100 Days Later
It's been 3 months since a nuclear explosion devastated the city of Fairport. It's now up to the survivors to escape the wrath of Alma and the crossfire between Replica and Armacham forces while they're still alive.
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1964: The Armacham Technology Corporation, a powerful defense and aerospace contractor, is established. It quickly becomes a leading player in both corporate and political machinations, particularly with the military, largely in part due to its willingness to operate outside traditional ethics with regards to experimentation.

1973: Harlan Wade, lead scientist of Armacham, pioneers the Icarus Project: a program attempting to re-adjust human skeletons for use in zero-gravity environments. It is extremely expensive and is eventually scrapped, but not before leaving behind a vast array of cloned test subjects with low muscle mass, little bone density, but extreme agility. These subjects were kept in storage.

1978: The concept of using psychics as military commanders of cloned super-soldiers becomes extremely intriguing to the company in light of the sheer power such an army would control, and thus Project Paragon, another top-secret experiment, is begun. Its purpose is to identify children with psychic potential and help cultivate and enhance that power. The primary facility, Wade Elementary, is established in Fairport.

1979: Alma Wade is born.

1982: At the age of 3, an associate of Harlan's discovers that Alma is an enormously powerful psychic/telesthetic - quite possibly the strongest one in existence. After Harlan brings up his daughter's case to the company's Board of Directors, it is unanimously decided that Alma be placed in Armacham's custody and tested for the limits of her power. Project Origin is established, basically a plan to use Alma as a breeding mare for a potentially limitless supply of fresh psychic commanders.

She is moved to Still Island, a few miles off the coast of Fairport, and kept there indefinitely in extremely inhumane conditions.

1984: At 5 years old, Alma is attempting to fail her tests deliberately, having tired of them. Researchers begin reporting of feeling nauseated, uncomfortable or even agonized in her mere presence. It's as though Alma brings out the worst in them. Others, still, begin to hallucinate frightening things. Alma is beginning to fight back, although she still fears her father.

1987: Alma's power is growing exponentially, but unfortunately her sanity is slipping. Her captors discover that she is extremely sensitive to negative emotions, absorbing them and feeding on them like a human sponge, and is particularly sensitive to anger; particularly that of her abusive father, Harlan. After several violent attacks, in which researchers were either driven insane or literally had their flesh melted off their bones, it is decided that Alma is too dangerous.

2 days before her 8th birthday, she is locked beneath an enormous Telesthetic Suppression Vault beneath the Auburn Industrial District of Fairport. She never sees the surface again.

1993: At the age of 14, Alma's comatose body has now matured enough to carry a baby to term. Several Origin scientists, including her father Harlan, impregnate Alma via artificial insemination with a genetically-engineered fetus.

1994: Alma is brought out of the Vault and into a special Armacham hospital in Auburn in order to give birth. During the birthing process, she wakes up and screams for her baby. She is instead quickly neutralized, having never even managed to hold the baby she spent nine months carrying. While in the Vault again, she is immediately impregnated with another baby and forced to give birth to that.

The baby boy, dubbed the First Prototype or Prototype 1 (P1), is quickly determined to lack the capability to be a psychic commander, and is instead stored for another purpose: being groomed as the ultimate super-soldier. He never receives a name, in order to keep him from gaining a personality.

1995: Paxton Fettel is born. She woke up for him, too. Fettel showed immediate signs of psychic capability, and was therefore quickly inducted into the Perseus program, the next step in the Origin project, as its only psychic commander. However, he is still referred to as the Second Prototype.

Neither of the sons were told anything about their mother.

2002: First Encounter Assault Recon, a secret elite military unit designed to respond to paranormal threats to national security, is formed.

2005: Fettel, as a 10 year old boy learning how to psychically command "Replica Soldiers" (genetically-engineered, rapidly-aged cloned humans designed for warfare), makes telepathic contact with his imprisoned mother. This merging of minds, known as "Synchronicity", drives him into a psychotic rage and he killed 7 researchers before he was sedated.

The Origin team decides that Alma is too dangerous to keep alive, and so life-support to the Vault is cut off. It takes 6 days for Alma, drowning in amniotic fluid, confined in unending darkness and festering in her anger and pain, to finally die. At least, her body died. Her power, and sheer force of will, has allowed her to live beyond death...

The Auburn District, oblivious to her pain, slowly dies away from her corrupting anger...

2005-2025: In light of the loss of Alma, Armacham has attempted to engineer psychic commanders without having to use the Origin prototypes. This project, known as "Harbinger", is by and large a failure - most of the test subjects, who are former children/students of the Paragon program, are driven insane by the process and become cannibalistic creatures known as "Abominations".

However, one particular batch of candidates, a Delta Force squad known as Dark Signal, becomes an object of interest to the company. Particularly its newest member, a one Michael Becket who has the potential to surpass Fettel's psychic abilities. Similarly, the company manages to place an amnesiac First Prototype as Point Man of the F.E.A.R. Team, secretly observing him to assess his combat effectiveness.


FEAR 1: Genevieve Aristide, president of the Armacham Technology Corporation, decides to re-open the Origin Facility. This awakens Alma, who a few weeks later synchronizes for the second time with Fettel. Fettel is now a grown man with a thousand-strong battalion of Replicas at his disposal. Once again, Fettel and Alma go on an extremely violent rampage, killing countless innocent people in a quest for revenge.

Eventually, after discovering the location of his mother's prison and entering the Vault, Fettel is killed by the F.E.A.R. Point Man. Unfortunately, Harlan Wade, consumed by his self-absorbed feelings of guilt, releases Alma before the Point Man can destroy her, and the First Prototype desperately causes the energy reactor of the Vault to overheat. Barely managing to escape the facility, the Point Man barely has time to realize Alma and Fettel are his family before a tremendous thermonuclear explosion engulfs the city.

The Point Man survives, and is rescued by his remaining team-mate and Delta Force lieutenant Douglas Holiday. However, before they can escape, his rescue chopper bucks and Alma climbs aboard...

FEAR 2: Meanwhile, Sgt. Michael Becket and his team head towards Genevieve Aristide's residence, Valkyrie Tower, supposedly in order to arrest her. However, while there they fight off a black-ops squad apparently sent to assassinate or abduct Aristide in retribution for her involvement in causing the Fairport disaster. Alma, mysteriously enough, seems to be there - and even plays with an old music box in Aristide's room.

Before long, however, the catastrophic explosion ensues and Becket's team are taken by Aristide into the Harbinger Facility in Auburn in order to undergo the Harbinger process. The problem is, Aristide is merely using Becket as live bait for Alma - a way to keep Alma distracted and possibly contained while Aristide could look for the Point Man.

Eventually, after single-handedly taking on both Armacham's Black Ops (and killing its commander, Colonel Richard Vanek) as well as a new Variant of Replicas that home in on his telesthetic signature, Becket arrives at Still Island. While attempting to use the Telesthetic Amplifier there in order to fight Alma, Aristide personally shuts it down, shoots Becket's team-mate, and leaves Becket to the mercy of Alma. While Becket is trapped inside the Telesthetic Amplifier and fighting a friend who had turned into a tragic monster thanks to Alma's power, Alma herself is busy raping him. When Becket finally re-actives the Amplifier, he awakens to find nothing less than Alma's swollen belly.

Alma is pregnant with Becket's child.

F.E.A.R. 3: N/A

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