be a teacher after she graduates. 12. Name: Joshua Kyoko (However goes by the name Ziggy or Zig, Not sure why though) Gender: Male Age: 17 Birthday: August 18 Height: 6'2'' Eyes: A dark sapphire blue. Hair: Quite short and spiky although there is one piece of hair that's longer than the rest and falls over his face. Oh and his hair is a dark purple with a white zig-zag through it. Quote: "Music can relax even the most complicated of people" Appearance: Ziggy wears a simple white, baggy T-shirt with a dark violet, short sleeved jacket over the top. This jacket is pretty much a short sleeved shirt that he wears like a jacket, he usually doesn't do the buttons up but if he's cold then perhaps. For the lower half Ziggy wears a simple pair of dark blue jeans which are perhaps a size too big as they are extremely baggy. Big black boots that are adorned with many buckles and belt like objects keep his feet safe from anything heavy that may happen to land on them. An accessory that Ziggy swears by is his black studded choker that he always wears everywhere, even when he's sleeping! Aside from that he also wears several smaller chokers as bracelets to match his holy accessory. Lastly Ziggy wears black fingerless gloves that have silver studs on the knuckles, this is another fashion item that this young man swears by. Occasionally he may wear a black, felt hat with a purple chocobo feather sticking out of it. Style: Although Ziggy's appearance may be described as slightly Gothic he is most definitly not a dark person (Not saying that all Gothic people are dark ;) ) Abilities: Ziggy has the ability to play many different instruments ranging from a piano to drums or even a guitar. However singing is something that he isn't so talented with. (I'm not saying his voice is squeaky or anything just simply saying that he's a little shy about singing) Weapon: He's best with his fists (Hence the silver studs on his gloves). Personality: Ziggy is your average guy, he's easy going, calm and quite understanding. It takes him quite a while for him to get angry, unless of course someone is being falsely accused or some type of bulling is going on. Ziggy is the kind of guy that tries his best to be friends with everyone although he knows that he can't possibly be on good terms with everyone he meets. He doesn't like to see someone down and tries to cheer them up with music or a simple chat. Overall Ziggy is a very tranquil person and prefers to relax with some music and let his troubles float away. Likes: Any type of music from rock to classical, instruments, relaxing. Dislikes: People that don't seem to understand music (Although he's willing to give them a chance first), instruments that need some kind of repair Personal History: Ziggy's birth place was in fact the Golden Saucer, meaning that Toby(Cheesey's new character and don't worry I did discuss this with her before hand) one of Ash's brothers was a very close friend of his even though Toby is the exact opposite in some ways. Ziggy also looks at Ash as a younger sister figure as their families were so close to each other. Ziggy's job at the Golden Saucer was in fact a performing musician, he loved to see his audiences enjoying music. Ziggy decided that he wanted to travel and meet new people, a school seemed the best place to do so. 13. Name: Lani Adams Age: 18 Height: 5ft 10 Birthday: 5 May Quote: "Poke me I dare you" Appearance: Has short brown hair with red streaks, blue eyes, wears a black tank top, studded belt, black pants and black biker boots, (Kind off a rocker...) Likes: Slipknot, Green day, Stone Sour, Chocobos, coffee, sleeping. Dislikes: Mornings, pink, the number 45. Personal History: Lives with parents and little sister in Midgar, is in a rock band (Singer and gutair) called 'the killer moogles'. Personality: Likes making people laugh, enjoys being given a challenge, bubbly and kind personality, but can be mean if she wants to... Weapon: Two swords (kinda like Rikku from FFX-2) 14. Kyo Lee Simons Gender: Male Age: 17 Birthday: December 6 Height: 6,2 Eyes: Orange with a tint of brown Hair: Short Orange hair Appearance: Kyo hates wearing ties or any tight clothing. He also likes to pick fights alot so he is often seen in loose shirts and sweat pants. He has a tan compexion because he likes it outside and is often seen relaxing in the sun. Style: Kyo’s appearance is very skinny but he often wins his fights because he has less muscle weight so he is faster Abilities: As fast and agile as a cat Weapon: His fists Personality: He is a tough talking kid that likes to fight. But under his tough exterior is a heart full of gold. However he rarely shows it because he is always fighting. He also has a cat that he hides (if animals arn't aloud. Likes: Fighting, his cat Isis Dislikes: Everything and everyone Personal History: Kyo comes from Gold Saucer and learned all she knew from Dio and fought in the Battle square. He always hated that he was smaller than the rest so he chalenged a buff guy and one. He soon got a huge ego but barely braged to the adults, only the childen younger than him. His parents sent him to the Acadamy to learn to socilise with others 15. Name: Nathanaelius (Nathe) Avantelline Age: Looks to be about 19. Gender: Male Birthday: October 10. Height: 6’5” Eyes: Completely, bloody-red (no irises or pupils - quite like Ruuki’s eyes, except red). Hair: Shoulder-length, dark (pretty much black), smooth, very “light and airy”. Abilities/Specialty: Can make people see visions or dreams. Is a guru of magic. Clothes: Prefers to wear long, airy, black robes that touch the floor. He wears a black shirt and long black pants underneath the robes. He also wears a numerous amount of bracelets on his left wrist (for materia), and about six rings. Nathe wears a strong, metallic belt underneath his robes, which also holds an amount of materia. He likes to wear a necklace that has an orb with a claw around it dangling at the bottom. The orb seems to encase a red summon materia inside of it, although no one except Nathe knows what it actually is. This elf also wears short, silent, black boots. Nathe may occasionally wears thin, black gloves when working magic. DRAWING: Personal Quote: "...” Personality: Rather cold and distant. Is also quiet, and doesn’t talk much, unless he deems something worthy of his voice. Nathe has a lot of pride, and is highly arrogant. He feels that he is above all elves, humans, and other races - or other people, for that matter. Therefore, he is not very good at obeying orders (aka. Teachers’ instructions). Since Nathe is a dark elf, he has absolutely no qualms about killing. He may even enjoy it…but that remains a mystery. Nathe likes magic, obviously. No one seems to know anything else he likes, though. Nathe does not seem to dislike much either, but he does dislike more than he lets on, such as cheery people, unintelligent people, people that are all brawn with no brains, and people that dislike magic, or are amateurs at magic. Nathe is almost perfect at everything…except for a few weaknesses that very few people know about. He’s terrible with those weaknesses, though. If you can find out a weakness of his, he’s basically pwned. XD Nathe is terrible at physical fighting. He does have a weapon, but his weapon has magical properties. This isn’t one said “weaknesses” because he has magic as his ultimate weapon. Style: Either subtle magic, or all-out explosive magic. Weapon: Since he is a mage, his weapon is magic. The only solid weapon Nathe uses is a large, enchanted scythe (much like the one Death/Grim Reaper carries), which he summons when he needs. Personal History: Nathe grew up in the shadowy eleven community, away from forest elves and whatnot. He showed signs of powerful magic at a very young age, so was sent into intense training, which paid off. No one knows exactly what Nathe is doing at the Highwind Academy, since he had received one of the best magical training available on Gaia. It is not known where Nathe’s parents are, or whether he even has any parents. Nathe’s history is quite unknown to any of the Highwind Academy staff. Other Information: Is a dark elf. Dark elves are different from normal forest elves, for dark elves keep to the shadows and the night. Most of their kind are more sinister, with evil intentions, than the elves of nature. They are also quite a dangerous, aggressive race. 16. Haer'Nabaios Gender: Male Age: 17 Birthday: December 28th, Childermass Day Height: 183cm Personal Quote: "Oh, for the freakin' love of god..." Eyes: Grey, jagged kiwifruit-green iris. Hair: Long, Auburn, keeps it in a ponytail. Appearance: Pinstriped formal shirts, black denim jeans, black slip-ons. Projects a slightly nervous feel. Slightly tanned, not enough to cause comment. Style: Prefers to mix body-augment magicks with ultra defensive/offensive moves. He cannot double play offense and defense. Abilities: Distorts personal gravity. Weapon: Crescent Flamberge/Spiked Guantlets. Personality: A brotherly character who generally listens to problems patiently in order to get into someones pants. Crass, and often teasingly rude, he nevertheless harbours a great fondness for innocence, feeling that he has none. Fights in order to 'figure out' a person. Likes: His sister Feni, sauces, sun-showers. Dislikes: most anything mainstream. Personal History: An exchange student from *CLASSIFIED* who had to be relocated due to *CLASSIFIED* involving a *CLASSIFIED* political *CLASSIFIED* highly *CLASSIFIED* large bowl of vanilla pudding. His sister Feni still resides at *CLASSIFIED*. 17. Kari Lily Hawkeye Gender: Female Age: 16 Birthday: March 30 Height: 5,7 Eyes: Green Hair: It was black but she dyes it every day in a different color so no one remembers it Appearance: Kari wears very bright colors that are the same color (or close enough) to her curent hair color. She rarely wears anything dark. Style: Pretend to trip to doge an attack and trip the other person XD Abilities: None Weapon: Katana Personality: She trips over her own two feet often (as well as others) but she always tries her hardest when in training. She also likes giving hugs to everyone she sees in the halls. Likes: Ramen, hugs, and a lot of other things Dislikes: Fish Personal History: She knew Kyo when she was little but she had to move away. Her parents stayed at gold saucer and sent her to live with her Aunt and Uncle in Kalm. She is actualy Maria's cousin. 18. Haer'Fenia Gender: Female Age: 14 Birthday: 17th April Height: 153cm Personal Quote: "If you don't crack someones spine at least once a day, you have issues!" Eyes: Grey, Hazel edged irises. Hair: Short, boyish, cinnamon coloured. Appearance: T-shirt with the legend 'Hae'l plz', baggy blue jeans, silver earring. Projects a perplexed feel, Tanned to a greater extent than her brother. Style: Relies purely on magic, generally offensive. Abilities: Distorts personal gravity. Weapon: None. Magic-user Personality: A childish, silly girl that more often then not ocupies her days studying and beating up her brother. Does not seem to understand how far is too far in conversation, but is an extremely open and friendl girl with a taste for the bizarre. Likes: Cute guys, Chewy foods, Long runs. Dislikes: Perverts, spicy foods and rain. Personal History: *CLASSIFIED, LEVEL OMEGA CLEARANCE REQUIRED* 19. Name: Ysselle Blaze (Pronunciation: "I-sell") Gender: Female Age: 18 Birthday: Jan 8 Height: 5' 6" Personal Quote: "Whatever you say, sunshine/dear/sweetie/pretty boy/big boy" Eyes: a little slant, dark brown bordering on black Hair: reaches upper back, untied, almost jet-black Appearance: Pale, wears that SWAT attire, with Kevlar vest Style: Relies on pistols Abilities: good aim Weapon: customised silver pistols. One, Western, looks like an 1800s revolver. One, Unshadowed Path, looks standard-issue Personality: Tomboyish, a little messy and sloppy, speaks with cowboy accent, a little antisocial, stubborn, headstrong, sometimes outspoken; adores weapons, but sometimes reads books. Likes: Firearms. Dislikes: Flirts, softies, people who underestimate her, and has reservations against Shinra personel Personal History: Mother is actually a Wutaian. Desires vengeance against Shinra for the Wutaian War as well as for an injury to family. An AVALANCHE member (the first incarnation, under Elfe).
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THE ROLEPLAYERS OF EACH CHARACTER ----- Thanks to Dragon for reminding me, and here are the current rpers of each character, for anyone who's new. FFVII Characters -- Cloud - Iyoku-ishi Aeris - Iyoku-ishi Tifa - Any-more-cheese Vincent - Iyoku-ishi Yuffie - Any-more-cheese Rufus - Iyoku-ishi Reno - Iyoku-ishi Cid - Iyoku-ishi Nanaki - CrystalKara Elena - Lady Ninja Maria OCs -- Tristan - Iyoku-ishi Terra - Any-more-cheese Jen - The Fiercesomest Dragon Ever Rory - Iyoku-ishi Keith - The Fiercesomest Dragon Ever Ruuki - Iyoku-ishi Ash - Any-more-cheese Shane - Iyoku-ishi Kaine - Any-more-cheese Mel - CrystalKara Haru - CrystalKara Maria - Lady Ninja Maria Lani - Greensally Ziggy - CrystalKara Kyo - Lady Ninja Maria Nathe - Iyoku-ishi Naba - Ogden-of-the-Moon-Clan Kari - Lady Ninja Maria Feni - Ogden-of-the-Moon-Clan Ysselle - Whitelight23
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ROOMING ------------- I can't believe I didn't add this before. Phew. Anyways, here's the list of people rooming with each other, as I recall. Tristan - Terra Jen - Ruuki Ash - Mel Maria - Lani Kari - Feni Ysselle - no one Shane - Keith Nathe - Kaine Rory - Ziggy Haru - Kyo Naba - no one [b]There are only two dorms in the school - one for boys, and one for girls.[/b]
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I am putting this list up more for my own good then anything else. Hope you don't mind, yoku-ishi, but it helps clear my mind so I can pick classes easier. Stealth Techniques - Prof. Vincent Valentine (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri) #1 Martial Arts - Tifa Lockheart (Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri) #1 Physical Education - Barret Wallace (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs) #1 Magic - Aeris Gainsborough (Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri) #2 Fighting Techniques - Cloud Strife (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri) #2 Alchemy - Reno (Tues and Thurs) #3 Sociology - Aeris Gainsborough (Mon, Wed, Fri) #3 Ninja Skills/Ranged Fighting - Prof. Yuffie Kisaragi(Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri) #3 Art - Prof. Yuffie Kisaragi (Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri) #4 Mechanics - Cid Highwind (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs) #4 Weapon Construction - Barret Wallace (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri) #4 Here is the list of classes, in order of periods. I did this so I could see which classes were available when...yeah...
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Now that I have a better understanding of scheduling, here is mine for Edward and Victor! 1. Stealth Techniques 2. Magic 3. Sociology 4. Weapon Construction
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Kadaj's schedule:

1: Stealth Techniques

2: Fighting Techniques

3: Ninja Skills

4: Weapon Construction

Cloud says: Not much of an academic huh?

Kadaj says: That's not funny! MOTHERRRR!

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