100 Days Later
It's been 3 months since a nuclear explosion devastated the city of Fairport. It's now up to the survivors to escape the wrath of Alma and the crossfire between Replica and Armacham forces while they're still alive.
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Dawn came without warning, its golden slivers of light snaking beneath the freezer's door. Isabelle's eyes snapped open, and silently she held her gun against her chest as Don, his body almost statue-like in the darkness, gestured for her to get up. It was time to move. Straining her ears, she slid over behind Don as he smoothly crossed the room, placing a hand against the door's lock and slowly unwinding it.

She could hear sounds outside. Footsteps. Several pairs of booted feet, pounding against cracked glass and discarded cups, that would harshly push aside any fallen furniture in their way. She heard a loud smash to the right, the sound of hastily-nailed boards being smashed apart, and realized that the intruders were entering from the windows. Alex's look of wide-eyed caution mirrored her own.

Donovan got the door unlocked, much to Isabelle's dismay, and gestured for them to follow his lead and keep their heads down. She crouched between him and Alex, and slowly, unable to see the silhouettes of the unknown intruders, stepped out into the remnants of a Burger Empire store.

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Alex tensely gripped the barrel of his shotgun as he followed Isabelle and Donovan. How could have Fairport come to this? The entire city was warped, with a majority of the inhabitants completely insane and filled with bloodlust. This group was three of the few exceptions.

No chances could be taken, no stragglers gone back for. They had to survive...

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(No, it's a good start!)

Keeping her head down, her fingers tight against the cold butt of her pistol, Isabelle tried to slither quickly across the restaurant's floor. Bringing themselves behind a discarded table, the cold light of morning bathing the far corner of the room in unflattering colors, Isabelle spared a look at the intruders.

Her heart skipped a beat, but she was too disillusioned to even gasp. There were at least six gun-toting men in the room, their dirt-smeared and tattered clothes practically identical to Isabelle's comrades, who were slowly stalking around and pointing their barrels at even the slightest noise. She could hear their breaths, shallow and laced with a desperate trace of insane giggling, and closed her eyes at the memories that brought up.

Donovan gestured for the two of them to stay behind the table, cautiously edging himself out into harm's way and cradling a cracked bottle in his hand. With a strong throw, the bottle sailed across the air, cracked against the counter, and the madmen swore in unison. They charged towards the counter, vaulting over it en masse and smashing apart the ruined kitchen in an attempt to find the source of the sounds. Isabelle, taking advantage of the distraction, ran as fast as she could to the open window, turning her head to look at her two companions.

Just then, as she was about to leap through the window, one of the madmen turned his head straight at her. She saw a gleam of animalistic lust in his eyes, and his thick tongue licked his blood-stained lips before he gleefully pointed at her with a sawed-off shotgun.

"GIRL!" he cried, before a slug from Donovan's shotgun blew his head apart.

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Alex pumped his shotgun at hearing the shout, the other five savage people rushing in as he fired, blowing out the knee of one assailant before firing again with a hardened, terrified gaze. "Go! Go!" he told Isabelle, briefly looking at her before redirecting his attention where it should be. Firing on all these f***.

He had to duck and roll away from a gunshot, taking cover as a table was blown to pieces. Quickly, he peeked around his meager source of protection and fired again, this time hitting another assailant in the chest.

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Isabelle scrambled out the window, instinctively flinching at each shot the men were taking at each other. The cool air of the bright early morning buffeted her body, and she immediately pinned herself against the wall as she looked around for any other intruders. She barely turned her head in time to see another mob of men striding across the parking lot, their torn jackets marred with blood, and then Donovan vaulted out and charged towards her.

"Run!" he barked. "They'll kill each other!"

She hadn't needed to be told that. High on adrenaline shock and fear of what the intruders would do to them, she ran ahead of the men. She ran past the screams of dying men and the crack of gunshots, past cars and over chain-link fences, through dark alleys and narrow streets, until she stopped dead in her tracks and watched the other two cautiously.

"Where next?" she spat at Donovan. "We probably woke up the neighborhood!"

She noticed that Donovan had taken an illegal rifle from one of the fallen intruders, as he silently checked its ammo drum and then swept the long-abandoned warehouse they had ran into.

"They won't know what they're getting into."

He's insane, she thought. His machismo would get them killed. Yet he had saved their lives dozens of times before. Surely this would be just the same?

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Alex had to follow them quickly. He hated this situation so much... He was breathing heavily when he caught up with the other two, and he looked around with his eyes as well as he could.

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Omega-072 strode down beside a row of boxes. He'd been assigned to patrol this particular area with his squad, yet somehow or another, he'd been cut off from them... again.

072 still recalled the other times he had been separated from the squad, having hailing other squads, just to be met by static. Replicas weren't made to feel fear, and he didnt, but he felt something quite close to dread quite often when he was alone.

His ear's twitched at an echoing sound, gunfire. Shouldering his rifle, he cautiously proceeded to where he could see daylight and could hear the howls of the insane.

As 072 reached a view point, which was simply looking from behind a crate, he radioed in.

"Squad Lead, this is Omega-072, spotted some locals, request permission to engage."

"Negative 072, regroup with the squad, we need to report back to The Commander."

"Understood. 072, en route to rendevouz point bravo." 072 replaced his hand back on the hilt of his weapon and began to move towards point bravo, yet another noise caught his attention. One of the warehouse doors slammed open, then suddenly shut again. Faintly, he could hear the tell tale signs of laboured breathing follwoed by light footsteps.

As quiet as he could, 072 moved through the warehouse, trying not to gain the attention of the newcomers. Arriving at an office, he swiftly closed the door and slid the desk across to block it. His task accomplished, 072 sprinted down an adjacent corridor, purposefully letting his boots fall heavy on the concrete floor. Each step echoed through the warehouse.

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Isabelle looked at the far end of the alley. A fallen fire exit and a dumpster formed a makeshift wall about thirty meters ahead of them. However, there was a back door located right in front of the inconvenient barricade, and the group ran through that entrance into the room beyond.

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Alex was as quiet as he could afford to be. This sucked. This sucked. And oh yeah, it f*** sucked. While they were used to running, they shouldn't have to run every hour on the hour. They needed a more permanent little home, or to get out of the city complete. Isabelle, he's didn't know her well, but the signs of her condition were quite obvious. He didn't even want to know what would happen to her unborn child in this place.

3/2/2011 #9

Isabelle had broken down several times during this unending nightmare, but the last time that happened was over two months ago. As hopeless as the situation appeared, she was dead-set on not letting it poison her mind - for better or worse, she would escape and find a way to bring her child into a world without death or pain. Alex and Don were nothing more than a way to keep her alive while she found a way out.

Or so she thought. Despite the cynical, experienced stance she had taken on their potential deaths, she still feared losing them. During the long night hours, she could never shake off the memories of seeing young mothers, grocers, accountants, librarians, joggers, teachers, dancers screaming in agony. Never mind the dead children...

Enough for now.

"Our job's not done yet, boys and girls," said Donovan with an ironic grin. "We gotta climb the stairwell back there and move to the next building. Unfortunately, there's a little...gap in the floor, so you'll have to watch your step." He looked at Isabelle with that familiar look of concern, and she waved him off. She'd jumped larger gaps in her sleep.

"Hey, check the doors! We can't let 'em get the drop on us!" yelled out a raider from outside. The very sound triggered Isabelle, driving her up the stairs and vaulting over the gap without any sign that she was carrying an unborn child.

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Alex followed quickly, little hesitance at jumping the gap. It was risk falling or being torn apart, after all.

He could hear them all, or so he thought. They were out there, trying to get in, trying to kill the three of them.

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Don trained his eyes on the windows and the door, eagerly awaiting the arrival of those psychopaths. Still backing up the staircase, taking care not to fall through the collapsed segments of the broken steel stairwell, he heard the footsteps of those men growing ever louder. It sounded like an army of them was out there.

Then the first one came - a red-haired man whose wide grin was punctuated by the finger poking out from it. Don fired at him, and in a flash the figure disappeared. A creepy silence fell upon the room, and Don swore. Had he just forced the raiders to be quiet? Was he hallucinating? Either way, he needed to catch up to his two charges and make sure they hadn't run into something...else.


Isabelle zipped past rooms of corpses, heading towards a rickety wooden door at the end of the rotten corridor. As she was twenty feet away from it, the door burst open and a flaming, panther-like creature charged at her. She ducked instinctively, feeling the heat of the BURNING impossible creature singe her jacket, and couldn't help but stare at the thing. What...what just happened?

The monster looked at her with literally fiery eyes, bared its grotesque teeth, and lunged at her.

3/6/2011 #12


... Only for the monster to be blown back by the spray of a shotgun. The hissed and growled, training its sights onto Alex as it stood back up. it circle, like a cat, before lunging again.


And again, only to be blown back. Still, Alex could not tell if the shells were even doing any damage!

3/6/2011 #13

Omega-072 had finally reunited with his squad. It's leader, Omega-597, had a little bit of a personality. He liked to be in charge, and for some reason loathed 072.

Upon coming within visual range of the squad, 072 was immediately subjected to a quick report session and reprimand. 072 could only respond with a sharp 'Yessir', and continue to follow orders. Sadly, this time he was relieved of radioman duty so he could take up the point-man position.

"072, keep it moving!" 597 shouted. "We don't want to be caught up in the middle of a Psycho rush."

"Roger that."

As 072 moved through an open doorway, leading into an abandoned hotel, somethin felt off. He couldn't tell what it was but something was wrong.


The supports around the door suddenly broke and started crumbling. the only thing that saved 072 was his training, he forgot all else and leapt into the building.

Picking himself up, he turned back and noticed that the way out was completely shut off. He was about to radio to his team, when an ear splitting scream echoed from outside.


"F***, Psychos! TAKE THEM DOWN!"

Gunshots ripped through the air, more and more pained screams sounded out. All 072 could do was clutch his weapon and listen to the sound of his brothers dying.

Within a few minutes, the only sounds left were the wind, and bones snapping.

Shaking his head slightly, 072 slowly began walking deeper into the building, his head lamp illuminating his way.

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