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Roleplay as characters in UH and and orginal character
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1. If you want to join, please PM me first.

2. Pairings allowed (No Pairings With Jasper, Maggie, or Henry. But, they may flirt.) other than that, it shall be approved be me and the person you are asking to be paired with.

3. Put *action*, (out of character comments), and Name Here: what they are saying. [ex- Henry: Got to go guys! *runs out of room* (sorry something came up. be back later!)]

4. Please no killing. Fighting is okay though.

5. You can curse, but block it out a little. [ex- f***]

6. Act like your character.

7. No sex topics. Kiss, hug, makeout session is fine with me.

8. Don't ignore people when they come on!! (I mean for real! If someone ignored you, wouldn't you feel sad?)

9. If you want to quit, PM me. Just don't disappear.

10. If you want to do multi-characters, do this [ex. Maggie: Hi guys!

Henry: Hey Mags.]



Rule Consequences

Break one rule: Two Warnings

Break Two or Three: Suspension, (depending and time based on rule that was broken)

Repeat Breaking Rules: Banning.

Have a nice day!~~ (:

11/3/2010 . Edited 11/5/2010 #1

Please Check Out The First Roleplay and see what characters you may be. PM me for one of the characters. Thank you.

11/5/2010 #2
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